Michael Smith & Robert Halder

Robert Halder and Michael Smith

Robert Halder and Michael Smith

Crimes: Child Porn, Pedophiles

Michael Smith of Bransholme, Hull, UK is a pedophile. His cousin, Robert Halder is also a pedophile. Both men share an interest in young boys. They also share an interest in producing child pornography. And worst of all, they also share the same victim.

Michael Smith began abusing the boy first when the poor kid was 8 years old. He kept the boy quiet and cooperative through fear and threats of harm.

The victim withstood the abuse for a few months but bravely decided to reach out for help. Unfortunately for him, he confided in Robert Halder.

I don’t know if Robert Halder was surprised to learn his cousin was a pedophile, but no doubt he was overjoyed. And instead of helping the victim, the bastard naturally began joining in the abuse.

The two evil pedophiles continued to rape their victim until he was 15. That means that for almost half of his life that boy was repeatedly sexually assaulted and was too frightened to tell.

I’m sure the victim was convinced that the next person he told would be yet another pedophile who would commence to raping him too. It was far safer to keep quiet.

Being typical pedophiles, Robert Halder and Michael Smith not only raped the boy repeatedly over the years, but they also videotaped the assaults. Thank gawd they did that — they had manufactured the evidence of their guilt.

Michael Smith and Robert Halder didn’t get caught because their victim spoke up. Nope, they got caught because Michael Smith had previously been convicted of making child porn. Back in March 2011 he was handed an 11-month prison sentence and a sexual offences prevention order.

On September 9, 2013 the police followed up with the nasty pedo by visiting his home in Stroud Crescent East, Bransholme. They asked if he had a computer, and Michael Smith got “agitated”.

When the detectives checked out his laptop, they found it had software to clear the Internet history. Oooooh, how suspicious.

Further analysis of the laptop uncovered 2285 child porn images, including 12 of the most serious nature.

And who was featured in some of the images? Robert Halder and the victim, of course.

Michael Smith couldn’t exactly deny he possessed those images, and he was found to be in breach of that sexual offences prevention order. Uh oh.

Investigators tracked down the victim, and on January 11, 2014, he was interviewed by specially trained officers. He acknowledged to them that he’d been abused for years by both Michael Smith and Robert Halder.

Officers next paid a visit to Robert Halder’s home in Enstone Garth, Bransholme. No big surprise they found child porn. To be precise, they found 8769 indecent images, and 197 videos. Forty-six of the videos were Category C, which means they depicted the most serious kind of child sexual abuse.

Michael Smith, 33, pled guilty to 5 serious sex offences against a child, and 5 charges of possessing indecent images of children. He also pled guilty to breaching the sexual offences prevention order.

Robert Halder, 47, pled guilty to 26 serious sex offences against a child, and 2 counts of making indecent images.

Both men were assessed as posing a significant risk to young boys. Well, duh! These pedophiles didn’t stop abusing their victim because they reformed their characters. They didn’t repent and turn themselves in. No, they carried on raping him until they were caught. I am only surprised that there aren’t more victims coming forward.

On July 8, 2014, the pedophiles were sentenced in Hull Crown Court. Judge Michael Mettyear told them, “You both knew [the victim] was terribly vulnerable and you exploited that vulnerability. You used him again and again for your own perverted pleasure.

“It was disgraceful and disgusting behavior,” the judge continued. “He has already suffered a great deal because of what you did. The tragedy is his real suffering may be yet to come.”

Sure sounds like Judge Mettyear didn’t care for predatory pedophiles at all. He considered jailing both men for life, but decided that passing a prison sentence with an extended licence period would be sufficient.

Sufficient for what? To stop them from abusing children ever again? I personally doubt that very much.

“It is my judgment that [this case] doesn’t pass the test of a case that justifies a life sentence,” said Judge Mettyear. He sentenced Robert Halder to 14 years in prison, and Michael Smith to 12 years in prison.

“As far as both of you are concerned, I have come to the conclusion you pose a significant risk to members of the public,” continued Judge Mettyear. “I have considered whether determinate sentences would put significant protection in place and have concluded they would not.”

Judge Mettyear then ruled that both pedophiles will remain on licence for an extra 6 years following their release from custody.

I gather from that that police shall be watching over Michael Smith and Robert Halder when they are released from prison. I hope that means frequent checks on them and their premises. Obviously neither of them is to be trusted.

I really wish that both face lifetime bans from being in the presence of children without supervision. I don’t know if that will be a condition when they are on licence.

After the trial Detective Constable Robert Milner of Humberside Police said, “These images were some of the worst level that officers have seen.”

Kudos to the officers for their efforts to bring these hellbeasts to trial. I myself cannot even imagine having to look at thousands of those awful images.

“The complainant showed great bravery in disclosing a history of abuse going back over seven years, by both men,” said DC Milner. I agree heartily. That was great bravery on his part.

“The victim … is receiving support and counseling from the police and partner agencies,” said DC Milner. “This support will continue until such time that the victim is confident it is no longer required.”

I am relieved to hear that. I do congratulate the victim for telling the authorities what he’d had to endure, and I wish him a happy and successful future life.

I also wish the pedophile pair very unhappy and miserable futures — unless they reform their perverted ways. And since I’ve yet to read of a reformed pedophile, I strongly doubt that’ll happen.

I do feel bad for the Smith and Halder families — having 1 predatory pedophile in their midst is shocking enough, and having 2 must be incredibly horrible. I should hope the evil cousins will forever be kept away from younger, vulnerable members of the family, ban or no ban.

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7 Responses to Michael Smith & Robert Halder

  1. Supermom says:

    Disgusting piles of pig shite is what they are! A complete waste of space on this earth & should be castrated immediately to prevent any future victims! Let’s hope they will get true justice in prison & learn what it truly feels like to be victimized!!

  2. bengalpuss says:

    Those sexual prevention orders are not worth the paper they are written on, plus these two nonces will only serve half of that sentence. It should be that they have to serve the rest of their sentence in general population, but no, they will be put on a vpu and protected, sick fucks they are. Hope the victim can somehow get back to having a normal life, poor kid, and i hope sick fucks have a life of absolute misery.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    They don’t look pleased in their mugshots do they, the one in the blue shirt looks like his world has crumbled, awww, what a shame lol.

  4. moodymagic says:

    These 2 can burn in hell. Sick fucks.

  5. Jessice11 says:

    14 and 12 years? HAHAHAHAH thank you, that’s really a great sentence for fucking Catergory C child abuse videos and that amount of images. I’m done. I think just reading these stories alone could turn a decent person into a vigilante… But I will continue reading on lol.

  6. CommonDecency says:

    The Sentences handed out to Child Abusers by too many Out of Touch
    Judges are Sickening and Despicable an Insult to the Victims of
    Child Abuse

    Many a Time in Degenerate Britain Child Abusers have been given
    Suspended ” Sentences ” including Sick Monsters who exposed themselves in Public

    Capital Punishment has to be the Answer their should be No Place
    in Society for Sick Child Abusing Monsters

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