Martina Levato, Alexander Boettcher & Andrea Magnani

martina levato and alexander boettcher

Crimes: Aggravated Assault.

Do you know what I feel about sadomasochism? Nothing. If a couple agrees to participate in painful, humiliating crap like that, big deal. Hot wax, spankings, whipping, I don’t care — just so long as it’s consensual and not life-threatening. Live and let live, I say. BUT if that sadomasochism spills over into harming other people, then the evil f*ckturdian spooge rags are likely to wind up showcased here.

Today’s hellbeastly lovers are Alexander Boettcher and Martina Levato. There’s a third hellbeast, Andrea Magnani, who is also part of the story but not part of the kinky sex.

These 3 shitstain turdpiles are from Italy. Too bad for Italy, but hellbeasts have to come from somewhere.

Alexander Boettcher is the sadistic asswipe of the group. I think he fancied himself as the fellow from that literary bestseller, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. He is a millionaire property broker who filled his home with BDSM equipment. He had quite the collection: whips, handcuffs, chloroform, combat knives, acid and a scalpel.

hmTLTGCAlexander Boettcher was married to a model, but that didn’t curtail his varied sex life. His buff body and his wads of cash made him very popular with the girls, even if his sick, sadistic, sexual demands might have turned some of them off.

And then, in 2013, Alexander Boettcher met the economics student, Martina Levato. She threw everything she had into the relationship. She had his name tattooed on her breast. She allowed him to carve an “A” into her cheek — not just 3 straight lines but a fancy “A” with swoops and curves. She also let him carve it inside her thigh.

Disgustingly, Martina Levato drank Alexander Boettcher’s urine, and watched as he pulled the head off of a live chicken. Sick monsters!

Martina Levato participated in kinky threesomes where Alexander Boettcher would demand to be called “The King” and control the women’s every move. She used steroids to lose weight because he ordered her to. And the stupid cumbucket got pregnant with his child.

Even after all this display of devotion, Alexander Boettcher wasn’t happy with Martina Levato. The rat bastard decided she needed to be “purified”. He instructed her to compose a list of her former love interests. She complied and wrote down the names of 8 men. And then the two sick hellbeasts plotted to disfigure all of those men. Not with knives. Not with box cutters. With acid.

Did Martina Levato react in horror when she found out men she’d been involved with were going to be horribly and agonizingly disfigured? For no reason except their lunatic “purification” bullshit? Hell no.

Did she beg Alexander Boettcher to spare those men? Hell no. Instead she really got into the evil scheme. And reportedly she added her sister to the list.

“I wanted to do something evil for Alexander to prove that I loved him,” Martina Levato said.

andrea magniniHorrifically, the vile pair of psychos weren’t the only ones involved in the scheme. A banker, Andrea Magnani, got roped into helping. He provided the acid, he drove the hellbeasts around, and he phoned the victims about a “package delivery” to lure them out of their homes.

Now why the hell would Andrea Magnani do these things? According to him, he was convinced by Alexander Boettcher to become an accomplice. He was contending with “a strenuous and difficult economic, personal and family situation” at the time, and the sadistic millionaire used that as leverage. I’m not sure if that means he was bribed, blackmailed or seduced into helping, but help he did.

In 2014, the depraved band of three set about hunting down the men on the list and heartlessly assaulting them.

The first victim was Pietro Barbini, 22. He’d been Martina Levato’s high school sweetheart. For that, he had acid thrown in his face, and was hit with a hammer.

I understand that Mr. Barbini had to undergo 10 operations and skin grafts. He had 3rd-degree burns plus damage to his eye. Surgeons had to rebuild his nose and eyelid. The poor man said he may never have the “courage to go back into the world”.

Stefano Savi was attacked by these filthy bastards on his way home from a discotheque. He hadn’t dated Martina Levato. In fact, he had never met her. The poor man was the victim of mistaken identity.

Stefano Savi was attacked because of his resemblance to Giuliano Carparelli, a student who had had a relationship with Martina Levato. And now the man has to live with a disfigured face and damaged vision. I understand he has to wear a mask for 15 hours a day to minimize scarring.

When the hellbeasts tracked down and threw acid at the real Giuliano Carparelli, he luckily managed to duck and dodge and avoid being hit.

Antonio Margarito fared better than other victims. In May 2014, Martina Levato attempted but failed to castrate him.

The evil trio was caught and arrested before they got through the list of 8 men. Martina Levato gave birth to a son in prison, and the baby was taken away immediately. The prosecutor figured “it would be better for the child never to know who its parents were”. I would agree with that.

Martina Levato and Alexander Boettcher were sentenced in August 2015 to 14 years in prison for the acid attack on Pietro Barbini.

Judge Giuseppe Gennari said of them, “I have had to deal with criminals of every level and category: mafia, ‘Ndrangheta, armed robbers, terrorists ready to kill unarmed people, professional killers. But I have never felt a sense of danger so intense.”

Psychiatric reports described the two hellbeasts as “manipulative and egocentric”. Specifically, the reports said that Alexander Boettcher is “sadistic, obsessive and controlling”, while Martina Levato has “a borderline personality disorder”.

Andrea Magnani was sentenced to 9 years 4 months in prison for helping the immoral asswipes to carry out their plan.

There was an appeal in April 2016 in a Milan appeals court. The 14-year sentence for Alexander Boettcher remained the same, but 2 years was cut off of Martina Levato’s sentence.

There was a separate trial for criminal racketeering with intent to carry out a series of acid attacks. In March 2016, Martina Levato was sentenced to 16 years. After appealing her sentence in February 2017, her accumulated jail time that she has to serve is now 20 years.

Alexander Boettcher was sentenced to 23 years, and his accumulated jail time totals 37 years.

The baby was put up for adoption, bless his wee heart. I hope and pray that he grows up in a loving, stable, nurturing environment, and lives a long, happy and successful life. May he never know what vile creatures were his biological parents.

As for the victims, Stefano Savi and Pietro Barbini, I hope and pray that their lives are filled with all the love and support they need to overcome or at least cope with the horrific damage that was done to them.

In such monstrous circumstances, I find myself wishing that the perpetrators could bear the same punishment as they dished out on their victims. A cupful of acid upon their faces and bodies would instantly render them incapable of hurting anyone else in the future.

As it is, Alexander Boettcher and Martina Levato will get out of prison fully capable of blending into the general population. Their victims will never have that luxury. The best we can hope for is that these sick, selfish and cowardly hellbeasts suffer miserably every single day of their incarceration, and get super fat now they’re off their steroids.

And Andrea Magnini deserves to lose his professional standing. He deserves to be homeless and begging for handouts.

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11 Responses to Martina Levato, Alexander Boettcher & Andrea Magnani

  1. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Maybe she will let someone carve “Pathetic Dumbass” on her fucking head.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    These 3 are definite hellbeasts. Who should be punished the same way they did to the poor victims. All my sympathy lies with the poor victims. I wish them all the best and truly hope they get all the support they need to live the best lives possible.

  3. Tom Daly says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Those monsters need to be put through unadulterated pain and suffering for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  4. Bengalpuss. says:

    Eye for an eye, these 3 knobheads should have acid flung into their faces. I believe that if anybody breaks the law and commits a crime, then the law should sentence that person to the same crime that that person did to them, tit for tat as they say. Those poor guys, not only have they had to suffer the pain and anxiety what was done to them, they’ll have to deal with people staring at them and saying horrible things, cos they’re are some evil vindictive cunts on this planet who say and do rotten things. I wish all the best to these two brave guys.

    • 2cute says:

      Bengal, I’d be sure to drop some acid on The King’s dick too. The sick crap he’s done I think he’s lost the privilege of using it any more.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        2cute, I apologise for asking this, who’s the king? You’ve lost me on this one. If you mean prince Charles, he should have it on his ears, they need shrinking. Sorry for being a tad slow today. Your gonna tell me and I’m gonna go “oh now I get it” brain cells are dead love lol.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Went and reread the article, told you 2cute, I’m as thick as pig shit. His dungeon master name the “king” yeah definitely poured onto his schlong. Forgive me for being slow today

  5. miss mortician says:

    I have no real clue as to how “Boettcher” is pronounced, but in my head it seems it would sound awful close to “Butcher”; would certainly be fitting.

  6. Dawn says:

    Is the guy in the towel Alexander Boetttcher? Are those scars all over him??

  7. bk says:

    I wonder if she’s single?

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