Matthew David Ayers & Patricia Allana Edmond Ayers

Matthew and Patricia Ayers

Crimes: Pedophiles, Rape, Sodomy, Child Pornography

Matthew David Ayers and Patricia Allana Edmond Ayers of Florence, Alabama, got their asses handed to them by Judge Mike Jones of Lauderdale County Circuit Court and US District Judge L. Scott Coogler. I really, really like Judge Mike Jones and Judge L. Scott Coogler right now, because they’re not afraid to hand out impressively harsh sentences. Kudos to the judges!

IMO, Matthew and Patricia Ayers deserved what they got — and I’ll tell you what they got a little later.

The married couple had custody of a 6-year-old girl. Instead of caring for her as good parents would, they decided to unleash their pedophilic urges upon her.

That’s right, Matthew and Patricia Ayers are both vile, disgusting pedophiles. I have to wonder if they discovered that before or after they married. How do they even broach the subject without the fear of being turned in to authorities? Maybe he said to her, “I’ve always wanted to have children … to rape.” And then maybe she said to him, “Me, too!”

But I digress. Matthew and Patricia Ayers, the pedo pair, had custody of a little girl. Unfortunately, authorities didn’t clue in to what the Ayers were doing until the child had been sexually assaulted for years.

The abuse came to light when Patricia Ayers sent 5 photos she’d taken of the child posing provocatively and nude to a man in Madison County, Texas. I gather she assumed this man was a depraved, pedo perv just like them.

Patricia Ayers told the man in an email that if he wanted sex with the girl she would bring the girl to him. The sick bitch!

Fortunately for us all, the man took the images to the police. If he hadn’t, the abuse would have continued unabated — the Ayers weren’t about to stop. That unnamed man deserves applause for doing the decent thing and saving the child from an endless cycle of rape and sodomy.

Investigators tracked down Patricia Ayers and confronted her with the 5 nude photos. Her explanation was that she’d only taken them to document a rash on the child’s arms and back. Riiiight.

“These photos, the child was posed in the photos and has nothing to do with what you would think of someone taking a photo for medical reasons,” Lauderdale County Investigator Richard Richey said.

Patricia Allana Edmond Ayers, 34, was arrested in January 2013 for production of child porn. She maintained that her husband had nothing to do with the photos. Matthew David Ayers, 41, also denied his involvement.

Well, it was just too bad for them that investigators checked out the Ayers’ computer and hard drives. They found plenty that not only implicated Matthew Ayers as a child molester but his wife too.

The photos that were uncovered not only depicted the little girl in explicit poses, but also both of the Ayers performing sex acts on her. Sick, depraved bastards!

The crimes took place between 2010 and January 2013 when the nasty pair of pedo pervs were arrested. They were both charged with rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and the production and possession of child pornography. Both were held on $1 million bail.

The Ayers pled guilty to federal charges related to 53 child pornography images. On October 22, 2014, US District Judge L. Scott Coogler sentenced Patricia Ayers to 1590 years in prison, and Matthew Ayers to 750 years in prison. It’s safe to say the judge didn’t like them much.

“I have been on the bench since 1998, and this is the worst case I have personally dealt with, including murders. You robbed this child of her childhood and her soul, and a maximum sentence is the only sentence appropriate,” said Judge Coogler.

Yay, Judge Coogler!

After the sentencing, Matthew and Patricia Ayers had another date with Lady Justice. They faced additional state child pornography, rape and sexual abuse charges in Lauderdale County.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly had pushed for the hellbeastly pedophiles to be tried on the state charges because of the disgusting nature of their crimes against the young girl. Let’s hear it for DA Connolly! Yay!

On December 3, 2014, in Lauderdale County Circuit Court, Matthew David Ayers pled guilty to the charge of sodomy of a child. He admitted that he not only sodomized the 6-year-old but he also had pictures taken of him doing so.

Patricia Ayers, on that same day in that same court, pled guilty to multiple charges, including the charge of sodomy of a child.

Judge Mike Jones told the repellent, nasty pedophiles, “In my 35 years in this courthouse I have never seen such a vile and disgusting case, You both will die in prison.”

At that, Judge Jones sentenced them both to life in prison, with no chance of parole. Yay, Judge Jones!

Even if the Ayers manage to miraculously get paroled in Alabama, they will still have to serve thousands of years in federal prison.

A repentant Patricia Ayers told the court after sentencing, “I didn’t get enough. I will never get enough.”

Too true. I never thought I’d agree with a pedophile about anything, but I do agree with this hellbitch about that one thing.

I hope the victim is in a safe, nurturing, supportive and loving environment now. After years of abuse I’m sure she has a lot of healing to do. Bless her, I wish her the very best in the future.

I also hope that there aren’t more victims out there. Sadly, given the ages of the pedophiles it’s likely that there are. Few pedophiles wait until their 30’s and 40’s to act on their sick, twisted fantasies.

The Ayers aren’t getting any best wishes from me. Thanks to these judges, they will be spending as close to forever as they can in prison. It’s precisely what they deserve. IMO, it’s what all pedophiles deserve.

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12 Responses to Matthew David Ayers & Patricia Allana Edmond Ayers

  1. moodymagic says:

    These 2 deserve so much pain and suffering yeah kudos to the judges. 2 more pedos locked away for life. Burn in hell monsters.


    I am so glad to see a case where justice is rammed down the throat and up the ass of the perps! These two judges made for damn sure that these two will never, ever get the opportunity to harm another innocent child ever again!! Additionally, I love the fact that they were prosecuted in state and federal court. This will ensure that these two never get out of prison. This protects the public from them by ensuring that they would still have to serve their federal sentences just in case they ever got their state convictions overturned on a technicality. Judge Jones and Judge Coogler both deserve a huge thank you for ensuring that the victim in this case received the justice she deserved and for ensuring that the public will forever be safe from these two hellbeasts because they will never be released. Also, I want to thank the man that did the right thing by turning Patricia Ayers in and helping to bring this horrific case too light. Thank you sir! I shudder to think about the hell they inflicted upon this poor child. I pray to the gods and goddesses above that she is in a safe and loving environment receiving the proper therapy and healing that she needs. Thank you to the efforts of everyone (the man who turned Patricia Ayers in, the judges, the lawyers, the police, case workers, forensics workers, doctors, medical workers, etc.) who was involved in putting these two POS’s away. Although I wish the entire situation had never happened to the victim, I am so glad to see a case where justice was actually executed and carried out!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Well I’ll never understand it but I will nonetheless continue to be thankful everyday for hellbeasts who kindly think to make the judges job easier by providing detailed photographic evidence of their crimes for the prosecution to enter into the court record and share with the jury at trial.

    These two losers and a lot of smug idiots like them fancy themselves far too clever to ever be caught, and that I believe is why it doesn’t even cross their minds to try and cover their tracks/not leave damning evidence just lying around, cluttering up their hard drives.

    I’m so happy that the judges threw the book at these slobs! :) :) :) Now that is exactly how justice should look in each and every case where predatory adults are harming and victimizing innocent children like that. It’s too bad they can’t be executed by firing squad -unblindfolded, but barring that I think they each got the next best thing.

    I’m very grateful to the judges and the prosecution A+ for a job well done!

  4. Rhonda says:

    See and hear the slobs in court and see the great judge and prosecutor who threw the book at them

  5. Kristine says:

    Judge Coogler gets it. As a child I was sexualy and mentally abused. Its effects have followed me through out every aspect of my life. The abuse of a child IS ROBBING THAT CHILD OF THEIR SOUL.
    Until more Judges and we as a society protect our children we will have a world full of broken people. Prisons full of drug addicts. And crime will stay in the high numbers. Laws need to be the very stiffest on those who would harm the most defenseless humans. We have to show by our laws that we care for children. That they are Important beings and that we wont tollerate those who would harm them.

  6. Emily says:

    It’s so sick that stuff like this goes on. People are so damn sick. I was reading a case on deepdarkweb dot com about a pedophile who had launched a crowdfunding site for pedophiles. The comments posted by people were horrific. Hundreds defending the actions of pedophiles claiming that children like being molested and it’s not the molestation and rape that’s damaging the children, it’s society’s labeling it as “bad” that’s causing the harm. And that if society were to remove the stigma of child rape, it would be better off for both the victim and the perpetrator. These pple are some sick, vile pos. It makes you wonder whether hell is really earth. Think about it….there’s nothing that could happen in hell that isn’t already happening on earth. There’s not a single sick twisted thing anyone can think of that hasn’t been done or isn’t happening to someone right this minutes. It makes me mad as a decent person I have to share the same breath as these pple.

  7. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. I hope that poor little girl gets all the help she needs. As for that pair of sickos, I wish only unadulterated hell and pain on them. Karma is a bitch

  8. Any says:

    A repentant Patricia Ayers told the court after sentencing, “I didn’t get enough. I will never get enough.”
    Yes really you will never get enough idiot,but I think that in this world you haven’t place and will never have a place.

  9. Lauren says:

    Rape is considered by many as unfinished murder. Your dead inside. You spend the rest of your life in survival mode, dealing with flashbacks, nightmares and a fear of every person you meet, doing what that monster did to you. I say three years in a hard prison (a year for each they spent killing that child) and then euthanize the pair. It’s revolting that our tax dollars are going to house, clothe, feed and medically support these two into old age. There are decent human beings in nursing homes that don’t get the same level of boarding that these sick, soulless monsters will get. And they’ll get all that for the rest of their lives?

  10. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Judges Coogler and Jones should decide the fate of EVERY sick fuck pedophile. I love them!!! And sodomizing a six year old? That must’ve been excruciatingly painful. But the male looks like a serious lil dicker to me. My question is, while I’m ecstatic that the dude turned the dumb cunt in for sending him the pics, why did she send them in the first place, and offer to deliver the child for sex? I’d bet my left nipple they met on a kiddie porn site. Ijs…

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