Mary Rader, Deana Beighley & Dennis Beighley

Mary Rader and Deana Beighley

Crimes: Child Abuse, Starvation, Aggravated Assault

Mary C. Rader of Greenville, Pennsylvania, along with her mother, Deana Beighley, and her stepfather, Dennis Beighley, are really lucky people. They might not feel so lucky, but if fate hadn’t intervened, they would have had a dead child on their hands and been charged with murder.

Beighley houseIn early June 2014, a woman was walking her dog in Greenville. She was surprised to see a small child in the back yard of 35 N. Second Street. The surprise wasn’t that there was a child, but that the child was extremely emaciated. Bless her soul, the woman called the authorities.

On June 6, 2014 Mercer County Youth Services caseworkers responded to the call. Sure enough they found a 7-year-old boy who was horrifically starved. The poor little guy weighed between 20 and 25 pounds.

Dennis Beighley, 58, and Deana Beighley, 47, lived at that address with her daughter, Mary C. Rader, 28, who was the mother of the starving boy.

There were other children in the home — the boy’s siblings. His 11- and 4-year-old sisters were healthy, and his 9-year-old brother was a bit underfed.

The girls told the police that their youngest brother was hated by the adults in the family, and so he was confined to his room or the back porch and fed only tiny amounts of tuna and eggs. If he tried to steal bread to eat, the adults would beat him with a belt.

How hungry was this boy? He was so hungry he would try to catch bugs to eat in the back yard. Bugs.

The adults weren’t content to just starve and beat this little guy. They didn’t let him wash up either. The only time he got a shower was when he was being punished with icy cold water.

I would not be surprised if the boy was emotionally abused as well. He was hated (how can a mother so hate her child?) and he must have felt it and heard it every single day.

The boy was also punished by not being sent to school to be educated. Mary Rader took him out of school in August 2013. I’m sure the only education that child got at home was how to try to avoid being punished by the hellbeasts in the house.

And to make the boy’s life even more miserable, he was deprived of dental care. He had two abscessed teeth to cause him constant pain.

Mary Rader's sonAlso causing him pain were his protruding bones. His skin actually broke open in some parts of his body because he was so skeletal.

On June 6, 2014 the victim was rushed to UPMC Children’s Hospital. In the opinion of the attending doctors, he was mere days from death by cardiac arrest.

“The child was starved. (The victim) is the worst case of medical neglect that I have ever seen in my seven years as a pediatrician,” said Dr. Jennifer Wolford. “Multiple physicians at Children’s Hospital are in agreement with this assessment. There is not one physician at Children’s who disagree with this assessment.”

Dr. Wolford continued, “It is impossible to me that this severe neglect and active abuse was not visible. He was being starved in his own home around others of normal weight.”

Yup, the mother and grandparents knew full well that boy was starving to death. There is no way they couldn’t have known. And they knew he was physically abused because they damn well abused him!

The boy’s siblings were placed in foster care, thank goodness.

Mary RaderOn July 17, 2014, Dennis and Deana Beighley, and Mary Rader were arrested and charged with false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of children, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint of a minor, criminal conspiracy and other charges. They were released on bond.

On August 8, 2014, the hellbeasts had their first court date, and the judge ordered them to stand trial on attempted murder. District Judge Brian Arthur, after seeing the shocking photos and medical reports, ordered the child abusers jailed and set bail at $100,000.

Spectators in the courtroom were so pleased with the judge’s decision that they applauded. I would have applauded too had I been there.

The defense that Dennis and Deana Beighley and Mary Rader mounted was that the boy had trouble keeping his weight on. The trouble with that argument was that, within 2 months of his rescue, the boy put on over 20 pounds and kept it on.

On February 6, 2015, Mary Rader and Deana Beighley pled guilty to aggravated assault. In exchange, charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and child endangerment were dropped. The defense attorney argued that they all loved the boy and cared for him but he suffered from a growth hormone problem.

“The factual basis for the plea is the boy lost a good bit of weight due to some health problems and eating issues, and they neglected to get him medical attention because they feared, correctly, that if he saw a health care professional, he’d be removed from the home,” said the attorney.

Really? That’s the best “positive spin” the lawyer could put on the whole situation? That his clients would rather see that boy dead than take him for medical care. Wow.

Dennis BeighleyDennis Beighley, the step-grandfather, pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child. His attorney said that Dennis Beighley cared about the boy and had regrets for not doing more for him. He said his client “probably, in the end, realizes he could have done more by at least calling the doctor or the hospital.” Ya think?

Mercer County Judge Christopher St. John dismissed the more serious charges against the step-grandfather because he wasn’t directly responsible for caring for the boy.

Deana Beighley faces 5 to 10 years in prison — the same sentence she would’ve faced for attempted murder, which is why the DA was willing to drop that charge.

Mary Rader faces a minimum 3 to 4 1/2 years in prison. Dennis Beighley might get less than 2 years and be allowed to serve his time in county jail.

I’d say all 3 of these sadistic bastards got a great plea deal — a fantastic plea deal. Disgusting.

All 3 hellbeasts are scheduled to return to court on April 27, 2015, and I assume that’s when the sentencing will take place. I shall endeavour to update readers — reminders are welcome.

None of this, the plea deals and the guilty pleas, explains what the hell was going on in that family. Why did that boy get targeted for torture and starvation? And was his brother next?

The DA suggested that the grandmother, Deana Beighley, had hated the boy and she influenced the others to join in the abuse. That doesn’t explain to me why the children’s mother went along with the sadistic cruelty. They are all heartless, soulless, inhuman beasts — they’d have to be to do that to an innocent child.

I don’t know where the father(s) of the children is/are. Why was Mary Rader given custody? Didn’t the father(s) fight for visitation even?

And why the hell wasn’t anyone checking on the children? The boy was removed from school and apparently nobody in authority gave a flying rat’s ass about him after that. He was allowed to be hidden out of sight and forgotten.

Thank gawd for the dog-walking neighbour. She literally saved a life because she gave a damn about a suffering child. Kudos to her! The Beighleys and Mary Rader should give thanks to her every single day for preventing them from becoming killers.

I wish the best lives possible for those 4 children. I hope they are all in a happy, safe, loving, nurturing, supportive family now, with a future of great possibilities ahead of them.

I am disgusted that Mary Rader and the Beighleys will be out in a relatively short time. Mary Rader, the murderous, monstrous mother, will still be young enough to have more children. Please, men of Greenville, don’t touch that woman carnally. Avoid her completely, and don’t let her near your own children.

I wish suffering upon the Beighleys and Mary Rader. They not only neglected and starved a child, but they beat and tortured him too. Hopefully the people of Greenville will let them all know how they are regarded in the community — with revulsion and disgust.

Mary Rader was sentenced to 5½ to 15 years in prison. Deana Beighley received five to 10 years, and Dennis Beighley received 22 months to five years.

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14 Responses to Mary Rader, Deana Beighley & Dennis Beighley

  1. HEART2SOFT says:

    I think women who abuse their children and go to jail, then get out young enough to still procreate should be forced to have hysterectomies. Have these people never read or even seen a Bible?? Do they not learn in society that this is wrong?? I am appalled! Thank goodness for the kindness and alertness of strangers. The picture of that poor pitiful little boy just disturbs me and breaks my heart. Your wishes of suffering on those Hellbeasts are not quite strong enough. They should be acquainted with some of these acid loving freaks I’ve read about on here.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    That poor boy, no doubt he’s gonna need a lot of therapy wondering why they hated him and none of the other children. Old granny looks like she never missed a meal lard arse she is. Thank god for the dog walker, she’s my hero today, she did the right thing by calling the authorities. If that woman wouldn’t have seen this poor boy, he’d be dead, 20pounds thats like one and half stone, i can’t wrap my head around a mother watching and participating in the systematic torture of her own flesh and blood, horrible cunt’s the lot of them

  3. moodymagic says:

    I truly don’t understand these monsters. Looks like granny should have been the one being starved. Burn in hell beasts.

  4. Eric says:

    Pigs. I don’t have words that do justice to what these losers need to have done to them. I can only pray for the poor kid. I hope he finds a caring family.

  5. Rhonda says:

    These people should go to prison and never be released – never. And I agree with an earlier poster – if they are going to let hellbeast women of childbearing age out after doing something like this then a condition of their release should be sterilization before they are unleashed on society. I also think in this particular case each of these hellbeasts should be charged for acts of child abuse against all of the other children in the home because even if they were well fed and didn’t have a mark on them imagine the psychological torture, pain and suffering they endured, the mental anguish involved with growing up in a home like that and watching your own sibling suffer and starve and cry out in pain and nearly be killed over and over again for how ever long this went one. I mean could just bet they probably threatened those other children it they didn’t mind or tried to tell anyone the same would happen to them or worse.

  6. Mia says:

    That poor, poor boy. It is absolutely loathsome that a woman could do that to her own child. I don’t know how ANYONE could do that to.ANY child, really. 20-25 pounds?!? For a seven year old?!? My ten month old baby weighs almost 26 pounds, for FFS. Just despicable. These beasts deserve to rot.

  7. Steve says:

    It doesn’t seem real. This actually happened. Hard to believe or make a comment.

  8. Thomas says:

    I’m afraid that when they are released he will be put back in their care and then the cycle will go on. The abuse will start all over again. I feel they will gain sympathy of the judge who doesn’t really care about the case and just wants to go on to the next one.Look at the plea deal they got if they can do that they can do much worse things like getting him back into their custody.

  9. Thomas says:

    I’m afraid that when they are released he will be put back in their care and then the cycle will go on. The abuse will start all over again. I feel they will gain sympathy of the judge who doesn’t really care about the case and just wants to go on to the next one.

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Evil.

    Arseholes is what they are for that Child Abuse carried out

    Again why they did Not get the Death Penalty ?

    Clearly Guilty of Child Abuse

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Mothers that are Not Fit to be Mothers Need to have the Children
    they have Failed taken into Care

  12. Tom Daly says:

    If I had MY way I would make sure that Mary stayed in prison until she was too old to have children. Or, better yet, I’d make her wear a sign round her neck that reads “I AM A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER AND A HUMAN BEING” or “I AM A CHILD ABUSER”. Then all men would think twice before they go near her!. Maybe even inflict the same torture on her than she made her child go through: no medical checkups, barely any food and severe beatings.

  13. BeenThere says:

    Mugshot of mom shows “scared”, grandmother “DUH” I say starve the fuckturds..

  14. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Pennsylvania. Big fucking surprise there. That is one fucked up state. That’s where I met my son’s abusive murdering father and his extremely fucked up family. Dammit, I HATE people who abuse children, especially their own. There’s a special place waiting for these motherfuckers when they die…💀💀💀

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