Markiece Palmer & Dina Palmer

Markiece and Dina Palmer
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Dina Palmer, née Harris, originally of Bloomington, Illinois, was having a crisis of faith in 2011. And then she went on the Internet. And lo! she found her faith renewed by one Markiece Palmer. The man had gotten her to believe that Jesus had died for their sins, hallelujah!

After a whole month of online courtship, Dina moved to California to marry her miracle man, Markiece Palmer. She left her young son, Roderick Arrington Jr. (aka RJ), behind in Illinois, while she and her new hubby kicked around, living off of welfare and sleeping at friends’ homes. This itinerant existence went on until mid-2012 when they found an apartment of their own in Las Vegas.

Those who know me already know what I think about a woman who ditches her offspring and hares off to marry a stranger from the Internet. Beyond pathetic. And a terrible mother to boot.

Maybe Dina Palmer was beginning to feel guilty for being a terrible mother now that she was settled in Las Vegas. Maybe she was feeling a bit broody. Maybe she had a religious epiphany. For whatever reason, she decided to introduce son RJ to her new life and her new marriage.

RJ’s father, Roderick Arrington Sr., obliged and allowed his boy to join his mother and stepfather in Las Vegas. It was the worst mistake of his life, but he wasn’t to know then that Markiece and Dina Palmer, far from being Christians, were hellbeasts in disguise.

RJ had had a very good life in Bloomington with his dad and his grandma. He played sports, sang in the Sunbeam Children Choir, and enjoyed school. He loved playing games and basketball, and hanging out with his uncles. He had a very good life indeed. Still, he was excited about seeing his mother again.

RJ was 7 years, 2 months and 25 days old when he met his stepdad, Markiece Palmer on September 8, 2012. For the next 83 days Markiece and Dina Palmer immersed RJ in their immoral, twisted brand of Christianity. Unfortunately for the young boy, those 83 days were filled with what amounted to torture. And tragically for RJ, the 83rd day brought about his death.

Markiece Palmer, being all religious, righteous and holy, had decided that RJ needed a firm hand to raise him up. He convinced Dina Palmer that she should follow his example as well. Together the hellbeasts beat the young boy until they were physically tired. They beat him if he fell asleep with his head in the bible. They beat him if he fibbed. They beat him with a belt, a cable, a broomstick, a shoe, a spatula and a wooden brush. They took turns abusing the little guy.

RJThe beatings were not all that the poor boy suffered. Markiece Palmer and Dina Palmer also devised tortures for poor RJ. They made him stand with his arms outstretched for long periods of time. They made him bend over and touch his toes and hold still like that for ages.

RJ, that brave, young boy, never cried. He sometimes collapsed at his tormentors’ feet, but he didn’t cry. He wouldn’t give those monsters the satisfaction.

Tragically, RJ could have and should have been rescued from his plight. On November 28, 2012, the neighbour who drove the boy to school saw that the boy was in pain. She called the Clark County Child Protective Services with her suspicions of abuse.

That same day, Roundy Elementary School staff noticed that the boy was “visibly in pain, could barely walk and had trouble sitting down in his chair at school.” They examined the poor guy and found “extensive scarring on his back.” The boy told the school officials that he was hit by both his mother and stepfather.

School officials did the right thing. They contacted the Clark County Child Protective Services hotline immediately. They reported a severe and extreme case of child abuse.

Tragically, social workers didn’t show up in response to the report of abuse. Why? Because the hotline worker who took the call had mistakenly assigned it a 24-hour response rather than an immediate response.

Instead of being sent to hospital, RJ went home after school that day. He walked into hell.

Markiece Palmer was in a combative mood. He demanded the truth from RJ and RJ gave him the truth. He told him he hated him for the beatings. That’s when the hellbeast unleashed undiluted hellfire and beat RJ mercilessly. He also slammed the boy’s head against the bedroom wall.

In the morning of November 29, 2012 RJ was comatose. Did Markiece Palmer and Dina Palmer call 911 immediately? Hell no. Did they take the boy to hospital immediately? Hell no. Instead they called Pastor Kenneth Hollingsworth, the man who had joined this unholy couple in matrimony. The pastor rightly told them to call 911 but Markiece Palmer was reluctant — he’d “whooped” the boy the night before and he knew he was in deep shit.

I’m sure Pastor Hollingsworth was confused by it all. He “knew” Dina Palmer to be a wonderful mother and Markiece Palmer to be a good stepfather. He “knew” this because he himself had never seen any abuse. Right, like the hellbeasts would ever beat the boy in front of witnesses!

Pastor Hollingsworth didn’t call 911 himself. I don’t know why the hell not. He knew the boy had been “whooped” and now he was unresponsive. Surely to god that called for action.

Instead of summoning help, Pastor Hollingsworth called the Palmers back twice that morning, urging them both times to call an ambulance.

RJ Arrington was finally taken to hospital. Doctors operated and removed a part of his skull because of his swelling brain. All their efforts to save the boy proved fruitless. On November 30, 2012 RJ was declared brain dead. On December 3, 2012 he was removed from life support.

The forensic pathologist determined that RJ had 53 areas of injuries on his body, including his butt and back. He had welts, bruises, scars and lacerations on the outside. Internally he had a subdural hematoma, a swollen brain and other injuries.

The manner of death was ruled a homicide, caused by blunt head trauma from assault.

When questioned by police, Dina Palmer admitted they had beaten RJ with a belt because the boy had lied about reading a passage from the Bible, and hadn’t done his homework. She then said that RJ ran away from his stepfather and accidentally hit his head on the kitchen table.

Riiight. Too bad for her there was a dent in the drywall in the boy’s bedroom where RJ’s head had been bashed.

Dina Palmer also told investigators that she’d left the apartment that evening to go to a nearby convenience store. Too bad the surveillance video put the lie to that.

Markiece Palmer told the police he had hit the boy with a belt and had shaken him as well. He also said that RJ had run down some stairs, slipped and hit his head on a table before falling backwards onto the floor. Riiight.

Those two uber-religious assholes who were so quick to beat the boy for lying sure had no qualms about lying themselves. Hypocrites!

Palmers in courtMarkiece Palmer, 34, and Dina Palmer, 27, were arrested and charged with child abuse, neglect and murder.

Dina Palmer pled guilty to 2 counts of child abuse, neglect or endangerment with substantial bodily harm. In exchange for her guilty plea and agreement to testify against her husband, the prosecutors dropped the murder charge.

The monstrous mother told the court she accepted full responsibility for her actions, and said, “This has been the most difficult two years of my life. I don’t think any punishment can exceed how much I punish myself.”

Dina Palmer also told the court that she still loves her husband, the killer of her son. That is something I just can’t understand.

At sentencing the judge said, “You failed your son in every way a mother could fail a child.” Very true.

Dina PalmerIn December 2014, Dina Palmer was sentenced to between 16 and 40 years in prison. I don’t know what will determine when she gets out, but I’m hoping she will be incarcerated for the full 40 years.

Roderick Arrington Sr. actually visited his ex in jail. “I asked her why she didn’t call me when all of this was going on,” he said. “And she cried and said she was too ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ of herself.”

What a pathetic excuse. IMO she didn’t tell RJ’s father what was happening because she was complicit in the abuse. She beat the boy as much as her husband did. She knew that what they were doing was a crime and punishable by law. Dina Palmer didn’t tell Roderick Arrington Sr. because she didn’t want to go to jail.

Markiece Palmer was convicted of 1st-degree murder and 2 counts of child abuse. The fact the boy’s blood was found on the belt, broomstick, spatula, cord and other objects was proof enough of the child abuse. And considering that Dina Palmer had testified how he’d picked the boy up, shook him and made his head strike the wall, the guilty verdict comes as no surprise.

The convicted killer/child abuser will be sentenced in January 2015, and he faces life in prison without the chance of parole.

Roderick Arrington Jr. was a lovely young boy. He was full of enthusiasm, energy and life. He was happy and loving, polite and kind, and deserving of all the best in life. Those hellbeasts who inflicted pain upon him deserve nothing good now.

RIP, RJ. I extend my sincerest condolences to his family and friends. I cannot imagine their anguish at losing such a bright, beautiful child.

To Markiece Palmer and Dina Palmer I wish upon them the realization that their version of Christianity was un-Christian in every way. They were given a wonderful boy and, instead of showering him with love, they sadistically tortured him to death. If anyone deserves some Old Testament-style punishment, it’s those two. Long may they suffer.

On a final note, the Clark County Child Protective Services has fired an employee because of the failure to apply their policies correctly in this case. Roderick Arrington Sr. has filed a lawsuit. I hope he wins.

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16 Responses to Markiece Palmer & Dina Palmer

  1. 2cute says:

    They should get the death penalty for killing that beautiful boy, and then stew in hell. RIP RJ. Such a tragic waste of a life.

  2. moodymagic says:

    RJ was a beautiful child who deserved so much better. How could anyone do this to a child. By the way what the fuck is wrong with the POS mother in her mugshot.

    • Jen says:

      MoodyMagic, my dear, Mama is crying because she was caught and will now have to suffer the consequences of her deadly and despicable actions! She does not cry for little RJ…

  3. Lillith says:

    What a pair of cockbites…and fugly too. Is it just me, or does he resemble an ugly Chris Rock wannabe? And as for her, she’s just plain ugly. I don’t know what she’s crying for either. The stupid hellbitch had 82 fucking days in which she could’ve saved her precious son, and chose a stiff dick over her son. Then it had the fucking gall to not only testify against the sorry sack of shit to save her own lousy fat ass, but then says she still loves him? You can’t have it both ways! Somebody should rip her worthless uterus out through her arsehole. As far as the fleshy bag of human waste she loves (if she even knows what love is…I doubt any dumb cunt who could stand by and let some jerk off beat their child to death knows exactly dick about love) I hope someone beats his ass until he literally can’t walk straight or sit right for 82 day before they beat his head into a brick wall. The biggest surprise is that they didn’t try to claim that “God” made them do it.


    I send my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of this beautiful and special child. Please remember him for his talents, smiles, and special ways.

    I hope that the father wins his lawsuit. The negligence and “mistake” made by social services is absolute rubbish. If any sort of abuse of a child is reported, it should always be investigated immediately to prevent putting the child back into the dangerous environment and allowing a perpetrator the opportunity to further abuse or kill a child. THAT IS CLEARLY WHAT OCCURRED IN THIS CASE! I am absolutely horrified that the school discovered clear cut evidence of extreme abuse, but social services didn’t investigate right away and allowed the child to be sent back into the abusive environment. Can you imagine the absolute horror and fear that this child must have experienced in knowing that he was being sent back to his abusers and that he would have to experience their wrath because they knew they were going to be investigated? This entire situation was clearly preventable, but social services really FUCKED THIS UP! No child should ever, ever, ever be sent back to a potentially abusive or dangerous environment once it has been reported until an investigation has been conducted. This child was not only killed by these two p.o.s. predators, social services also contributed to this sweet angel’s death. To all that failed this child, I hope you are haunted each and every day of your life!

    • Lillith says:

      The reason child services here in America have two separate classifications for investigating allegations is because some people like to report parents who are doing nothing wrong, abusive, or negligent based on false allegations. In previous posts I’ve mentioned my own personal hellbeast- My ex-husband. He wasn’t content to have unsupervised visits (which I tried everything in my power to stop only to be threatened by the courts), he wanted sole custody of my precious son. Well, somebody put the idea in his head that the only way he was going to do that was if child services found me unfit. So over the next six years he called child services in two different states seven times, with each allegation more outrageous and way out in left field than the last (and all of which were closed because they were bullshit lies anyways.). Both states eventually grew sick and tired of him wasting their time and resources that were needed to investigate real cases and threatened legal action if he called in to report any further false allegations. It truly is a shame what happened in this case, but the fact that something was done about the dumbfuck worker that placed a serious allegation on a waiting list (which is not standard protocol) speaks volumes about the integrity of that particular state and county office.

    • BeenThere says:

      You again? Fake victim of how many rapes, dead children and beatings. Not a prosecutor and a lying troll

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    I’m puzzled as to how such a horrible ugly cunt could create such a handsome sweet boy? And what the fuck does she mean that she still loves the man that murdered that sweet boy? She should get life for being that ugly and fucking stupid. As for the worthless piece of shit husband, i hope he calls out his lord when he’s having his butt whipped in jail, horrible cunt. I can’t wrap my nut around her still loving him? She must love dick more than she loved poor little RJ, selfish bitch. And too true about them lying when their arse’s were on the line, fucking bible thumping hypocrites.

  6. standingdead says:

    Kids need the same protection against violence that every adult gets. Every priest and pastor needs to get up on Sunday and explain to the plebes that beating children is not Christian. I have been waiting for this sermon my whole life. I say that avoiding the topic is an endorsement of Christian child abuse. I am entitled to my opinion.

    • steve-O says:

      StandingDead, you’re never going to hear that sermon because the god in the bible hates children. How else do you explain god’s demand for sacrificing children in his name? How else do you explain how god sent a bear to eat children for the sin of mocking a bald man? And before any cherry picking Christians complain that’s Old Testament crap, Jesus himself (Mark 7:9) criticized the Jews for not killing their disobedient children according to Old Testament law.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Fuck me Steve-o, not literally, i was just talking about this subject earlier, visit the website called evil bible, it basically shows that god allows rape, child murder and other atrocities. I don’t want to worship a god that advocates those kind of things do you? But i suggest go have a look at evil bible just out of curiosity. Glad to hear you again steve-o, you disappeared for a while, glad your ok.

  7. MR.DUDE says:

    Rj deserved a better faith… Being tortured by someone you were excited to see is just sickening and it was his mother no less

  8. Bengalpuss. says:

    She should be sentenced to a longer term than her penis provider because she did fuckall to protect that little boy and still loves her cunt plug after murdering her own flesh and blood, evil bitch she is.

  9. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Boo fucking hoo you sickening cunt!! What a beautiful little boy, such a damn shame… I’m so sick of “Child Protective Services” I could puke. Most of those people are a complete waste if skin.

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