Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell

Mervyn Bell
Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse, Torture, Pedophile, Incest

Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell, of Broome, West Australia, deserves to suffer each and every day for the rest of his worthless, useless life. That’s my opinion, but I’m sure it’s shared by many who know of this hellbeast. He has inflicted so much pain that I’m sure a lifetime of him suffering won’t begin to make amends.

On March 18, 2013, Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Tamica Mullaley. By that I mean he attacked and injured the woman, the mother of his child. Poor Tamica Mullaley had to be admitted to Broome Hospital for her injuries.

Now I don’t know why the police didn’t arrest the brutal bastard that night. They’d been called to the house when the battle was on. They should’ve taken him into custody then and there, IMO. Alas, they didn’t. Major failure of the system.

Tamica Mullaley was in hospital, so she didn’t have her 10-month-old son, Charlie, with her. And who did have him? Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell. That’s right, the vicious bastard who beat her up had taken her son.

Charlie Mullaley was reported missing by his grandfather at 1:20 a.m. on March 19, 2013. It seems that the police did not begin to search for the infant immediately. Another failure of the system.

And where was the baby boy? He was on a road trip through the Kimberley with his hellbeast daddy.

Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell wanted retribution. He wanted to make his girlfriend suffer beyond all suffering, and he knew just how to do it. He had her precious, beloved baby all to himself, and there was nobody and nothing — not even a twinge of a conscience — to stop him.

A lot happened on that road trip, all of it pure evil. Fifteen hours of torture is what took place, and Charlie Mullaley didn’t survive it.

The road trip ended at 2 p.m. at the Fortescue Roadhouse in Mardie, almost 900 km from home. Charlie was found there, horribly injured, and was close to death at that point. Somebody called for medical assistance, but it was too late. That precious little baby was taken to Nickol Bay Hospital by ambulance, but died of his injuries on the way.

Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell was taken into custody and he had quite a story to tell the authorities. According to him, 10-month-old Charlie had fallen out of his car seat and out of the car while they were travelling at 60 km/hour. Riiight, like that can happen.

The hellbeast did admit that his baby looked “pretty banged up” but he didn’t want to take him to hospital right away. Instead he put the baby back in the car and drove on. Riiight, like that’s reasonable.

As he drove on with his baby who’d fallen out of the car, Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell stopped at various fishing holes where he bathed the infant to cool him down. Riiiight, like that’s what concerned fathers do.

But wait, the story’s not over yet. The rocks beside the water were so hot they burned little Charlie. And at one of those fishing holes the baby actually wound up face down in the water! It was an accident, doncha know! The baby just slipped from between his legs!

Charlie MullaleyToo bad for Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell, his bullshit story didn’t fit with the baby’s horrific injuries. Ok, the broken arm and the broken leg might fit, as might the massive graze that travelled the entire length of Charlie’s leg. But the cuts to the baby’s face and body were caused by his being struck with an implement. Charlie’s feet, legs and body had 3rd-degree burns. There was a triangular wound on one of his poor little feet. And then there were the severe injuries to the baby’s genitals and anus.

Holy shit, Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell, that disgusting spooge sock of all hellbeasts, had not only burned and beaten the baby, he’d sexually molested him too! He’s a POS pedophile!

Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell was arrested, finally, when it was too late to prevent him doing any more harm. Charlie Mullaley had suffered greatly and died at the hands of his monster father when his mother was not able to protect him. His killer was initially charged with causing grievous bodily harm. Those charges were upgraded to murder and sexual assault after the autopsy.

I cannot imagine the horror and anguish the family went through when they heard of baby Charlie’s fate. They had enough to deal with already, with Tamica Mullaley in hospital because of that despicable hellbeast. To learn that he’d actually sodomized, tortured and murdered her treasured little baby must have been unimaginably hellish for them.

Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell went to trial in the West Australia Supreme Court in August 2014. He pled not guilty to murdering and sexually assaulting little Charlie. The monster faced a judge and not a jury. Justice John McKechnie had the job of handing out justice.

After reviewing the forensic evidence and listening to witnesses, Justice McKechnie found that Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell’s claims that the baby had fallen from the car seat were a “lie”. He also found that the tall tale of hot rocks burning Charlie was “unbelievable”.

The judge said, “It is not possible for the deceased to have injured himself. He was not yet able to walk.”

Justice McKechnie said rightly that Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell had shown a “callous disregard for [Charlie’s] health and safety”, and that this was one of the more evil crimes he’d ever encountered.

On September 26, 2014, Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell was found guilty of sexually assaulting and murdering Charlie Mullaley. He has been remanded in custody for sentencing in December 2014. He faces a life sentence. I shall endeavour to keep readers posted about his sentence — reminders are welcome.

Charlie Mullaley’s family and their supporters wept and cheered when they heard the verdict. Outside of the courthouse, Tamica Mullaley demanded answers from the police as to why they hadn’t begun to search for her baby as soon as they got the report he was abducted.

It took 15 hours for Charlie Mullaley to die. The police knew he was missing for over 12 of those hours. Prompt action just might have saved his life. IMO, if Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell had been arrested for the domestic dispute which hospitalized Tamica Mullaley her baby would definitely still be alive.

RIP, Charlie. He was a beautiful little boy who deserved a long, happy life. I extend my condolences to his mother and family for their great loss.

Long may Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell suffer in prison. May he never see freedom again. May he never feel happy or safe again. And may all of his pals in prison know that he sodomized his own infant son and then burned and battered him to death.

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30 Responses to Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is one sick Fuck who should be brutalized like what he did to poor baby Charlie. You were no kind of father Bell. How could anyone torture a baby like this. This one upsets me so much. I hope baby Charlie is at peace now.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell deserves the death penalty, full stop.To let him continue to live is an obscenity.

  3. niss says:

    May God bless the family with peace and healing. And may this beautiful little boy rest peacefully and happily in the next stage of our journey.

  4. Geist says:

    This so-called ‘man’ is evil incarnate. How could anyone hurt that beautiful child or any child? It just baffles me.
    This pathetic oxygen thief needs to suffer every injury he inflicted ten-fold! No mercy, none of that kid gloves stuff. Make him and his ilk suffer.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    What a piece of shit this cunt is. Not only did he knock fuck out of his girlfriend. He had to make her suffer. And the cowardly cunt did it in the most evil way possible, he had to brutally murder that little boy. As for the police. Those bastards arrested the mother the night she was beaten, and threatened the grandfather with arrest if he wouldn’t go away and that the resources they had needed to be used else where. Then after the grandfather kept begging them to look because they could pick up the mobile phone signal, they refused saying that it would cost $700 which the grandfather said he would pay for it. But they didn’t wanna know, if i was that family i would sue that police force for millions because if they would have looked in the first place then that cunt wouldn’t of been able to torture that sweet little boy to death, they fucked up big time letting that family down, i wonder if it had been a white family if they would’ve been treated the same? Somehow i doubt it.

    • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

      Motherfuckers. I hope every single one of those pos cops’ dicks fall off and the females get blue waffle. Fucking pig shitbags.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    How can anybody hurt such an innocent little boy like charlie? Also mervyn the savage was beaten badly in 2013 by 2prisoners who didn’t like what he had done, not fair when someone has an advantage over you, a bit like poor charlie and that scumbag mervyn.

  7. 2cute says:

    I vote that Mervyn Bell be used as fertilizer so his life won’t be a complete waste. The sooner he feeds the plants the better.

  8. Stacey says:

    Oh my god.This will give me nightmares, that poor, beautiful and innocent child.

  9. Louise says:

    Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell must serve 27 years before he can be eligible for parole after Justice John McKechnie handed down his sentence in the WA Supreme Court.

    Bell was also given a three-year jail term for the sexual assault, to be served concurrently with his life sentence.

  10. Rachel says:

    You asked why he wasn’t detained/arrested by the police for “bashing the sh*t” out of his girlfriend (to quote her) and trying to run her over with a car, which would have prevented him from the horrors he inflicted on his baby son.
    I can tell you why, and it is sadly the truth. But many people won’t like it or accept it.
    It is because he is aboriginal.
    And that is the reason.
    Countless stories of similar incidents. This hellbeast would be absolutely guaranteed to have a long history of violent crimes for which he should have been incarcerated.
    Unfortunately the Australian legal system is the world’s biggest joke. Aboriginals are provided with their very own taxpayer funded legal body (Aboriginal Legal Service) and are represented by taxpayer funded QCs (Queen’s Councils – the most expensive type of barrister).
    Feel free to google him – I don’t need to do so, to know that he should have been in prison ten times over.
    I want to leave my country, for this, and for many reasons. I just don’t know where to go. :(

    • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

      He doesn’t look very aboriginal. I thought they were normally very dark skinned and had broad faces. Perhaps he’s a half breed? Not trying to offend anyone. Genuinely curious.

  11. wildchild says:

    Mervyn “the hellbeast shitbomb” is dead. Google it. And if I may say so….Yahoooo!

    • BeenThere says:

      Yup! Dead as a POS..not long ago he got assbeat in prison by two dudes pissed about his crime. Week before he killed himself the two vigilantes were found not GUILTY. THANKS inmates

  12. wildchild says:

    And by the way, I hope his form of hell comes in the form of having to fall out of a moving car, over and over. Just saying. And May Bengulpuss, my favorite hellbeast commentor, find cause to celebrate and say something super witty and caustic.

  13. wildchild says:

    R.I.P. Charlie baby. Amen, and may all the little children have angels to keep them safe.

  14. wildchild says:

    This creep appears to have self inflicted wounds, causing his death. But anyways, while reading, I saw where last year he was apparently beaten about the head with a hammer, and had broken ribs, forgive me my pause, while I laugh hysterically…..and last month the jury found the two defendant’s Not guilty, another pause……

  15. oscardoe says:

    Pleased hear that Mervyn Bell has done himself in, what a terrible human being he was!

  16. Bengalpuss says:

    Wildchild, is he gonna be cremated? If so we can get the marshmellows out and toast them on long forks, maybe throw a few jacket potatoes in while were at it lol. I’m just gonna google shitheads name and i’ll be back with my thoughts on the subject.

  17. Bengalpuss says:

    It just goes to show what an absolute coward he was, he may have been bashed with a hammer earlier in the year by two inmates, but thats fuck all compared to what that sweet little boy went through. With any luck he’s roasting in the pits of hell now, and charlie’s mom can have some consolation that the murdering dirty bastard’s life was that miserable in the clink that he had to end it. Fucking true coward he was, beating and sexually abusing a baby and taking the easy way out because the pussy couldn’t handle a few smacks off his fellow inmates who were disgusted with what he did to that poor little boy. Just a shame that before he took his life he couldn’t have been battered a few more times, bastards like him don’t deserve any mercy at all, today is a good day, i don’t have to breathe the same air as this baby killing cunt. Rip mervyn(roast in pieces)

  18. Justine says:

    I don’t believe all of the details of this case.Police are known along with the whole judicial system to be racially bias.And submitting false evidence. If the accused drove 900 km he wouldn’t of had the time nor opportunity to inflict these injuries. As he was also intoxicated and it was a hot day, these injuries 90 percent were caused by neglect.As police wanted to get a prosecution they possibly added the lie there was sexual assault.Police are to blame here, with multiple acts of misconduct.If they thought this person was a danger why didn’t they arrest him?. Or were they waiting for this to happen?.Why was she assaulted?, how many strangers had access to the child?.And finally why wern’t the department of child protection involved?.Shame on the racist system. And the corrupt evil that scapegoat a person who most likely told the truth.

    • LawyerChick says:

      You’re idiotic enough to believe the baby fell out of his car seat and a moving vehicle? You really believe that this is a situation where the scapegoat told the truth?

    • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

      Justine, you are a complete and utter pudding brain. Lay off the kangaroo cock. 🙄🙄🙄

  19. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Child Abuse is Evil

  20. Tom Daly says:

    Sodomising a child is disgusting. But doing to a ONE YEAR OLD?!? That is BEYOND evil. Let’s see how this piece of crap likes it then.

  21. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Pervin’ Mervyn… Demon spawn from hell. I wouldn’t use this fucker’s body to fertilize my lawn. Ecstatic he’s dead.

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