Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith
Crimes: Arson, Murder

Lee-Ann Shiers and Liam Timbrell had the downstairs neighbour from hell. The couple lived in an apartment in Prestatyn, North Wales with their 15-month-old son Charlie. Below them lived Melanie Smith, a spiteful, evil, heavy drinker and all-round hellbitch.

While Lee-Ann Shiers, Liam Timbrell and little Charlie were trying to go about life peacefully and contentedly, Melanie Smith was doing her desperate best to make them frightened and miserable.

Indeed, it seemed to be Melanie Smith’s goal in life, aside from getting drunk, to make everyone she knew frightened and miserable. She had a long history of threatening violence and causing harm.

Incredibly, at one time, Melanie Smith had been married with 3 children. Her then husband was very concerned that she displayed no maternal instinct or proper affection for her babies. He was also very concerned that her drinking was becoming out of control, and the children were showing signs of being injured.

Melanie Smith pushed her husband too far when she was caught having sex with another man in their home. The children had been locked in another room while she and her lover carried on in her bed. That’s a miserable attempt at motherhood, if you ask me.

Unbelievably Melanie Smith won custody of her children after the divorce. Now I don’t know if the judge had been told about how she had burned her children with cigarettes, and scalded them with boiling water. I don’t know if the judge knew she locked them in a cupboard if they cried, and lopped off their hair if they made “too much noise”.

I am assuming the judge didn’t know, because how on earth could Melanie Smith, that monstrous mother, win custody otherwise?

Happily, the day after Melanie the evil hellbitch Smith won custody, she’d had enough of motherhood and she put her children into foster care.

So why did she fight her ex for the children? To make them all frightened and miserable, I’m sure.

Her ex-husband said in a recent interview, “When I picked the kids up from the foster home that day, I vowed that Melanie would never hurt them again. None of us ever saw or spoke to her again. She’s never sent one birthday or Christmas card and there’s never been a single letter.”

The children were raised by their dad and, from what I’ve read in interviews, consider him their hero for rescuing them from hell. Now all grown up, Melanie Smith’s children are no doubt relieved they survived their monstrous mother’s vicious attentions. Not everyone has.

Lee-Ann Shiers unfortunately became the latest target of Melanie Smith’s brutal, drunken temper. There were, unsurprisingly, many targets over the years.

In 2007 Melanie the hellbitch Smith was barred from a hotel for being disruptive, and she threatened to burn it down. In 2012 Melanie Smith became convinced that her boyfriend was having an affair, so she totally trashed his car and tried to burn down the woman’s house. Mercifully she was too drunk to ignite the matches that time.

Lee-Ann Shiers and Liam Timbrell

Lee-Ann Shiers and Liam Timbrell

Melanie Smith decided on September 1, 2012, that she would make Lee-Ann Shiers’ life hell. She accused the young mother of being noisy and untidy. She was apparently really pissed off about cigarette butts in the entryway, and began threatening Lee-Ann Shiers that she would burn down the house with her and her family inside.

Melanie Smith did not make her threats in secret. Oh no, the drunken bitch made it loud and clear to anyone who was within earshot, “I will burn the house down with her and the kids in it.” That seems to have been her mantra about anyone she was feuding with.

And being such a drunken loser, Melanie Smith had an epiphany/brain fart. She came up with the brilliant drunken plan — she didn’t like her apartment or her neighbours or her landlord, so if she burned the place down she’d be given a new place to live by the Council.

I guess it didn’t occur to her 2 solitary remaining brain cells that her future accommodation would be provided through the prison service if she committed arson.

And so came the evil day, October 19, 2012, when Lee-Ann Shiers left her child’s pushchair (I think that’s a pram) in the hallway. That totally incensed the totally drunken hellbitch, Melanie Smith.

Lee-Ann Shiers wasn’t home alone when Melanie Smith launched her evil attack. There was her little boy Charlie, and there was Liam Timbrell in the apartment too. Tragically, her 4-year-old nephew Bailey Allen and her 2-year-old niece Skye Allen were visiting that day.

Bailey, Skye and Charlie

Skye, Bailey and Charlie

The presence of people in the apartment didn’t faze old Melly. In fact, it seemed to have increased her sense of excitement and her determination. She actually yelled to Lee-Ann Shiers and family from the street, “I’m going to set fire to the house!” She even yelled through the letterbox, “I’m going to burn your house down!”

And then the evil doucherag set fire to the pushcar in front of the door so that nobody in the apartment could escape.

Liam Timbrell phoned 999 in a total panic. “Oh my God, oh my God, we’re going to die!” he told the operator. “Help, help! Someone has put it on purpose. We’re inside the flat!”

I cannot imagine the sheer terror those parents and those little children felt as the flames and smoke overcame them. Lee-Ann Shiers, only 20 years old, died in the fire. Little Bailey and Skye died too.

Timbrell and Shiers fireFirefighters managed to pull little Charlie and his dad from the flames, but they were horribly injured. Liam Timbrell was conscious and able to tell paramedics what had happened. “It was Mel from downstairs.” and “Mel did it.”

Thanks to Liam Timbrell, investigators knew full well that Melanie Smith had purposefully set the building on fire KNOWING her neighbours were inside.

Liam Timbrell and little Charlie died of their injuries in hospital. May all of them rest in peace.

I feel so horrible for Bailey and Skye’s parents, indeed for the grandparents and the whole family, who lost their loved ones over one drunken bitch’s malicious campaign of hate.

Thanks to Liam Timbrell’s statements to paramedics and on the 999 recording, Melanie Smith was brought to trial. In Mold Crown Court (who names these things?) she defended herself by calling 21 prosecution witnesses liars. Yeah, the whole world was out to get her, I guess. Riiight.

The jury didn’t believe Melanie Smith. They convicted her flabby old ass of 5 counts of murder and 1 count of making threats of arson. She collapsed into the arms of the security guard as she heard the verdicts, and needed help walking to her cell.

On May 8, 2013, the evil bitch faced sentencing.

Mr Justice Griffith-Williams summed everything up very well. He told Melanie Smith, “The setting-fire to the pushchair was an act of exceptional wickedness, almost unparalleled in its consequences.
“For those who had to hear the evidence of the 999 calls, the horror of those moments in the flat upstairs as Lee-Anna and Liam faced the awful inevitability of their imminent deaths will be forever etched on their memories.

“Understandably the knowledge of the manner of their deaths has added to the overwhelming grief of their families, all the more to those who rushed to the house in the hope they could help … That grief will not have been mitigated by any meaningful remorse on your part. You continue to portray yourself as a victim, blinding yourself to the sufferings of the real victims in this case and failing to at least acknowledge that it was your deliberate act which started the fire.”

And with that Mr Justice Griffith-Williams sentenced the evil hellbeast, Melanie Smith, 43, to an automatic life sentence, with no chance of release before 30 years.

Joy Shiers, Lee-Ann’s mother, said, “Anna was such a lovely, bubbly girl and Liam a very caring dad. Both of them were heroes because we know they would have done everything to rescue the children.

“The three kiddies loved each other, they played together all the time. They were our angels. Really, really nice people that will be missed.”

Peter Shiers, Lee-Ann’s father, said, “Nothing will bring them back but justice has been served.”

For once I agree that British justice has been served. A life sentence is the proper sentence for the callous murder of 5 precious people.

So long may Melanie Smith rot in prison. May she never see the light of day again.

RIP Bailey, Skye, Charlie, Lee-Ann Shiers and Liam Timbrell.

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24 Responses to Melanie Smith

  1. bulldoggy says:

    I am relieved that her being drunk didn’t soften her sentence. When drunk drivers kill they get really lenient sentences even if children are involved. This bitch must be missing her booze more than a little by now. Hope she suffers in sobriety for the next 30 years, and then dies in prison. If she ever gets out, no matter how old she is, the first thing she’s going to get is a bottle to drink herself into oblivion. Probably being totally wasted is the only way she could stand her ugly self all these years.

  2. 2cute says:

    She wanted a new home and now she’s got it. Hope she likes the view. It comes fully furnished, with lots of amenities like shower rooms and dining halls. The down payment was a bit steep though — it cost 5 lives to get her in there.

    RIP babies.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I hope her new neighbors make her feel right at home. She didn’t like her old ones, but I rather think her new ones might organize a welcome party for her. On her fugly face.

      No more booze and hopefully no more cigarettes — can’t trust the bitch with an open flame.

  3. MSM says:

    This is so sad. Such wanton violence. That drunken bitch should have been stopped four or five offenses ago. Had they arrested her the when she tried to burn down the boyfriend’s house this little family would still be alive. I’m glad they threw the book at her, she deserved it.

  4. moodymagic says:

    My heart goes out to the 5 victims family. They had everything ahead of them. This stupid selfish Bitch should be put to death by fire then she would truly understand the evil torture she inflicted on this wonderful family. Suffer long and hard Melly.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Bengalpuss? Where are you? Yoo hoo, we need you!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Were you missing me bulldoggy? I missed you too lol. I think its time to work on my blueprints for the torture dungeon, can’t be having cunts like this running around.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Yes I was missing you Bengalpuss. I had visions of you stewing in the hospital. I am glad your problem wasn’t medical. Or because you were caught in a cave-in in your basement dungeon/guest room.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          “guest room” ha ha, yes i could live in the dungeon with these bastards lol. Incidently i would have rather been stewing in hospital, than have on internet, i get withdrawal symptoms, pathetic isn’t it.

  6. Jamaica says:

    This is simply unbelievable….. When I first read this, I was hoping to my very core that what I feared the most wasn’t true: the little boy Charlie dying. When I saw that her crime was a murder and arson, that was the first thing that crossed my mind. But then I eventually learned that she not only killed one person, let alone a child. She killed 3 children and 2 parents. It was very shocking to read that.

    Her inability as well as unwillingness to accept responsiblity for her actions, her presistent coldness and lack of empathy for her victims as well as her own children, her rather sadistic nature towards the innocent, especially little babies, her history of violent behavior and perhaps extreme antisocial behavior are all telltale signs of someone with antisocial or dissocial personality disorder.

    And yes, she may have been drunk, but being heavily intoxicated does not make a person kill. What being under the influence simply does is wisk away all of your inhibitions you would’ve had if you were sober. There are thousands upon thousands of citizens who drink, do drugs and all sorts of illogical things and don’t do anything NEAR the horrid acts of cruelty that she’s commited. There’s no excuse for being drunk. That’s a choice she made, and a horrible one at that, that tragically claimed the lives of innocent people.

    Given the profound cruelty displayed in this crime, I’m honestly surprised that she got life imprisonment with a 30-year-minimum. Honestly, she should’ve gotten the death penalty, by lethal injection. The sentence she got is too lenient for someone with wickedness of this magnitude.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Im back, my phone fucked up so just got my new toy, the iphone. So now i can comment on cunts like this. She burned the flat down because she didn’t like the stroller left in the communal hallway, thats a reason to murder 5 people? Evil twat. I loved the one when she said that 21 prosecution witnesses were all lying, deranged comes to mind.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    They should have the death penalty, bring back lynching cunts like this.

  9. TrustingSoul says:

    Shocking moment…
    reading “Melanie Smith, 43” was shocking I mean.
    Looks just like British TV’s Mel Smith in drag (and he’s pushing 70)

  10. Tammy says:

    30 years? For burning 5 people to death? Here, she would have gotten life without parole EVER OR the death penalty. However, I hope she dies in there and I HOPE her death isn’t quick.

  11. Notsohappy says:

    I only wish this bitch got the electric chair, a public hanging ,firing squad or non stop punches from the guards in the prison. Either way she should burn in hell for what she’s done and she’s still wouldn’t have suffered enough. RIP kids.

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Murder Warrants the Death Penalty

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Throwing Things at and through Windows is Totally Un Justifiable in
    the Content of Anti Social Behaviour

    It Needs to Warrant a £15,000 Pounds Fine and 8 Years in Prison at Least

    Where the Throwing of Objects at and through Windows Results in Injury to
    a Person the Victim a Fine of £30,000 Pounds and 20 Years to Life is in

    Where the Throwing of Objects at and through Windows Results in Death to a Person the Victim it Needs to be Regarded as First Degree Murder and
    Warrant Public Flogging and the Death Penalty

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Despicable Behaviour Mentioned also shows the Degenerate Evil of

    In the Interests of National Morality the Sale of Alcohol Needs to be
    Restricted both to who it is sold to and how much in Quality

  15. Tom Daly says:

    What a sick little b***h. And a MOTHER as well. I seriously hope she is suffering every second of every day for the next 30 years.

  16. momof3canada says:

    I hate my neighbours.. seriously.. but i wouldnt kill them.. i mean theres a line most ppl dont cross it.. i pity anyone who has to live next to her if she gets out

  17. Hunter says:

    Last laugh is on her. She is now cleaning Butch the Bulldyke’s cell from top to bottom *everyday*, and doing her laundry and preparing her meals. She knows that if she makes the slightest mistake, Butch will knock all of her teeth out and blacken both of her eyes.

    If she tries to poison Butch, the whole cell block will fuck her up.

  18. Hunter says:

    Bitches like this is practically the reason the “wood chipper” was invented.

    Society can use a little spring cleaning.

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