Martin Roland Morales, Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera & Crystal Rodriguez

Hellbeast Martin Morales and Crystal Rodriguez

Crimes: Pedophile, Child Abuse, Torture

In August 2009 San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an anonymous tip and rescued a 5-year-old boy from horrific circumstances. Inside a closet in the residence on Pah-ute Road in Apple Valley, California, the deputies found the young fellow covered with bruises, burns, and lacerations. He had been deprived of food and water for extended periods of time.

The boy had been living in the house with his mother, Desiree Marie Gonzales, his mother’s boyfriend/meth supplier Martin Morales, and his wife Crystal Rodriguez.

There were also an assortment of other adults and 8 other children living in the house. That’s a whole lot of people who either participated in or knew of the torture that the 5-year-old boy was being made to suffer.

We’ll never know who phoned in the tip to police but they no doubt saved a life.

The little boy’s torturers had burned much of his body with a glue gun and hot spoons. They had starved him, punched him, forced him to eat soap and made him crouch motionless in corners. They had also sodomized the poor little guy.

The chief torturers were Martin Roland Morales, AKA Bullet, and his buddy Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera (I can’t find his mugshot, dammit).

Hellbeast Martin Morales

Hellbeast Martin Morales

According to the victim, Martin POS baby beater Morales had punched him repeatedly in the face and made him sleep standing up in the corner. Whenever Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera would visit, he and Martin Morales would hang the boy upside down in the garage and hit him with a belt. They also burned him with a spoon and a lighter. They also sexually penetrated the little guy.

Where do these demonic pedo hellbeasts come from? The depths of hell, I guess. May they return there soon.

After deputies rescued the beaten, battered and hungry 5-year-old, they arrested and charged Martin Roland Morales and Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera with torture, child abuse and sodomizing a child.

Desiree Marie Gonzales, the mother, was arrested and charged with child abuse.

Crystal Rodriguez was arrested and charged with child endangerment involving her own 12-year-old son who was also horribly abused.

Desiree Gonzales

Desiree Gonzales

Tragically, the 5-year-old’s torturous ordeal could have been prevented had Los Angeles child welfare officials not dismissed previous allegations that he was abused and at risk. A tipster had notified them in 2007 that Desiree Gonzales was underfeeding and beating the little boy, and the abuse was exacerbated by her drug use.

The hellbitch’s first 2 children had already been taken from her because of abuse and neglect, and she’d abandoned her third child. The 5-year-old was her fourth child.

Child welfare officials had conducted a pathetic investigation in 2007 and didn’t even interview key witnesses. They overlooked the fact that Desiree Gonzales hadn’t shown up for any of the 5 scheduled drug tests or for any meetings with them. Caseworkers had erroneously determined that the little boy was not at risk and closed the file in January 2008.

The supervising social worker, Rocío La Voie, was later given a 10-day suspension for mishandling the case. Ooooh, harsh!

The young victim was able to testify at the 2012 trial of his tormentors Martin Morales, Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera and Crystal Rodriguez. His mother has yet to go to trial.

Morales, Rodriguez and Santos-Herrera TrialI hope the boy found the process healing or cathartic. Prosecutors had asked that he be allowed to testify via video camera but the courtroom couldn’t accommodate that request. The poor kid was forced to face his abusers in the flesh. He’s one brave boy.

During his testimony, the boy told how he was sometimes only fed flies. He described the beatings and the torture he endured, but also talked about the friends he made in the hospital. He bragged a little bit about working out, and even lifted his shirt to show off his thin physique. Plucky little dude.

His adoptive mother told the court that the boy suffered extreme emotional trauma and he has to take medications to get through each day. Bless his heart, the poor kid.

The boy, now 8, is considered academically gifted. I’m glad about that. I hope he has a safe and successful future.

In June 2012 Martin Roland Morales, 35, and Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera, 22, were both found guilty of torture, child abuse and sodomizing a child under 10 years of age.

Crystal Rodriguez

Crystal Rodriguez

Crystal Rodriguez, 35, was convicted of child endangerment after failing to protect a 12-year-old victim from the perpetrators.

Martin Roland Morales, the baby beating, baby raping bastard, was sentenced to 78 years to life in prison. Yay! Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera the pedo perv was sentenced to 32 years to life.

“This is a very appropriate sentence,” Prosecutor David Foy said. “These defendants subjected [the victim] to the most vile, inhumane treatment. It’s good that they will spend the rest of their lives in prison.”

Crystal Rodriguez, for not rescuing her own 12-year-old son from his abusive father, Martin Morales, was handed a 4-year sentence.

We still have to wait for Desiree Marie Gonzales to have her day in court.

This whole scene is so disturbing and so disgusting. There is nothing redeeming about any of the perpetrators. They had no souls, no hearts, no consciences that stopped them from torturing a child day after day, month after month.

The only thing that stopped the sadistic beasts Martin Roland Morales and Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera was the anonymous tip that summoned the police.

May those baby beaters suffer each and every day, and then die in prison. And may all the children exposed to these monsters grow and thrive and live happy lives.

CBS Los Angeles article
San Bernardino County DA website article

17 Responses to Martin Roland Morales, Juan Carlos Santos-Herrera & Crystal Rodriguez

  1. 2cute says:

    I am so glad that the judge handed out such serious sentences to those baby rapers. They should never, ever be allowed to breathe the same air as the rest of us. I hope the mother gets put away a long time too. What kind of mother either does not care or is too high to be aware that her own child is being raped and abused? I am so glad the boy has a loving family now. I hope he can overcome his awful past.

    • bengalpuss says:

      The kind of mother, that should have been put down at birth, thats what kind 2cute. Just lucky the poor little fella, was rescued from those four ugly beasts.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    Fucking ten days suspension for the slack twat social worker, her arse should have been booted out of that job, stupid fucking bitch. Now let me lay into these four fucker’s, who i have to say are “Fuck ugly” Boy shamoo they were touched with the ugly wand, especially desiree gonzales and Martin morales, they should of had an extra charge added on for being ugly bastards. Anyway im so thankful that there was an anonymous tipster, otherwise i might have been reading another story about a murdered child, thank god im not. As for those four Ninja Turtles looking mother fucker’s, well most of you on this site that know me, knows what coming, i hope that they are raped and sodomised with funny shaped implements that cause anal tears, and i hope that from now on, their existence is miserable, like they made that little boys existence.

  3. hairy says:

    The whole bunch of them should be neutered with a rusty jigsaw then eviscerated, IMO.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Hairy, what is it with you and, Eviscerating and neutering, with rusty implements? preferably power tools. I thought i was sadistic, but your starting to frighten me a little bit. But i love it, what with my torture dungeon, i could use someone like you, Hannibal Lector, wouldn’t have a lookin ha ha ha.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Don’t wanna piss hairy off, that’s for sure. But bengalpuss still reigns supreme IMHO when it comes to instilling fear and terror.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Bengal I’m with you. When I first read this I almost cried for all the pain these kids suffered. I too am so glad a tipster called. The only thing I would add is that the stupid twat hellbeast mother deserves to be tortured worse killed and brought back for more. That’s your child coward.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Also moodymagic, that stupid arse social worker, should be sacked from her job, she obviously isn.t qualified to do that sort of work, if she’s closing case files on a whim, because she can.t be arsed, getting off her backside and checking up on those children. Just imagine if that anonymous tip wouldn’t have been given to the police, they would have been investigating a murder, and she would be partly responsible. She failed that little boy and the other child, shame on her. And well what can i say about his so called mother, she should be forced to be sterilised, so no other child will suffer at the ugly bitch’s hands, the bunch of them are a total waste of skin.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    You got that right bulldoggy, mark your calendar. It should be getting quite full, with all the times that you are right. Yes im the number one torture merchant, don.t piss off the puss. I should advertise in one of those bondage magazines, i could make some right money, hmm thats a thought!

  6. spookie says:

    i love your turn of phrase bengalpuss

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Thank you spooky, after reading about the latest hellbeast I go into disgusted mode, especially if it concerns animal cruelty, then I just let rip, it actually releases my stress levels :-X

  7. MissAshleyAmber says:

    That smartass smirk will be wiped off of his face when his fellow inmates find out what he’s in for. I hope the biggest guy there picks him to be his wife.

  8. Joey says:

    These lowlife lincoln heights gangmembers should be raped themdelves

  9. KXG says:

    christ he’s a fat-fuck isn’t he? even got that cute little twiddly frito-bandito mustache. sick fucking freak. SHE on the otherhand looks more like a man than he does, facial-hair notwithstanding. and it’s been said before, i’ll say it again, keep the eyebrow pencils AWAY from the latina chicks. it really does look like they’ve let toddlers draw on their faces with indelible markers…

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Ha ha, he does look like a Mexican bandit, after taking another look.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Those eyebrows are called “scouse brow” or you’ll find them on Mexican or Latino women and they get called chola. Google scouse brow pictures” and see if you can not laugh at some of them

  10. BeenThere says:

    Via my line of employment I’ve had to deal with CA Child Protection and they are the most stupid, lazy, know it all, ignorant, don’t return phone calls, can’t find the file, its not my fault assholes.
    There are so many lawsuits against CPS and they remain Dumb as shit. They dont care who they hire.

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