Melissa Bailey and Glenn Nelson

Hellbeast Melissa BaileyHellbeast Glenn Nelson
Crimes: Pedophiles, Child Porn, Molestation

Why is it so freaking difficult for some people to understand that babies are not sexual playthings? Melissa Bailey, 29, and her boyfriend Glenn Nelson, 62, are 2 such “people” who think babies are not off-limits for their perverted sexual gratification. Lousy disgusting pedophiles!

How these creatures find each other I don’t know.

Melissa Bailey of Port Charlotte, Florida gave birth to a baby girl. Her boyfriend Glenn Nelson was not the father. He wasn’t so much interested in breeding with Melissa POS Bailey as he was with her newborn girl. And Melissa Bailey let him. And joined in the fun, damn her!

And so, from DAY ONE of the infant’s life, Melissa hellbitch pedo Bailey and Glenn hellbeast pedo Nelson began molesting the baby. And the baby was molested until she was 1 1/2 years old. It makes me want to puke. And it makes me want to rip Glenn Nelson’s balls off and yank Melissa Bailey’s uterus out.

“They’d been having sex with this baby, both of them, since the child was born,” said Bob Carpenter of the Port Charlotte County sheriff’s office.

The poor infant was raped repeatedly at her mother’s home in Port Charlotte County. The abuse only stopped when these f*ckwads were arrested.

Police investigators searched both of their homes and Glenn Nelson’s office. They confiscated 6 computers in all.

Charlotte County computer crimes investigators found child porn images and chat files between the monstrous mother Melissa Bailey and her pervert boyfriend Glenn Nelson discussing having sex with that poor helpless baby over webcam.

Hellbeast Glenn NelsonGlenn Nelson was arrested and charged with:
• Capital sexual battery on an 18-month-old baby girl
• Lewd & lascivious molestation on a child under 12 years old and
• 20 felony counts of possession of child pornography by sex performance by a child.

Glenn the pervy pedo Nelson accepted a plea deal over the child rape charges. I cannot find out how long he has to serve which frustrates the hell out of me! Needless to say, anything short of a life sentence is too short. May he die behind bars!

Glenn the road turd Nelson had maintained in a TV interview from prison that he and Melissa had merely fantasized about sex with the baby and he denied ever harming her. *snort*

“That’s not true. That’s not true at all,” he said when asked if he’d raped the baby.

Glenn the pedo Nelson did admit to talking about having sex with the tiny infant but insisted that was as far as it ever went.

“It’s all in there all the time about fantasies – not reality, that was happening. It was fantasizing and talking about it,” the f*cking pedo said. Riiight.

I’m thinking Glenn Nelson was nervous about being labeled a baby raper as he was heading into his stint in state prison. And well he should be. I hear baby rapers like him are not made to feel very welcome by fellow prisoners. (That gives me warm fuzzies.)

The monster mother Melissa Bailey was arrested too and taken to the Charlotte County Jail. Apparently she had objections and put up a fuss. An incident report was filed that showed she tried to bite a deputy and had a taser used on her to settle her down. (More warm fuzzies.)

Hellbeast Melissa BaileyMelissa POS pedo Bailey was charged with:
• Capital sexual battery on an 18-month-old baby girl
• Lewd and lascivious molestation
• Lewd and lascivious exhibition
• Possession of child pornography and
• Use of child in sexual performance.

She too was offered a plea deal but decided to plead not guilty.

The child, who is now 4, was handed over to the Department of Children and Families and is now living with her biological father. Bless her heart I hope and pray she is well and happy.

The case against Melissa Bailey was strong. The prosecution presented pictures, logs of online conversations with her boyfriend and even a video.

Hellbeast Melissa Bailey's Trial
Melissa Bailey’s defense was based upon brain surgery she’d had as a child that she maintained left her insane and with no control over her actions.

“She didn’t understand what was happening, she didn’t know what she was doing she was manipulated by this boyfriend as the state talked about,” said her attorney Joe Lombardo.

“What normal mother would let this happen unless there were serious problems with her, unless she was insane?” asked Lombardo.

Well, undeniably Melissa Bailey is not normal, but that’s no proof she’s legally insane.

On August 16, 2012 Melissa Bailey was found oh so very guilty. It took the jury less than 2 hours to find her guilty of 2 counts of child sexual battery on a person under the age of twelve, lewd and lascivious molestation, lewd and lascivious exhibition, possession of child pornography, and use of a child in a sexual performance.

Melissa the hellbitch Bailey will be sentenced on October 19, 2012 and faces mandatory life in prison, but her attorney says he will appeal. I do not wish him luck.

I wish both of these disgusting pedophile baby rapers a brutal and short life in prison and a long stint in hell. And I pray the little girl will have a good, contented and healthy life after what she’d been put through.

Gawd I hate pedophiles! May they all roast in pieces!

Daily Mail article
Wink News NOW article

34 Responses to Melissa Bailey and Glenn Nelson

  1. 2cute says:

    Baby raping monsters like these should be neutered with a rusty knife and then sent to their demise in Bengalpuss’s dungeon. To rape a baby on the day she’s born is monstrous! I don’t know how the police found out but thank goodness they saved her! Kudos to them for their great work. And may those monsters never see the light of day again.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Where to start. First of all, we totally need to build BengalGod’s dungeon. I’d like to think that Glenn Nelson would have daily lessons by Bubba pounded into his flabby ass as he recites “thou shalt not rape babies” but looking at his utt bugly face I can’t believe anyone would want to go near his ass, except maybe with a broom handle. And I’d like to think that Melissa Bailey is treated to the same kind of daily lessons, again with a broom handle. Raping babies deserves special punishment and I just know BengalGod will devise a few.
    That poor little baby, I hope she’s ok now and will never be harmed again.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Sick fucking bastards bulldoggy, damn right my basement needs setting up. You have to laugh at the age gap, i mean what the fuck, mind you thats all maybe she could get with being a depraved cunt. I like the defences excuse, thats she’s insane. I would’ve believed that but to abuse and rape your own daughter takes someone who is methodical, evil and sick. And that old fart probably couldn’t get a hard on so he had to do depraved things to excite him. Anyway im glad the little girl is safe, just so sad it went on for a long time. I hope the so call mother gets what she’s deserves in jail and that old fart becomes bubba’s favourite girlfriend. I can never understand how these sicko’s find each other. Poor little girl lets hope she never remembers any of this sick stuff that happened to her, poor little girl. Evil fucking cunts.

    • Netherwarper says:

      I agree with this Bengal dungeon idea, thinking of starting a charity fundraiser, perhaps a lemonade stand to raise money for Bengals Dungeon!!!

      • 2cute says:

        But Netherwarper, would it have to be lemonade? Or we could set up a bazaar and people could pay to play Whack-a-Mole(ster). Bonus — all the molesters would be repeatedly hit upon the head which is what I’d pay to do any day. We could raise a lot of money for bengalpuss’ dungeon. Bulldoggy has plans to decorate it already.

        • Netherwarper says:

          Wow I almost spit my drink out laughing so hard at that Whack a Mole(ester)comment.kudos 2 cute!kudos! i think the murderers are bad but the people who bring in children and animals…makes my blood boil. I dont even fathom how one could do such things. Lol we could go all PSA and make an infomercial kind of like those feed the children ads- “Bengalpuss needs your help putting away the bad guys. There are millions of pedos and freaks out there just waiting to suffer at his hands.For only pennies a day you can sponsor Bengalpuss and his crucade to stop the hellbeasts.” lol

        • bulldoggy says:

          Good one 2cute. Made me laugh.

        • pj says:

          We could make money for the dungeon at the bazaar with a dunking tank too, where pedos would fall into the water when someone hits the target. Only they’d be bound so they couldn’t swim to the surface. We could call it Drown the Clown (I hate clowns). Very entertaining. I’d pay to do that.

  3. pj says:

    What a pair of evil ugly assholes. She should be sterilized and he should be castrated. And they should both serve life in prison.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    These 2 monsters are pure evil. To rape a baby on her first day of life and continue for her first 18 months of life is evil. I hope and pray that baby wasn’t damaged physically by the abuse, and I hope and pray she doesn’t remember any of it and grows up normal and happy. Pure evil monsters like these should be put down. And I can’t believe that Glenn Nelson waited until he was old before he began molesting children. Probably there’s a huge list of victims dating back decades.

  5. moodymagic says:

    burn and suffer in hell you 2 monsters

  6. steve-O says:

    Fer chrissakes why cant these damned pervs leave babies and children alone! They know they are deviant so they should jump in front of the nearest train and spare the rest of us the evil spewing from their festering wasted souls.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Steve-O, jumping in front of a train is too easy. I say we string them both up, then very slowly remove his wrinkling sack and weenie penis force feed the bitch from hell and make her eat it and swallow every last bit of that diseased fuckers weenie. Then i’d make sure she wouldn’t be having anymore babies to rape, the horrible bastard she is because i would make sure her Ovaries And womb would be disappearing like his bollocks and tiny dick. And then i’d get someone with a massive penis and make him ram it as far as he could up their arseole’s and then i’d say “Are you in pain does that hurt, well thats what your daughter felt like every time you and that wicked evil cunt decided to play your depraved abuse” I personally think they should be executed, but its not allowed we’ll wait to see how long the pair of bastards get in jail, can.t wait for bubba to be whopping his arse though.

  8. Hairy says:

    At times like this I wish the death penalty was on the table for pedophiles. Sick, disgusting, revolting, repellant creatures like that don’t deserve to take up space on this planet. So did Bailey have a baby because she wanted to be a mom or because she wanted a sex toy? I think her baby was a DIY project to make her own victim. If she wanted to be a mother and had any motherly instincts she wouldn’t have let that perv Nelson near her baby.

  9. 2cute says:

    Look at Glenn Nelson’s face — he looks like the pedophile poster boy! I wouldn’t want him near my kids even without knowing he was a pedophile. He looks almost rabid in that photo. Too bad all pedophiles aren’t as repulsive looking as this guy.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    2cute you make me laugh “paedaphile poster boy” But your right, its a shame all paedaphile don.t look like him, otherwise it’d be easy to catch the fucker’s unfortunately they don.t. Anyway the mother is what i can.t get my head around. Why would any body want to hurt their own baby but in the most heinous way imaginable. Theres only one thing for sick fucks like this is to remove them off the face of the earth, ideally, in the most horrible way possible. I think the stupid pathetic sentences that paedaphiles get now are a joke, maybe if the judges gave these evil bastards sentences that meant something, then we wouldn’t probably have as many sicko’s as we do.

    • 2cute says:

      And it looks like Melissa Bailey is eating a lot in prison. All junk food by the looks of it. Her expression is evil too. I am so glad she won’t be getting out ever again and breeding, but it would be a favour to us all if she just dropped off the face of the earth — or wound up in your dungeon!

  11. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, is it me or does it look like Melissa bailey is smiling in that mug shot. I for one don.t think baby raping is funny. Oh but i forgot she’s insane isn.t she, but thinking about it she must be fucking insane to go not guilty and actually think a jury would agree with her, after viewing the sick cunt committing vile acts upon her own daughter. Im always wondering how these sick fucks find each other. Do they just have a conversation and one says to the other “Oh by the way i like having sex with very young children, and the other says me too” If you go onto the website “Chris, children have rights in society” And on there is Vannesa George’s police interview, she was the woman that worked at a nursery and videotaped babies while she was changing them, read that interview of how Colin Blanchard managed to recruit 3 women who had never even met him, to sent him pictures of babies being abused. It’ll give you a little insight into how these sick fucks find each other.

  12. bengalpuss says:

    And she wouldn’t have abused her own baby as well. If you took an adult from the streets and took that adult home and you and another person raped this adult you’d be getting a big jail sentence, so why are the sentences for child raping bastards so pathetic. Some of these cases that have happened the sentences given out are diabolical. The other week a transexual who raped children was spared jail because it was a man that had changed into a female, but would still have to go to a mans jail, so the judged spared it jail because it would be a traumatic experience for him/Her. Wtf it should of thought about that before it started raping babies. And then the sentence overturned for that scumbag that raped that poor disabled women, he was given 8 yrs only for the court of appeal to overturn it stating “She could have bitten her attacker, but she could only point her finger. I could go on and on but its pointless. Something needs to change with the judicial system because its fucked at the moment.

  13. Tasera says:

    I clicked on this entry because I wanted to know what Gollum had been arrested for.

    I cannot comprehend infantophilia. (Yes, this is an actual term.) Who looks at a newborn baby and thinks, “Yeah, I’d tap that”?! I really don’t know what you can do with such people other than kill them. You can’t cure that.

  14. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, thinking about it, tasera is right, he does look like gollum but uglier. Melissa bailey isn.t a bad looking woman, so im rather puzzled at them two being a couple. But you know what they say “One mans meat is another mans poison” He’s definately the meat and melissa bailey is as thick as two short planks. She’s been caught bang to rights being a child abusing bastard, and she’s gone not guilty dumb arse bastard. Anyway gollum no2 will go down well in the shovel, he can become bubba’s bitch. And melissa insane in the brain bailey, will get a welcome fit for a baby raping cunt. It couldn’t have happened to two of sickest paedaphiles going evil cunts.

  15. Claire says:

    Are these two freaks even human? They look like some kind of lab experiment. That poor little girl, but I am SO HAPPY she is alive and that with love and support should be ok.

    • bengalpuss says:

      He looks like some lab experiment gone wrong he’s that ugly. And she’s just an evil sick bitch doing that to her own child. Im praying that they are gonna suffer for what they did to that baby girl, evil pair of fiendish bastards.

  16. Pahbradley says:

    I have worked with children that have been hurt by $!$(&$”@&$ like them they should never see the light of day again!

  17. bengalpuss says:

    I think that they should never be able to breathe again. Paedaphiles can.t be cured. Its like saying to a normal person “You can.t have sex anymore with your partner” You wouldn’t be able to stick to that. So these monsters when told “You can.t abuse children and babies” Can.t stick to it. Even the thought of going to prison or being returned back to prison doesn’t deter them. They either need castrating, chemically or physically, or kept in jail for life. They’ll never change, you can.t cure a nonce.

  18. Tammy says:

    As it stands he got a whopping TWELVE YEARS in a medium security prison! He is due to be released in 2023. He may or may not make parole but I hope that his twelve years are HELL for him. With luck, he’ll die in there.

  19. Tammy says:

    The plus side is that SHE WILL die in prison!! LOL!

  20. sweet4u29 says:

    I know Melissa bailey. I was in prison with her. We knew she was there for a sex crime involving her daughter, but didn’t know the details. She told everyone that her boyfriend did it all. I’m so disturbed by this. I slept four beds down from her. I showered next to her!!! (She shaves her nipples BTW. Not relivent but icky)! Now that I know what she did, I wish I beat hervass when I had the chance.

  21. sweet4u29 says:

    I knew this bitch in prison. She has no remorse. She blames her boyfriend for the whole thing. But u know what’s really fucked up. She still has a whole album full of pictures of her daughter/ victim and she just stares And strokes the pictures. I don’t see how she’s still allowed to have them. I didn’t know the details of her case when I was locked up. I wish I fucked her up when I had the chance.

  22. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Disgustingness. She probably offered up the baby when the thought of his mutated hobbit wank getting near her but still, ew ew ew ew. Poor baby :(


    This is so horrible and unbelievable. What kink of mother would carry a baby for 9 months and rape her. I
    Hope this doesn’t start to happen in the UK.

    She should be locked up in a tiny cell, fed bread and water, allowed to sleep in her dirty clothes and she would
    Get eaten alve with fleas and she could reflect on that poor child who was only conceived to be raped and raped.

    Both of those two should never see the light of day again.

    I don”t think I have e ever heard of such evil.

    This world is becoming so twisted:


    I truly find disgusting,

    This monster carried a beautiful innocent llittle angel in her womb just so she and her vile boyfriend could rape a
    Newborn baby from birth until four years old. Thank God she is locked up any may she be segregated, locked
    In a tiny cell, only fed bread and water, deprived of bathing, clothes unwashed and I hope the fleas will eat her

    I hope this kind of evil doesn’t come to the UK

    That poor child will be traumatised for life. May God hld you in the palm of his hand and you have a good life

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