Mark Twitchell

Hellbeast Mark Twitchell
Crime: Murder, Attempted Murder

Johnny Brian Altinger was a 38-year-old pipeline inspector and lover of motorcycles. He was also lonely, poor guy.

The answer to his loneliness, Mr. Altinger thought, could be found on an Internet dating site. He began conversing with a woman who seemed compatible, and on October 10, 2008 he set out for her home in Edmonton, Alberta’s south side to meet up with her. It was to be their first date.

The date did not go well for the unfortunate Mr. Altinger. His date was not a lovely woman who shared his interests. His date was evil and death in human form. And that human was Mark Twitchell, an amateur filmmaker with dreams of becoming a serial killer just like the TV character Dexter Morgan.

TwitchellMark Twitchell had just filmed a horror/slasher movie “House of Cards” two weeks prior with actors and a film crew. The short film, written by him, was about a killer who hunted cheating husbands, cleared out their bank accounts and then murdered and dismembered them. The movie villain set up online dates with the victims, posing as a woman.

The movie set was inside a Mill Woods area garage Mark Twitchell had rented. The garage was kitted out to become the “kill room” in the movie. There were plastic sheets on the windowless walls. There was a metal chair where the movie victims were tied up. There was a metal table Mark Twitchell had specially built. The table was covered with plastic to catch the fake blood.

Tools of murderThe props Mark Twitchell had assembled included knives, saws, handcuffs, a hockey mask, a stun baton, a meat cleaver and a power saw.

What the film crew and actors weren’t to know was that Mark Twitchell was planning to use the “kill room” set and the props for real killing, and that the filming was actually a dress rehearsal for real murder.

How could they suspect anything evil like that? Mark Twitchell was recently married with a baby girl. He’d just incorporated a production company and was making low-budget movies. He was a typical nerd: into comic books, Star Wars and the TV show Dexter.

Nobody had a clue that Mark the POS monster Twitchell was a sick, twisted sadist who fantasized about committing murder.

Mask of murderOn October 3, 2008, Twitchell had his first shot at murder but flubbed it. Gilles Tetreault was his online date/victim. When Mr. Tetreault arrived at the garage he was confronted by a man wearing a hockey mask who tried to stun him with a stun baton.

Luckily for Mr. Tetreault he fought back and escaped the evil bastard’s clutches.

Unluckily for Mr. Altinger, Mr. Tetreault did not report the attempt on his life to police. And unluckily for Mr. Altinger, Mark Twitchell had gotten the opportunity to rethink and refine his technique.

Victim Johnny AltingerA week after the attack on Mr. Tetrault, Johnny Brian Altinger arrived at the address he’d been given by his online date. Rather than finding true love, Mr. Altinger was clubbed over the head with a copper pipe. The poor man was knifed to death. He was cut up into pieces with a hunting knife and saws. Those pieces were then tossed into an oil drum and burned. Finally what was left of Mr. Altinger was dumped in an Edmonton storm drain.

The whole murder was gruesome and horrifying and poor Mr. Altinger did not deserve any of it.

After the murder Mark the f*cking beast Twitchell, being the clever clogs he was, accessed Mr. Altinger’s email to tell his friends that he’d taken off for a vacation in the Caribbean.

But Mark the f*cking beast Twitchell wasn’t so clever after all. Why? Because Mr. Altinger had emailed the address of his date to a friend. Hah! I love it! A guy goes missing and his friend has the address of the murder scene!

Within a week of Mr. Altinger’s disappearance, police were honing in on Mark Twitchell. They began hauling in his film crew for questioning.

Panicking, the bastard sent out emails to his film crew beseeching them not to talk to the detectives.

“I’ve been screwed around with and don’t appreciate it,” he wrote, “so it’s time to stop this and make them do their own jobs.”

That’s totally not suspicious, right? *snort*

Mark the useless turdpile Twitchell was interviewed by detectives too. But first he encountered 2 police officers at the rented garage. That must’ve made him crap his shorts.

Twitchell told the officers the padlock on the door wasn’t his, I guess so he wouldn’t have to let them in. He’d also denied all knowledge about the scorched oil drum the officers spotted.

The f*ckwad killer was soon brought in for an interview. Bet he was pissing his pants.

Hellbeast Mark Twitchell interview

It must’ve freaked him out a whole lot because 16 hours after that first interview he emailed Det. Mike Tabler, the detective who questioned him.

See, Mark the dimshit Twitchell finally twigged to the fact that he was in possession of the victim’s car! How to explain that?!?

Twitchell crimesceneSo in the email he told a tall tale about how he’d spotted a car near the garage he rented and it was just odd but a guy with weird vibes offered to sell it to him. And then the guy was “all about leaving in a hurry” and Twitchell didn’t know if it was relevant but it was odd and he just thought he’d mention it.

I guess once he started writing Det. Tabler he just couldn’t stop. The email blathered on to say that his car was broken into and some stuff was stolen, and then he and his wife thought their home was maybe broken into because the front door was unlocked, and all those break-ins were “seriously stressing me out.”

Twitchell also told Det. Tabler that someone has “obviously been tampering with my crap” and it was giving him the creeps.

The detectives arrested the murderous bastard 2 weeks after the murder. Twitchell’s shoe and belt even had Mr. Altinger’s blood on them when they arrested him.

The garage yielded a shitload of evidence. There was the scorched oil drum, of course, with a foul smelling liquid in it.

Blood evidence with LuminolThe detectives astutely detected the victim’s blood spattered everywhere in the garage. The murder scene was not all clean and tidy like in the TV show Dexter.

In the garage alone Mr. Altinger’s blood was spattered on the wall and floor, on the metal table, on the copper pipe, on the knives, on a tooth fragment (Mr. Altinger’s of course) and on a duffel bag.

His blood was also in the trunk and on a knife found in Twitchell’s Pontiac Grand Am, on Twitchell’s jeans found in his home, and on a glove found at Twitchell’s parents’ home.

For all he’d plotted and planned and fantasized about murder, Mark Twitchell turned out to be really lousy at it.

Blood evidence with LuminolTwenty months after his arrest the monstrous murderer clued the detectives in on where the remains could be found. And right where he told them, in a sewer just 2 blocks from his parents’ house, the police recovered the skeletal remains of poor Mr. Altinger. The bones showed signs of “cutting, breaking, sawing and sectioning”.

The murderer went to trial in March 2011, Judge Terry Clackson presiding. Twitchell initially pled not guilty to 1st-degree murder — big surprise.

Twitchell actually offered to plead guilty to interfering with a dead body. Ha! That’s big of him!

The Crown wisely declined to accept that plea, and so the 1st-degree murder trial went ahead.

Unbelievably the f*ckwad killer Twitchell’s defense was self-defense. Yeah, really!

See, according to him, it was all a publicity stunt for his movie, and he just intended to scare those 2 guys, not kill anybody. His plan was to put people through the same experience as the victims in “House of Cards” and that would generate a “buzz” about the movie.

The trouble was that the plan went awry when Mr. Altinger actually arrived. The poor man apparently didn’t appreciate the hoax and attacked poor Twitchell who had to defend himself with the pipe and the knife.

So why didn’t he call for an ambulance? Because he knew Mr. Altinger was going to be dead too soon for help, and here he had a garage decked out like a “kill room”.

See, he had no choice! It was all Mr. Altinger’s fault.

Unhappily for the killer, his story didn’t quite fit with the pictures he took — the 1644 pictures he took of the murder!

In the end the jury agreed with Crown Prosecutor Lawrence Van Dyke’s contention that Twitchell’s plan was “to gain the experience of killing another human being.”

I gather Twitchell’s wife concurs as she has divorced his sad ass.

Mark Twitchell, found guilty, guilty, guilty, is currently serving a life sentence at the maximum security prison in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Long may he rot and fester there.

But the f*cking bastard just won’t go away — he’s now agitating for all the film footage that had been seized by police to be returned so it can be edited and released to the public.

The police, incredibly, aren’t bending over backwards to make this bastard happy.

“Why would we give anything back to a convicted murderer?” asked Staff Sergeant Bill Clark of Edmonton’s homicide unit. “He’s taken a life. He shouldn’t benefit from that in any way.”

Amen to that Staff Sergeant Clark. Twitchell deserves nothing more than a cold dark cell to die in, alone and forgotten.

RIP, Mr. Altinger. Rot in hell, Twitchell.

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Huffington Post article

24 Responses to Mark Twitchell

  1. steve-O says:

    I feel so bad for the victim. He thought his life was going to change for the better and instead it just ended in that disgusting kill room on that metal table. His family was deprived of a body to bury for so long, and all this for what? So this pompous sadist could get his jollies by inflicting the worst horror and suffering on people who had done nothing to him. Life in prison had better mean LIFE in PRISON and not parole after 20 years. This twitchy Twitchell jackass needs a lifetime in prison to figure out just how worthless his life truly is.

  2. 2cute says:

    Twitchell’s movies should be burned just like his victim’s body was. I know a lot of people worked on them too but goddamnit Twitchell doesn’t deserve any credit for anything but that he’s a goddamn murdering SOB. Die Twitchell and die soon so we may all forget you and your legacy of pain and death.

  3. pj says:

    Does anyone know why the first guy who was attacked didn’t report it? It would’ve saved a life if he had.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    A kill room, eh? Sounds like something bengalpuss would devise. Sounds too like the perfect solution for murdering mofos like Mark Twitchell — too many are taking up precious space and air on this planet as it is. I thought Dexter targeted heinous criminals and perverts just like Twitchell so if he was truly a fan of Dexter he should have done away with himself.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Yes bulldoggy, my torture chamber would be like that. Only i would just kill idiot’s where as twitchell lured people who thought they were meeting some beautiful woman. hope this cunt gets a good beating in jail, its the least he deserves.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Bengalpuss, I find myself now actually contemplating the decor of your dungeon. I figure you can do much better than this Twitchell asshole with its design. I’m thinking painting flames and devils on the walls so the killers and pedophiles and pervs will feel like they’re truly in hell. And I figure if you suspend them from the rafters you can fit a lot more in than if you gave them cells. So let me know when you’re finished building and I’ll help with the decor.

        Ever get the idea we’re a bit twisted ourselves, bengalpuss?

        • awesomeblossom says:

          Bulldoggy if you’re thinking of dungeon decor then you may be a bit twisted.

        • Reality says:

          Count me in to the twisted club. :)

          I’m a big fan of Dexter (for one thing, Michael C Hall is ka-yoot!) because he cleans up the messes that legal/procedural technicalities often leave behind.

          There have been SO many evul bastards that were released in the unsuspecting public that should have just been executed or locked in a fucking prison until they just disintegrated. And too many times, they continued to kill, thumbing their noses at LE.

          Don’t get me wrong: I’d never kill or advocate killing *anyone*, but watching Dexter does give one an appreciation for the wheels of Karma.

          • 2cute says:

            Reality, Michael C Hall is a hottie all right. I love the show. It is just too bad it inspired this Twitchell asshole to try his hand at killing. As to the dungeon decor I could supply some of the soundproofing insulation. But if we set it up in Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranzas neighbourhood in Italy we would not have to worry about noise. They dont seem to care if somebody uses chainsaws in their homes.

  5. steve-O says:

    I like the picture of Twitchell being interrogated, sitting there trying to look innocent. Who me, officer? I don’t know anything about any missing man, honest. And the way his hands are together I bet he was praying for salvation then and there.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    He probably thinks he’s still acting steve-O. What i don.t understand is, why would you go meet someone who you’ve never met before, only chatted to them online and go on your own. Then when you get there its a garage, and you actually go inside. He should have taken someone along with him, theres loads of nutters nowadays online, pretending to be someone who they’re not, and this poor guy bumped into one of those nutters.

    • bulldoggy says:

      You’re thinking like a woman, bengalpuss. A woman is constantly vigilant about her personal safety, even in her own home. A guy doesn’t think in terms of being in danger especially on a date. Altinger did more than most by sharing the address with a friend.

  7. awesomeblossom says:

    Holy batshit Batman! This guy is damn scary because he looks normal and acted normal, if a bit nerdy, so nobody could tell he’s a raving homicidal maniac. He wrote the script to the movie, and I’m thinking he wrote it to cover his murder plot. With the movie he could buy all the gear and set up the kill room without anyone raising an eyebrow. I’m betting the script writing came after he got the brilliant idea to become a serial killer.

    I am SO glad he’s locked up with only one victim to his name. It could’ve been a lot worse if the guy hadn’t passed the address to a friend.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, i did actually let that slip my mind. Of course men only think with their penis when it comes to going on a date, unlike us women you mere mortals don.t use the brain when it comes to going on a date, hence the term “Honey trap” Its been in use for centuries, and is mans downfall when it comes to dating. That is why bulldoggy, my dungeon would be filled with these hellbeastly bastards, because i would lure them in by using my honey trap ha ha ha ha(Cackles Like a witch) Luckily altringer, did share his address, otherwise this nutter would have gone on auditioning for a blockbuster movie cast. What a weirdo, but he still managed to lure the poor unsuspecting altringer. By the way bulldoggy, i would love you to design the interior of my dungeon, i let you know when im ready to open it. That last bit i just typed sounded kinda rude lol.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Of course were twisted bulldoggy, but the difference is we want to torture evil, nasty, murdering, paedaphilic cunts. We don.t just decide one day “I know what i’ll do tonight, i’ll meet bulldoggy and we can go out and murder a load of people because Were sick in the head” no the people we wanna torture, are the Epitomie Of evil. So bulldoggy, were not twisted, we’d just be doing society a favour. In fact i think anyone that murders another person, should be put to death, plain and simple. If i could have it my way, i’d have the city where i live, like harris county in texas. They don.t give a fuck, they just strap em to that table and do away with the cunts. In fact if you commit murder in harris county you may as well top yourself cos your more than likely to be sentenced to death, and thats how it should be.

  10. moodymagic says:

    Sick bastard hope you suffer long. I hope the daughter goes thru life not knowing this scum is her dad. Sgt Clark you are an awesome Man. Amen to you.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, i’ve never known you to curse, it actually made me laugh reading that. Yes he is a sick bastard, i have to agree with you.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Mr bulldoggy, i’ll have no more of that language from you, what would poor charlie or tyke think if they could read that. Im utterly disappointed with you, any more of that and i’ll have to put you over my knee lol. I think we seem to be a bad influence to the other people that comment, especially 2cute, i was gonna say steve-O but he’s swears just like the rest of us. Anyway i’ve been reading up about this tv character dexter morgan, and i think its brilliant. You just have to stick to the two rules, only kill murderers and don.t leave any evidence to get caught. I think silly cunt altinger, was a bit stupid to be dexter, and the mistake he made was the victim wasn.t a murderer just a normal innocent guy who would be missed. no ones gonna miss a murdering beast are they. I’d love to become dexterette, i’d have a field day with the bastards.

  12. bulldoggy says:

    Charlie boy has heard far worse from me so that doesnt worry me. And your cat like all cats probably would totally ignore me.
    Too bad you havent watched Dexter — he dishes out justice where the courts fail.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, i’ve found dexter on the internet so gonna start watching it from the beginning. Why do cats ignore you i wonder? our tyke is used to my potty mouth, in fact if i don.t swear, he thinks something is going down like a visit to the vet. he caught a squirrel the other day bless him, i managed to save the squirrel, although it was quite stunned, in a state of shock. mind you if someone five times my size was running about with me in its mouth i’d be in a state of shock also.

  13. Arch says:

    Every city should have a real Dexter to take care of wastes of skin like Twitchell

  14. Brandon Haske says:

    Was Johnny Altinger actually killed by mark twitchell

    • LawyerChick says:

      Did you even read the article? She described it in detail. And the very top has “murder” as the category.

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