Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Sarah Jones of Pontnewyyd, south Wales, UK, didn’t realize it but her father, Mark Jones, had done her a big favour by walking out of her life when she was a child. Why? Because he’s a monstrous hellbeast, that’s why.

Growing up without her father was likely difficult, so when Sarah Jones grew up she decided to reconnect with him. In 2011 she tracked him down in Cwmbran, Torfaen and invited him back into her life. No doubt she wishes with every fibre of her being that she hadn’t.

When Mark Jones reconciled with his daughter, he immediately decided he hated her partner, Ian Skillern. Imagine that — he’d purposely missed out on most of his daughter’s life, then started making trouble once he was back. As if he had any rights!

Probably Mark Jones felt his bond with his daughter was shaky, so within a matter of weeks he decided to make a play for her sympathy. Unbelievably, the hellbeast decided he would claim he had cancer! OMG, what kind of creature does that?

I’m guessing Mark Jones was banking on his daughter’s compassion and decency. He didn’t have any himself, but he sure as hell knew how to use other people’s goodness for his own benefit.

To make his tale of woe more believable, Mark Jones attached plastic tubes to his chest and began using a crutch. He pretended to be a cancer specialist while making phone calls to his daughter. The bastard even convinced his daughter to help him get in and out of the bathtub!

Poor Sarah Jones must have felt so horrible for her poor, invalid father, and probably she was grateful she’d reconciled with him before he died of cancer. She could take comfort in the knowledge that he would be able to meet his newest grandchild. That’s right, Sarah Jones was pregnant with Ian Skillern’s baby.

All through her pregnancy, while caring for her children, Sarah Jones also nursed her “sick” father. Mark Jones must have been quite the actor all those months, probably moaning and groaning, faking pain, and limping around with his crutch. His despicable lies had bought him his daughter’s constant care and concern.

The relationship between Sarah Jones and Ian Skillern ultimately didn’t work out — I don’t know if Mark Jones had contributed to that outcome, but no doubt he celebrated it. He hated her ex.

Amelia JonesBaby Amelia Rose Jones was born in October 2012. She was a precious darling, beautiful and perfect in every way. And now Sarah Jones had this delightful bundle of joy to care for and love.

I don’t know what Mark Jones planned to do, but IMO he didn’t want to share his daughter with the squalling offspring of the hated Ian Skillern. He most definitely didn’t want Ian Skillern to have any excuse to come back into Sarah Jones’ life. Mark Jones, the hellbeast, decided to do something about it — something truly evil.

On November 6, 2012, Mark Jones phoned Sarah Jones, once again pretending to be the cancer specialist. He told her that her father was well enough to babysit newborn baby Amelia.

This came as good news to Sarah Jones. Not only was her father apparently feeling better, but she needed someone to help her with the newborn since she and Ian Skillern had split up.

And so it came to be, right after that phone call from the specialist, Mark Jones got to babysit his granddaughter. When Sarah Jones returned home she found her infant literally screaming and howling. Her father blamed one of her other children for hitting Amelia.

When he left the house, Mark Jones told his daughter, “even though I don’t like her father I don’t hold grudges against a baby”. Sarah Jones found that an odd thing to say.

On November 8, 2012, with Amelia still not settling down, Sarah Jones took her to the hospital. X-rays were taken but unfortunately the tiny fractures on the baby’s ribs were not detected. Amelia was sent home, and Sarah Jones had no reason to think her own father had physically harmed her baby.

On November 16, 2012, Sarah Jones left Amelia in Mark Jones’ care for a few hours. When she returned, all seemed fine, except her father did call her baby a “little bugger”. Not nice, but nothing to raise alarms about.

The very next day, November 17, 2012, Sarah Jones had the opportunity to go to a movie with her sister. She left Amelia with her grandfather. She didn’t get to enjoy the show. Within minutes of arriving at the cinema, Mark Jones called her to tell her that Amelia had “stopped breathing”.

OMG, I cannot imagine what Sarah Jones went through, knowing her baby was in dire distress and she wasn’t there!

Mark Jones called 999 and told the dispatcher that the baby had stopped breathing while he had left the room to go make a cup of tea. First responders arrived at the scene and found the bastard standing over Amelia’s lifeless body lying on the living room floor.

Amelia Rose Jones was taken to hospital and put on life support. X-rays showed that she’d suffered a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain. She also had broken ribs.

The beautiful, precious baby girl died 2 days later on November 19, 2012. She was only 5 weeks old.

Police naturally wanted to know what the hell had happened to kill baby Amelia. They took Mark Jones into custody and questioned him 10 times between November 19 and November 22, 2012. To say Mark Jones was uncooperative would be an understatement. He wasn’t interested in talking to the police. Pretty much all they got out of the bastard was “no comment”.

That’s not to say Mark Jones wasn’t talking to anyone. He told a doctor in the hospital that the baby had fallen and hit her head. “He was holding her while making her a bottle, while shaking it, she slipped from his hands hitting her head on the floor,” said the doctor.

Because the baby had been murdered by someone, authorities weren’t taking any chances. They removed Sarah Jones’ 3 other children from her home for 3 weeks. They even briefly arrested the grieving mother. The hell that poor woman and her kids must have been going through I can’t imagine!

Mark Jones didn’t start talking to the police until July 2014 when he was rearrested. He told the police that Sarah Jones’ older children had hurt the baby. What an evil thing to say! To blame little kids for killing Amelia — for bashing in her wee head and breaking her wee ribs!

When he was questioned in September 2014, Mark Jones told investigators that he’d dropped Amelia after tripping over a toy. Riiight.

Mark Jones next said that he’d been in the kitchen holding Amelia when he “started to feel a bit rough” from his anti-cancer drugs. He tried to get Amelia to the sofa but he “hit the floor” and passed out. When he woke up, the baby was on the floor, “trying to get her breath”. He put her on the sofa, and then went outside to get some air. After 5 or 10 minutes he returned and saw she wasn’t moving.

Mark Jones had previously admitted to a healthcare professional that he had no current medical problems or previous medical history, and was not taking any medication. So much for the bullshit cancer story.

Yet another story Mark Jones told the police was that another person was “messing” with the phone and that person dropped the baby.

Fortunately, Mark Jones’ various stories didn’t add up to the truth, and he was charged with murder and perverting the course of justice. He went to trial in Newport Crown Court in March 2015.

The story Mark Jones stuck with during his trial was that he’d fallen with Amelia in his arms on one occasion and then passed out while he was holding her on another occasion.

The prosecution maintained the horrible injuries were not accidental, and had been deliberately inflicted by Mark Jones on at least 3 occasions. The motive was his hate for Ian Skillern.

Mark Jones, 45, was convicted of murder and on April 30, 2015 he was sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years in prison. For perverting the course of justice he will serve 4 years concurrently.

Judge Wyn Williams told the murderous bastard, ” You inflicted significant and serious violence upon your granddaughter, who was nearly six weeks old. You killed a very young baby – she was particularly vulnerable and defenceless. Precisely what you did to her will never be known unless you choose to reveal it. At the very least, you made her head hit against a hard surface. This was a terrible thing to do to a baby.

“I am also satisfied that you abused Amelia on at least two previous occasions to her death.”

The judge described the hellbeast’s efforts to blame others as “wicked and despicable”.

“You have not shown a shred of remorse,” said Judge Williams, “and have only ever been concerned about yourself. It may well be that you are never released from prison – or if you are, you will be a very old man.”

Sarah Jones provided a victim impact statement, and stated that her life had been “totally destroyed”. She also said her other 3 children fear for their lives.

“One of them asked me ‘if granddad gets out of prison, will we have to move? I’m afraid he will come and kill me next.'”

“It really upsets and saddens me now, looking back, I spent such little time with her,” Sarah Jones said. “It seems like she didn’t really exist, like she was some kind of dream.”

“There have been times when I blamed myself for what happened to Amelia, because I was the person who invited him back into my life,” Sarah Jones added. “As far as I’m concerned he is no longer my father.”

I truly hope that the killer’s conviction and sentence will help ease the pain of those who loved Amelia.

RIP Amelia Rose Jones. I extend my sincerest condolences to her family.

And may the baby killer Mark Jones suffer each and every day in prison, alone with nobody to give a damn for him. His life is worth less than a bucket of dog vomit. The only value he could offer the world would be as fertilizer.

Hopefully karma will deliver the cancer that the evil hellbeast had pretended he had. That would be justice.

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  1. moodymagic says:

    Yes Cleo I hope to, that Karma delivers the most evil and painful form of cancer. Burn in hell monster.

  2. 2cute says:

    Evil bastard should wind up ground into mortar to plaster the prison’s walls.

    • Tom Daly says:

      Totally. But you know, accidents happen. Like if someone “accidentally” launched the Sausage Express up his crack while he was in the shower. Or if he was “accidentally” killed in a prison brawl.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Horrible disgusting pig should be put in general pop and have the shit beat out of him the baby murdering cunt. I wish britain had the death sentence then cunt’s like this pig would qualify for it. Why can’t we be like texas, they don’t mess about.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    Anyone who can harm a baby should be removed from the planet. They don’t deserve the air to breathe.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    You can’t tell me he hasn’t spent his whole life hurting and conning people. What a worthless POS he is!

  6. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. I’m not an American citizen but I think that we should have the death penalty in the United Kingdom for serious offenders. I mean, why in god’s name would you murder a kid of six weeks? And one who just so happens to be your own flesh and blood? I’ve got a three year old niece and if my cousin, her mother, murdered her, I’d be devastated. I seriously hope Mark Jones suffers for the rest of his miserable life. The only use he’d serve would be as worm food. Yep, Karma. Is. A. Bitch.

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