Massachusetts Jane Doe

Unidentified woman
On August 8, 2004, the skeletal remains of a black woman were discovered in woods behind the Plainville Truck Stop in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The unfortunate woman had been buried in a shallow grave. That fact alone points to her being murdered. People just don’t crawl into shallow graves and die of natural causes.

Only her skull and torso were recovered, so either animals carried off her extremities or they were disposed of separately by her killer.

The poor woman had been covered in some sort of blanket or burlap wrap when she was buried.

Massachusetts authorities believe the woman had been buried at that location for between 3 and 10 years. It’s been a long time for her family and loved ones to not know where she is.

Sketch of unidentified womanPolice estimate that the woman was between 4’9″ and 5’3″. She was between the ages of 25 and 35. She was African-American or possibly bi-racial.

Sadly, a DNA profile is not available. Her skull had some teeth so dental records could be used to identify her.

Police had a sketch made of the unidentified woman. I don’t think it’s particularly edifying. And the truth is that it has not resulted in this woman being identified and returned to her family.

Since an image of the skull was available, I took it upon myself to create my version of the face. Naturally. ‘Cause that’s what I like to do.

I decided to make the woman look closer to 35 than 25, just because. I also decided to make her lighter skinned in case she was bi-racial, just because.

The shape of the face is the most certain thing about her. Her nose, lips, eyes are just guesswork.

And here is my version of the unidentified Massachusetts woman behind the truck stop.

reconstructed face of Massachusetts woman
If anyone has any idea about who this unfortunate woman is, please contact the Plainville Police Department re: Case Number 2005-00005. The investigator listed is Detective James Floyd, 508-699-1212.

This case is also on The Doe Network, Case File 578UFMA.

If anyone has any idea about who buried this woman behind the Plainville Truck Stop, give a tip to the authorities. You can remain anonymous.

I don’t know if this unidentified woman had children who have had to grow up without a mom, but she had family, and they deserve to have their loved one back.

The Doe Network

10 Responses to Massachusetts Jane Doe

  1. bulldoggy says:

    She looks real in your version, Cleo. I hope she’s identified soon. Being buried behind a truck stop probably means she could be from anywhere, not necessarily Massachusetts. That makes it harder to discover who she is. She was probably naked too if they found a blanket but no clothes. It’s alarming to think how easy it is to disappear.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Your right bulldoggy, she could be from anywhere, she could even be from another country plus, since they’ve no dna and no dentals the only way to identify this woman, would be through the image superimposed onto a photo of the person who they think it might be. But i do hope she gets identified eventually. Poor woman.

  3. 2cute says:

    I’m surprised they could get no DNA from her. I thought they were so sophisticated now they could get DNA from a dirty look. It’s too sad that she wound up buried behind a truck stop. I doubt she was killed there, probably she was stuffed into a trunk along with a shovel and a blanket and taken there. And a flashlight too since she was likely buried at night.

  4. pj says:

    The first sketch makes her look like a fat teenager, so why did the police use it? This woman was older than that.

  5. wickedgran says:

    So can the police tell if her arms and legs were dismembered or if animals carted them away? Dismembering would make her killer even more vile, in my opinion.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    Could she be one of the so-called lot lizards who sell sex at truck stops? I’m guessing those women come and go without notice so nobody would know anything happened to her.

  7. Lillith says:

    Hey guys, I know I’ve been scarce as of late, but I’ve been insanely busy as of late. I desperately need everyone’s help. Here in my hometown of Mena, Arkansas there is a 17 yr. old endangered runaway. ALEXES SCHELL was last seen Jun 20, 2013. Apparently her dad considered her to be at high risk of running away because he had CCTV installed which caught the girl slipping out of the bathroom window and into a white or silver 4 door sedan. Her family is worried sick for her, and the police aren’t doing nearly enough to find her. Here’s a link to her missing poster:
    Please help us find her!

  8. Anarchist99 says:

    Good job on the facial reconstruction.

  9. Matching4truth says:

    This woman, although not african American, went missing in 1992 from a county in a rhode Island that is directly next to the county in MA where the body was found. Perhaps whoever killed this missing woman Katrina transported her across the state line in hopes that it would further complicate the investigation.

    (Something that bugs me… without DnA and with just skeketal remains, how do they know the Jane doe is African American for sure? I know they can measure facial features and assume. But without DNA or skin it seems nearly impossible to definitely say what race the remains were.)

    Additionally, Katrina has no DNA nor dentals processed or submitted. This may explain why Katrina has not been checked in reference to the Jane Doe. It is worth looking into in my humble opinion.

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