Matthew Brush

matthew brush

Crimes: Murder, Arson.

Cassandra Kaake, 31, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada was looking forward to the birth of her baby girl she was going to name Molly.

The mother-to-be worked to support herself. She’d split with the father of her baby but they were still good friends. She lived in a quiet neighbourhood on Benjamin Avenue where she and her unborn baby should have been safe, but they weren’t.

At 2:45 a.m. on December 11, 2014, firefighters were called to a blaze on Benjamin Avenue. It was Cassandra Kaake’s home. The 7-month pregnant woman’s body was inside.

The poor woman didn’t die in the fire — she was already dead. Somebody had choked, punched, beaten and then strangled her until she was unconscious, and then had stabbed her repeatedly before slitting her throat. There were 45 different injuries on her body. Cassandra Kaake died of blood loss caused by severe trauma.

After she was dead, the killer had cut off all her fingertips, doused the body in gasoline and set it on fire.

Cassandra Kaake

Cassandra Kaake

Now why the hell would anyone want to butcher a lovely, pregnant woman who hadn’t an enemy in the world? The answer to that question is disgusting and pathetic.

Fortunately for investigators, the killer had cut off his victim’s fingertips but he’d dropped one as he made his escape. The precious evidence had not been destroyed in the blaze, and police were able to get the hellbeast’s DNA from it.

Police officers went house to house in the area asking residents to voluntarily donate blood drops for DNA testing. Within a week, over 500 people had complied.

In February 2015, the DNA from the fingertip led police to Matthew Brush of LaSalle, a bedroom community of the City of Windsor. The 26-year-old was charged with break and enter, arson causing property damage, arson with disregard for human life, possession of incendiary material for arson, 1st-degree murder and indecent interference with a dead body.

So who was this Matthew Brush? Well, he had been working at Canadian Tire but lost his job. He was a friend of the victim’s brother. He also liked to break into homes to steal marijuana and women’s underwear. He used the stolen underwear as a masturbatory object.

So how did this freaky creep go from break and enter and panty theft to full-fledged murder? The night of December 10, 2014, Matthew Brush had broken into Cassandra Kaake’s home. She was out planning a baby shower. Unfortunately, she returned home early, only to find this evil little bastard naked and masturbating.

Matthew Brush could have run for it. He could’ve turned himself in — he didn’t have a criminal record and the break and enter was relatively harmless. But no. Instead he chose to launch and horrific, brutal, vicious attack on a pregnant woman and didn’t stop until she was dead.

As the police interrogated Matthew Brush, the whole disgusting tale was told. He confessed to the break-in, the murder, and his attempts to cover it up. He told how he had left the scene of the crime only to return with shears to remove the fingertips. He told how he dumped the fingertips in the Detroit River, and had set the body and house on fire.

Matthew Brush wound up pleading guilty to 2nd-degree murder and arson in November 2016. He faced an automatic life sentence. All that was to be determined was the time he had to serve before being eligible to apply for parole. It ranged between 10 and 25 years.

During sentencing in January 2017, the murderous hellbeast was at a loss to explain his actions. “Me, who never harmed an animal, killed a woman,” he said. The monster also admitted his actions were “unforgettable, selfish and terribly brutal”.

Matthew Brush said, “I ask you all not to hate me.” He went on to say, “I will hate myself forever for what I’ve done.”

Deputy Crown Attorney Belinda Pagliaroli asked Justice Bruce Thomas to imprison the POS asswipe to the maximum time. “The level of cruelty and brutality is almost imaginable,” she’d said. She also pointed out that in his confession, Matthew Brush hadn’t expressed remorse for the murder, but had “expressions of regret at not doing a good enough job at getting away with murder”.

The defense attorney asked the judge to consider that his client had had no prior criminal record and he’d pled guilty.

“He chose to save himself from a relative minor offence and — to save himself — he butchered her and her fetus,” said Justice Thomas during sentencing. Cassandra Kaake’s pregnancy was considered an aggravating factor.

After all was said and done, Justice Thomas sentenced Matthew Brush to life in prison with no parole eligibility for 22 years for the murder charge, and 5 years for the arson charge. They are to be served concurrently.

Matthew Brush will be eligible for parole in 2037. He’ll be 48 years old then.

I hope and pray that the outcome will give those who knew and loved Cassandra Kaake some solace. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to her family and friends. RIP, Cassandra and Molly.

And I hope that Matthew Brush will grow a heart and a soul before he’s released. It’s probably too much to hope for that he perishes behind bars, albeit that’s what he deserves.

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25 Responses to Matthew Brush

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Bush you are one sick fuck. Burn in hell. My heart goes out to Cassandra and Molly as well to their family and friends.

  2. Bengalpuss. says:

    Why did he chop her fingertips off? That’s a puzzling one for me, did he say why he did that cleo? What a Fucking beast.

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Evil Tawdry Murder Age

    Murder Warrants the Death Penalty

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Unfortunately d p o, it seems that these sick bastards when under a death sentence have more rights than anybody else on this planet, which is very unfair considering that the poor victims had not even been given a second thought.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Has anybody got any idea why this pig cut off this beautiful woman’s fingertips? I just find it strange.

        • cleo says:

          It is indeed strange. If he were trying to disguise her identity, it was a complete failure. Her teeth remained for ID’ing, and how many heavily pregnant women lived in her home? Maybe he lost the stomach for dismembering her and figured burning the body would do the job and be much easier.

          • Bengalpuss. says:

            I wonder cleo if he was taking a trophy like serial killers do, he took one away with him and dropped it, thank god because that mistake was that pigs downfall. I love it when murderers get caught by their stupidity, and this sick Fucking pervert was Fucking stupid.

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed Bengalpuss the Victim of Murder does Not get to Appeal against being Murdered after Having been Murdered

    Scum Murderers Do Not Deserve Human Rights Decent People Deserve Human

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There should be NO ” Second Degree ” Murder

    Murder is First of All Murder

  6. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. He is a sick little bastard. I seriously hope he gets the same amount of horrible pain inflicted on him what he did to that poor woman. She had everything to live for and he cruelly snatched that away. Sickening

  7. Brooke says:

    I’m thinking he left DNA under her fingernails….that’s how they got some of his DNA from them. Was probably trying to get rid of some evidence

  8. Jono Wada Mean says:

    So so sad. I wonder if He cut the finger tips off to protect his DNA from being found under her fingernails. DNA is often found underneath the fingernails of survivors and victims of s Sexual violence because the individual often fight back and resist their attackers – scratching and clawing.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Good answer Jono, that totally slipped my mind and it was the chopped off fingertip that provided the clue they needed to catch this little rat bastard.

  9. bulldoggy says:

    Sick perv. He killed an innocent woman to avoid serving a piddly ass sentence for break and enter. They should brand a PERV on his forehead when they let him out so he can’t hide the monster he is.

  10. cleo says:

    Hello, readers. I am sorry for the delay in writing new articles. Last fall I sadly had to put down one of my dogs. He was 15 years old, bless his heart. And now we have adopted a puppy. Do you know how busy a puppy keeps you? So in choosing between writing about horrible hellbeasts and spending time with an adorable puppy, I’ve chosen the puppy. Thank you for your patience. I hope to have a new article up soon.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Awww cleo, what breed is your new puppy? I just adore them when they’re kittens and puppies, your gonna have to give us some puppdates on your new family members antics. Anyway I’m sooo happy for you and your new addition. I was just telling morse my cat about it(I know I’m a fruitcake, I talk to my cat)and he looked at me as if to say “you need help lady, but while ever your feeding me who gives a Fuck” I would love to know what they say to the other animals, probably stuff like “get me the Fuck away from this Nutter, otherwise I’m gonna top myself” lol

      • cleo says:

        OK, we are insane, but we’ve just added to our chihuahua crowd a German Shepherd cross puppy. Her name is Ember because she’s such a bright spark.

        • Bengalpuss. says:

          Wow and will grow to be a lot bigger than the others. Yes I like the picture of your queen b, my morse is the baby and hogan is quiet and BUBBS the new one is a little shit. I will be sat in the room watching tv and all of a sudden I will hear a squealing and I can work out which cat he’s bitten by the colour of the fur sticking outta BUBBS mouth. Anyway his gonads are going in a couple of weeks so hopefully that should stop him from being a little shit. But I love em all.

          • cleo says:

            Bengalpuss, you might appreciate this stupid poem I wrote dedicated to one of my boy dogs:

            I’m not too sure what happened,
            I’d woken in a daze,
            I think I’d gone to see the vet
            But it is all a haze.

            I really don’t like to complain
            But something’s gone amiss,
            I noticed it when I went out
            Because I had to piss.

            So have you seen my testicles?
            I had them yesterday,
            They’re round and mostly pinkish
            With hair that’s mostly grey.

            I checked the yard, I checked the car,
            But I could find no sign,
            So if you’ve found some testicles
            I’m pretty sure they’re mine.

    • Dee says:

      Great choice! Im not going anywhere. Ill keep checking in. :) Enjoy that lil puppy
      Best wishes

  11. Bengalpuss. says:

    Just outta curiosity, is your dog picture that you use on this site one of your dogs?

    • cleo says:

      The dog picture I use is indeed one of my dogs. That’s my queen diva dog who rules over my/her domain. She’s 500 pounds packed into 5. In her mind she’s the biggest dog in the house, but in reality she’s the smallest.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Lol cleo, that just made me laugh that poem. I’ll recite it to BUBBS when he gets his rocks removed. Thanks for makin me smile lol.

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