Michael Vargas

Michael Vargas
Crime: Child Abuse

I was spanked once in my childhood. I remember the offence: I told a friend to go home. I must’ve been all of 3 years old at the time. My mother asked me to apologize for being rude but I didn’t because hey, I wanted my friend to go home.

I remember waiting in my bedroom for the spanking. I remember checking out my closet for some previously undiscovered escape hatch or secret door. I do not remember the spanking itself. Apparently I was so tearful and upset at being spanked that my parents never had the heart to spank me again.

Michael Vargas, 40, of Clovis, New Mexico, is not as compassionate as my parents were. He was a foster parent to 2 children and even spanking wasn’t enough punishment for his liking. Nope, he liked to inflict punishments that would leave a lasting impression.

Michael Vargas preferred to use a stun gun to maintain order in his household. Yup, that’s right — that nasty, vicious beast Michael Vargas used a stun gun on little kids.

I cannot even fathom how one can look at a vulnerable child and even consider inflicting horrible pain and injuries with a stun gun.

Stun guns have been known to kill adults. Stun guns are weapons! WTF was this creep thinking that he could use one on little kids? That’s not punishment — that’s torture.

Michael Vargas was no doubt raised better than that. His mother, according to her obituary, was a wonderful mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend who always put others before herself. It is sad that she lived to see the day her own son was arrested and charged with child abuse.

In October 2010 the two foster children reported to a social worker at their elementary school that they were punished with a taser at home. How very brave those kids were to come forward and tell. Kudos to them for their courage.

The authorities had no problem believing the children, I am sure, since they had at least 24 burn marks on their tummies and arms. The authorities investigated and found that Michael Vargas had been using the taser on the kids for 2 months.

Now I don’t know if Michael Vargas snuck up on the kids and shocked them by surprise, or if he let them see him coming. Both scenarios I find horrific. I can’t imagine the children not being traumatized by it all, living in fear of making their foster father angry.

On June 11, 2013, Michael the sadistic hellbeast Vargas was found guilty by a Curry County jury of 24 counts of child abuse. Amen to that. And all of those counts of child abuse are 3rd-degree felonies. Hallelujah!

“It is unconscionable that anyone would ever consider using a stun gun device to punish a child,” District Attorney Matthew Chandler was quoted as saying. “I commend the children in this case for having the courage to come forward and put their abuser behind bars.”

I agree totally with that.

The prosecution argued that the nasty POS foster father should spend a year in prison for each burn scar he’d inflicted on the children — 24 years in total.

Judge Teddy L. Hartley didn’t go as far as that. Judge Hartley sentenced Michael Vargas to 16 years in prison, plus an additional 5 years of supervised probation and parole upon his release.

Because it has been proven by the State that Michael Vargas was guilty of a serious, violent offence, he has to serve at least 85% of his sentence before he gets a chance at parole.

So it’s off to the New Mexico Department of Corrections for Michael the evil child zapper Vargas. Long may he rot and fester in prison.

District Attorney Matt Chandler summed everything up nicely. “It is unconscionable that anyone would ever consider using a taser as a means of punishment,” said DA Chandler. “The victims in this case are relieved that all of this is over, and they can now focus on the things kids are supposed to focus on.”

Yeah, like playing and going to school and making friends and stuff like that. No kid should ever have to worry about being hit with 150,000 volts and being burned.

I sure hope those kids are with a decent family now that cherishes them as all children deserve to be cherished. I wish them health, happiness and much success.

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21 Responses to Michael Vargas

  1. FlyingLeadChange says:

    Hmm… does he not have a wife? Unusual for a single male to be a foster parent. I have a hard time believing anyone else in that house was clueless to what was happening.

    • cleo says:

      According to his mother’s obituary, he was not married. I don’t know if there were other adults in the house, but Vargas was the only one facing charges — and he was charged for every injury that was inflicted.

    • Douglas Lang says:

      he did but she didn’t care. my name is Douglas Lang. me and my sister Linda Lang lived with him. he also would hit us and starve me when we acted up

      • Unanimous says:

        U are such a fucking lier Dougie u wanna tell these people that u and your sister was planning on putting him in jail or that you use to pick your scabs nd eat them u son of a bitch or that you never we’re starved ur lucky I don’t find u nd kick your ass

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Is it too much to hope for that this guy will make trouble in prison and get a good dose of tazing himself? Daily? Those poor kiddies have to bear the scars of this meathead’s sadism forever. And since they’re in the foster system I am guessing they’d already had a shitload of crap in their lives before they were handed to this bastard. I wanna know who the hell approved him for fostering? Sumbuddy better lose their job for that idiotic mistake.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Good question BULLDOGGY who did approve this bastard as a foster parent. Makes me sick. This prick should be used as the test subject for a tasers for the rest of his lousy life.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Sorry to be technical but a stun gun and a tazer are two different weapons. A stun gun is hand held to the body and gives you a good old electrical volt. A tazer is fired and two metal coils are fired out of the device and at the end are sharp prong’s that stick in your body and basically give you a blast of volts that probably ain’t too pleasant. Just thought i’d point that out. As for this guy, what the fuck was his problem? Using a stun gun on children? The courts should’ve also let the two children stun his fat arse, that would be fun wouldn’t it. Just imagine if the kids never said anything.

  5. Stacey says:

    hopefully some of his fellow inmates will get wind of his chrges, and give him back some of the torture that he inflicted on those babies. There isn;t many people in prison that wouldn’t have an issue with his actions. I hope he feels the terror of never knowing when pain will come, just like those little ones. I know that is probably wrong of me to say, but I want to cry thinking of the terror those poor little kids felt at all times, just wondering when they would be hurt again.

  6. 2cute says:

    This asshole needs a good dose of electricity every day. When he least expects it. In fact I think he should be zapped directly on his wiener just so he learns to regret what he did to those kids. Good thing I’m not in charge of delivering punishments to assholes like him.

  7. jim baxter says:

    Asshole needs his pecker burned off and a hot curling iron stuck up his ass.

  8. jim baxter says:

    I wonder if he beat and burned his own blood kids. Peek a boo asshole I see you. Taser time…. Piece of shit..

  9. Frank Zula says:

    Why would this peckerhead torture kids? Someone should stick fire crackers up his fat ass and light them. He aint got no wife at home. Bull shit. Somebody else had to of known about the abuse. You are a misreable sack of shit. I hope you get skull fucked in prison. You can claim innocent but burn marks are proof fucker.

  10. Jennifer B says:

    There’s more to this story, come to find out Douglas Lang was lieing. No one was stunned with a real stun gun the kids were playing with a toy

    • goat says:

      Playing with a toy? That burned them 24 times? Bullshit. Even if that was the case, the useless twat should be held accountable for leaving such a “toy” where a child could be harmed by it. He’s where he belongs.

    • Douglas Lang says:

      My name is Douglas Lang. that is a lie. i have proof on my Right bicep of were he tased me. i want the link to that article. email it to me. My email is [email protected]

  11. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. Using a stun gun to discipline kids?!?! WTF?!?! I’m not a parent but if I had children, I’d probably punish them by banning them from their privileges for a week, not use a potentially deadly weapon on them!

  12. AngryLittleMexican says:

    They recently released him! Because the children couldn’t testify as to specific times (like who can when you are being electrocuted?!) they got tased he has to serve the rest of his term on probation – so he’s not innocent he just gets off with a slap on the wrist. With only 2.5 yrs served – wow, what a great deal for him SMH.

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