May Yee Polegato

Victim Jinx the beaten bulldog
Crime: Animal Abuse

Jinx is a bulldog who is lucky to be alive. On March 17, 2011 his owner May Yee Polegato went postal on him and nearly beat him to death with a two-by-four.

May Yee Polegato of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, attacked the poor beast not in self-defense but in anger, and struck poor Jinx repeatedly with the board. Nobody but the wretched dog beater knows why she did it.

The bulldog survived, barely, but was horribly injured. He lost a whole lot of skin and tissue off of his back. I’ve debated with myself about the photos and have decided to include them. Be warned — they’re graphic, but they show the level of rage May Yee Polegato is capable of reaching.

This first picture is of poor Jinx almost healed up. The picture below is of Jinx when he was first attacked. Horrible.

May Yee Polegato did not stop at one hit or two with the two-by-four. May Yee Polegato wasn’t satisfied until she’d struck the unfortunate Jinx six or seven times.

The poor dog was taken to a veterinary clinic with his life-threatening injuries and the authorities were called in.

Jinx, now 5 years old, will be forever scarred from his wounds. He is living with May Yee Polegato’s ex-husband and hopefully is having a happy, quiet and contented life.

This was the first time May Yee Polegato had ever been involved in a case of animal cruelty. The first time but WOW, when she gets angry she becomes lethal! I don’t know how Jinx lived through it. Bulldogs are built tough, I guess.

On October 9, 2012, May Yee Polegato, 40, pleaded guilty in provincial court to the brutal, horrific beating of her pet dog. She did not explain her actions. Of course, in my book, there is no excuse good enough to inflict such pain and suffering on any creature. No excuse!

The judge handed this vicious dog beater a $5,000 fine and a 10-year ban from owning or caring for animals. No jail time.

Brad Nichols of the Calgary Humane Society indicated he is mostly satisfied with the sentence but he did note that the severity of the attack on Jinx could have meant jail time.

“There was a criminal code charge initially … you’re always left wanting more and this is a case that could have warranted incarceration,” said Brad Nichols. And should have, IMO.

“This was a violent act that could have garnered incarceration, however, the fine is one of the highest we have ever seen for a single animal offense,” Brad Nichols added. “The prohibition period is significant.”

I would have been more impressed if she’d gotten a lifetime ban from owning animals. And I would have been more satisfied if she’d been ordered to undergo therapy for her obvious rage issues. This woman has shown herself to be a ticking time bomb, ready to explode with little or no provocation.

Jinx's injuriesAnyone who can repeatedly pummel a helpless animal with a two-by-four, to the extent that its hide is literally torn off its back, is a dangerous individual. And that type of individual — a hellbeast — deserves jail time. I hope May Yee Polegato appreciates her continued freedom.

Hopefully there will never be more incidents of violence involving this woman. Hopefully she will understand that her rage needs controlling and will voluntarily seek psychiatric help. And if she doesn’t, hopefully May Yee Polegato will become a recluse who avoids all situations that can trigger her outrageous, horrific rage.

I for one would not want to be near this woman. Her neighbours in Coventry Hills, Calgary would do well to watch out for her.

CBC News article
Calgary Sun article

29 Responses to May Yee Polegato

  1. 2cute says:

    This makes me sick. She needs locking up, out of harm’s way, and taught a real lesson. A fine like that might not hurt much if she has money, and she needs to hurt much. A prison sentence would have hurt. So would a beating with a 2×4. Or a mauling by a vicious dog. All she’s losing is some cash. It’s not enough of a penalty or a deterrent for the evil she is capable of committing.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    The bitch needs a lesson, a real lesson, something that’ll hurt her far worse than handing over money. Charlie for one would love to teach her that lesson but they put down biting dogs don’t they. Can’t risk losing Charlie for this bitch. Besides Charlie hasn’t got the teeth for it. I see those pictures and they make me feel rage, probably the same kind of rage this bitch felt when she attacked her pet. I wish a pack of rabid coyotes descends upon her and rips her hide off. Maybe that would teach her the lesson she needs.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    Or a pack of wolves. Better still a pride of lions. The fucking bastard, i guess no photo’s were available of this cunts mug. Just look at poor jinx.s back the poor thing and a bulldoggy as well. Its just a shame that jinx didn.t turn on her and rip her fucking throat out. I would be really upset if in ten years she purchased another dog or was given one, because if i knew where she lived i would dognap the poor thing out of this hell bastards clutches. People that do this to dogs should go to jail. Its a good job im not a judge because i’d be filling up those jails quicker than you could blink. We did ok last week when it came to sentences for animal killers. Evita williams 5 1/2yrs for killing goldie and that dog killing cunt who skinned those poor doggie’s got a good sentences, im just waiting for those crush video making bastards to be next. And this fucking cunt that beat poor jinx, i hope some people see her name and read what she did and give her arse a good whopping.

    • Hairy says:

      Don’t know that they have lions in Calgary, Canada. Doubt it. Wolves is probably more likely. Can’t imagine what agonies that dog went through, not just the beating but the treatment to get his back healed up. Poor guy. Assholes who abuse animals are on a par with child abusers – cowardly cunts who are too afraid to stand up to someone who isn’t helpless. I hope this broad is plenty shamed now. Too bad we don’t have her mug shot so show so she can’t hide.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    I take is cleo that we don.t have a picture of this evil cunts mug. That would’ve been good letting people know what an evil fucker that can do that to a poor innocent dog looks like. Then it’d great if someone whopped her arse with a plank of 2/4 and a few on top of her head, doggy beating fucker.

    • cleo says:

      Nope, no picture of her. I would have used it if I could have found one.

      • anonymous says:

        Cleo, would like to remain anonymous. I am sick of may getting away with the cruelty she showed to poor jinx. She still has a dog in her possession so the 10year ban of having an animal wasnt really enforced. I have a picture of May Yee Polegato …I can give you if you would like to post.

        • cleo says:

          Photos are good, anonymous. If you have one of May Yee Polegato that would be great. It’s shocking she has a dog — maybe the Humane Society could be informed so at the very least they could do a wellness check on the animal.

  5. dogwalker says:

    Poor Jinx! No animal deserves to be tortured like that! May Yee Polegato is a vile disgusting sadistic monster who shouldn’t be trusted around animals, children or old people even. I don’t care if the dog peed in the house or ate the couch, he didn’t deserve such horrific abuse. He certainly didn’t deserve such a monster as an owner.

  6. Tasera says:

    I’ve been watching Animal Cops and the only punishment these abusers seem to get are fines and possibly a few months of jail time. Animal cruelty laws are not nearly severe enough. This disgusting woman should have gotten ten years in prison, minimum.

  7. moodymagic says:

    I hope she doesn’t have kids. And I hope Jinx is happy now.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Oh my god moodymagic, i never thought about that. What would she do to one of her children if she was having a bad day, pick up a piece of 2X4 and beat the kid with it. Obviously she’s an unstable character to beat a defenceless dog with a piece of 2×4 and cause those horrendous injuries to the poor thing. Lets just hope that she doesn’t have any children, and pray she doesn’t have any ever. She’s obviously shown that her behavior is psychopathic, and unpredictable. So i hope she never has any children and owns another animal, evil bitch she is.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    I know lion’s and wolves don.t run about, i was thinking more along the lines of taking her to a zoo, which they must have in canada and throwing the bitch in with the lions and watch her squirm while the lions took chunks out of her back. But thats just a dream, which i’d love to dish out on any of these scumbag animal beating fuckers. The law needs to change regarding the diabolical sentences that are given to these animal abusing bastards.

    • Hairy says:

      Hey Bengalpuss, I know you know there’s no lions running around Canada. I checked the Calgary zoo website and they have lions and tigers all of which have way more teeth than bulldoggy’s dog Charlie. Sharper too no doubt. So all that’s left is dropping the bitch in with the big cats. Probably easier than changing the sentencing guidelines for animal abuse charges in Canada.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Hairy, we’d be better off dropping the cunt off into the big cats enclosure if we want proper justice, leave it up to the judicial system then they’ll only get a poxy fine or community service. And she should have been banned for life to own anymore animals. I would love to know the bitch’s reasoning as to why she felt the need to beat a poor little bulldoggy in the way she did, it wouldn’t have mattered what the dog had done you just don.t hurt animals it just so wrong. I just hope that people who thought they knew her, realise what an evil sadistic bitch she is and read about what she did to poor jinx, and have nothing to do with her. I just wish that jinx had bitten her when she his him, or grabbed her by her throat and done society a favour and removed her from the planet. Oh well one can dream. Seriously its a shame that a picture wasn.t available, but thanks hairy for your research of where the nearest big cats were, obviously im not gonna do that, but if only?

  10. Claire says:

    Cruelty to animals is one of the worst crimes I think, alongside other crimes that target the most voiceless and vulnerable. I hate this woman.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Exactly, the reason why the pick the most vulnerable and defenceless, is because they are cowardly bastards and know that the victim, whether it be animal or human, can.t fight back. You wouldn’t see her picking a plank of 2×4 against a big fella with huge muscles. Cowardly bitch.

      • unknown says:

        She has full custody of her 2 year old son. The legal system would not grant the ex-husband full custody. She has made his life hell on earth. When do you think she will lose it on the kid? Do you think he will be lucky to survive a beating? A ticking time bomb …

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Hairy, it would be good though if they did roam around, and they were tuned into who were beastly bastards, then we wouldn’t have to comment on slack fucking judges and their piddy arse sentences. In fact it would be good if they were also tuned into the judges that give the most lenient sentences. This planet now is fucked basically these murdering bastards and fiend’s that commit the most horrible crimes, are treated with kid gloves and they use any fucking excuse to make sure they get the most lenient of sentences. The other day i was reading about a guy due to be executed. The guy was african american and the excuse they were coming up with was, “They felt that the prosecution had strategicaly placed more white jurors in the front row than black jurors and that could have altered the sentence to life instead of death. It wouldn’t matter if it was a white convict or black the point im making is they’ll use any excuse to get away with it. Where as the victims have to watch this bullshit going on.

  12. plushy says:

    I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. She must be deranged to do something that evil to an innocent pet. I pray she isn’t allowed around children either.

    • bengalpuss says:

      I personally hopes that she drops dead. It won’t be no loss to many people. Evil cunts like this bitch evita williams, should be removed from the face of this planet. And if my wish came true i’d round a few dogs up to piss on her grave, might make it smell a bit better.

  13. champ says:

    she was my ex-co worker and i found her racist or sharp person who doesn’t like others

    • bengalpuss says:

      Now why doesn’t that suprise me champ, i can quite believe this bitch to be intolerant of other people. I guess that in life, every now and again someone is born who is out of whack with everyone else, and unfortunately for jinx the bulldog, male yee polegato, is one of those people. Out of curiosity champ, what was the job that you did/do, with this psycho? It doesn’t involve animals or having to meet people? Because i think that if that’s the case, it concerns me. Anybody who can beat a poor dog so bad that they literally tear the dogs fur off, should not be in a job, that involves animals and meeting people, because this bitch is obviously unbalanced.

  14. Animal rights says:

    This bitch needs to be taught a lesson. She went and changed her name to May May on FaceBook. You can find the hoe posting on a bike group called 403Riders. She needs to be exsposed for the cruel person she is.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Your right, this bitch does need to be taught a lesson, and the way i’d do it is, give her the exact same beating as she gave poor jinx. what a bitch to do that to a poor defenceless dog.

  15. Katy A says:

    We need a pic of this piece of shit, asap.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Yes it would be great if her picture could be found. It needs to be plastered all over the internet, to make people aware of what a horrible sadistic animal beater. And i’d love to think that someone one day, might have the opportunity to beat her like she beat poor jinx, fucking lowlife bitch it is.

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