Maryann Castorena & Anthony Alfred Delagarza

Anthony Delagarza and Maryann Castorena

Crimes: Murder, Conspiracy

Jose Patricio Hernandez of Grand Haven, Michigan, was in love. The object of his affections was Maryann Castorena. I personally don’t see any particular beauty in the woman, but there’s no accounting for tastes. Jose Hernandez was smitten, and he seriously wanted to marry his girlfriend.

Maryann Castorena didn’t so much love Jose Hernandez as she did his money. He bought her new vehicles, including a Hummer. He bought her a travel trailer for $25,000. He paid her bills, and her children’s bills. The very generous man even let his girlfriend’s son, Jamie Hinojosa, live with him along with his drifter buddy, Anthony Alfred Delagarza.

Jose Hernandez went so far as to name his girlfriend as the primary beneficiary of his multiple life insurance policies. Maryann Castorena worked for the Farm Bureau Insurance agent who sold him those policies. Jose Hernandez paid hundreds of dollars each month on those insurance premiums.

The trouble with Jose Hernandez’s unfettered generosity was that his salary was only $50,000. He just couldn’t afford to keep on splurging on his lady love, much as he wanted to. He was sending money to family in Mexico as well, and was working as many as 1200 hours overtime per year to try to keep afloat financially.

Maryann Castorena didn’t want all that incredible generosity to stop. But what’s a greedy hellbitch to do when the source of her money was drying up? Maryann Castorena went the tried and true, traditional route — insurance money.

In March 2013, the evil woman arranged for Anthony Alfred Delagarza to firebomb Jose Hernandez’s car. Anthony Delagarza had no problem doing that — when he lived in Chicago he’d used molotov cocktails to burn homes and vehicles. He’d also fired a gun at people and into houses. That’s the kind of asswipe Anthony Delagarza is.

Maryann Castorena parked her boyfriend’s car in her sister’s driveway and told Anthony Delagarza where it was. She handled the insurance claim after the fire, and got $40,000 for the car. Jose Hernandez probably never saw a nickel of that money. Anthony Delagarza allegedly got $1000.

The couple split up in the summer of 2013. Maryann Castorena and moved to California where she married another man. Her son, Jamie Hinojosa, and his friend, Anthony Alfred Delagarza, continued to live with Jose Hernandez at Amberwood Apartments in Park Township.

Maryann Castorena and her new husband moved back to Park Township in Ottawa County in late November 2013. Big surprise, she got started up again with Jose Hernandez, but apparently didn’t tell him about her newly acquired spouse.

The hellbitch wasn’t thinking of a long-term relationship with Jose Hernandez. She was thinking very short-term — before he canceled his life insurance policies.

Jose HernandezIf Jose Patricio Hernandez were to die right away, Maryann Castorena would collect over $1.2 million (some articles say $1.5 million) in life insurance plus receive stock options and his 401(k) account through his employer, Royal Technologies in Hudsonville.

Jose Patricio Hernandez was single with no kids, so there wouldn’t be any squabbling over the money. The trouble was he was also healthy, nowhere near his deathbed. Hmmmm, what is a hellbitch to do?

What Maryann Castorena did was proposition Anthony Delagarza, then 19, to kill Jose Patricio Hernadez. She offered the man $50,000, then $75,000 if he would murder poor Jose. He accepted.

How absolutely disgusting! Jose Hernandez let this vile, useless f*cktard live with him, and was nothing but good to him, and still Anthony Delagarza was willing to murder him!

The evil pair met several times to plan the killing. They even composed a checklist of what was to happen and how. It was a very detailed list, including things such as, “It’s better before snow gets here, — one easier not to follow prints; — two make sure no objects on your pockets or phone on you that you can drop.”

The checklist also suggested that the sooner the better so “he doesn’t cancel policy past this month”.

“Don’t park by ATM or exit by gas station in case there are cameras,” read the list. “Remember to cover good and gloves so no gun residue.” Sounds like they watched a lot of cop shows on TV.

Maryann Castorena, being a good mother *snort*, also wrote on the list that Anthony Delagarza should post something on his Facebook account as code for making sure her son has an alibi.

On January 5, 2014, on a cold, snowy night, the plot unfolded. Anthony Delagarza, who was staying at his uncle’s house for the night to establish an alibi, was picked up by Maryann Castoreno and driven to Amberwood Apartments.

The POS Delagarza hid behind a car, waiting for his victim to leave home to go work the night shift. He had put plastic bags over his shoes to disguise his footprints, and he brought a metal ball-joint remover as the murder weapon.

Maryann Castorena waited nearby in her black Avalanche.

The unsuspecting Jose Hernandez came out, carrying his car keys and a bag of trash. He started the car, and brushed off the snow. He then carried the trash to the dumpster as his car warmed up.

When Jose Hernandez returned to his car, that’s when the killer jumped up. The poor man recognized his roommate and called out his name. Anthony Delagarza swung the ball-joint remover and hit him in the head.

Jose Hernandez tried to escape but he slipped on the ice. The killer slipped too because of those damned plastic bags on his feet, but he was able to get up and continue the brutal attack. He struck his victim — the man who was his friend — several times in the head.

After the murder, Anthony Delagarza ran to Maryann Castorena’s vehicle and hopped in. The evil hellbitch demanded his assurance that poor Jose Hernandez was indeed dead, because if he were left a “vegetable” she wouldn’t get any money. The killer reassured her that the victim wasn’t showing any signs of life. Indeed, Jose Hernandez, 38, was very dead.

Anthony Delagarza got busy and burned his bloody clothes. He also tossed the murder weapon. He then returned to his uncle’s house so he would have an alibi.

I’m not sure why but the next day, Anthony Delagarza tried to retrieve the murder weapon, but more snow had fallen and covered it up.

The body of Jose Hernandez was found frozen, next to his running vehicle, about 24 hours after he was killed. Such a nice, generous man he was, only to have his generosity repaid with cruelty and brutality.

Although the murder was successful in that the victim was killed, it was not a perfect crime. Surveillance videos from nearby businesses caught Maryann Castorena’s Avalanche driving into and out of the area of Amberwood Apartments. The victim’s blood was transferred from the killer’s clothing onto the passenger seat of the vehicle. Oops.

The biggest mistake was made by Maryann Castoreno herself. Despite all of her detailed planning, she didn’t think of everything.

What Maryann Castorena forgot to include on her checklist was a reminder to burn the damned checklist! Guess what the police found at the house where she was staying! And don’t you know, the list pretty much detailed everything that happened to poor Jose Hernandez.

The list had fingerprints all over it. Maryann Castorena, that murderous cow, was in really deep sh*t. She had to admit to writing it.

So how did the evil hellbitch try to get herself out of trouble? Well, she lied, and lied, and lied some more.

Maryann CastorenaFirst of all, Maryann Castorena told investigators that the notes with the checklist was the outline of a book she was going to write. The investigators didn’t buy it. So next she told them it was a movie script that was based on a conversation she’d overheard. They still didn’t buy it. So then she brought her co-conspirator into the conversation. She told the investigators that Anthony Delagarza, the killer, had forced her to write the details by threatening her sons.

Introducing the actual hitman into the conversation was a really dumb move, so Maryann Castorena changed her story again. She next told investigators that an unknown man broke into her home, seized her by her throat and forced her to write down what he told her to. Riiiight.

Too late! Police now had Anthony Delagarza’s name, and they were also able to match the fingerprints on the list to him.

When the police told Maryann Castorena they had found the victim’s blood in her vehicle, she continued to lie. She told them that Jose Hernandez had had a nosebleed while a passenger in the Avalanche. Funny how she knew the blood was on the passenger seat — the police hadn’t told her that.

Detective Michael Tamminga said to the evil hellbitch, “Every time I come up with a piece of information, you add it to your story. There isn’t a person on the face of the earth that is going to believe the story you’re coming up with.”

When investigators questioned Anthony Delagarza about his involvement in the murder, he tried to claim he had an alibi. Unfortunately for him, his uncle told investigators that he’d been out of the house for a few hours that evening.

During the investigation, a witness told the sheriff’s office how “sometime prior to the homicide, Anthony Delagarza and Jamie Hinojosa came to him and asked if he could get a gun. [The witness] explained that they needed the gun to kill someone for his insurance money. [The witness] further told investigators that 1 or 2 days after the murder, Anthony told him to watch the news and that they had ‘got him’.”

Anthony Delagarza made the best move he could in the circumstances. He made a deal with the prosecution. He agreed to plead guilty to 2nd-degree murder and testify against Maryann Castorena. In return he faces life in prison with a chance of parole.

Anthony Delagarza told the police where they could find the murder weapon. He is now scheduled to be sentenced at the end of 2014. I shall keep readers updated — reminders are welcome.

At Maryann Castorena’s trial for 1st-degree murder, conspiracy to commit 1st-degree murder, solicitation to commit 1st-degree murder and making a false statement to a police officer, Anthony Delagarza told all. He left nothing important out that I can tell. He told how she had offered him money to kill her ex-boyfriend, and how they met frequently to plan it all out. He told about the ambush and how he’d murdered the man who’d considered him his friend. He told about getting into her car all bloody, and burning the clothes. He identified the murder weapon. He admitted to previous crimes including arson, and being a former member of the Latin Kings gang.

The prosecution certainly got everything they wanted from Anthony Delagarza. He’d held nothing back.

The defense attorney had only one option: to blame the entire thing on Anthony Delagarza.

Defense attorney John Beason said at the beginning of the trial that Anthony Delagarza murdered the victim over unpaid money for a car insurance scam — making it sound like it was Jose Hernandez who had arranged for his own car to be set on fire.

At the end of the trial, attorney Beason said that Anthony Delagarza had intended to rob the victim. There was no evidence that any of Jose Hernandez’s possessions or money had been taken.

Attorney Beason explain his client’s lies as an effort to protect her children from Anthony Delagarza.

On November 13, 2014, after deliberating for 6 hours, the jury found Maryann Castorena, 49, guilty of 1st-degree murder, solicitation of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and providing false information to an officer.

Maryann Castorena is facing a mandatory life sentence. No parole for her. She’d been planning to get rich — to become a millionaire — by killing her a good man, but she’s only succeeded in gaining free room and board in prison. Not exactly a lifestyle of the rich and famous!

Long may Maryann Castorena and Anthony Alfred Delagarzo rot in prison. May neither of them see the light of day again.

For the witness who knew about the upcoming murder and chose not to approach the police, I wish shame upon him. He could have done the right thing and saved a life, but he didn’t.

And for Maryann Castorena’s son, Jamie Hinojosa, who accompanied Anthony Delagarzo in his search for a gun, I wish the world of shame upon him. I don’t know if he knew the intended victim was the very man who was so good to him, but it sounds like he knew somebody was going to die. That doesn’t make him a decent, worthwhile person at all. I hope it’s not too much to hope he matures in a good person who chooses to do the right thing from now on.

RIP, Jose Hernandez. I hope the sentences his killers will have to serve will ease the pain and anguish his family and friends must feel. I extend my condolences to those who are mourning his loss.


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  1. moodymagic says:

    Homely is what i’d call Castorena. The disgusting hell beast needs to rot in prison. Poor Jose what did he see in this dog face Bitch. He deserved so much better.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Poor guy, his biggest crime was to love an arsehole. And what an ugly fucker at that, she looks like she’s had a pound of filler put into her lips and its migrated to her nose. I don’t buy that the son didn’t know anything, he must’ve known, its was his mother and friend who killed the guy for christ sake. Anyway these two bastard’s deserve a place in the bengalpuss dungeon of terror, may they rot in jail until their nasty bodies succumb.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    I wonder if the guy who married old dog face had any idea what she was up to. She probably was going to insure him too and bump him off later.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Dog face lol i love it bulldoggy, although joebob doesn’t seem to think so, he would tongue punch her fart box, his words not mine but still funny!!

  4. joebob says:

    I dont know what u all are talking about, i would hit this twice. Shes not all that or nothing but very doable…might even tongue punch her fart box.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Joebob, i think you need to seek psychiatric help if you would contemplate tongue punching fuck face’s fart box as you so elequently put it. I must admit though your comment did make me laugh to the point of nearly pissing myself, so at least you know you made someone trickle. Very funny comment though thanks

  5. Gerardo says:

    This whole story not all true there’s a lot more but person who wrote the article didn’t go to all court dates there was a lot missing especially how hit man failed polygraph and kept changing his stories after the law caught him lying about everything don’t think she got a affair trial

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Ummm this dumb broad had the VICTIMS BLOOD in HER CAR. Let me guess, the ‘masked man’ who broke into her home and made her right down her murder list broke into her car too and dumped some blood???? Gerardo, word of advice, let this fish go back in the sea….or else you will be the next guy she sics her boytoys on with a wrench!

    • Tania says:

      Don’t care if she got a far trial or not. She’s liar, a user and a murderer. She got what she deserves! Life isn’t fair. Tough shit!

  6. Gerardo says:

    Angry little Mexican I guess you believe everything you read on paper and watch on TV you believe is true lol..poor little Mexican the blood they found didn’t say how old was blood with DNA they can tell but I think they wanted someone to pay for the crime Holland police did mess up in crime scene didn’t use gloves on scene the lawyer caught them in first court I was there every court case from the beginning that’s why I think probably it got there when the police investor search the truck If I was can appeal that

  7. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Poor Little Gerardo – I don’t believe everything I read, like your opinion. ESPECIALLY some guy standing up for a killer. There are these things called ‘transcripts’. Look up the definition, you’ll see why it’s totally not necessary to ‘be at every court date’. Obviously DNA evidence, hitman, confessions, motive – these things don’t mean anything to you.
    Have fun with your penpal – but you shouldn’t believe everything you hear – especially if it’s from the mouth of a hateful woman.

  8. Not afraid says:

    when i was a kid in south texas…. I swore to mary this girl… I knew her as a child,… She had a hard upbringing,… And due to her parents getting married they took her away from me…. And i swore to look her up one day and get married to her,… No i am in my early forties and boy am i lucky not to have engaged a serious relationship with her…. I must have seen her in south texas about three to four years ago…. We hit it off like old good friends but nothing matured after that …. She went back to michigan and again i stayed behind in texas…. Boy was i a lucky bastard… Again i never thought she would commit murder,… Child friend of mine…. May god bless you wherever you are…. And for the deceased may you rest in peace….. I am upset and distraut… Why why why….

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Disgusting

  10. Lincoln says:

    Maryann….you and Anthony killed Jose for money 💰. God said THOSE WHO CONTINUALLY THIRST FOR MONEY THEIR DESIRE WILL NEVER BE QUENCHED.

    Had you read Proverbs chapters 5, 6, & 7 coupled with making WISDOM your sister (Proverbs chapter one), you could have avoided the tricks/wiles of the devil (Ephensians chapter 6 verses 10-17). The 15 minutes to read this message from God’s holy work verses the NUMEROUS years you will spend in prison would have been worth the time. As the cliche goes, “Man-up” and quit the denials. Remember, you must stand before God one day and there is no saving beyond the grave.

    The devil set a trap of GREED for you and you took the bait hiring (Another) another for the promise of 75K. You, living between two men, have ruined the lives of so many people. God said THERE IS NO SAVING BEYOND THE GRAVE. You had better acknowledged your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while the blood is still flowing warm in your veins or be prepared to spend eternity in hell.

    May God bless you and your family.

  11. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Man, she’s a woofer

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