Meri Jane Woods

Meri Jane Woods

Crimes: Possession of Child Pornography, Lying to Law Enforcement

Meri Jane Woods of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, fights dirty, really dirty. That’s not a good thing. It appears that when she wants to get even with someone she’s willing to break the law to do so. Her estranged husband, Matthew, sure found that out.

Meri Jane Woods must have been absolutely, blazingly furious with her husband. I have no idea what on earth the guy had done to her, or what she blamed him for, but it doesn’t matter. The lengths she was willing to go to destroy his life is what matters.

In 2013, Meri Jane Woods had gotten a protection-from-abuse order that forced Matthew Woods out of the family home. Apparently, that wasn’t sufficient to ease her rage, even after a few weeks had passed. The man wasn’t suffering nearly enough for her liking.

Ultimately Meri Jane Woods decided she would punish her husband by getting his ass tossed into prison.

Now Meri Jane Woods could have accused Matthew Woods of all sorts of things, but the crime she chose was so sickening it would have led to a lengthy prison sentence and a whole shitload of public hate and vilification.

Meri Jane Woods decided to accuse her husband of sexually abusing children. Holy shitballs, batman! That was beyond vicious — it was hellbeastly! Those sorts of accusations could get a man maimed or killed in prison! And if he made it out of prison alive, he’d have to live the rest of his life branded as a disgusting, revolting sex offender.

On August 11, 2013 Meri Jane Woods gleefully proceeded with her diabolical plot to frame Matthew Woods.

In order to convince authorities that her hubby was a pedophile, she searched on the Internet for, and downloaded, child pornography. She’d managed to accumulate more than 40 images of the revolting filth, and saved them to the family computer. That done, she figured she had “proof” that he was a pervert.

I just can’t wrap my head around this. Meri Jane Woods had no thought at all for the babies and children who were being sexually molested, raped and abused in those files. She had no thought at all for the fact she was exploiting the evil crimes against those innocent children to support her own evil scheme. And apparently she had no thought at all that she herself was committing a crime when she downloaded that child pornography.

Apparently the sight of all those horrific images didn’t make Meri Jane Woods reconsider her revenge. Apparently she never thought that Matthew Woods didn’t actually deserve to be forever labeled and targeted as a pedophile. How she must have hated the man.

Three days after Meri Jane Woods had accumulated her collection of child porn, she trotted off to the Indiana State Police barracks to accuse her husband of molesting children. And of course she told the investigators that Matthew Woods had downloaded child porn on the computer in their Cherry Hill Township home.

Well, Indiana State troopers confiscated the computer all right, and they did indeed find the disgusting filth Meri Jane Woods had told them about. But being good investigators the troopers did a bit more digging. Praise be!

What was soon revealed to the troopers was that ALL of the child pornography files had been downloaded to the computer on or after August 11, 2013. That’s what the time stamps indicated.

Because of the protection-from-abuse order, Matthew Wood hadn’t been allowed in the home since July 23, 2013. So who, wondered the troopers, had amassed those illegal images? Hmmmmm. There seemed to be only one answer to that question.

Meri Jane Woods’ evil plot was unraveling and biting her on the ass. I would have loved to see her face when she was arrested in December 2013 and charged with a felony count of sexual abuse of children for having child pornography on her computer, and 40 counts of lying about alleged abuse involving her husband. (Actually, I’d love to have a picture of her face for this article, but I’m not having luck finding one.)

Please note that I’m not saying that Meri Jane Woods is a pedophile. I know she sought out and downloaded child porn but the purpose was not for her sexual gratification. Her agenda was solely her personal, heartless, vicious vendetta against her estranged husband.

After only 2 hours of deliberation, Meri Jane Woods, 42, was convicted in August 2014. The jury did not believe the defense argument that the time stamps on the computer files were wrong.

The evil hellbitch was found guilty of 1 felony count of sexual abuse of children, 1 count of possession of child pornography, and 1 count of lying to law enforcement.

The penalty for the felony charges could be as much as 7 years in prison and a $15,000 fine. The penalty for lying to law enforcement could be as much as 2 years in prison. If she gets the max for both, and has to serve them consecutively, she would face 9 years in prison!

I would not be surprised if Meri Jane Woods was forced to register as a sex offender upon her release.

Meri Jane Woods is scheduled to be sentenced on December 15, 2014. I shall try to provide an update then — reminders are welcome!

I find it satisfying that, despite all her scheming to get her husband tossed in prison, Meri Jane Woods herself will be incarcerated. Karma. And she had no-one to blame except herself!

Meri Woods

“I was never forced from the house with a pfa, on July 23 I left on my own after a fight in which I had to call 911 [because] Meri had attacked me yet again. She did not file the pfa until two days after I filed for divorce, roughly a month after I left. In her statement that day to the police she wrote that I had not been back to the house therefore incriminating herself.”


Meri Jane Woods was sentenced to six months to two years in jail.

“I would like to give you an update on the case. Meri was released after serving less than two months. She is appealing the ruling and was granted bail until the appeal.

“She has taken me back to domestic relations in order to have her spousal support reinstated, yes that’s right she thinks I should be supporting her BC she can’t find a job. She is still playing the victim.

“She also still refuses to sign the divorce papers because as long as we are married I have to keep her on my insurance even though she is already engaged to a man.”

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25 Responses to Meri Jane Woods

  1. moodymagic says:

    This makes me sick that this hell BITCH gets to hide her face. I could not find a pic of her anywhere online. You can bet that if her husband had been seriously downloading the porn his face would be all over the net. Makes me sick. Burn in hell Meri.

  2. Jeni C says:

    What a depraved, psychotic hellbeast! I guess she got a taste of her own medicine! Oh yeah, I Googled her name and found a mughsot of this waste of space. I wasn’t Impressed. I found several articles from different news outlets that have reported this story, but I only saw one mugshot picture on Google images. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to post her picture to go along with this story. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    It’s cunts like this that make it difficult for real victims to seek justice, lying bitch she is. I truly hope her arse gets thrown into jail for a very long time. How wicked a person to do what she did, but obviously fucking stupid by not realising that your computer hard drive has a damn good memory, talk about the worlds dumbest criminal lol.


      Talk about another candidate for the 2014 Darwin award for stupidity!!!! Anyone with any sort of computer knowledge knows that computers keep a record of the dates of downloaded files. Law enforcement is specifically trained to be able to access this information just for these reasons. Thank goodness that computers and law enforcement can prove conclusively dates and times to refute a liar’s claims. If we didn’t have this ability, then Mr. Woods life would have been completely ruined at the hands of a vindictive and spiteful being. I can’t call her human because no human would stoop to such vile and disgusting means to have their vengeance. Additionally, I can’t call her human because she took the time to download images of innocent children being abused and tortured in the most depraved ways and she had no empathy for their plight because she was only focused on her selfish desires for revenge. I am so glad that a picture of Meri Jane Woods was provided so that the world can see who she is and she can be humiliated and ridiculed in the manner that she was trying to have Matthew Woods humiliated and ridiculed. This is a good example of karma is a bitch and getting a dose of what she intended to give! Mr. Woods, I am so sorry you were put through such a horrible ordeal. Please do not think all women are this vindictive and scheming. I truly hope that you will be able to put this ordeal behind you and have a happy and fulfilling life with a partner who is worthy of you and your love.

  4. fuctup says:

    Damn! She scary! Wouldn’t want to cross her.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, see if you can find this bitch’s mugshot on google like jeni c did, it would be great to see this vindicate spiteful witch’s face on here, besides i think people need to recognise her just in case they piss her off in the future, god knows what she’s capable of accusing some poor sod of doing.

    • cleo says:

      I went looking. There was one hopeful one, maybe the one she spotted, but it turned out belonging to another article. I want to be sure 100% that I have the right mugshot.

  6. Jos in CND says:

    Just to say in Canada and most likly in this case if you publish the photo it will affect the kids. Most of the time there is a publication ban when there is kids involved and it is the parents charged to protect them and what hopes to be a new and better life for them

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Jos, your absolutely right, i totally forgot about that, don’t want those poor kids lives disrupted any more, last thing i’d want is for those children to be suffering, thanks for reminding me jos.

    • fuctup says:

      What kids? Nowhere does this say she had kids.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Fuctup, you’ll have to forgive me, my head has been stuck up my arse for the last week due to losing my best friend tykey, your right it doesn’t say she has kids but it is true that that’s why they some times don’t publish mugshots of hellbeasts where children are involved. Im off to stick my head back up my arse again now.

  7. 2cute says:

    Wow she’s one vindictive bitch! He must’ve cheated on her to make her that insanely mad — or maybe she just thought he cheated on her. She doesn’t strike me as particularly sane.

  8. chellesbelles says:

    Well, that’s the definition of being ‘hoist by one’s own petard’. Stupid, ignorant woman.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      “Hoist by ones own petard” very good chellesbelles, “blown up by ones own bomb” LOL wish i’d thought of that one, talk about shooting yourself in the foot, don’t think we have to worry too much about miss stupid committing any more crimes, she just may as well walk around with a placard on saying “it was me” dumb arse she is.

  9. A.R.Henry says:

    Well, she is one of these people who, as spelled out on an Investigation Discovery show, loves drama, makes up a lot of stuff, destroyed at least two other men or tried to. Matthew had not been cheating, (I believe that) of course I know that doesn’t mean anything. She’s the eternal victim, and her destroying Matt is ultimately more important to her than their daughter and son. Oh yes, they have children. If you’d seen the show, it would scare any of you to death. The actress on there was portraying the definitive psycho bitch from hell.

  10. me too says:

    iwas married to a woman that did a lot of the same things,she was never dianosed, and i’m wondering if they ever determined what was wrong with her.. ther must be a name for it, and a treatment…

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Me too. There is a name for it, its called “vindictiveness and spiteful” and the cure is “prison”.

  11. Bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, you should put this bitch’s picture at the beginning of the article, its the least she deserves.

  12. Rudy Schneider says:

    Hey all, I just saw this story… I need to let you know there are truly women like that out there, I was married to one! She and I had the same Dr. and on one of my one on one visits I asked the Dr. to watch her actions just to observe her. Close to a year later I just couldn’t deal with her “Jekel & Hyde syndrome” (that’s what I called it) anymore. I got away and divorced her (after getting screwed)then after some time I had a injury, I went to get evaluated medically and by a shrink, (apparently they do that if you’re up for SSI disability). Anyway, I went back to the doctor and showed her my ring finger on my left hand and said “I’m away from that nut case” and the Dr. quietly the clapped her hands. At the end of the visit I asked the Dr. “btw, did you have any thoughts on my ex?” She looked at me, start writing on a Post It the she wrote “Borderline Personality Disorder” and said “it’s not my area of expertise but my educated observation is what I wrote.”

    Remember I mentioned the “Shrink”? well when I saw him a few months after the Dr.(who I moved away from) I talked to this shrink and when the Ex popped up of course we talked about her person personality. Of all things he said he had a wife like that and that I “Dodged the bullet.” It turns out that these women are on a destructive war path.

    In closing, don’t let any red flags go because you believe it’ll get better, life is too short to get caught up with that…..and yes ladies, that works for both genders. Happy 4th to all. RS

  13. New mom* says:

    She was released from jail this past may and has her children back. What judge would give her custody of minor children after what she did ?!?!?! I am shocked

    • WhoF'Ncares says:

      She never lost her kids. As a matter of fact the father gave her additional 2 weeks more every month. Guess he wasn’t such a victim.

  14. New mom* says:

    I live in PA. Public records where you can view sex offender list. Megan’s law website. Meri is on there. Search by county. Indiana. She is the only woman listed with 148 offenders in her county. Many pics of her too. They must take one each time she checks in. So thankful she had to register as a sex offender…. the crazy bitch. You get what u deserve. Should have been more jail time than a few months but nice karma

  15. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    She looks like an extremely fake, pissy high maintenance bitch. I detest that kind of chick. What a horrible thing to try to do to someone. She deserved more time than she got.

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