Mark Lundy

Hellbeast Mark Lundy
Crime: Murder

On August 29, 2000, in Palmerston North, New Zealand, a woman and her daughter met with a foul fate. Christine Lundy, 38, was a devoted mother to 7-year-old Amber Grace Lundy, and she involved herself in Girl Guides and other community activities. She was a nice woman and a good mom. Amber was a bright girl with strong leadership skills and an outgoing personality. She was a good student and a delight to teach. Neither Christine nor Amber ever did anything to deserve the brutal attacks that ended their lives.

Christine and Amber had walked home after school on August 29th. Mark Lundy, Christine’s husband and Amber’s daddy, had travelled out of town on business that very morning. At around 5:30pm Christine phoned Mark to tell him that Amber’s Girl Guides meeting had been cancelled and that they were going to have McDonald’s for supper.

Just before 6:00pm, Christine purchased the McDonald’s meals as determined by the receipt.

These were all ordinary details about the ordinary lives of Christine and Amber Lundy. There was no foreshadowing of the horror that was to be visited upon them very shortly.

Mark Lundy, 43, was in a motel in Petone which is near Wellington. He was a salesman on a business trip. His business apparently involved a $140 transaction with a prostitute.

By 11:30 pm when the prostitute arrived to spend quality time with good husband and father Mark Lundy, Christine and Amber were possibly already dead.

The next morning, Mark Lundy, all concerned that nobody answered the phone at home, called up his brother-in-law James Glenn Weggery and asked him to check on his family. Glenn, like the good fellow he is, went to the house on Karamea Crescent and knocked on the door. He got no answer, which was worrying, so he broke in. He discovered his niece’s bloodied body in the hallway. James Glenn Weggery immediately called emergency services and then he found his sister naked in her bed, covered in blood.

Both Christine and Amber had been struck multiple times in the face and head with something akin to a tomahawk. Blood was everywhere — up the walls and all over the floor and bed.

How absolutely horrific for James Glenn Weggery to have to discover the brutally murdered corpses of his sister and niece!

Lundy familyBy the time Mark Lundy returned to Palmerston North, police had cordoned off his house. Mark Lundy was intercepted three blocks from the murder scene by the police. He gave the police permission to examine his car for evidence there and then. The police search turned up a gym bag that had a blue polo shirt inside it. The officers conducting the search placed the shirt into an evidence bag and sealed it up. These officers had not been inside the home or in contact with the bodies.

On September 7, 2000, a funeral was held for Christine and Amber. It was televised and New Zealanders watched as poor bereaved Mark Lundy collapsed in grief as he left the church. They all felt sorry for him.

Less than six months later Mark Lundy was arrested for the murder of his wife and daughter.

The investigators theorized that Mark Lundy was in financial trouble and needed his wife’s life insurance money. Christine was worth more to him dead than alive.

Poor little Amber was just a witness to her beloved mommy’s brutal murder and as she ran for the door to escape, her daddy caught up with her and axed her to death too.

How does a father bring himself to whack an axe repeatedly into the skull and face of the little girl who loved him? Was she screaming for him to stop? Did she ask him why?

I hope Christine was asleep and didn’t know what hit her when she died, but we know Amber wasn’t asleep. We know she was running for her life. Only the most vicious, heartless hellbeast can slaughter a helpless child like that. And that hellbeast is Mark Lundy.

At Mark Lundy’s 2002 trial the Crown showed that the blue and orange flecks of paint collected from Christine’s skull were consistent with the paint Lundy marked his carpentry tools with. He kept those tools locked in the garage.

The biggest proof of his guilt though was the fact that the blue polo shirt found in his car was smeared with tissue from Christine Lundy’s brain and spinal cord.

Mark Lundy’s lawyer would argue that his client could not have committed the murders because it was a three-hour trip from Petone to Palmerston North and back again. Mark Lundy finished talking to his wife at 5:43pm and he next made a phone call at 8:28pm. Both calls were pinged in Petone. How could Mark Lundy drive like a maniac, murder both Christine and Amber, clean himself up and drive back to Petone in that short amount of time?

The jury deliberated for a few hours and found Mark Lundy guilty. He was sentenced to a minimum non-parole period of 17 years.

Now there are a lot of people who still, after over a decade, believe strongly in Mark Lundy’s innocence based mostly on the apparent impossibility that the convicted killer could have made that round trip, including the murder and clean-up, between 5:43 and 8:28pm. He would have had to drive 120 km/hr to do it.

This, of course, presumes that the pathologist James Pang was correct in determining the time of death. He figured that Christine and Amber had died around 7:00pm, based upon the digestive state of the victims’ stomach contents. If they ate their McDonald’s meals at 6:00pm, then they probably died an hour later, according to James Pang.

Subsequent research has shown that estimating death based on stomach contents is extremely unreliable. Forensic experts have since called this method little better than “quackery”. In other words, we won’t be seeing it on CSI.

Christine Lundy had been murdered while she was naked in bed. How many adults go to bed at 7:00pm?

It is far more likely that Mark Lundy made the trip in a more leisurely fashion after his business appointment with the prostitute.

Regardless of when he killed them, Mark Lundy cannot explain away the most incriminating evidence — his wife’s brain stuff on his shirt! People don’t go around leaking that stuff all over, you know. It’s not like it could innocently dribble onto his shirt! It was brain tissue!

A decade after the murders Mark Lundy decided to appeal his sentence. A “witness” had come forward to say he saw a man — Mark Lundy apparently — reading a book at dusk on the foreshore in Petone. This witness said he recognized him later from film footage of Mr. Lundy.

Yeah, right.

The result of the appeal was an additional 3 years tacked onto Mark Lundy’s sentence. He now has a minimum non-parole period of 20 years.

And still the supporters of Mark Lundy continue to campaign for his release, loudly proclaiming his innocence. They have formed a committee named FACTUAL (For Amber & Christine – Truth Uncovered About Lundys).

All I can say to those people is BRAIN TISSUE!

And all I can say to Mark Lundy, a hellbeast who willingly axed his wife and daughter to death for money, may you rot in hell!


Well, it appears that this case is not settled at all. Mark Lundy’s murder convictions were quashed and he was granted leave for a retrial by the Privy Council in London. The decision to quash the convictions was based largely upon the following:

– the validity of science used to identify matter on Lundy’s shirt as brain tissue – if it wasn’t brain tissue then there really is no case.

– the determination of the time of death using the stomach contents.

The retrial is scheduled for next year because there have to be hearings about the scientific evidence first. I shall endeavour to keep readers posted – reminders are welcome.

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25 Responses to Mark Lundy

  1. Trace says:

    What’s with all these fatass fuckin losers who kill their families?!?! Spears and tomahawks? Real man stuff — unlike sucking it up and earning a decent living and raising a decent family!

  2. moodymagic says:

    What is worth noting is the appeal got him 3 more years still not long enough. I think there should be the death penalty that matches the crime. Burn in hell Lundy! You make me sick

  3. Kimber says:

    Reason number 312 I will never own a life insurance policy. Not that I had a hell of a lot to leave to anyone anyways.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Those tower ping’s though, im not sure about this one and im usually a tough nut to crack. 1 Why was she naked in bed in the early evening. 2 surely wouldn’t his shirt have been covered in brain tissue it was a very violent attack. 3 wouldn’t the daughters blood have been on the shirt along with the brain tissue. 4 an intruder could easily have picked one of his tools up to attack the mother and daughter. It could just as easily have been a nutter that had Layed In wait for them to come back, while they were out he could have picked a weapon up from the husband’s tools and when they came home he’s pounced, probably been a sex attack, hence being naked in bed and maybe the little girl was either tied up or locked in a room freed herself and tried to get away unfortunately she didn.t. But do you see how easy it can be to get it wrong. Its the t shirt that does it for me, surely the little girls blood should have been on it as well. And i don.t think this guy would be dumb enough to murder and keep the shirt

    • BBW65 says:

      Why do you presume that the killer was wearing clothes? It’s probably easier to kill somebody when you’re naked and don’t have to worry about being covered in blood. Maybe he washed up but not thoroughly and that’s how he got some brain stuff on his shirt when he got dressed. Instead of being amazed he wasn’t covered in blood and stuff, you should wonder how any brain tissue wound up on anything in his car.

      • Trace says:

        I once saw a movie about Lizzie Borden and they had her murdering her father and stepmother while nude which would explain the lack of blood on her clothes. Makes sense. So my new resolution is if I see anybody naked and carrying an axe coming in my direction, I’m going to run.

  5. dave says:

    mark lundy has been allowed to appeal to the privy council re his conviction. this case has been rubbish from the start, the police clueless and manipulating evidence to suit, character assasinations and overlooking simple explanations. the need to convict someone overriding common sense. it will be interesting to see what the privy council rules. if it is in mark lundys favour i hope you will be reveiwing your statements

    • bengalpuss says:

      Dave, i won.t need to be reviewing my statement, because i don.t buy that mark lundy is guilty. The phone ping’s firstly are very telling, he could not have been in two places at once. Also the t. Shirt, covered in just the wife’s brain and spinal fluid but not the daughters. Also if he wanted to give himself an alibi, booking a hooker wouldn’t look good for him, so my thoughts are, he never thought in a million years that him being with a prostitute would come out. Im very uncomfortable about this case, and every so often there is a miscarriage of justice, and i believe this to be one. If im right i hope they get the person who did it, if im wrong he deserves to be where he is, for a very long time. We will see what happens.

      • 2cute says:

        I disagree, Bengalpuss. He didn’t have to be in 2 places at once — if the coroner got the time of death wrong, and he likely did, then Mark Lundy had all sorts of time to make the round trip. His wife was already in bed! Why would she be in bed right after supper?

        Plus, for $140 a prostitute doesn’t spend the whole night so he has no alibi for that night. And why isn’t a prostitute a good alibi? It makes him look like a jerk which is better than looking like a killer.

        Plus, what is more likely — the police will accidentally or on purpose smear brain stuff on collected evidence, or the killer will accidentally smear brain stuff on his own clothes during a violent attack?

        The only one who would benefit from the murders was Lundy. I don’t buy the lunatic lurking, ready to pounce and murder on the one night the husband’s not home, using the husband’s own tools as weapons. Why hasn’t the lunatic killed again and again and again?

        I think Lundy did it, and unless he can prove the police or the lab spread the brain tissue around, I’ll continue to believe it.

      • Hopeless Pedantic says:

        Is there a way to know whether the phone was actually on him?
        Maybe if I needed $140 and could avoid having a sweathog grunting on me while I faked an orgasm I’d probably rather take someone’s phone for a ride.

        One aspect of establishing guilt in a crime is to determine motive. This is probable here. The other is opportunity which, barring a clever coverup, only appears lacking. Maybe it’s good the case is being reviewed.

        NM you guys already went over this.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, im deeply offended(Only joking) I just think that there are too many things wrong with this. First why did he only have his wife’s brain tissue on him, and nothing from his daughter. 2nd if i was gonna kill someone, a prostitute would be the last person i would use to be my alibi, yes your right about you’d rather get done with a prostitute than murder, but think about it, how is that gonna look to a jury while your wife and daughter are brutally murdered, he could have got a different alibi, so my theory is surely he wouldn’t be that stupid to hire a hooker as your alibi. Also i believe in the pathologist’s time of death, surely he must know what he’s doing. And the phone pings prove he was literally miles away. Thats my feelings about this case 2cute, you have your beliefs and i have mine. You know that im probably the last person to believe a murdering scumbag, but theres a lot about this case that just doesn’t sit right with me.

  7. skeptic says:

    The brain tissue evidence is being challenged in a privy council appeal. The science was new and unproven.

    The jury were told there were two minute stains of brain matter on his shirt (from his wife).

    This has been shown to be wrong, or very implausible, certainly not reliable, by more than two world experts in this very technical science (immunohistochemistry IHC).

    • bengalpuss says:

      I was under the impression that there was a load of brain tissue, but now you say just two minute stains, surely mark lundy would be covered in blood and brain tissue, he wasn.t. Also if he was responsible for these heinous murders, all the planning that the prosecution said he put into this crime, would he be so stupid to keep the shirt, that he was supposed to have committed the murders in? Thats why this case doesn’t sit right with me. Anyway we’ll know when the appeal is heard.

  8. oiokkokkoiojmn says:

    this is a digrace to the human kind wat magrul would do that shit

  9. dave says:

    well I haven’t been back to check for a while. The privy council upheld Mark lundys appeal and quashed his conviction. he is awaiting a retrial. seems the shirt evidence wasn’t all it was supposed to be. I await your review of your statements above.

    • dave says:

      sorry just reread some of the comments I retract the reviewing of above statements.
      Skeptic is right these are minute specs of something, contamination accidental or deliberately, not as if it hasn’t happened before?
      But IHC testing in a forensic setting has never been used before because it is unreliable. also the police withheld evidence to the defence team (nondisclosure) tut tut naughty boy Grantham

    • cleo says:

      Thanks, Dave for the update.

  10. Terri says:

    The defence has said the brother is the guilty party. He had already been accused
    by a family member sexual relationship with child in family, had unexplained blood in his car, scratch on face, first person to find bodies. Motiff,abuse of Amber. Lundy could not have driven in the time frame, no one has replicated trip.

  11. wildchild says:

    Hey bengalpuss and 2cute, what do you think of my theory? Maybe Lundy knew that cell phone call pings are traced. And maybe he paid someone, like a prostitute, to use his cellphone and make a phone call, so it appears he was in Petone when he wasn’t. Did the police ever question this prostitute, and if they did maybe she failed to mention using the phone for him because that would make her an accomplice of sorts. Also, it sure is a funny “coincidence” that the night his wife and daughter are murdered, he hired a prostitute.

    • cleo says:

      Wildchild, I like your theory. Cell phones are not surgically attached. It is totally possible that somebody other than Lundy was using the cell phone while he was en route. Why should the assumption be made that HE was the one to be phoning? The pings only prove where the phone is, not where the phone’s owner is.

      • wildchild says:

        Exactly. Thank you, Cleo. Also, for Bengalpuss and 2cute to disagree on a story, which is rare, lol, makes me even more weary of this story. He may be playing ugly and dumb, a wolf in sheeps clothing, if you will. He could have promised anyone some money from his insurance payout, people will do despicable things for cash.

  12. Tom Daly says:

    It’s good that he’s been found guilty. Doing that to the people who you’re meant to love? And people rallying to get you out of prison? Puh-lease you need to grow a brain cell or two.

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