Mick and Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley

Mick and Mairead Philpott
Crimes: Arson, Manslaughter, Violence

Sorry if this story is long but it’s been a real effort to whittle it down. I am skipping out extraneous details — otherwise it’ll turn into a novel.

Michael (Mick) Philpott of Allenton, Derby, had been dubbed ‘Shameless Mick’ by the UK press, and for good reason. He had spent his life sponging off of women and the British taxpayers. Instead of working for a living he schemed and plotted how to get everything he wanted by abuse, lies, violence and manipulation. He had no shame but he sure as hell had hubris. Buckets of hubris.

I think Mick Philpott, in his sick little mind, thought of himself as the King of the Jungle — a proud lion who had his females do all the work, pop out litters of offspring and cater to his every whim. And if the females didn’t serve him as he wished to be served, King Mick was willing and able to dish out such punishments that they’d never forget.

Back in 1976 one young woman, Kim Hill, made the mistake of getting involved with Mick Philpott. She was a 15-year-old schoolgirl and he was a 20-year-old sadistic asshole. The poor girl was beaten repeatedly, so badly that her bones had broken.

Mick Philpott shot the girl with a bow and arrow in her groin. Why? Because he considered her skirt was too short. He even used a sledgehammer to crack her kneecaps. Why? Because she was paying too much attention to a baby she was babysitting.

Kim Hill stuck it out for a couple of years and even got engaged to him because, pure and simple, she was terrified of what he would do if she left him. The girl feared for her life and for good reason.

In 1978, when Kim Hill was 17, she found the courage to break up with the sadistic bastard. Mick Philpott did not take the separation well. At 2 a.m. one night in July he broke into her family home. He found a knife in the kitchen. He snuck into Kim Hill’s bedroom where she was sound asleep and covered her mouth.

“He came in and put his hand on my face and told me to be quiet,” said Kim Hill. “I opened my eyes.”

What happened next is really bad.

Kim Hill“I thought he was punching me,” said Kim Hill. “He went off and I got myself out of bed but I just fell on the floor. The next thing I knew he was attacking me again. He slit my stomach open, all down my back, the tops of my legs and my arms. He punctured both lungs and went through my liver and my kidney. I was stabbed 27 times all over. He left me for dead.”

Mick Philpott didn’t stop there. Oh no, the sadistic bastard was on a rampage. He attacked Kim Hill’s mother next and ripped the phone cord from the wall to prevent her summoning help. He managed to stab the poor woman 11 times.

Mercifully, Kim Hill’s younger sister heard the screams and found a phone to call the police.

As a result of the vicious assault, Kim Hill nearly died. She spent 8 weeks in intensive care. She had suffered collapsed lungs, and a punctured liver, bladder and kidneys. She had been scarred for life.

And what happened to her would-be killer? Mick the POS shitstain Philpott was sentenced to 7 years in prison for the attack on Kim Hill, and a concurrent 5 years for the attack on her mother. He spent just over 3 years in prison before his release.

Did his brief stint in prison reform or shame this brutal hellbeast? Hell, no! He remained as cruel and callous as ever. He felt not one ounce of remorse. In fact Mick Philpott used the story of his murderous assault on Kim Hill and her mother to control his women, striking fear into them if they didn’t do as he said.

To Mick King of the Jungle Philpott, he was entitled to do exactly what he wanted, regardless of the law, of other people, of any human decency. The amoral asshole unsurprisingly went on to commit other violent offenses.

In 1986 Mick Philpott married and made his wife fairly miserable. After having 3 kids together she was quite happy when he set his sights on another female and left.

HeatherI can’t say that Mick Philpott got another woman — his new female was only 14. He was 37. In 1996, when the girl, Heather, turned 16 she ran away from home and moved in with the worthless, shameless Mick Philpott. They had 2 boys together but the brutal bastard wanted a girl. He blamed Heather and beat her for it. He also taught his sons to beat her too.

Because Heather didn’t get pregnant again, Mick Philpott beat her for that.

“He said I wasn’t a real woman as I couldn’t give him the children he wanted,” she said.

Unsurprisingly the poor girl wanted out of the relationship. Whenever she tried get escape his clutches Mick Philpott would threaten to do to her what he did to Kim Hill. He put a knife to her throat and made it clear her life was in peril if she left him.

“He told me he wasn’t happy that Kim survived and that if I left him he wouldn’t make the same mistake again,” recounted the traumatized woman.

“He told me how he held Kim to the floor, looked her in the eye exactly like he was looking at me, and stabbed her.

“He said he stabbed her in the face and from head to toe. She ended up on life-support and he said he’d ‘fucked up every organ in her body’.”

After 4 years of misery, Heather managed to leave Mick Philpott without being murdered. She’s a very courageous person.

There was a nasty custody battle after the split. Amazingly, astoundingly, Mick Philpott won!

In 1991, the Mick nasty shitpile Philpott headbutted a fellow and got a 2-year conditional discharge for assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Incidentally, that was the last year that he actually held a full-time job.

In March 1996 the beast allegedly raped a woman. An investigation has recently been opened into that case.

Mick and MaireadIn 2000 Mick Philpott began a relationship with 19-year-old single mother Mairead Duffy. She’d just left an abusive relationship so naturally she dove into another one. It didn’t take her long to move in with him with her little boy Duwayne.

Bear in mind that Mick Philpott was not holding down a full time job at the time, or at any time after. He did odd jobs for cash, but mostly he relied on Mairead to support him. The little family lived in a council house in Allenton, Derby courtesy of the British taxpayer, and collected benefits.

In 2001 the libidinous lecher Mick Philpott met Lisa Willis. She was a 16-year-old single mother and an orphan to boot. She was the kind of woman the beastly bastard liked — young, helpless and fertile.

In 2002 Mick Philpott invited Lisa Willis and her child to move in to his home at 18 Victory Road. Despite Mairead being his live-in lover, Mick and Lisa began a sexual relationship.

Yup, Mick King of the Jungle Philpott was creating his polyamorous pride with his women serving his every need and providing him with offspring too. If they didn’t make him happy the evil bastard didn’t hesitate to beat them. He attacked Lisa Willis with a piece of wood even.

In the ensuing years Lisa Willis had 4 children sired by Mick Philpott while Mairead had 5. More children meant more money pouring in from the taxpayer. It was estimated he made £60,000 per year in benefits courtesy of the children.

The 2 women worked as part-time cleaners and their money went into Mick’s bank account. His idea, no doubt.

On December 23, 2002, Heather finally, finally gained legal custody of her 2 kids. Yay for her!

Mick Philpott was none too happy about this. Of course he wasn’t — he didn’t get his way for once.

Every year to mark the anniversary of the kids being taken away he smashed the family’s Christmas tree. Nice.

In May 2003 Mick and Mairead got married and Lisa Willis was the bridesmaid. This was one twisted set-up.

Jeremy Kyle showIn March 2006 the family hit the news when Mick Philpott began agitating for a bigger council house. He even showed up on a TV show, “The Jeremy Kyle Show”, to defend his lifestyle of multiple women, plural children and no job, all at the expense of the taxpayer.

Mick Philpott indicated on the show that he was willing to divorce Mairead and marry Lisa so she would have the Philpott name too. When he asked Mairead for the divorce she refused. No way was she going to lose her status as Mrs. Philpott, not even if her husband insisted.

In 2007 the family got on TV again in a documentary. MP Ann Widdecombe lived with them for a week and the world got to see “Shameless Mick”demanding benefits and refusing to work.

I don’t know if the documentary disclosed the asshole’s criminal past, but it should have. And I don’t know if the documentary showed the 3 adults indulging in booze and drugs, but it should have.

In 2010 Mick Philpott slapped Mairead and dragged her outside by her hair. He was given a police caution.

In 2011 Mairead became pregnant by a stranger while the couple engaged in their new hobby — dogging. I’m an old Canadian broad so “dogging” didn’t ring any bells with me. I had to google it.

Dogging has nothing to do with dogs. Or following people closely. Dogging, I discovered, involves having sex with multiple strangers in a public place and usually with others watching.

And that’s what Mick and Mairead were into.

(BTW I encountered a new term while I googled dogging. Doggledick is apparently a word. It means having too much hair around the penis. Just thought I’d share that with you.)

The pregnancy was not welcome news. Mick the doggledick Philpott told his wife to get an abortion and she did.

Dogging wasn’t the only thing happening with the Philpotts in 2011. After a decade of being controlled and abused, Lisa Willis had enough. She moved out of the Philpott home and took her children with her.

Lisa Willis was frightened enough not to let on that she was leaving. She told Mairead that she was taking her kids swimming and just never returned. That was smart of her.

Needless to say, this sent Mick Philpott through the roof. Not only were the kids gone but the £1,000 a month in benefit payments they generated was gone too.

Mike Philpott began phoning Lisa and texting her constantly. She responded by taking out an order banning the asshole from going near her or the children. That made him angrier.

The beastly bastard was no stranger to nasty custody battles and he set about making mischief for Lisa Willis. With the help of Mairead and his good buddy Paul Mosley, he created a hellish scheme that, if it worked, would give him the kids AND a bigger council house.

It was a scheme that only the most amoral, sociopathic, stupid f*cktards could concoct.

Paul Mosley

Paul Mosley

What Mick Philpott, Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley decided to do was to set their house on fire, rescue the kids and frame Lisa Willis for the arson. Seriously, that was their plan. They’d look like heroes, Lisa would look like a villain, and the family would get a newer, bigger council house to live in.

And so, according to the plan, Mick the stupid meatstick Philpott started telling friends and acquaintances that Lisa Willis had threatened his home and his children. He then phoned the police to report that she had threatened to kill him over the phone.

Even with his plot in the works Mick Philpott couldn’t keep his nose clean. Just before the fire he had an incident of road rage and was released on bail.

On May 11, 2012, the day before the custody hearing was to take place, Mick Philpott, Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley got stoned, had a 3-way sex session on the snooker table and then set about putting their dangerous plan in motion.

At 4 a.m., with Jade, John, Jack, Jesse, Jayden and Duwayne asleep upstairs, Mick Philpott and Paul Mosley poured petrol into the hallway of their semi-detached house. They had put a ladder against the house to use to rescue the children.

Tragically, within seconds after the monsters lit the fire it became very apparent they had poured way too much petrol. The fire instantly raged out of control, reaching temperatures of 1000°F.

Neighbours ran out of their homes to try to rescue the children. Many of them were injured in their heroic efforts. Emergency services arrived and did their best to fight the flames.

And where were Mick and Mairead? According to witnesses they stood like a couple of statues watching the blaze. Mairead was crying but Mick was both motionless and emotionless.

Philpott childrenJade, 10, and her brothers John, 9, Jack, 7, Jesse, 6 and Jayden, 5, perished in the fire. They died of smoke inhalation. Duwayne, 13, died of his injuries in hospital 3 days later.

Lisa Willis and her brother-in-law were arrested on suspicion of murder but were released without charge.

Within hours of the devastating fire, authorities were turning their attention to Mick and Mairead. The detectives had started to get reports that despite Mick’s claim to have heroically tried to save the children, he was “spotlessly clean”. The real heroes were covered with soot and smoke. The detectives had to wonder.

The Philpotts just weren’t acting as you would expect grieving parents to act. Mick Philpott joked around in the hospital mortuary. He called his dead children “little shits” and asked for gin when he was offered water. He even propositioned a female police officer.

As Duwayne lay dying in hospital, the evil bastards had a food fight in the canteen. That is not normal.

At a pub Mick Philpott sang “Suspicious Minds” on a kareoke machine.

Press conferenceAt a press conference called by Mick Philpott, he dabbed at imaginary tears and talked about his love of kareoke and singing Elvis songs. WTF? Mairead said nothing to the press. Mick topped it off by dramatically collapsing afterward. An actor he is not.

The police discovered traces of petrol on the clothing of Mick, Mairead and Paul Mosley. They also found petrol in the U-bend of the sink in the house.

The police put the murderous couple in a hotel for a fortnight, and recorded everything they said. They said lots. And they did lots. Mairead Philpott gave Paul Mosley oral sex to keep him happy — at Mick’s direction.

Yeah, grieving mothers do that, give oral sex to friends right after all their children die.

Philpott house after fireOn May 28, 2012, the Philpotts were arrested on suspicion of murder. On May 30, 2012 they were charged with 6 counts of murder. Paul Mosley was arrested on November 5, 2012 after confiding in a friend the plan had been for him to rescue the kids.

In December 2012 the murder charges were downgraded to manslaughter after it was determined that the evil scheme was not intended to kill the children.

On April 4, 2013, in Nottingham Crown Court, a convicted Mick Philpott, 56, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum tariff of 15 years.

Psychologist Glenn Wilson described the killer as a “psychopath” and “exhibitionist” with “anti-social personality disorder”.

FuneralMrs Justice Thirlwall called him a “disturbingly dangerous man with no moral compass”. She got that right!

The judge said that even though Mick Philpott didn’t intend for the children to die, he did intend to put them through a “terrifying ordeal”.

“They were to be woken from their beds in the middle of the night with their home on fire so you could rescue them and be the hero,” said the judge. “Their terror was the price they were going to pay for your callous selfishness. In fact they paid with their 6 young lives.”

Mrs Justice Thirwall continued, “They had no chance of survival and I am quite sure that when you set that fire you were not thinking about them because you simply did not care.”

Mairead Philpott, 31, and Paul Mosley, 46, were convicted and sentenced to 17 years each. They’ll have to serve at least half before they get out.

Philpott childrenThe judge said to Mairead, “I accept you feel [the children’s] loss profoundly.” But then she added, “You put Michael Philpott above your children and, as a result, they have died.”

Family members actually applauded when the sentences were handed out. Mick Philpott’s sister said afterward, “He deserves to die for what he did.” Yes, he does.

For those who would feel pity for Mairead and claim she was a victim who couldn’t stand up to Mick, please remember that he asked her for a divorce and she said NO! She stood up to Mick when it suited her to do so — when her marriage was at risk. Not when her children’s lives were going to be put in danger. Not when their home was going to be destroyed and an innocent woman was going to be framed.

Mairead Philpott supported the evil plan, put her own children in extreme danger, and performed sex acts on their co-conspirator after 6 innocent lives were lost.

For the life of me I cannot understand what Paul Mosley thought he would gain from participating in this dastardly, murderous plot. He’s lost contact with his own children and he’s in prison for a long time. I can only put it down to stupidity.

I wish nothing but suffering to all 3 of these child killers. But for them, Jade, Jayden, Jesse, Jack, John and Duwayne would be growing up and enjoying life.

Jade Louise Philpott, 10, was very intelligent, caring, friendly and well-behaved. John Simon David Philpott, 9, was a “cheeky chappy”, full of life and mischievous. Jack Elvis Aaron Philpott, 8, was a bashful computer geek who loved games. Jesse James Philpott, 6, was boisterous, cheerful and mischievous. Jayden Callum Philpott, 5, was hyper, messy, bouncy and full of fun. Duwayne Ashley Philpott, 13, was his siblings’ protector. He was musical and hard working. He loved sports, his family and his pet parrot.

RIP Philpott children.

BTW, after Mick Philpott was sent to Wakefield Prison he was given a job to mop up. He lasted all of 35 minutes before he quit. He could’ve earned £14 a week.

The poor killer is also being investigated for 2 rapes. Awww, poor Mick. May he wither and rot in his cell.

The Philpott house has been torn down, but I doubt anyone in that neighbourhood will soon forget the tragedy of those lost children.

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17 Responses to Mick and Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley

  1. trucker says:

    I don’t get why Mosley got involved. For blowjobs? Look at the broad’s stained and chipped teeth! Who’d want to stick themselves in that mouth? And this idiot set a house on fire with kids inside for that? Can’t be. But I don’t know why else he did it.

  2. ANNABELLE says:

    I’m from the UK and I heard a lot about this case when it came out, how Mick Philpott thought he was gods gift to women, also a pedophile by what was said of in this article! I mean, how can you be THAT selfish and soul-less that you’d actually come up with a plan to do this to your children, I don’t care about how much he apparently loved his children and didn’t plan on them being killed, as thick as all the murdering bastards are, they must have known that there was a big risk of their children being killed in the fire, which they did. But oh no, must do what brilliant king Mick says! I hope they all get one hellava tough time in prison!!! And as for that bitch Mairead Philpott, she deserves to get everything that’s coming to her, just as much as the rest!! SICK SICK SICK!!! R.I.P Philpott children :(

    • Tammy says:

      We had a case much like this here in Michigan recently. The “mother” set her home on fire and left two children to die because of a man. She will NEVER be released from prison because HERE, we don’t care about how you were raised because we understand that that’s not a good enough excuse ( Americans don’t do the “wahhh, poor me” thing ) nor do we care whether or not it was INTENDED that anyone die simply because the a person would KNOW it was certainly possible. The laws in the UK and Canada, as well as a few other like minded countries NEED to change their laws. Stop molly coddling your criminals. Here, in this country, depending upon where the crime took place, they, ALL OF THEM, would die in prison either by lethal injection or by natural causes but one thing is for sure and for certain. They would NEVER walk the streets again. Parole for a crime such as this? An ice cube would stand a better chance at remaining an ice cube in Hell than these people would have at ever being set free. And THAT is the way it SHOULD be.

      • cleo says:

        I think you are referring to Sharon Hinojosa. I wrote about her too. Evil piece of work she is.

      • Scrappy says:

        Yeah Tammy, but don’t overplay that whole Americans don’t do, ” waaah, poor me.” They do it plenty. And there have been some horrific miscarriages of justice in sentencing crimes where innocent children have suffered monumentally.

        We’re not THAT fantastic…

      • Scrappy says:

        Yeah Tammy, but don’t overplay that whole Americans don’t do, ” waaah, poor me.” We do it plenty. And there have been some monumental miscarriages of justice in prosecution and sentencing of some horrific crimes against innocent children.

        Until a few years ago, child abuse wasn’t even categorized as a violent crime in NM. WTF?

        As for parole, yeah. Some criminals barely serve a third of their sentence. We’re not quite as all that as your comments indicate.

        • Bengalpussy says:

          scrappy, couldn’t agree with you more. Murderers have been released in the USA only to kill again, many times over!!!

      • Bengalpussy says:

        Funny that really, because i’ve read plenty of articles Tammy, about murderers being released, only to kill again in America. I agree that our british laws are shite, but america isn’t much better, if anything they are corrupt and a joke, something that rarely happens in britain, believe me if i was in power i would sentence their ass to prison until they die, but i wouldn’t be corrupt sending them there, i would make sure that they were the ones that had definately committed the crime before i did lock their arse up.

    • Tom Daly says:

      I cannot f*****g understand why in GODS name would u do that? Mock philpott pretty much had two things on his mind: money and sex. Those where the only things he cared about. He wanted a new home. He’s got one. All it costed where the lives of six children to get it. He wants sex. Now all the other convicts can turn him into their bitch.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Old Mick you make me sick. You are one sick Motherf–ker. How does this bastard with his history get custody of kids. Burn in hell all three. Kudos to Lisa for getting her and her kids away.

  4. Jeff says:

    Not one tear between them at their press conference.


    • 2cute says:

      Yes, Jeff, just like Susan Smith. Fake, fake, fake the whole way. The tissue never gets wet. Not one single tear.

      • Bengalpussy says:

        2Cute, i wouldn’t mind but mick center of attention philpot. Was the one who asked to do a press conference. And not once does he mention anything about looking for the person that had started the fire. If you look at the police inspector sat beside them, he eventually stopped it as he was disgusted, watch the inspectors face, its a picture, he is absolutely gobsmacked. Not only did philpot do his fake collapse after the press conference, he also did it at the morg, and when duwayne the eldest child was in hospital on life support, all mick and mairead were bothered about, was where to go to have a smoke, i could go on but i’d be at it forever with this disgusting trio.

  5. Bengalpussy says:

    Would just like to correct a few things, mairead didn’t have the opportunity for a divorce because the marriage was in trouble, mick wanted to divorce so he could marry lisa, so she could also have the philpot name. When mick did his infamous press conference, not once did he appeal for information to whom had done this heinous act, he only spoke about himself and the sight that the poor firemen had seen. Mairead was told to have sex and give paul knows knowsley a nosh, to keep him sweet but a lot of ppl think he wasn’t involved in the fire setting, plus mosley was known to be something of a walter mitty and a braggart at things that were untrue. As for mick working for 35mins, is a load of crap by the daily mail, as mick had to be locked away due to threats made by travellers(gypsys) as mairead was from a travelling family, and after the fire before the philpot’s were arrested, they collected thousands to pay for the childrens funerals, when they found out that it was those two bastard’s that had killed their own kids, mick’s cards were marked, so the 35min job isn’t true, just typical daily mail shoddy journalism. I doubt that philpot will get released in his lifetime from prison, as he has to serve 15yrs before he can apply for parole, but he won’t get it. Hes a marked man and well hated in britain, and mairead will have to live everyday knowing that she let her children die because she was too wrapped up in mick’s world. I watched the jeremy kyle show, and its cringe worthy how two women can think so little of themselves while boosting that pig mick’s ego. Rest in peace little ones. And rot in hell mick, mairead and mosley.

  6. Bengalpussy says:

    One other thing, after the money was collected for the childrens funerals, disgusting bastard mick, said that the money left over should be given to him he the form of B.Q vouchers, a DIY store in britain. Even then he was thinking ways of making money. Also when mairead had sex with mosely, mick could be heard on the covert recordings saying to her “im proud of you, i know you didn’t wanna do that, but im proud of you” what a sick bunch of cunts they are. Plus mairead even said she was molested by her own father so the court would feel sorry, the man never did nothing to her, disgusting horrible cunts the lot of em.

  7. VintageRose says:

    I live close to Derby, and I remember seeing snippets of this story on the news, but I never knew the disgusting background of that bastard until I read this article. 15 years is not nearly long enough for this piece of shit. The worst bit is, with the way prisons are in this country, he’ll now have a better quality of life than he did on the outside. Fucking disgraceful.

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