Melissa Kay Anderson & Michael Glendon Burris

Melissa Anderson and Michael Burris

Crimes: Pedophile, Sexual Assault, Incest, Child Abuse

Some people are born with missing limbs. Others are born with missing senses. Melissa Kay Anderson and Michael Glendon Burris, I think, were born with missing souls. If I’m wrong and they do have souls, they’re probably all twisted up and deformed.

Melissa Anderson and Michael Burris are a hellbeastly couple of sickos. In the case of Melissa Anderson, she’s an incestuous pedophile. Michael Burris, her boyfriend, went along with her wishes and participated in her sexual activities.

Melissa Kay Anderson, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, convinced herself at some point in 2014 that it was just fine if she included a 10-year-old relative in her sexual activities. Maybe the methamphetamine she used dissolved that part of her brain that would have told her it was WRONG.

Melissa Anderson forced the boy to watch pornography with her. She also forced him to watch her having sex with Michael Burris. She performed sex acts on the boy and, disgustingly, she forced the poor kid to use sex toys to pleasure her. Ewwww!

When I say “forced”, I am saying she physically assaulted the boy as well as sexually assaulted him.

Now Michael Burris went along with all this. He watched pornography with the boy. He knew he was being watched by the boy as he had sex with Melissa Anderson. He knew that the boy was related to Melissa Anderson, but did nothing to stop the sexual activity between them.

In Michael Burris’ mind the abuse was meant to be sex education for the boy.

Thankfully, I think it’s safe to say that the boy was not raped, i.e. penetrated. I hope and pray that that is the case. Still, the poor kid was handed a sex education he should never have had at the age of 10. Sex toys? Pornography? Combined with physical abuse? Those don’t teach about love and relationships. And using sex toys on his female relative most certainly twisted up the concepts of trust, love, and familial roles.

All boundaries were crossed. Melissa Anderson and Michael Burris taught this boy that he wasn’t entitled to say “no”, that his body and other people’s bodies are to be used for sexual gratification, and that wanting to have sex was justification to use physical force on unwilling participants.

Happily for everyone, except Michael Burris and Melissa Anderson, the boy told his father about the abuse. That’s a brave young fellow. Kudos to him!

In September 2014, Melissa Kay Anderson, 35, was arrested and charged with 5 counts of child sex abuse. Michael Burris, 40, was also arrested and was initially charged with 5 counts of sexual abuse of a child.

In November 2014, Melissa Anderson entered a plea of no contest.

In January 2015, Melissa Kay Anderson received 5 consecutive life terms. She cried at sentencing. The only words she said were, “I’m sorry.”

Her attorney had pointed out that the abuse occurred while his client was high on meth, and that she’d had a horrible childhood that resulted her being placed in foster care. The judge weighed that against the “heinous nature” of the crimes, and imposed the heaviest sentence possible.

On September 1, 2015, Michael Burris pled guilty to 1 count of sexual abuse of a child, and 1 count of permitting child sexual abuse. He should’ve stopped or reported the abuse. F*ckturd.

Michael Glendon Burris was sentenced to 2 life sentences. That’s a long time for him to wonder at his complete stupidity and willingness to indulge the sexual proclivities of his hellbitch girlfriend.

I hope so much that the boy has had all the love and support he needs to overcome this part of his life. I really hope that he’s learning the right lessons about relationships and love, bless his heart.

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6 Responses to Melissa Kay Anderson & Michael Glendon Burris

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Good that these 2 sick …….are being locked away for life. Even though Burris was not a raging pedo. He did nothing to stop or get the poor child out of the situation.

    • Jeni C says:

      Yes, he did nothing to stop it. I guess he enjoyed watching his woman get it on with a young boy! That is just atrocious! They both deserved their hefty sentences!

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Sickening

    Shows what Evil Filth so called ” Education ” is Paedophile Grooming
    and the Theft of the Innocence of Children

    In the UK would probably get a 2 Year Suspended ” Sentence ” for this
    but given that the USA has the Death Penalty the Death Penalty should
    be the Case For Incest and Paedophilia

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anyone who tries to ” Normalize ” Paedophilia is Evil

    There is Right and Wrong Good and Evil with NO Shades of Grey

  4. Jeni C says:

    Now THESE are the kinds of sentences I like to see these types of hellbeasts to get! Kudos to the judge who realized that these 2 are the pieces of crap that they are! I hope the boy is getting the counseling and love and support he so rightly deserves and needs! To Melissa and Michael, I hope they never have a moment’s peace in prison. I hope they are reminded everyday of what they did to that boy…and hope that the other inmates show them the same kindness they showed their victim!

  5. BeenThere says:

    Oklahoma says “sexual assault a child here, you stay in prison for life. I hope other states do too.
    Both will end up being PRISON BITCHS..Rot you cunts

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