Michael Briere

Hellbeast Michael Briere
Crimes: Child Pornography, Abduction, Rape, Murder

Holly Jones was born on September 14, 1992 to Maria Jones and George Stonehouse. She was a really good kid. She was smart, happy and friendly. Holly Jones was the light of her parents’ eyes.

In 2003 Holly was a bright Grade 5 student who attended St. Luigi Catholic School in Toronto, Ontario. She was taking singing lessons and guitar lessons and she was a big fan of Brittany Spears.

Holly Jones was a delightful young person who absolutely did nothing to deserve her horrific fate.

On Monday, May 12, 2003, Holly Jones had her school chum Claudia over at her house to play after school. Come suppertime Claudia had to go home. Holly lived on Sterling Road near Bloor Street West. Claudia’s house was on Perth Avenue, which was at most a 7 minute walk away.

Claudia was only 9-years-old and Holly was a grown-up 10, so she wanted to walk her pal safely home. She was a very considerate child.

It was 6:00, still daylight, and it was a short walk after all. The school was on Perth Avenue as was the community centre and other friends’ houses. She walked this path every day to school. Holly’s parents had street proofed her so what was the harm?

Holly JonesHolly escorted her friend to Perth Avenue, declined an offer of a ride from Claudia’s mother, then turned around and headed home. She didn’t make it home.

Maria Jones, Holly’s mom, had been out shopping. She got home around 8:00 pm and discovered that her daughter wasn’t there. Maria thought maybe George Stonehouse had gone somewhere with her so she called his cell phone.

George was just across the street visiting a neighbour. He told her he last saw Holly leave the house with her friend.

And then the panic began to build. Maria phoned everyone she could think of, and then she and George trooped along Perth Avenue searching for the missing girl.

Holly Jones' parentsAt 9:14 p.m. the frantic parents phoned the police. Immediately a missing person investigation was launched and Toronto police officers started an intensive search in the area.

What none of them knew was that Holly Jones was already dead. That poor little girl had in fact been abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered in less than an hour after she’d walked her friend home. While everyone was starting the search for her, Holly Jones’ body was in her killer’s apartment, stuffed inside her killer’s refrigerator. And her killer was figuring out what to do.

The very next morning a man walking his dog along the north shore of Wards Island made a horrific discovery. He’d spotted a black bag at the water’s edge and being much braver than I he opened it up. Inside he found a green garbage bag and inside that bag he found another bag and inside that bag he found a human torso.

The horrified dog walker called the police. It was 8:25 in the morning. Detectives arrived right away to check out the terrible discovery.

What the detectives found along with the young girl’s torso were green carpet fibres stuck to the shoulders and buttocks and a yellow “J” cloth. The black bag was a gym bag with a “Lynx” logo on it.

The police immediately organized an extensive land search of Toronto’s shoreline. A few hours later, at around 2:00 p.m. police spotted and retrieved a black bag that was floating in the waters of Lake Ontario. This bag was a piece of travel luggage with wheels.

Holly Jones' funeralInside the bag they found a 5-pound dumb bell and knotted plastic bags. Inside the bags were blood soaked “J” cloths, the top portion of a sponge mop, a young girl’s head and two arms.

Holly Jones’s legs were never recovered.

The forensic pathologist determined that young Holly had been sexually assaulted vaginally and anally, and she’d been strangled. The dismemberment had taken place after death.

Semen was not recovered, but Holly had put up a fight — her killer’s DNA was found under her fingernails.

And so began one of the largest manhunts into Toronto history. The whole city panicked at the thought of a child killer on the loose. The police hotline got more than 1650 tips. West-end residents began patrolling their streets. And the police put in long hours and tremendous effort to uncover the killer. They tracked down 269 registered sex offenders that lived in a 3 kilometre radius of Holly’s home.

Citizens were rightly outraged to discover that that huge number of perverts lived among them! The West-end was like a dumping ground for these criminals.

But the killer was not one of them.

So the police began to pound the pavement. They had the killer’s DNA, so they tracked down all the men along Holly’s route one by one and asked them for a swab. The officers also asked for a walkthrough of their premises.

Holly Jones SearchThis effort brought police to Michael Briere’s door at 1450 Bloor Street West. Michael Briere told them he didn’t know Holly, he didn’t own a car, and he’d been working on his computer at home alone on the day she went missing. Michael Briere also refused to give a DNA sample.

The police did manage to wangle a walkthrough of his apartment and noticed green bath mats, green carpeting, dumb bells and weights. They asked him how he cleaned his floor and he answered, “I don’t use a mop.”

There were also toys on the fireplace mantle. He denied that any children visited him. Those were his toys.

Ooooh, suspicious. So the police followed him around and collected his discarded pop can and straw. No big surprise — the DNA was a match. They had their child killer.

On June 20, 2003, forty days after Holly’s murder, the police arrested the hellbeast Michael Briere, 35, a software developer with no criminal history whatsoever. He was a nobody that nobody noticed.

Once Michael Briere was told that they had his DNA, he told all without a lawyer. He spent 3 hours and 15 minutes telling all, in great detail. Read it all in the Statement of Facts.

“I always had the fantasy of having sexual relations with a little girl,” he began. These fantasies he’d had “probably forever … it’s always been a part of my life.”

Briere denied ever having any sexual involvement with any other children, but he did admit that he downloaded child porn off the Internet, at home and at work.

“The simplicity of getting material … it’s close to mind boggling,” he said of finding child porn. “You search for the word ‘baby’ and it will find stuff there … it’s easy … you don’t need a degree.”

So on that fateful day Michael Briere the pedophile had viewed child porn, got all tingly and excited and …

“So I just got carried away, and I walked outside, and Holly was … I didn’t know her, I’d never seen her before … it’s just coincidence.

“If she wouldn’t have been on the street corner, I probably would have just walked the street and just gone back home. But she was there, and there was nobody around …”

Holly JonesNobody was around to see Michael Briere grabbing young Holly by the neck and hauling her to his apartment. She began to scream so he covered her mouth with his hand. He locked her inside his apartment, took her to the bedroom and undressed her.

“I tried to have sexual relations with her …. I never actually completed the act. I tried, and at one point my heart was beating so fast … I will say that, for what I tried to do, I was not very forceful, and that she was not in pain.”

Yeah, he’s such a considerate pedophile rapist, being all gentle and kind.

“I never hit her. I didn’t punch her. I didn’t slap her, or anything…” Except strangle her to death! Hitting, punching, slapping don’t really measure up against raping and murdering! Stupid bastard!

So what we have here is a very disappointed pedophile. Michael Briere wanted to rape but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to kill but he had to. He was not having a good day. His sex fantasy had soured on him.

And he did not touch the body sexually because he’d not that kind of pervert. He made that very clear in his confession.

And then it was all about disposing of the body and the resultant mess. Michael Briere didn’t have a car so he had to transport Holly using public transportation. Hence the dismemberment. He used a hand saw. He had no problem apparently with chopping up a little girl.

Hellbeast Briere had a bad time on the subway when he noticed that somebody noticed his bag was leaking. He put his foot over the drops of blood on the floor and the smears of blood on the seat blended into the red fabric. The suspicious onlooker said nothing and just got off the subway.

When Briere dropped the bag with the torso into the water he thought it was heavy enough to sink. He knew the bag with the head and arms was too light to sink so he added a dumb bell, but being in a panic he chose the lightest dumb bell he had. The legs he just put out with the garbage at his building.

And then cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The work never ends for child raping killers.

On July 17, 2004, Michael Briere pleaded guilty to 1st-degree murder. He received a life sentence with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

In addressing the court Michael Briere admitted, “I have failed as a human being,” and he added, “for my actions which were cruel, inhuman and nightmarish, I do apologize.”

Apologies mean nothing. Holly Jones, a lovely worthwhile human being full of potential is gone and Michael Briere, the useless, worthless, murderous hellbeast remains.

Do us all a favour, Michael Briere, and join your fellow hellbeasts in hell really soon.

Toronto Sun article
Guilty Plea of Michael Briere

35 Responses to Michael Briere

  1. The_man says:

    Damn. This is such an old story. 2003? really?. Can u guys please do a report on the hamed shafia case when its over.?

    • cleo says:

      I will most certainly be writing up about that case once it’s through the courts.

    • I remember.. says:

      Old story?? Really? So sorry you had to endure this old story that appears to be out dated for you.Others including myself remember and appreciate reminders like these as horrible as this was,to remember this little girl Holly Jones that a community came to love in the midst of this horrible tragedy….I still remember..

  2. Trace says:

    This “old story” is still relevant coz it hammers home the message that child porn can motivate sick fucks like this guy to act on his fantasies and rape and kill our kids. And there’s probably a hell of a lot more child porn on the internet now than there was back then.

    Also relevant is the fact that sex offenders are dumped into communities without warning and that’s gotta change!

    • The_man says:

      No need to get so emotional, buddy.

      Btw, if you even read the article . It says he had no criminal record (“no criminal history whatsoever”). And he wasnt a registered sex offender.

      So i dont understand how the second part of your statement is relevant to this case.

      Try not to be so emotional next time you get on some “holier then thou” shit.

      • Johnny says:

        Fuck you …the man….. You probably don’t have kids . Shut up ok.

      • Nicole Martins says:

        What is there not to be emotional about in the article? Who cares if this person writes proverbs from the bible? how does it affect you negatively or in anyway for that matter? Have some respect and a heart when you make your next comment. This littler girl was known, she was here, she lived, she had made her mark. Don’t make your mark with some ridiculous and pathetic comments. Have some tact empathy. Not everyone has the same mentality as you. Read when you have written before you submit.

      • Mcall says:

        Please show some respect for my cousin. fucking asshole. -_-

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I agree with you. And your not going on holier than thou. If the “man” Has children then i’d seriously be less lax than you are, and if you don’t then you have no idea what its like for mothers to read articles like this. And if you read the article it said “That there were 273 sex offenders in the area. What trace means is that as a parent we have the right to know how many of these dirty bastards are living near our children. I bet the little girls parents wished that they knew how many of the scumbag’s were in the area. And just because this happened years ago doesn’t mean we should forget, we should remember that young girl who had everything to live for until some pedo cunt decided to wipe her of the face of this earth. Maybe if the parents knew how many pedo’s were in the area then they wouldn’t have let their daughter out on her own, and im glad she was street smart cos she got that bastards dna down her fingernails, if not then who knows, it could be your child next god forbid never forget.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell Briere. You worthless, heartless piece of shit. You don’t deserve to still be breathing. Poor beautiful Holly.

  4. dogwalker says:

    And another dog walker opens a bag! Gross! I swear I am never going to go near a suspicious bag or box or discarded suitcase when I walk my doggie. I don’t want to find dead things. That poor Holly she was so pretty and had so much to live for. Why do crazy dipshits like this Briere exist? He needs to die.

  5. Kimber says:

    “I have always wanted to have sex with a little girl.” How in the hell are these sick fucks made? Who in their right mind begins to think this way? That’s as impossible for a normal person as thinking, “I always wanted to screw my Volkswagen.”

  6. Serena says:

    My religion is against abortion. But. If I could go back in time, I’d force his promiscous mother to have one. I’d find the rusty-ess coat hanger around and JAB it SHARPLY up her CUNT.

    I’d force that little Michel Briere out of her womb. His fetal body would be in bits and pieces. Then, I’d give him over to some wild dogs to eat.

    We can only imagine how wonderful the world would be if Michael Briere’s mom had chosen to abort him. If only….

    • Joanne Winchester says:

      Oh great! So you think it’s helpful to provide yet another image of a tortured woman. Ripping a baby out of a living woman with no anaesthetic is not a great deal ‘nicer’ than what this man did.

  7. John Smith says:

    Michael Briere should get cancer and die of it

  8. Serena says:

    I still content that michael briere should have been a back alley job.

    Stupid atheist leftist cunt for getting pregnant with him.

  9. Nicole Martins says:

    I knew Holly, I went to school with her, she lived across the street from my best friend, her dad and my dad were friends and although i’ve been out of touch for a while, was pretty good friends with her brother. I remember this horrible time, and awaiting for any news on her where-about. When they initially found her body, they thought it wasn’t her, that it was another child. Although another sad fate, we had the hope of her still being alive.

    I will never forget the amount of people at her funeral, or the screaming and wailing of Maria while reciting the ‘Our Father’ with the priest at school…’And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass us’…Maria had yelled that she would NEVER forgive him, none of us ever will. Holly Jones will always live in the hearts of every and anyone who she ever met. She was beautiful, funny and outgoing. I will never forget her and forever be haunted of her horrific fate. it’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years. I love you Holly, and my prayers are always with you.

    • Serena says:

      I still wish michael briere could have been an ABORTION. Why didn’t his mother go to Dr. Henry Morgentaler for a back alley job in 1967? WHY? Morgentaler was available back then in Montreal and he could have offered her some help. She was stupid to give birth to that ugly little bastard. I’d go back in time and perform the abortion on her myself!

  10. Andrea Smith says:

    I remember holly’s name and face for the last ten years, she lived just a few blocks away , I am 27 yrs old now , and I still cry for the Angel Holly Jones who was so inhumanely taken from her parent and Robbed of her innocent life, By a monster and a gutless coward who will sure burn, a monster who’s name isn’t worth mentioning, If only someone had seen her , been happening by, perhaps her family would never have known the horror wich followed after she disappeared, I will always pray Maria Jones and George Stonehouse, you have and will always be in my prayers and know this, That Holly Has taken her Rightful place among the Angels , where she will spend eternity with Christ , in the safety and bussom of the Lord!!! Now I personally never knew this sweet, sweet child , but I know this Maria Jones , you cannot blame yourself for what happened to you’re Angel as I am sure you have and Holly does not want her mother to have survivors guilt, but simply to remember Holly’s smile, her laugh , her birthdays , her favorite colour, game ,friends and dresses, the sweet smell of her hair, her piercing brown eyes, and Beauty,The day you gave birth , till her first day of school, all the wonderful days you spent with you’re angel,and live in a way that honours her innocents and Grace as I’m sure you most certainly do!!! I am and will always be so , so sorry for you’re senseless loss, May the Lord keep you Always and God Bless!! – Forever in my Heart, Andrea

    • Bengalpuss says:

      What a lovely comment, im sure that hollys mom does have those memories. Theres a saying “The good die young” maybe hollys mom can think of that also, that she was needed in heaven, with god. I hope this murdering scumbag never gets out of prison, and dies there, so he can’t do this to another family. Rip holly.

  11. Denis says:

    If this prick ever comes out of jail. Ill be there to cut him up just like he did to that poor little girl. Hopefully that day comes soon.

  12. toronto says:

    Hopefully he comes out of jail. So then i can chop him up and throw him in the river!!!

  13. I remember.. says:

    I remember seeing the family the day she went missing on Perth Ave,searching for Holly.Always remembered never forgotten….

  14. Tina says:

    bro this guy looks like a monster from a horror movie his pic is soooo creepy look at his eyes they’re so…black

  15. Ismail says:

    I really don’t think at all that was his first offense, Police should go in deep into his past and all the places he lived in, and if there is any other missing kids. It doesn’t make any since this guy just moved to Toronto and boom a crime.

    I really believe they should dig in deep in every place he lived and everything in his past.

    Beasts like that deserve to be castrated and breaking stones in Alberta for the rest of their lives.

  16. K.B.P says:

    I worked with this guy in Toronto in 1989 and 1990.. he wS creepy then.. always wanting me to date him…he didn’t feel right to me..made me unsettled when he was around…..

  17. Richard C says:

    I went to school with her at st luigi. I was one year ahead of Holly. she seemed like a beautiful soul always smiling.

    rip. never forgotten.

  18. Linda says:


  19. Thelma Silva says:

    Piece of shit..vile sub-human! I loathe him, I wish him pain and suffering beyond belief..hopefully someone in jail hurts him.

    Rest in peace Holly, precious angel :’-( <3

  20. Lily Radelja Smart says:

    When I saw the news on tv after his arrest my blood ran cold. They showed a picture of his house at 1450 Bloor St and I gasped. That was the house I shared with my boyfriend at the age of 17. I could visualize it and where the bathroom/basement/kitchen were laid out. It was haunting, I myself didn’t realize how many registered sex offenders lived in that area that I grew up in since the mid seventies Although when I think back I remember a couple of times that I was also approached by men on the street as I myself was a steeetwise kid and always out and about At the age of 10 I was already exploring the city via the subway. Hopping on and off at every station and exploring Toronto My hair stands on end when I think of how bold I was at that age God bless Maria and George. It’s wonderful to hear that they overcame their grief to band together once again My prayers to her family and all that knew her. Rest In Peace Holly. You are in the hearts of all of us God Bless Toronto. What a beautiful and amazing city to grow up in So many good memories of my childhood it’s unfortunate that there are such inhuman beasts out there.

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