Mary Grandberry

Hellbeast Mary Grandberry
Crime: Pedophile, Murder

Pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes, so I shouldn’t be surprised by the case of Mary Grandberry of Silver Creek, Mississippi. But she doesn’t look like a hellbeast. If she’d combed her hair for her mug shot, she would resemble my friend’s mother-in-law, the one who makes a fantastic roast dinner. But have no doubt about it, Mary Grandberry is a hellbeast of the first order, and her baby granddaughter Daria suffered horribly at her hands.

Daria K’Mya Grandberry didn’t live long enough to learn to walk, to talk, to tell anyone what grandma was doing to her. Daria K’Mya Grandberry only lived to 4 months of age.

How the friggin hell can anyone consider an infant a sexual object? But in July 2004, 52-year-old Mary Grandberry apparently decided that a 4-month-old girl’s vagina was fair game. I don’t know if it was the first time or the hundredth time that the poor baby was molested, but this time was the last time. Something was forced inside little Daria’s privates, and that something was big enough and long enough to do some real damage.

Darling little baby Daria K’Mya Grandberry began to internally hemorrhage immediately after this sexual assault.

Daria’s mother Keisha Grandberry discovered her baby in distress and rushed her to a Columbia doctor. On July 21, 2004, at Marion General Hospital in Columbia, Daria died. The coroner ruled she died due to “complications resulting from molestation.”

I cannot imagine how Keisha Grandberry felt, returning childless to the home she shared with her parents and then finding out her baby died at the hands of a molester. Sadly, but understandably, all eyes turned to grandpa Robert Grandberry. It must’ve been hell for the man, dealing with the death of his granddaughter as well as the rumors and the doubts about his innocence.

The police immediately began questioning everyone that had contact with Daria on the last day and a half of her life. As a result of their investigation and the DNA test results, grandma Mary Grandberry was charged with capital murder in September 2004.

The baby’s father Daryl Stewart said, “I feel much better now that they’ve arrested somebody, it’s been 2 to 3 months, it’s been hell for me.”

As to why Mary Grandberry would do it he said, “… she did it because she’s on them drugs. She was caught a week before my daughter’s death with a crack pipe on the road.” Stewart added, “I think they should take her life too cause that was a baby she didn’t have to go that route.”

No, the POS pedophile murderer Mary Grandberry did not have to go that route. I don’t care if she was drug-addled. It was far more likely something in her nature rather than something in her bloodstream that made her shove something up little Daria’s private parts.

Mary Grandberry spent around 2 years in jail after her arrest before being placed on a medical release.

“She had a lot of health problems, and the judge put her on a medical release pending trial,” said the Lawrence County Sheriff Joel Thames.

And if Daryl Stewart thought 2-3 months was a long wait, he must have been shocked that it took until 2011 for justice to be served. That’s 7 years! Haldon Kittrell, district attorney for the 15th Circuit Court District, speculated the delay was due to “exhaustive motions filed by the defense team.”

Wow, 7 years of motions? That’s a lot of paperwork. But finally in 2011 they were headed for a trial.

Haldon Kittrell was worried. “The defense was really harping on the fact that they had an expert who was going to say the death wasn’t based on sexual battery, but on a liver malfunction.”

WTF, what about the molestation?

“The expert acknowledged the sexual battery was there, but didn’t acknowledge it was the cause of death,” said Kittrell.

And so the D.A.’s office reevaluated their case.

“If the jury accepted the expert’s opinion, we would have had acquittal,” explained Kittrell. “We had to do something and couldn’t let her walk.”

And so hellbeast pedophile murderer Mary Grandberry, the druggie grandma, got a great deal. She pled guilty to sexual battery instead of going to trial for capital murder.

Before sentencing Mary Grandberry asked for a week with her family including her great-grandbaby before being sent to prison. WTF she still had access to babies? I hope somebody was keeping a very close watch on that bitch for the 5 years she wasn’t behind bars. Was she keeping off of drugs all that time?

Mary Grandberry, now 60, was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 10 years suspended by Circuit Court Judge Prentiss Harrell. She was also ordered to pay the cost of court, a $1500 fine and $1500 to the public defender’s fund.

The public defender, Bob Evans, said his client accepted the reduced charge because of her desire to “get everything over with.”

“She decided it was in her best interest not to go to court on a capital murder case,” said Bob Evans. “She wanted to get everything over with, get the family out of the situation it’s been in for years now.”

Oh, yeah? How does the family return to normal? Daria was molested — even Mary’s expert witness said so. And Mary admitted she had sexually assaulted the baby. And then there’s the little detail of Daria dying right after she was molested.

Mary Grandberry will be 70 when she’s released from prison. I hope she spends every day of those 10 years thinking about that precious life she snuffed out. Rot in hell, Mary.

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10 Responses to Mary Grandberry

  1. bugman says:

    Bitch should die in jail. No excuse for hurting a baby that way! I don’t care if she was on drugs that’s no excuse.

  2. liz says:

    same should be done to her!

  3. moodymagic says:

    Grandma’s are suppose to be kind loving guardians this BITCH should die and be inflicted with the same punishment for what she did to her own beautiful grandbaby. Make me sick

  4. Nicole says:

    Holy shit. I have done a LOT of drugs in my life and have never had the inclination to physically harm a person, let alone sexually abuse an infant. What a horrifying, excruciating death :(

  5. Kimber says:

    Drugs, my fat ass. She’s a murdering pedophile just as bad as the male scum we so often see here. Hope she dies in jail. Shake hands with Satan, Mary!

    • Benny says:

      Disgusting…Makes me ashamed to be from Silver Creek,im gonna think twice before i let my kids out to play with Creatures like this prowling round my Neighbourhood,hopes she dies and horrible death.

  6. Benny says:

    Makes me ashamed to be from Silver Creek…Burn in Hell Mary

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    She got a week to say goodbye to the family and new grandchild. Daria Didn.t get an extra week to say goodbye to her mom. Fucking plea deals, so basically she’s admitted it to save her own arse. She’s a mother, grandmother, what the fuck is she doing sexually assaulting and ultimately killing her granddaughter. I can never get my head around why someone would do that and why someone could look at a child in a sexual way, i just don.t understand it. I was watching a programme on tv about africa and aids. Anyway this guy had aids and the local witch doctor told him he could get rid of it by having sex with a baby. He did with an 8 month old baby and it shown the baby and the child was awake but it was like the baby was in shock this was two months after the rape, i’ll never forget that babys stare it was blank with a really sad stare. I swear if i could of got hold of that bastard that did that, i would gladly go to prison knowing that there was one less pedo on this planet.

  8. Lisa says:

    I was blessed to know her, hold her, love her, name her. Tragic. Beautiful baby. Some of the story is missing. Still feels like a nightmare. Still feels like it just happened. All I can say is VENGEANCE IS MINE SAID THE LORD! I judge not. The guilty will always have their judgement. R.I.P. Daria—– precious angel. I love you.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    Im sorry for your loss, were you related to little daria? with you mentioning naming her i assume that you must have been related. I think that the sentence given to that horrible woman, was not enough, she should remain in jail forever until she dies in my opinion. Once again sorry for your loss.

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