Matthew Milat & Cohen Klein

Hellbeast Matthew Milat
Crime: Murder

Know how to put a smile on Australian serial killer Ivan Milat’s face? Tell him that one of his relatives has become a killer too. Yup, Ivan Milat, hellbeast extraordinaire, got a big old smile on his face when he learned that his great-nephew Matthew Milat had started his own killing career at the ripe age of 18. Matthew the useless POS monster Milat has only one kill to his name, and hopefully when he is sentenced very soon, he will deprived of any future opportunities to continue the carnage.

Unlike his great-uncle, Matthew Milat had help. He brought along his sidekick Cohen Klein, 19, for the thrill of the kill. As heard in a mobile-phone recording, Matthew Milat told Cohen Klein , “We’re going out to Belanglo and someone’s going to die.”

Belanglo State Forest, for those who are not fully versed in the Ivan Milat history, was where the serial killer hunted for backpackers to slaughter. I guess Matthew Milat was paying homage to his relative’s legacy. Sick bastard.

David AuchterlonieSo who to kill? The young men apparently decided upon Bargo birthday boy and long-time friend David Auchterlonie, who on the day of his death had turned 17. It was November 20, 2010.

Why David Auchterlonie? I guess when you have would-be killers looking for any excuse to kill the question is why not David Auchterlonie.

Matthew the disgusting road turd Milat conjured up an excuse for murdering the young man. He accused his victim of telling people that he had stolen from his mother. Yeah, like that’s a good enough reason even if it were true.

So what happened on November 20, 2010? David Auchterlonie spent the day celebrating his birthday with his family. Grandma Sandra Auchterlonie gave him $20 to spend in Bargo. It was a good day.

Entry to Belanglo ParkAnd bonus — he’d been invited by pals Matthew Milat and Cohen Klein to join them and another kid, Chase Day, for a drive out to Belanglo State Forest in the New South Wales Southern Highlands. The plan was to do some drinking and smoke some cannabis. Grandma didn’t know about that! His curfew was 9:00 p.m. but he had an early supper so he could join these friends for the half-hour road trip and subsequent party.

It was nightfall when the carload of teens entered the forest and drove down the dirt road to the intersection of Belanglo Creek Road and Old Pine Road. Matthew the monster Milat got out of the car and opened up the trunk. Cohen Klein joined him at the back of the car and saw that Matthew Milat had brought along his handy dandy double-bladed axe. Uh-huh, someone’s going to die.

Murder weapon

Hellbeast Cohen KleinSo what did the POS Cohen Klein do, knowing for certain that the murderous plot was going to be taken to its fruition? Did he behave like a decent human being and warn David Auchterlonie? Did he try to change Matthew Milat’s teeny tiny mind? Hell, no! Cohen the waste of skin Klein got back in the car and began recording the entire horrific event. For posterity, I can only imagine.

The unwary David was called to the back of the car. There was a loud thud and David ran around the car holding the left side of his head. Matthew Milat was giving chase.

The 15-minute recording transcript includes the following dialogue:

Milat: ”See this now, this is nothing, you wanna see what I’m f*cking capable of?”

Milat: ”I’m being dead set Auchto, you wanna f*cking die man? You wanna f*cking get in my business?”

Milat: “Look at the f*cking dirt Auchto. I am going to f*cking kill you if you keep f*cking movin’. Look at the ground and answer my questions.”

Auchterlonie is heard crying as he is forced to lie face down in the dirt. Milat tells him, “don’t whinge.”

Milat: “You keep looking at me and I’ll cut your head off. Look at the ground c***. Tell me. Is it true you have been going around telling people my affairs?”

Auchterlonie: “No it is not true, alright.”

Milat: “Don’t look at me, alright.”

Auchterlonie: “I am not, man.”

Milat: “Look at the dirt.”

Auchterlonie: “I am. It is not true.”

Milat: “Put your arms up around your head.”

Auchterlonie: “It is not true, Matt.”

Milat: “Shut up c***. Put your hands down next to your face.”
Auchterlonie: “I am serious man. I swear to God to you dude. I never said nothing about you.”

Milat: “I really do not f*cking believe you right now. Alright?”
Auchterlonie: “Man I give my word. I would not…”

Milat: “Yeah you give me your word and your word isn’t f*cking good enough Auchto. I’ve had your word before and It ain’t worth a pinch of cold f*cking shit.”

And then the sound of an axe hitting David Auchterlonie in the head.

Cohen Klein is heard telling Chase Day, the unwitting witness, to “get back in the car” as the horrified boy pleads with him to intervene.

Matthew the POS Milat hid the body in a shallow grave, hidden under debris. Apparently his buddy Klein was unwilling to help dispose of the body. Too icky for him, I guess.

He and Cohen the shitstain Klein took off their clothes, put them in a bag with bricks and threw it into the local swimming hole Mermaid Pools along with the axe and David’s mobile phone and iPod.

Police diversI don’t know why the monstrous murderous pair decided to involve Chase Day in this horror show, but thank gawd they did. The very next day, a Sunday, the horrified witness went to the police station to report the murder. By Monday afternoon all three had been charged.

Chase Day was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder, a charge that was later dropped. Good! Hell, if it wasn’t for him being a decent human being doing the right thing, would David Auchterlonie’s body ever have been found and the murderers charged? Doubt it!

Cohen Klein was charged with murder, concealing a serious offence and being an accessory after the fact to the murder. He pled guilty to murder under a plea deal that saw the other two charges dropped.

And Matthew Milat pled guilty to the murder. He explained in New South Wales Supreme Court that he was merely “doing what my family does.” Yeah, riiight. And how many of his family members are proud of him right now? Likely only one — Uncle Ivan.

I gotta feel for the Milat family — it must have been hell trying to live down the horrific crimes of Ivan Milat and now they have to start all over again, facing public condemnation and vilification because of this mental midget Matthew and his pathetic attempt at gaining notoriety by murdering a helpless friend.

To further his claim to fame, Matthew POS Milat has stolen a page from Bonnie and Clyde and begun writing puerile poetry about being a killer.

This is one of his sad, pathetic attempts at a poem he calls “Cold Life”.

Lifeless corpse, Motionless and drained,

Another street has been blood stained,

heart and soul I do not own,

and there is no place I can call home,

What sort of life do I lead,

the kind that keeps me on the streets,

Kill for cash, Is what I do,

call me up I’ll work for you,

I am not fazed by blood or screams,

Nothing I do will haunt my dreams,

Maybe they might scare you,

Coldblooded (sic) killer, that’s me, Not you.

I hope that all of his literary nonsense serves to provide the courts with proof that this piece of garbage Matthew Milat should never, ever be allowed freedom again.

The sentencing of Milat and Klein has yet to take place. I’m keeping my fingers, indeed all applicable body parts, crossed that they will be put away FOREVER and forgotten as all trash should be. May they rot in jail and then rot in hell.

And to David Auchterlonie’s family, who are all suffering horribly in their grief, I sent my prayers and best wishes. David was a lovely young man full of promise who did nothing wrong but trust a pair of hellbeasts he’d thought were friends.

So Matthew Milat the cowardly killer has written a letter to the sentencing judge Justice Jane Mathews that says he is oh so sorry for what he did. I’m sure it was just dripping with remorse. The Crown Prosecutor Lloyd Babb, SC, expressed doubt about Matthew’s sincerity, suggesting that “these expressions of remorse were more a reflection of how he felt about his situation than about the victim”. I gotta agree with Mr. Babb.

Two forensic psychiatrists have been called to court. Professor David Greenberg said that the killer “exhibited tendencies to manipulatively lie, to be shallow emotionally, callousness … a superficial charm, an inflated sense of self worth, pathological lying and lack of empathy.” He then noted that these character traits were similar to psychopathy.

The defence’s psychiatrist Dr. Richard Furst said the combined effects of drugs, alcohol and anger toward the victim were factors. That makes the murder sound spontaneous, doesn’t it. Ummm, so why was that axe in the trunk of the car? To chop firewood maybe? *snort* Matthew POS Milat wasn’t drunk when he put it there, was he? Or on drugs? No, IMO he was premeditating his friend’s murder.

The sentencing hearing continues. And good news — all that attention-seeking poetry about being a killer is being included in the proceedings.

On June 8, 2012, Matthew Milat was sentenced to 43 years in prison. He has to serve at least 30 years, and he’s been moved to adult prison. Acting Justice Jane Mathews discounted his pathetic claims of remorse and instead considered his vile poetry glorifying murder.

Cohen Klein was sentenced to 32 years in prison. By my math, when these two get out they’ll still be young enough to do a lot of damage. Why the hell couldn’t they have been put away permanently? Here’s hoping that in the next few decades they will both grow a soul and a conscience.

Many thanks to the readers who brought me up-to-date on the case.

Daily Mail article
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43 Responses to Matthew Milat & Cohen Klein

  1. moodymagic says:

    Milat and Klein disgust me and I wish them nothing but great pain and long suffering. This still would not be enough. I still say match the punishment to the crime.

    • kim says:

      Totally agree scum of the earth

    • Jackson Auchterlonie says:

      I agree with you what should have got is life for my brothers death

      • Bengalpuss says:

        My sincere condolances to you jackson, i bet your brother was an awesome kid, i agree that the two pigs that took your brothers life should rot in hell for what they did.

      • Tammy Ottens says:

        They should have gotten the death sentence. No way should they ever see light again. May you and your family try and find peace and remember your brother through memories. My prayers are with your family.

  2. Trace says:

    Whatever the worst punishment is available, it should be given to these pieces of filth. Too bad execution is not an option in Australia. There’s just no reason for them to exist on this planet.

  3. 2cute says:

    That poor kid David! The fear and terror he must have felt with that maniac chasing him and hitting him with that axe! And those were supposed to be his friends! I truly truly hope those monsters are put away for LIFE!

  4. dogwalker says:

    So Milat wanted to emulate his great-uncle? What was Klein’s reason to participate? I hope the pair of them never see the light of day again — they can’t be trusted not to pick up where they left off. If they hadn’t brought along that Day kid, they probably would have had many, many more kills before they got caught.

    • Jaekn says:

      It wasn’t about emulating his uncle. You think he was trying to be cool? No, he was a psychopath and a killer, brought up in the same environment that Ivan was likely accustomed to.

  5. Eve says:

    I’m hoping both those cretinous creeps are put away for life. They should never be allowed out again.

  6. Un1t says:

    Milat & Klein were sentenced today, 43 & 32 years respectively.
    I doubt they’ll live to be paroled.

  7. Liana says:

    They were both sentenced today, but no sentence is long enough, Milat received 43 years with no chance of parole up until his 30 year mark and the other douche received 32 years with no chance of parole until his 22 year mark. I don’t think either of these pathetic filthy scumbags should ever get out.

  8. Jenny says:

    I agree with moodymagic, match the punishment to the crime only make it last for a whole lot longer, that way they can experience the thrill of being the victim as well as the thrill of the kill. Bet they would cry like babies and beg for mercy – but in their case none should be given.
    RIP David, you had the sorry misfortune of knowing this incredible scum of the earth.

  9. StrontiumNinety says:

    Hand these two scumbag [email protected]#ks over to the victims family and let them have their way with them. This in my opinion is the justice poor David deserves.

  10. Little Bat says:

    You give these two a good trouncing, with lots of insults – but it is totally justified. They must be counted as outside of the human community. In medieval times they would be declared “ultegatum” – beyond the law – and hunted down like beasts.

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    What a pair of shit’s, actually when the investigators found two of the back packer’s remains they concluded that ivan wasn.t alone, ha had wrapped a towel round one girls head and she was shot from different direction’s indicating more than one. They had a good idea it was ivan’s brother but through lack of evidence they couldn’t bring a charge against him. The family are warped seriously the backpackers who were murdered their belongings were spread out it the family members. One sister was wearing a benetton shirt belonging to the german guy and you could only get these shirts in germany, others had sleeping bags camp stoves, clothes tents ruck sacks and other things. It doesn’t surprise me that the next generation Milat Has become a murderer, some people are just born and brought up to be bad. That poor boy that they murdered, all i can say is that i hope those 2 murdering bastards rot in hell and good on the lad that told the police, they were gonna charge him. What with doing the right thing.

  12. Miss Andry says:

    Does anyone know where Milat and/or Klein are jailed?

  13. yuck says:

    fuk this makes me sick honestly makes me feel like throwing up how can someone be such a monster, i still have no idea why cohen klein was apart of it, the thing that makes me so angry is his brother made a facebook page for friends to comment on it there all saying how he doesnt deserve this and all this shit acting like there all proud to be this monsters friend it was his fucking choice he knew what the consequence was and i think they should be locked away for life and hopefully have the worst experience in jail because thid is your life now fuckers this

  14. Scott says:

    Kline is in Goulburn jail.I was released last year. I was his cellmate
    Not sure on milat he might b at Goulburn now tho…

  15. Ms s says:

    Although 80% of your story is correct 20% seems to be made up to fill the gaps. You seem to neglect the part about the 44 year old bargo man who gave Matt the axe and who disposed of the clothes after. Forgot about the 14year old pot smoker who cleaned the evidence from the car to repay a cigaret debt or the girlfriend who was told about it before it happened and waited at home for matts return. I read the brief so get it right next time

    • cleo says:

      Now why on earth would I include extraneous details that would serve only to cause issues for people who had nothing to do with the murders? Why would I want to harm people whose involvement is peripheral and their awareness of the crime questionable? As to making stuff up, when I’m guessing I say I’m guessing. I may leave irrelevant stuff out but I do not present fiction as fact.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Yes but cleo, what ms s, is forgetting is the person that gave the fuckwit the axe, wasn.t the one that did the swinging of it. And no you don.t present fiction as fact. Tell you what ms s, why don.t you do i write up, about this murdering fucker, and post it on line, and let the readers be the judge of your writing skills, we will give you an honest opinion, go on do a write up, i dare you.

    • Ms M says:

      If you know so much, why don’t you weigh-in on keeping these filthbags in jail?

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Ms m, i do go out of my way to make sure that these turd’s get to spend as much time as possible in jail. If i feel that a child is in danger in england, i contact the social services, to let them know of my concern. I don’t profess to be an author, as my writing skills are shit, my point to you was, before you pick fault at someone elses writing skills, give us a sample of yours seen as you are picking fault with cleo’s. But you haven’t submitted a sample of your writing, only said “why don’t you keep them in jail” oh dear, i guess were not getting a article from you then? Such a shame, i was so looking forward to judging how better you would be, but alas, thats not to be.

        • cleo says:

          I think, bengalpuss, that MsM was responding to Ms S and not to you. They are not the same commenter. Ms S was trying to point out my omissions. MsM was addressing that person.

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Oh dear, looks like i fucked up big time is it our regular msm? Or is this another ms m? Its very confusing, and the comments don’t tell you who your replying to. Feel really bad now cleo, thanks for letting me know, and msm, or ms m. Sorry. God its enough to give you headache lol.

        • Ms M says:

          Bengalpuss, I was responding to Ms S, not you. I don’t think your writing skills are shit; in fact, I enjoy reading your posts. I agree with you regarding your suggestion for Ms S to “do a write up”…

          • Bengalpuss says:

            I know cleo pointed it out to me, sorry. Can say i felt an absolute arseole when i looked back at the avatars, they are so alike, ms m, msm, and ms s, no wonder i got confused. I think ms s, is a cheeky twat, people like that piss me off, thats why i said “show us a sample of your writing” but she hasn’t taken me up on my offer, i wonder why. Probably because she/he can’t write shit, and knows that when we read the pathetic attempt, we’d take the piss, so was rather disappointed that ms s, didn’t take me up on my offer. Don’t make fault at someone unless you can do better. Once again sorry ms m,

  16. Ms M says:

    Cleo et al: Latest (though it’s two weeks ago, sorry) news is that Milat and Klein are appealing the severity of their sentences (at least 30 and 22 years, respectively). The case has been adjourned for mention on July 4.

  17. Drew says:

    You have no idea about cohen kleins life… you are all putrid for wasting your time.

    • 2cute says:

      Yeah, Drew, we have no idea about Klein’s life and we actually don’t give a f*@k. We know enough about him: he helped to murder a friend. That’s all anybody needs to know about that turd pile: he helped to murder a friend! You’re wasting your time because nothing about Klein’s life is more important than the fact he helped to murder a friend.

      • Einfach says:

        He didn’t help at all judging by what happened.. He was an accessory. I am not saying he should get less of a sentence or anything but he didn’t exactly do anything according to what is known about the murder.
        And saying they should receive the same treatment or what have you is rather barbaric and you would be on the same level as them essentially. They should spend the rest of their days in prison with only the basic necessities.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Lol. 2cute your priceless.

  18. annoymous says:

    I went to school with both of these boys, infact I sat in same room of both of them for many years. I never thought much of Matthew Muleman which was his last name before changing it to Milat after we left school, I remember everyone thinking it was a bit bent that hed do that. I know that they both have done a terrible thing and I feel for David and wished he had not been the victim of Matthews sick thoughts. As much as im very angry for Cohen taking part the Cohen I knew would have never done anything like that. He was beautiful kind hearted and rather quite. I don’t know why Cohen had part in this and I wish the universe had better plans. I guess what Im trying to say is I think everyone should take a step back from their keyboard and think what if that was their friend or relative would they really want to see all the harsh words written here? Fair enough be angry but remember what our mothers taught us “If you dont have anything nice to say, Say nothing at all”

    • Jo says:

      Annoymous – I think you should spare the bleeding heart drivel about Cohen, nobody cares about your feelings – how dare you? There are more important things here, such as the murder of another human being. What the hell is wrong with you?
      I’m just an observer, but I hope those two rot in jail, I hope they never live to see freedom, in their lifetime.

  19. jagnus says:

    I’m an Aussie and yes he is one hell of an evil Milat. To the person who said they feel sorry for the Milats,dont! You need to know about that family before you can feel sorry for any of them.Lets just say they are no where near an average everyday family .And who says good old Ivan did what was done on his own.Read up on the cases guys and girls ,two different modes of killing.Ivan tried twice too pick up hitchhikers and both times they escaped,so how come the others didnt get away and they were in pairs?Who was the smart one ? and who was the one that got caught? The brothers were all into guns,knives, hunting the whole lot and they all were in trouble with the law.Ivan never had enough brains and that family believed in family honour.Research.Authorities alwaysknow more than they let on.Dont just look at the gory bits look at the facts and the forensics.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Exactly, it wasn’t just Ivan that murdered those backpackers, one of. The brothers was involved but not enough evidence could prove the police theory. Plus the skull shown that it was two different fire arms that were shot at the victims, also the shirt that was wrapped around the victims head.

  20. EBK says:

    Maybe he should be housed with his great uncle Ivan. Give them a small cell, one blanket, and turn the temperature down.

    That pretty boy Matthew Milat would be a girlfriend by nightfall in a US prison.

  21. Jason Phelan says:

    The milat family and the klein family should be fucking ended.

    Suicide these maggots! The whole disgusting bloodline. Back to antiquity.

  22. Jodie says:

    A rare case in which the Aussie system actually gave them a lengthy punishment. I bet this only happened due to him being a Milat thou.

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