Meredith Katharine Borowiec

Meredith Borowiec
Crimes: Infanticide, Abandonment, Child Abuse

Enough, enough, ENOUGH! Meredith Katharine Borowiec of Calgary, Alberta, Canada needs to be stopped! She can’t or won’t stop herself, and it appears the courts won’t stop her either! I am talking about her getting pregnant.

In February 2008, Meredith Katharine Borowiec was not only pregnant, she was full term and due to give birth. She hid the fact from her boyfriend and her coworkers. She claimed her body shape was changing due to cysts on her uterus.

Meredith Borowiec gave birth alone on the toilet in her northwest Calgary condo. She heard the infant mew like a kitten before wrapping it in a towel, placing it in a garbage bag and disposing of the newborn bundle in a nearby dumpster as if it was garbage. She walked away and never looked back. The baby perished as a result, and its body was never found.

Meredith Borowiec carried on with her life as if she hadn’t murdered that baby. She carried on as if the baby had never existed. When asked how her stomach deflated so fast she told her coworkers she’d had fluid drained by a doctor at a clinic.

Meredith Borowiec started taking birth control pills but only kept on them for 3 months. In September or October 2008, Meredith Borowiec got pregnant again. She again hid the fact from her boyfriend and coworkers. In late July 2009 she gave birth on the toilet in her apartment.

The second baby gave a tiny cry after its birth. Just like the first baby it was very much alive — but not for long.

Once again Meredith Borowiec wrapped the newborn baby in a towel, tied it in a garbage bag and disposed of it in a different dumpster this time. She just walked away knowing the baby would die.

And Meredith Borowiec carried on as if she hadn’t just committed her second murder. Her second baby’s body was never found.

I cannot fathom such a person’s thinking. Knowing what she did to her first baby you’d think she would have done everything possible so that it wouldn’t happen again. You’d think she’d go on birth control permanently or get her tubes tied. You’d think that once she was pregnant she’d do everything in her power to guarantee the safety of her infant. She had 9 frigging months to figure something out!

Abortion was always a possibility if she didn’t want a baby. Adoption was always a possibility. She didn’t choose those perfectly legal options.

Instead, what Meredith Borowiec did was to do exactly what she’d done before. She knew the outcome. She knew the second baby would die just like the first, and she CHOSE to let that happen.

Meredith Borowiec had taken a few days off work, and when she returned she was reportedly very cheery, “in a good mood”, and noticeably thinner. A coworker asked what happened to her and immediately the killer’s demeanor changed. She began to cry and said she’d had a miscarriage. She said she didn’t even know she was pregnant, and that it was a surprise.

Another coworker said she noticed in 2008 and 2009 that Meredith Borowiec looked like she had a beach ball under her clothes before she called in sick for a few days and came back deflated.

I can’t help thinking that Meredith Borowiec’s long-term boyfriend was singularly unobservant. Twice already his girlfriend’s belly grew and grew and then suddenly shrank, probably leaving stretch marks, and he didn’t wonder? And babies in utero don’t act like inanimate beach balls or giant cysts — they kick and move around. Did he truly not notice?

According to Meredith Borowiec, her boyfriend was completely unaware that she was pregnant either before or after the births.

Incredibly, horrifically, unbelievably, in 2010, Meredith Borowiec was pregnant AGAIN. WTFH! And again she didn’t tell her boyfriend or her coworkers. She made no preparations for this child — no nursery, no baby clothes, no diapers. Instead she was planning once again to murder her baby.

Borowiec HomeOn October 19, 2010, Meredith Borowiec gave birth at home to a full term, 6-pound baby boy. Just like those times before, she wrapped the baby in a trash bag with other trash and placed him in a dumpster just a few steps outside her home. She heartlessly went back inside her condo, fully expecting her latest baby would soon be dead.

What Meredith Borowiec didn’t count on was that this time the baby’s cries would be heard by a passerby. Ironically, this infant’s own father had just driven home and was on hand to help pull the tiny baby out of the dumpster.

Meredith Borowiec had been smoking a cigarette and watching TV when the commotion began. She mustered up enough interest to step outside and watch the proceedings from her front steps.

Calgary policeAs Meredith Borowiec sat barefoot, in her pyjama bottoms, with a blanket wrapped around her waist, Constable David Hsu began looking for witnesses in the neighbourhood. He spotted the woman and at first thought she was just an onlooker. He walked up to her to ask if she knew anything.

Meredith Borowiec told Constable Hsu that she was home sick, but that her boyfriend had told her about the baby in the dumpster.

The alert Constable Hsu spotted blood on the blanket and on her sleeve and became very suspicious. He was also concerned about the blood so he called for paramedics. Meredith Borowiec was taken to hospital and Constable Hsu accompanied her in the ambulance.

Before they even reached the hospital, Constable Hsu received a call from his superior officer and was told to read the woman her rights on the charges of child abandonment and attempted murder. He did and that’s when Meredith Borowiec began to cry.

“What’s going to happen to me?” she asked.

Yup, she didn’t cry about the baby. She didn’t cry about her dead babies. She only cried for herself when she realized she was under arrest.

The paramedics asked Meredith Borowiec when she’d given birth and she admitted it was around noon that day.

The rescued baby boy, I am happy to report, is healthy and is living in a good environment.

When Meredith Borowiec’s arrest for the abandoned baby hit the news, her alarmed coworkers hit the tip lines. They alerted the police to the previous suspected pregnancies.

When Meredith Borowiec was brought in for questioning on November 16, 2011 — a year after her initial arrest — the police wanted to get to the bottom of those suspected pregnancies.

InterrogationDetective Karla Malsam-Dudar did the questioning and skillfully got the murderous woman to admit to dumping the 2 babies, very much alive, into the dumpsters to die.

When asked what she was thinking when she did that, Meredith Borowiec said, “That I was horrified with myself.”

The detective asked if she’d done anything to silence the babies, and the killer denied it. “I didn’t want to hurt [them],” she said. “I don’t have violent tendencies.”

“What did you think would happen to them when you put them in the garbage?” asked Detective Malsam-Dudar.

“I was hoping somebody would help them out,” the killer answered.

Riiiight. That’s why she put them in garbage bags in the dumpsters — so they would be found and rescued. Evil bitch. She actually sounds like she thinks she’s not all that bad because she chose to let the babies suffocate to death in the trash bags rather than to suffocate them with her own two hands.

Meredith Borowiec wrote two letters of apology to her long-term boyfriend during the interview.

“I misled you. I am a mess and in a world of trouble. Please know how sorry I am,” she wrote. “The Meredith you know is not a vicious creature. I don’t know what came over me.”

Meredith Borowiec also wrote a letter to her parents. “I imagine I will be in jail for a long time. I am sorry for the shame.”

Sorry for the shame. Not sorry that she deprived two innocent babies of their lives. Not sorry that she murdered two tiny, completely helpless infants. Nope, she was sorry for the shame.

Meredith Borowiec was arrested again and this time was charged with 2nd-degree murder. To be fair, if she hadn’t confessed to disposing of the two babies there would likely have been no charges laid in their deaths. There were no bodies, there was no evidence. The case against her would have been difficult to prove without the confession.

Meredith BorowiecAnd did Meredith Borowiec learn one frigging thing through all this? I don’t think so. While out on bail (yes, she got bail) Meredith Borowiec actually got pregnant AGAIN and gave birth in July 2012 while in police custody. That baby was taken from her and given up for adoption. Bless his wee heart, I hope he never learns about what a monstrous mother he was born to.

I have to wonder what kind of man, knowing beyond any doubt that his girlfriend had tossed his baby boy away like garbage, would be willing to impregnate her yet again.

In November 2013, Meredith Borowiec, 32, was on trial facing charges of 2nd-degree murder. It should have been a no-brainer. She confessed on tape to dumping her babies in the garbage, resulting in their deaths.

But Justice Peter McIntyre had a different idea. He concluded there was doubt of Meredith Borowiec’s intent. WTF?

Instead of 2nd-degree murder, Justice Peter McIntyre convicted the baby killer of infanticide.

I’m going to go off on a tangent right here. The fact that infanticide is in the Criminal Code of Canada is a disgrace, IMO. Infanticide — the killing of babies by their mothers — is not considered murder. It’s a separate category altogether, and that’s disgusting and a travesty.

Babies’ lives are not considered as having any worth, or at least not much, when a verdict of infanticide is reached. The penalties are invariably very light — much, much too light for the taking of a life. The maximum penalty for infanticide is only 5 years in prison.

The mothers who kill their newborns are quaintly viewed as fragile creatures who are so overcome by their circumstances, their hormones, their feminine nature that they become irrational. These murdering mothers must then be treated, not as killers, but as naughty, impulsive children who did something bad. They must be handled with gentle caring and firm guidance.

It makes me sick that this archaic, Victorian view of the fragile, feeble, weak-minded, soft-headed, inferior woman still exists in the Canadian justice system. And it makes me sick that babies’ and children’s lives are considered less valuable than adults’ lives when penalties are handed out by Canadian courts.

There, I’ve had my rant. Back to our infanticidal hellbitch, Meredith Borowiec.

A court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Kenneth Hashman, had testified that the murderous Meredith Borowiec was NOT suffering from an acute mental illness at the times she gave birth.

I agree with that psychiatrist, especially when I bear in mind the baby killer went through 3 entire pregnancies — 27 months — fully intending to kill her babies. It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, hormonally imbalanced decision that she reached the instant she gave birth.

Justice Peter McIntyre obviously didn’t listen to the court-appointed psychiatrist. Instead he decided that Meredith Borowiec’s mind was disturbed from “the effects of giving birth”.

I guess Justice McIntyre believed the killer when she said, “It was like something took over me. It was like I wasn’t in control… I wasn’t normal.”

On January 8, 2014, Meredith Borowiec pled guilty to aggravated assault for putting her baby boy in a dumpster. With her plea she dodged the attempted murder charge.

On January 28, 2014, Meredith Borowiec was sentenced for the infanticide and aggravated assault convictions. Crown Prosecutor Jayme Williams asked for an 11- to 12-year sentence.

“There are two babies who are dead who will never have the opportunity to partake in life’s pleasures,” the Prosecutor said, and also pointed out that it was only through pure luck that the third baby didn’t die.

Meredith Borowiec’s lawyer Andrew Serink argued her client shouldn’t serve any more time in prison since she’s already spent 18 months in remand. She pointed out that her client’s lack of a prior record makes her a good candidate for rehabilitation, and that she hadn’t inflicted violence on the babies she killed.

Well, IMO the lack of a prior record is vastly outweighed by 2 murders and 1 attempted murder. Who cares that she didn’t shoplift as a teenager if her first and second crimes were the murder of a baby?

And as for the lack of violence — she may not have broken bones but Meredith Borowiec’s babies died in distress, gasping for ever-decreasing oxygen in those plastic trash bags, never having felt the loving touch of another human being. That’s inhuman.

Justice Peter McIntyre listened to a tearful Meredith Borowiec as she read from her prepared statement how she’s happy her surviving baby “is alive and can live a happy and fulfilling life.” He listened as she read, “It hurts me every day knowing what I’ve done … I hope one day I can forgive myself.” He listened as the baby killer said she “feels horrible” for what she did.

Justice Peter McIntyre, in full paternal mode, told the baby killer, “You’ve shocked the community and you’ve shamed yourself. This is a terrible case.”

Note he talked of the community and the killer but not the infants.

“My approach to sentencing in this case has to be based on the finding that I made that you were suffering from a mental disturbance at the time,” Justice McIntyre decided.

I disagree, of course.

“You cooperated with police,” said Justice McIntyre, which she did, and then he told her that she had shown “genuine remorse”, which I don’t think she did.

And then the very understanding Justice McIntyre sentenced the murderer to 18 more months in prison to top off the 18 months she’s already spent in custody. That was for the 2 counts of infanticide. For the count of aggravated assault he handed her a suspended sentence and 3 years of probation.

Meredith Borowiec agreed to have an IUD inserted to prevent any pregnancies during her 3-year probation period. There is nothing to stop her from having more babies after that except for biology. Meredith Borowiec did agree to a 10-year peace bond during which she will be monitored to check for pregnancy. If she does become pregnant again, she will be closely supervised.

Hopefully whoever is supervising her doesn’t fall for her cyst story.

I am not happy with the outcome of this trial. Can you tell? I am not happy that there is no real justice for any of the victims. I am not happy that this murderous woman will be able to carry on with minimal impact on her life. I am not happy that she will have the opportunity to breed again.

The Crown Prosecutor isn’t happy either. Good.

I am pleased to learn the Calgary Crown Prosecutor’s office hasn’t given up hope of trying Meredith Borowiec for murder. It is appealing the verdict.

The Crown is arguing Justice Peter McIntyre erred in applying the law of infanticide and did not provide adequate reasons for his judgment. The appeals branch of the Crown’s office is currently preparing its argument that a new trial should be ordered.

I wish the Crown Prosecutor’s office every bit of luck in retrying this murderer for murder. I want to see real justice for those unfortunate, unnamed, unloved babies.

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Photo credits: Stuart Dryden/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency; Calgary Police Service, Calgary Herald

25 Responses to Meredith Katharine Borowiec

  1. moodymagic says:

    It is so disgusting that babies lives are worth very little. Justice is never truly served to infant victims.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    I am shocked that the boyfriend was willing to touch the bitch after he found out she’d tried to kill his baby. The two dead babies were his too. Did the bitch hate him enough to kill his babies, or did he threaten to leave her if she got pregnant? I can’t understand why she did what she did.

  3. MsM says:

    The ‘application’ of infanticide is incorrect here. She has committed neonaticide… And would’ve done it again and again. Pity her mother didn’t have the same intentions…

  4. Twerker says:

    R.I.P. little nameless babies who deserved all the love in the world but got nothing but rejection and death.

  5. spunkmonkey says:

    IMO when a girlfriend tries to kill your baby that’s a deal breaker. I hope her stupid ass bf finally wises up and ditches the bitch now that he knows she murdered his other babies.

  6. BENGALPUSS says:

    What a load of bollocks, that baby murdering cunt should be in jail, having the shite kicked out of her daily. And the dumb fuck judge thinks he is an expert on women,s hormones, sack him, and put him in a bin bag, and then into a garbage can, and whoever does it, if you get caught, blame it on your hormones, i’m sure he will understand. now as for the boyfriend, what was he thinking getting that monstrous bitch pregnant again? some people really give me a bad headache, she already murdered two of your babies, and tried to murder your 3rd, so what the fuck were you doing getting her pregnant again? i wouldn’t let this bitch look after one of my turds let alone a baby, just something for you to think about in future.

  7. BENGALPUSS says:

    Cleo, i,m now suffering from a bad migraine, with the unfairness of those poor babies being denied justice because of an arseole judge.

  8. BENGALPUSS says:

    And the cow bag should be sterilized to prevent future victims.

  9. Supermom says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! 18 months, 3 years probation; THAT IS NOT JUSTICE; makes me sick! One of the most warmest moments of my life was holding my newborn baby. I just can’t wrap my mind around this. 3 babies were MURDERED. It should be 3 counts of capital murder, followed by a trip to the electric chair or lethal injection!!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      supermom, this witch should go where suzanne basso, was sent earlier tonight in texas, on a gurney trip with an i,v in her arm, and a one way ticket to hell.

  10. Supermom says:

    On the other hand, this article was very well written. I can tell it took some time, great job!

  11. Supermom says:

    To correct myself. It was only 2 babies that died, thankfully.

  12. Supermom says:

    Bengalpuss, I certainly agree! It boils my blood!! I wonder if there is any kind of petition to demand true justice for these sweet babies. IMO, this evil *itch is no different than a serial killer. Cold, calculated, & PLANNED!

  13. Lichelle says:

    Holy shit.. I got a headache reading that because I cannot wrap my head around what the judge did. What a shit sentence. Can we toss her in a bag and leave her to suffer? twice over? She clearly had it planned if she was telling people it was cysts.. premeditated murder IMO. She only showed remorse because she got caught.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Lichelle, that cyst must have been huge if people believed her. The sad thing is that two little babies have been dumped in the trash, and their final resting place is a land fill site. Those little angels don’t even have names, only a heartless bitch could do something like that. .I hope she is tormented daily about what she has done, but i doubt she will be, evil bitch she is.

      • Scrappy says:

        Beyond the manipulative horror that is this woman, that bothered me too. These seemingly healthy infants were carried away with TRASH and likely now occupy a landfill somewhere. It is inhuman.

        Justice apparently means that grown women, fully employed, not even a frickin’ drug addict, with a partner in residence are allowed to throw away their offspring as though they were smelly shellfish for a few short years in jail.

  14. Lexi R says:

    This is one of those situations I think the punishment should match the crime. Let’s put this mistake of nature in a huge plastic bag and toss her in a dumpster. I’m ashamed of the justice system here in Calgary. I know of another case where a guy took the ID off his dying girlfriend and left her in a ditch to die alone and he only got 3 years and was out in 18 months.

  15. su says:

    seriously…so many women out there who wanted to concieve but couldnt and there’s this kind of b**** that exist who owns a healthy womb, instead of raising baby, murders them. She should have her womb remove.

  16. Leia says:

    Laws like that make me ashamed to be Canadian.

    Cow really should have had a hysterectomy. An IUD is not foolproof. This I know firsthand.

    Poor little babies, may they rest in peace.

  17. dorothy says:

    The boyfriend new all along he’s just as guilty as she is.It actually pisses me off how everyone is like oh poor guy his girlfriend throwing his babies in the dumpster.How does a woman walk down two long flights of stairs with a heavy full garbage bag after she just gave birth? come on!! oh not to mention he was the one who discovered the 3rd baby in the dumpster,what a joke!

  18. Girvle says:

    Not shocked when living in a society that holds human life with little regard. We kill in the womb and we kill on the battlefield. People are fucking monsters.

  19. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I have Read the Article and I am Shocked by what has Happened

    Infanticide is Murder and Warrants the Death Penalty

    Evil Describes what has Happened

    What Woman Not Least a Mother puts Babies in Rubbish Bags

    Evil Bitch

  20. DecentPeopleOnly says:


  21. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Canada should Put the Rights of Victims First and Punish Infanticide with
    the Death Penalty

  22. BeenThere says:

    I read this story to a long time friend and shared her picture. He said he’d turn gay before fucking that bitch..out of the mouth of a great cop..

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