Michelle Lynn Pruitt

Michelle Pruitt
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

In April, 2013, Michelle Lynn Pruitt of Danville, Virginia murdered her baby boy. Why? Because he was crying and that annoyed her.

Alphonzo O’Brien Fuller III suffered greatly at the hands of the monstrous meatsack who gave birth to him.

On April 3, 2013, Michelle Lynn Pruitt shook little Alphonzo so hard that she fractured several ribs and caused bleeding in his brain. The poor helpless infant didn’t die then. His “mother” actually took him for medical treatment but then she lied to the medical personnel about what happened to him. See, she didn’t want to get into trouble.

I can’t imagine what story Michelle Lynn Pruitt could have concocted that would have explained the injuries her baby had, and I can’t understand why the medical personnel didn’t report the suspected abuse. I can’t for the world comprehend why that poor little baby was handed back to his abuser.

On April 19, 2013, Michelle Lynn Pruitt again shook little Alphonzo. That wasn’t enough punishment, apparently, because she then threw him 5 feet across the bed and made him bounce. That was the day Alphonzo O’Brien Fuller III died. He was only 49 days old.

EMS personnel had tried to save the tiny little baby, but to no avail. He’d suffered blunt force trauma to his chest, fractured ribs and, of course, brain trauma.

Michelle Lynn Pruitt didn’t act like a grieving mother after little Alphonzo died. In fact, within days of his death she was posting on her Facebook page how she was bored and wanted someone to “chill with”. She joked about being single, and was excited about her tongue ring.

When she was interviewed by police, Michelle Lynn Pruitt squeezed out a few crocodile tears and after a while she confessed that she’d hurt Alphonzo because she wanted him to stop crying. She showed no real remorse.

Michelle PruittIn November 2013, Michelle Lynn Pruitt went to trial in Danville Circuit Court. She pled guilty to 2 counts of felony child abuse and neglect and 1 count of felony homicide. The hellbitch showed no emotion in court. She saved the emotions for her sentencing in January 2014.

At her sentencing, Michelle Lynn Pruitt professed to having loved being a mother. She didn’t mind changing diapers even, and she knew she could handle being a parent. Riiight. She was a mother for 49 entire days!

Michelle Lynn Pruitt also talked about missing her son and carrying his picture in her pocket. Yup, what a loving mother that makes her!

And then the excuses were marched out. The defense insisted that she had emotional traumas from her childhood, and those traumas had put her in a vulnerable state.

Michelle Lynn Pruitt actually cried when her mother, Shelby Snead, testified about her happy childhood. Apparently things were fine for Michelle until her mother presented her with a stepfather. No surprise, the stepfather and Michelle didn’t get along. He “put her down” emotionally.

That’s it? He put her down? No hitting, no whipping, no brutality? Just some hurtful words?

As soon as Michelle Lynn Pruitt turned 18 she moved out. All teary-eyed, the monstrous baby killer testified about being bounced back and forth between relatives and rental property owned by her stepfather.

Ummmm, I think I’m missing something here. Like where is the trauma? She moved out, as an ADULT, she imposed on relatives, and her stepfather — that nasty man who made her feel bad — let her stay in his rental property.

I’m sorry, but I can find no reason for Michelle Lynn Pruitt to be all tearful about that. She had a happy childhood, she didn’t like her stepfather and so she moved out, and she shifted around mooching off of relatives and her stepfather for a while.

There was some trauma — the boyfriend she had when she was 17 attacked her and was sent to prison for a year. Did that send her off the rails? I dunno. It didn’t stop her from dating and having sex again.

When Michelle Lynn Pruitt was 19 she met Alphonzo O’Brien Fuller Jr. Nine months into their relationship she got pregnant. The lovers moved in together and were living in their Piney Forest Road apartment when baby Alphonzo was born.

Apparently, the “baby daddy” wasn’t such a great partner or parent. According to Michelle Lynn Pruitt, he was hardly home and was often high and drunk. When he was home he played video games and didn’t have much to do with the baby.

So is this why Michelle Lynn Pruitt killed little Alphonzo — she was overcome with the responsibility and couldn’t do it alone? Ummmm, I don’t think so. Because Michelle Lynn Pruitt wasn’t alone. She testified in court that she could always count on her mother.

Baby AlphonzoWhy oh why didn’t Michelle Lynn Pruitt call on her mother when she went into that first rage on April 3? And when she knew she was capable of inflicting great harm on the baby why didn’t she seek help on April 19?

Instead of doing the right thing, Michelle Lynn Pruitt took out her frustrations and fatally injured her infant son. And days after her baby was dead, she got excited all about her new tongue ring and joked about being single. She is indeed a hellbeast by deed and by nature.

According to Judge Joseph W. Milam Jr., the only mitigating factor was Michelle Lynn Pruitt’s immaturity. I don’t call it immaturity — I call it heartlessness, selfishness, and hellbeastliness.

Judge Joseph Milam Jr. sentenced Michelle Lynn Pruitt to 22 years in prison. She’s 21 years old now, so if she serves her entire sentence she’ll be only 43 when she gets out. I doubt she will serve 22 years in prison. Hopefully, though, when she is released she will be infertile and incapable of creating more victims of her wrath.

RIP Alphonzo O’Brien Fuller III.

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11 Responses to Michelle Lynn Pruitt

  1. moodymagic says:

    What a beautiful baby. Alponzo deserved so much better than the despicable parents he was born to. How could a mother kill such a precious gift. Burn in hell Michelle. 22 years is a joke baby killer.

  2. The Skanky Skeezer says:

    Not defending her at all, but verbal/emotional abuse can certainly leave a lasting negative impact. It is the main cause of my social phobia and panic/anxiety disorders. I don’t feel like going over examples anymore because I’m almost 40 and frankly just tired of the whole thing at this point, but basically being called a worthless sack of shit in various ways for 18+ years by an emotionally unstable parent that wildly oscillates from loving and fun to screaming rages isn’t fun.

    That being said I do have major anger issues, but I’ve not thrown my children across a room or anything. When my son was a baby and my daughter was 2 I did call my mom to come over a few times because that rage blindness (hard to explain) was creeping up on me.

    These days when I feel like smacking them or throwing them across the room or yelling cruel things at them I try to leave the room. I have my moments, but they seem pretty well adjusted so far and I’m working on it.

    I just can’t imagine actually throwing the baby. I will admit, I was overwhelmed and the scary urge to do so at times entered my mind. That is when I called mom. I would be devastated if I knew I was the source of my own child’s violent demise and probably kill myself. So this is where she totally and completely loses me. Something is very off in this girl.

    • Lana says:

      I agree with you and thank you for pointing that out. Verbal abuse is often worse than physical abuse and leaves lasting scars in the mind of its victims. I was blessed with a happy childhood, but work with children from abusive homes and I can confirm that verbal abuse is often what my students say hurts the most, even into adulthood. If I had not spoken with my students with this at length, I would have never seen or believed how damaging it can be. Kudos to you for recognizing that and for calling your mother when you need help. I think we all have those days where we need a break with our kids and there should be no shame in asking for help! All that aside, this woman did not deserve her beautiful boy and I hope she gets what she deserves in prison and I agree with you, I hope she’s infertile when she comes out because she doesn’t deserve to be a mother! Thanks for this website; you do a great job and I enjoy stopping by!

    • Hopeless Pedantic says:

      Thank you for mentioning effects of emotional and verbal abuse. While they don’t excuse any child abuse ever, it might explain why someone like her could fall for a man who’d make her feel worthwhile, or seem to rescue her from her circumstances. Shitting out a kid was an unfortunate result of that relationship.

      You and others have mentioned help and support you got when parenting became overwhelming.

      For anyone feeling unable to cope or unsure how to deal with new-baby problems and feel alone with no help, please look for support from your community, legitimate agencies and trained caregivers who would rather help out a new mother than read about a dead baby.

      These services are usually free and could include:
      – drivers to help with appointments
      – respite care, to have a new parent get a break
      – advice/classes on parenting, nutrition, taking care of yourself as well
      – temporary custody if post-natal issues are too great to be an effective parent
      – support groups where others can share their tips or experiences
      – food banks with formula and diaper donations
      – women’s shelters
      – church orgs (if legit and within your moral convictions) would likely have a gang of grandmotherly volunteers able to help
      – qualified social workers or ECE (early childhood education) certificates could have referrals or ideas

      Starting points for accessing these agencies could include inquiring at children’s aid societies, hospitals, neonatal nursing hotlines, United Way charities, religious orgs.

      The point is that communities as a whole are pro-child-wellbeing, so there’s always funding and resources to ensure little ones are protected. Being overwhelmed with the awesome burden of a new baby changing your life profoundly isn’t something a person should have to deal with alone.

  3. 2cute says:

    Why did the hospital hand the baby back to her on Apr 3? He had multiple fractured ribs! He didn’t do that to himself! It was obvious abuse and the hospital staff failed him by not calling in social services. Likely he had sustained brain injuries then, but he would at least still be alive.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Hit the nail on the head there 2cute, that hospital let that baby boy down and failed him. As for that murdering cunt of a mother, i hope she gets her arsewhooped in jail the evil pig.

  4. Jamaica says:

    This is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, saddest stories I’ve ever come across on this site. And I do agree with MoodyMagic. That baby is a precious little gift sent straight from Heaven. Unfortunately, he was born to a monstrous, disgusting, wretched excuse of not only a mother, but a human being as well, sent straight from the lowest depths of Hell. And you all know even better than I do what happens when a beautiful baby boy/girl is born to a depraved mother/father; a receipt for disaster that is waiting to happen. And the fact that she could only be given 22 years for the crime is quite outrageous. She should’ve either gotten the life or death sentence.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Virginia doesn’t let people out on parole, so it is likely that she will serve the full sentence.

    They used to give people more time in Virginia expecting that people would get out on parole, but now they don’t parole people anymore.

  6. KXG says:

    ugh, just another useless hambeast who should be sterilzed with a rusty pitchfork so her slutting around with deadbeat losers won’t bear any offspring. disgusting.

  7. momof3canada says:

    Why not just put the baby in his crib.. take a few minutes to calm yourself than go back… like i do… like lots of mothers do

  8. BeenThere says:

    No class low class Bitch. Bet she’s sad as shit without her tongue ring. Payback comes when
    (moms in prison) find out.

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