Michael Marshall & Sharon Glass

Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall
Crimes: Child Abuse, Torture, Starvation, False Imprisonment

Sharon Glass of Titusville, Florida, began dating Michael Marshall in 2009, and they soon moved in together. It was a relationship straight out of hell, a mating of two evil hellbeasts who brought out the absolute worst in each other. Unhappily, the targets of their evil deeds were their children — Michael Marshall’s son in particular. His name has been withheld, so I’m going to call him “TB”, short for “the boy”.

So Sharon Glass, Michael Marshall and their children lived all together, playing happy families. Only it wasn’t a happy family. It didn’t take long for Sharon Glass to develop a hate for “TB”. She accused him of stealing her iPod, and decided to punish him by locking him up in a shower and depriving him of food.

Michael Marshall was apparently just fine with this hellbitch doing that to his son. In fact, he actively participated in punishing “TB” for the next few years.

Yes, I said years. “TB” was tied up for days in a closet, or tied to his bed, or locked up for days in the bathroom or his bedroom. And every time he was locked up he was also deprived of food. To top it off he was also beaten.

Horrified teachers and principals were alarmed when the boy repeatedly came to school with bruises and black eyes. He was always famished.

Here’s a truly disgusting thing: those horrified teachers and principals called Florida’s Department of Children and Families over and over, but nothing concrete was done. Apparently there was an “investigation” in the summer of 2010 but nothing came of it and the case was closed.

Sharon Glass’ ex-husband called DCF a dozen times because he was concerned that the hellbitch was abusive, and he was finally told by DCF — those assholes who were paid by the state to protect children from abuse — to just stop calling. They didn’t want to hear from him any more. Un-frigging-believable!

“I called them so many times because of my concerns with the kids, they told me to stop calling,” said Anthony Glass. “If you’re told by the DFC to stop calling, what else can you do? Who else can you call?”

The teachers and principals were in the same quandary. They tried going to the authorities and the authorities didn’t give a damn.

“We tried, and we tried, and we begged,” said one teacher. “I honestly thought the next call that I got about him was that he would be dead,” she said.

Desperate to help, the teachers fed “TB”. He was starving so they gave him food. And that enraged Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall. It enraged those hellbeasts enough that they decided to “home school” the boy. They pulled “TB” out of school and that poor kid fell completely off the radar.

Is there really NO FOLLOWUP of children being home schooled in Florida? Parents can just yank their kids out of schools and nobody in authority knows or cares about their education or wellbeing anymore? I hate to think of how many more children there are that have been allowed to disappear. Hundreds? Thousands? And does Florida’s DCF give a single goddamn about any of them?

The punishments “TB” had endured before were now multiplied because nobody outside the house saw him. There was no home schooling going on. There was only torture.

Marshall house“TB” was locked up in the closet for weeks at a time, and forced to wear nappies so the hellbeasts wouldn’t have to let him out to use the toilet. He was fed only instant potatoes or Ramen noodles on the rare occasions he got food.

Michael Marshall even punished his own daughter when he caught her sneaking food to “TB”. He locked her in the closet for several days for that offence. The hellbeast also forced the girl to stand guard while her brother was locked up.

Now don’t think Michael the POS f*cktard Marshall didn’t notice how skeletal his son was becoming. He noticed all right, and he didn’t care.

“You look like an Ethiopian,” the hellbeast sometimes said to his starving son, “I have no pity for you.” And he certainly didn’t have any pity when he and Sharon Glass devised tortures for the poor kid.

“My right hand was cuffed to my left leg and my left hand was chained to my right leg,” said “TB” when he described one of the punishments. He didn’t know how long he had to stay in that position.

One time Michael Marshall had zip-tied “TB” to a bunk bed for 3 days. The poor kid had no choice but to sleep standing up.

“TB” cried a lot. Who wouldn’t? The hellbeasts responded, not with sympathy or compassion or anything human like that, but instead by stuffing a dirty sock in his mouth and duct taping it shut.

“TB” did his best to survive. He chewed through zip ties. He stole food and hid it in the closet. Unfortunately, every time he was caught doing these things he was punished — and starved some more.

I guess Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall got fed up with dealing with diapers. They finally just locked “TB” in a bathroom and held him captive there for 4 months. He had nothing but the bathroom rug to sleep on with a towel for warmth. He was rarely allowed to shower. He was 12 years old then. I can’t imagine what the solitary confinement did to his mind, especially with the uncertainty that he’d ever be fed again. I’m sure he thought he was going to die.

Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall did relent and let “TB” out for Christmas in 2011, though. The poor kid got to watch his siblings open their presents. He was given a stocking full of coal before he was thrown back into the bathroom.

“I just cried,” said “TB”. I’ll just bet he did.

Rescue didn’t come until 15 months after “TB” was taken out of school. In March 2012, a woman called the police to tell them her boyfriend had spotted an emaciated child being held captive in a bathroom. The police listened and responded. Halle-f*cking-lujah!

When the police arrived at the home, they found “TB” on the bathroom floor. At almost 13 years of age, the boy weighed only 40 pounds (18 kilograms). He was taken to hospital where medical personnel described him as looking like a concentration camp survivor.

If help hadn’t arrived until one month later, “TB” would have been dead. That’s how malnourished this poor kid was.

Michael Marshall and Sharon GlassSharon Glass, 48, and Michael Marshall, 38, were arrested and faced felony charges of child abuse and neglect. The other children in the home were removed and given to the custody of their grandmother.

Not surprisingly, these evil hellbeasts blamed each other for the horrific treatment of “TB”. Evil bullies like these are invariably cowards.

On January 10, 2014, Sharon Glass was found guilty of 7 charges of aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment.

I guess the jury didn’t buy her bullshit about Michael Marshall being 100% responsible for the abuse. She claimed that he had abused her too! The hellbitch actually said she never saw the boy in the closet!

“I didn’t engage in any discipline but I knew some things that were going on,” Sharon Glass had the nerve to testify.

Too bad for her the victim was able to tell the truth to investigators in a taped interview. That was powerful stuff when “TB” talked about eating toothpaste out of desperation.

Sharon Glass was sentenced to 40 years in prison on March 7, 2014. Yay!

“I can state during the 15 or so years I’ve been here I’ve probably had two or three cases I would consider the conduct just pure evil,” said Judge David. “This was cold. This was calculating. This was evil.”

I’m guessing the judge wasn’t moved by Sharon Glass’ impassioned pleas saying how she was really a good person — a Sunday school teacher!

“I failed. I tried so hard, but the abuse that I suffered and the fear that I went through stole my courage, and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make the right decisions,” the whiny, cowardly child abuser said.

Long may Sharon Glass rot in prison.

In February 2014, Michael Marshall took a plea deal. He pled no contest to 8 charges of child abuse, torture and false imprisonment.

The evil bastard explained to the judge why “TB” was treated so horrifically. It was because he kept stealing food and stealing is bad, don’t you know!

The boy stole food because he was starved, and he was starved because he stole food. Notice that nowhere in that cycle of evil did they allow for feeding the boy?

“We showed him jails on my computer and everything, and we were trying to help him. We were basically trying to get him to be a good boy,” Michael Marshall told the judge. “We weren’t trying to hurt him or anything. We were trying to help him. But we went the wrong way about it.”

Torturing and starving the boy was HELPING him? OMFG, why do we have to share the planet with sadistic dipshits like this?

On April 11, 2014 Michael Marshall was sentenced to serve 30 years in prison. YAY! He had begged the judge to give him the minimum 19 years, but Judge David Dugan was having none of that.

“You physically tortured the children. Probably even more significantly to me is that you did your best to emotionally destroy them,” Judge Dugan told the hellbeast.

Michael Marshall wasn’t about to accept responsibility. He took the stand and read a letter he’d written explaining how he’d been manipulated by Sharon Glass.

“I know I was manipulated by a woman in the worst way possible. She was the ruler of the house, so I said you can run the house. Because she was smarter than me. So I let her be the boss. I can’t believe what she had me do,” said the sniveling weasel.

Long may Michael Marshall rot in prison.

I have read that “TB” is with a new family and is healthy and happy. I certainly hope that is the case. I hope and pray that he has all the therapy, support and love he needs so he can recover and go on to live a successful, satisfying life. Indeed, I hope that all of the offspring of Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall have that.

I don’t know if Florida’s Department of Children and Families has learned anything from this whole debacle. “TB” almost died because they were so inept. I’m hoping a few heads have rolled as a result of this case. Shame on them for their inaction!

Kudos to the neighbour who phoned the police! She and her boyfriend saved a life.

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10 Responses to Michael Marshall & Sharon Glass

  1. MSM says:

    I think I’ve mentioned this before but Florida CPS has some MAJOR issues. After a child in Dade County was lost in the foster system (and never found) the system was “revamped” to where CPS workers have to now call an attorney every time there’s a hotline call. If the attorney doesn’t merit the information from the call worthy of an investigation the CPS worker isn’t allowed to work the case. THAT’S why we have so few cases investigated and a system that’s totally falling apart. The worker who told the ex to stop calling was probably told by the attorney to stop calling – that’s not the first time I’ve heard about stuff like that happening. The CPS system in this state is SO messed up and there’s NOTHING that can be done about it unless the state totally overalls EVERYTHING and they won’t because they don’t have the backing of the DHS. It’s a vicious little circle that so many children lose their lives to. :(

  2. wildchild says:

    So very sick and tired of reading how the “system” lets these poor children “slip through the cracks”. How do they sleep at night knowing these children suffer needlessly?

  3. wildchild says:

    They should see themselves as accomplices to the evil these hellbeasts inflict

  4. moodymagic says:

    I am so glad the child lived and I truly wish all the best to him. As for the dip shits that were suppose to love him. BURN IN HELL. Gosh I Love Judge Dugan.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Yeah Judge Dugan rocks for throwing the book at those hellbeasts! We need more tough judges like that. I mean ultimately as a society we need to change the laws to make life sentences/the death penalty the punishment for cases like this but in the mean time I sure do appreciate judges who, able to sentence hellbeasts before them for as little as 19 years all the way on up to 30 or 40 years, pass on all the compassion for low lifes crappola and instead, throwing the book at them good and hard, sentence them to as much time as they possibly given the current constraints of our totally in favor of hellbeasts permissive laws.

  6. Marguerite says:

    Stérilisation should be part of the sentencing for all child abuser!!!!

  7. Katie says:

    It’s baffling when child protection agencies disregard abuse reports from teachers. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re talking about & have no reason to make a false report. Sometimes an ex-spouse may file false reports because they want to punish the other person, but what ulterior motive could a teacher possibly have? Makes no sense.

  8. Chris says:

    Yeah the system did fail the boy…but so did the boy’s real dad and the teachers.If the father even suspected abuse was going on he should have been relentest about it.Same with the teachers.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Despicable and Appalling

  10. Rae says:

    I know this is old but I see it time and time again DHS Child Welfare fails each and every child everywhere…I have had my own run ins with them to which they did absolutely nothing to protect this child even after his father was high on methamphetamine, shooting off guns, violent assaults etc and this dirtbag pos only received 60 days in jail…and not one of those charges were child endangerment. This is Oregon and an all too common occurrence. Child Welfare is a very very damaged system and they don’t give a shit about it…the children do not matter.

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