Martin Smith & Lianne Smith

Hellbeast Martin Smith
Crimes: Pedophile, Murder

There once was a British psychic named Martin Smith who had gained some measure of fame on the TV show “Most Haunted.” Martin Smith, who I gathered was able to communicate with the dead, is now one of them. He hanged his psychic self in his cell at Strangeways prison in Manchester, UK.

What the hell was a TV psychic doing in prison, you ask? Martin Smith was exactly, precisely where he belonged because he was a convicted pedophile. His victim was his stepdaughter Sarah, and he had raped for more than a decade, starting when she was only 7 years old. Only 7!

Gawd, I hate pedophiles!

Sarah was not only extremely unlucky to have Martin POS pedophile Smith as her stepfather, but she was also unlucky in her choice of mother as well. The woman, Lianne Smith, when told about the sexual abuse, actually told her daughter, “If you are going to spread lies, you are no daughter of mine. I’m not going to listen to poison like that.”

Sarah SmithThat is damned cold. Almost any other mother would’ve curb stomped the pervert to death upon learning about the rapes, but not Sarah’s mother Lianne. Poor Sarah. Lucky Martin Smith to have such a devoted, trusting, stupid woman.

Lianne Smith was incredibly a children’s services manager. And  even while working for children’s services she ignored the physical abuse Martin Smith heaped upon her daughter and son.

Kudos to Sarah though, she not only survived the sexual abuse but she also went to the authorities so he couldn’t molest anyone else. Martin Smith was arrested in 2007 and questioned by the police about his stepdaughter’s allegations.

After protesting his innocence Martin Smith “innocently” fled the country much to his victim’s chagrin. He wound up in Spain with his devoted woman Lianne Smith and their 3-year-old daughter Rebecca.

Hellbeast Lianne SmithThat’s right, after ignoring the physical and sexual abuse Martin Smith had been dishing out for years on her children Lianne Smith went ahead and had a daughter with him! Wow. AND she fled the country with him to elude the police, which is what totally innocent people do.

So the three Smiths settled in Barcelona where son Daniel was born. YES! Lianne Smith had 2 children with an accused pedophile! They set up business in Barcelona and were enjoying a life unfettered by British justice.

Police in Britain meantime were none too thrilled that pedophile Martin Smith had fled, so they launched an international manhunt.

Martin POS pedophile Smith was arrested and detained in a Spanish prison in March 2010. He was subsequently extradited back to the UK to face those nasty child sex abuse charges.

Rebecca SmithPoor Lianne Smith, deprived of her beloved pedophile partner, was afraid that 5-year-old Rebecca and 11-month-old Daniel would be seized by social services! What is a woman to do?

NOT what hellbitch Lianne Smith did! She fled with her wee ones so that the evil social services people couldn’t take the children away from their delusional mother. I don’t know if the social services people were aware that Lianne Smith was freaking crazy as a loon.

In May, 2010 Lianne Smith checked into Room 101 of Hotel Miramar in the seaside resort of Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava. She took the kiddies out to play on the beach and have a really nice weekend.

And then Lianne Smith snuffed the life out of those precious babies in room 101 of Hotel Miramar. She suffocated them both with a plastic bag. And then she sent a farewell letter and photos to a publicist in the U.K.

Daniel Smith“Please find enclosed a batch of pictures that I took this weekend of my children. Since last speaking with you an attempt was made to take my children,” she wrote. “Fortunately I got out of the city with them and gave them a short and wonderful holiday before events you will start to hear about in the Press.”

Freaking psycho bitch! She murdered her children for what? Because her pedophile partner was taken away from her? Because social services MIGHT have taken her children away from her? WTF?

Was proving herself a fit parent that impossible that she felt no hope she’d be able to keep her kids? And why did she prefer to have those precious babies dead than living with someone else?

I told you she was freaking crazy. And evil.

Lianne Smith was arrested and admitted smothering her babies but denied murdering them. She’s claiming that she’s not criminally responsible because of mental illness.

Actually, I buy it — that bitch is f*cking batshit crazy! She should be locked up forever, given electroshock therapy daily, and made all warm and cozy in a tailor-made straitjacket.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Martin the psycho psychic Smith was found guilty of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Strangeways PrisonReceiving and writing letters to each other became a big thing for the loving pair of Smiths. Lianne Smith continued to believe in Martin’s innocence. Martin Smith had to know that his babies were murdered by his adoring hellbitch partner. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal for him — me, I would have absolutely no relationship with anyone who hurt my loved ones, much less anyone who killed them! Or maybe Martin had absolutely nobody and nothing else left in his life. Maybe he felt an overpowering grief at the loss of his babies.

In the end, Lianne Smith’s absolute and deranged devotion wasn’t enough for Martin. The convicted pedophile psychic hanged himself in his cell in January 2012 and Lianne the psycho killer was put on suicide watch in a secure psychiatric unit in Spain.

Sarah has happily gone on with her life. She is a nurse now and she’s married to an electrician.

Martin Smith, the convicted pedophile, is now facing the ultimate judgment. And Lianne Smith the murdering mom will join him, sooner or later — in hell.

On June 21, 2012, in a Spanish court of law, Lianne Smith was found guilty of murdering her babies. Her defence strategy of claiming mental illness was rejected. Lianne is going to be spending a long time in prison now. BIG SURPRISE in court — DNA results show that her two children were not fathered by the pedophile Smith.

The murderous bitch got 30 years in prison. May she rot in hell.

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12 Responses to Martin Smith & Lianne Smith

  1. moodymagic says:

    How sick is this story. It is wonderful Sarah had the courage to seek justice and has gone on with her life. Her poor siblings never had a chance. I am personally glad Martin killed himself. Burn in hell. Poor excuse of a mother Lianne needs to have some very large baseball bats connect with her head and face painfully for hours.

  2. 2cute says:

    I hate pedophiles but almost I feel sorry for this one. They deserve hell and all kinds of punishment, but having his babies murdered for no good reason is too brutal. Those poor babies. Why did they have to die? I just don’t get it. Lianne Smith is evil, pure evil.

  3. scrappy says:

    I feel no pity for him, but I certainly do for the children…all of them. The little ones look so sweet and happy in the photos. I can’t imagine the type of crazy it takes to smother your happy, loving baby until it is dead. Or your trusting 5 year old. You know she must have fought to live.

    Imagine how poor Sarah must feel, cad enough your mother allows horrific abuse and denies it to your face, but to know she killed your half-siblings…oooh ick, it’s terribly twisted. I would find it hard to think of many fond memories of a mother like that.

  4. Trace says:

    This story is almost too bizarre to believe. Lianne Smith must be insane, there is no justification or logic for killing the children.

  5. Eve says:

    As for this BITCH…what can I say? As callous as it sounds I’ve grown quite accustomed to these types of insane and disgusting stories to the point of being somewhat immune to them…Yes its sad as shit but honestly I’ve read about much worse shit then this one. Much much much worse.

    Cut the bitch and feed her to the sharks. Seriously. Just slice her wrists and dump her overboard.

  6. Kimber says:

    What a fucked-up family. Thank God my family was boring.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Now all that needs to happen is the mother kill herself. People may think im horrible for saying that, but think about those two little un’s, that fucking bitch deliberately put bags over their heads and smothered them. If any of you have the time, look up how long it takes to smother a person its not quick. In fact it can take upto 5-10 minutes. And the bitch didn.t even believe her own daughter. Just imagine how that must have felt for that kid, goes and pluck’s up the courage to tell her mother what that sick fuck had been doing to her, only to be called a liar. Im glad the police believed her. And then the mother goes and has two babies too this sick fuck. And she was a social worker. Im so pleased the girl has got a boyfriend and moving on with her life, and i pray for those two little ones that were so callously and brutally taken, by an evil bitch. And i hope she’s in general population and the other prisoners know why she’s there. They should do. This story was big news in britain at the time.

  8. Aletheia says:

    My (step)grandson is the age little Daniel was when he died. Such a precious age, when they’re blossoming with life and every minute is a new discovery. How could anyone even think about snuffing out the smile on a baby boy? Rebecca was old enough to understand what was happening – I can only hope she lost consciousness quickly. I hope Sarah and her electrician live a long happy life together. I hope Lianne gets haunted to death by Martin’s angry ghost.

  9. Gul says:

    Yes, I have absolutely no doubt that those in the care system have been subject to abuse from those in power but lianne smith was in absolutely no position to either uncover this abuse, or to make enemies of anyone in power . Incidentally, the reason families of home educated children are flagged is due to the fact that abusive parents want to hide their children from professionals and that this is an effective method of doing so.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      True, you usually find that kids who have been brutally abused or murdered were home schooled to hide the abuse, and a lot of it sadly goes on. Funny though how the kids turned out to not be the man who topped himself? Wonder if he would’ve killed himself had he known? Makes you wonder.

  10. Alexey says:

    I’m not sure that man is aggressor. It’s curiously if victim is only one. Unhappy woman made mistake, but system is guilty too, asap.

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