Melinda Lynn Muniz

Melinda Muniz

Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder.

This isn’t a story about Casey Anthony, but it has a scary number of coincidences to the murder of Caylee Anthony. It is instead the disgusting tale of Melinda Muniz, who just might have taken a page from Casey Anthony’s book.

Melinda Lynn Muniz, of Plano, Texas, who somewhat physically resembles Casey Anthony, didn’t have her own daughter to kill. Instead, her fiancé, Mitch Ford, had a cute little toddler named Grace Lillian.

Melinda Muniz lived with Mitch Ford and Grace Lillian in an apartment in the 1500 block of J Place. It wasn’t a good setup for the toddler. Child Protective Services (CPS) was called to the apartment on July 20, 2013, November 1, 2013 and December 19, 2013. There were allegations of abuse.

Emily Ward, Grace’s mother, accused Melinda Muniz of inflicting bruises on the baby’s face, ear and arms, and overdosing her with Benadryl. Disgustingly, CPS couldn’t confirm any abuse and left the situation as it was.

Mitch Ford apparently didn’t have a problem with how Melinda Muniz dealt with his baby girl. He didn’t have a problem with her at all until January 8, 2014, when he discovered his fiancée had texted and sent topless photos and videos to her “personal trainer” Mike.

The next morning, January 9, 2014, Mitch Ford decided to dump his girlfriend. He told her to move out. He told her to sell her engagement ring to buy a car since he was taking his Mercedes Benz back.

Unbelievably, after the big blow-up, Mitch Ford left for work! He left his darling daughter in the care of his now ex-fiancée! I don’t know what he expected would happen. The woman had, after all, been accused 3 separate times of abusing little Grace.

Throughout the morning, Mitch Ford texted Melinda Muniz about her moving out and about daycare options for Grace. He wasn’t worried when she didn’t text back. In fact, he decided to goad her some more.

“I’m very sorry. I realize you’re probably very busy taking photos of yourself for other men,” he wrote, “But I am talking to some daycares that stay open late and I need some dates on when I need to get Grace in there.”

Mitch Ford was right about one thing, and one thing only. Melinda Muniz was indeed very busy. She was busy getting even.

I don’t know what was going on in Melinda Muniz’s brain, but then I don’t understand the thinking of hellbitches like her. Maybe she figured since she lost the car and apartment she loved, she’d strike back and make her ex lose his 2-year-old baby girl.

Melinda Muniz, as seen on surveillance video, took little Grace to a nearby dollar store. With Grace in the shopping cart, she picked up duct tape, zip ties, kitchen shears and cotton swabs. She made her purchase, and returned to the apartment with Grace.

Less than an hour later, at 1:00 p.m., Melinda Muniz phoned Mitch Ford screaming for help. It was Mitch Ford who called 911.

Grace Lillian FordPolice and Mitch Ford arrived at the apartment at the same time. They found little Grace unconscious in her crib with her mouth covered with duct tape. Her pants were down and she had no underwear on. The precious child was barely clinging to life as she was transported to an area hospital.

And where was Melinda Muniz? She was lying “unresponsive” on the living room floor. She too had duct tape over her mouth, and her pants down to her ankles.

When Melinda Muniz “came to”, she told officers she’d been attacked by an intruder who forced her to the floor and raped her. She said she’d passed out and didn’t know that anything had happened to Grace.

The problem with the hellbitch’s story was that there were absolutely no signs of sexual assault or a home invasion.

On January 10, Melinda Muniz told investigators (sit down for this) she’d lost her memory! She couldn’t remember anything that happened in the 2 months before! That later grew to 1 1/2 years.

Grace Lillian didn’t live to see her third birthday, bless her wee heart. On January 12, 2014, she died. RIP baby Grace.

On January 15, 2014, the tragic story took a weird turn. Mitch Ford, who’d been told by police and his lawyers to keep away from his ex, met up with her. Melinda Muniz acted as if she had no idea who he was. Mitch Ford questioned her about her amnesia in his car, but the hellbitch didn’t own up to the truth. Still, Mitch Ford didn’t leave it there.

The bereaved father took his daughter’s likely killer to a restaurant where they had drinks. Later on, in his car, they had sex. When they were done, she asked him what was going to happen to her. He responded by telling her Grace had died.

I can honestly say I have real issues with a man having sex with the woman who was the prime suspect in his daughter’s horrific death.

It didn’t take long for investigators to discover the store surveillance video showing the murderous monster buying duct tape less than an hour before the “home invasion”. Her computer showed she’d even been searching the Internet for methods of murder.

Melinda Lynn Muniz, 25, was arrested and held in lieu of $1 million bail. In February 2015 she was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

This story shouldn’t have happened. There were red flags all over it. The complaints to CPS should have caused the situation to be closely followed. The accusations of abuse should have alerted Mitch Ford to the very real possibility of abuse, and he should have acted as a real father and protected her.

But, that said, it was Melinda Lynn Muniz who murdered a beautiful little girl out of rage and vengeance. She didn’t get away with it, amen, and I hope she suffers daily for decades and decades.

RIP, baby Grace. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to her family and those who knew and loved her.

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19 Responses to Melinda Lynn Muniz

  1. Moodymagic says:

    My heart goes out to poor baby Grace and her mother. Muniz I am glad you will never see the outside world again sick Bitch. As for baby Daddy Mitch what is wrong with you having sex and hanging out with the killer of your sweet Baby Girl.

    • Carlene says:

      Let us not forget that the sex in the car… lead to baby boy burning born in prison. She was getting fertility treatment before the murder.
      The father is now raising his son with his new wife. Also..Melinda locked the deadbolt lock from the inside. Mitch had to unlock it for the police. Mitch also pulled a gun on Melinda when he tried to get her to tell the truth. Melinda and her fake.. can’t remember.. was brought to the same hospital that Grace was transferring from to donate her organs.

  2. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. Women who do that to little babies don’t deserve to breathe the same AIR as the rest of us. They should be locked away so that they never see the light of day again.

    • Rose says:

      They shouldn’t be able to breath,
      Any Air Period
      I truly believe we must start puuting a Sterilization Law in the works soon.
      If we let these breeding drugs addicts get there way there will not be a safe place anywhere.
      Stop the child abuse

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Rose, so what your saying is all drug addicts are murderers, or all murders have been committed by a junkie? I agree that people who are addicted to drugs should basically prove that they are capable, and before having that child should be drug free before handing that child over, its a sad existence being brought up by a junkie, but singling them out as killers is unfair, child murdering scumbags come from all walks of life.

  3. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Man usually it’s women clinging to abusive men like idiots, but here is a man who can’t get enough of this dirty cunt, to the point that his daughter is abused and murdered and he’s still trying to get his dick wet one last time before she goes down with the ship! LIKE SHE DIDNT EVEN REMEMBER HIM!
    I’m not sad for either of those two fucking morons, I’m sad as hell for that little girls mom! SHE did everything right for that girl, from calling CPS to making accusations about daddy’s whore abusing her daughter – and now because Daddy is a vapid fucktard, she has her child murdered! SICK.

  4. tammy says:

    I suppose the sex thing was to get her to trust him enough to be honest about her amnesia.
    The problem I have with this, is he should have taken the child with him, even if he had to take that child to work. Sad and so preventable.
    CP’s have an awkward situation here. A relationship breakdown with the ex accusing the new partner.
    They had to make sure the allegations were true and not spite
    Unfortunately she was clever enough to appear parental on those occessions so cps didn’t have a chance. (I cannot believe I am defending cps)

  5. Bengalpuss. says:

    Another thing that didn’t help this lying bitch was when the cops got inside the apartment, they noticed that she looked like she was tryin to keep her eyes shut, but it was easy to notice that she was squeezing them shut. What a vindictive bastard she is to plot all this out and to murder a little girl. Prison is too good for this cunt, death sentence if you ask me!!

  6. Heather Hopkins says:

    …AND she had a baby in prison….

    • SydeeGirl says:

      What??? This worthless-piece-of-trash-baby-murdering-waste had a baby? Really! Throw out another one!! There are so many people who really, really, want a baby…good people…not pieces of crap people, like this “person.” These stories DON’T stop! Wake up losers! If you don’t want kids in your life, especially another woman’s kids, just get-it and go! Geez…

  7. Jennifer Scambler says:

    Melinda Muniz, you child killing whore bitch! Did you feel like a big person killing that innocent little girl? And her father, wow, your priorities are way screwed up! I hope you serve time too, you piece of shit.

  8. Jennifer Scambler says:

    I didn’t even read the details of the crime because it’s too much comprehend.

  9. Jennifer Scambler says:

    Rest in peace baby Grace. You should’ve never been in her care. You’re with Jesus now and you’re safe.

  10. Billy bob says:

    What amazes me is the father had to fuck her 1 last time. I don’t see how he could do that knowing what she did. I mean she is beautiful and sexy as hell. I would tongue punch her fart box in a split second. She should be on death row. Anyone who murders a kid for whatever reason they should forfiet their life.

  11. Reb says:

    I have a bag of cement I could send to the prison. Inmates can cement her vagina, ass, ears and mouth shut. Let the bitch starve to death…

  12. Tass says:

    Typical of people who live in Plano/Collin County. White trash who think they can refine themselves by driving Mercedes and carrying Coach handbags.

    All the adults who failed this child should be sterilized.

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