Mark Hutt

Hellbeast Mark Hutt
Crimes: Domestic Abuse, Murder

I haven’t written about Canadian hellbeasts for a while, so here’s one to redress the imbalance.

Thirty-six year old roofer, Mark Hutt, blamed his wife’s horrible death on … his wife. In fact, he blamed most of her horrific injuries on his wife. According to the Ottawa man, his poor deceased wife suffered from incredible clumsiness.

Mark Hutt, apparently, was a wee bit clumsy too. He’d “accidentally” spilt a pot of boiling water over his wife as he was making the spaghetti she oh so loved so much! See, he was being a GOOD GUY, making his wife supper, and he wasn’t an evil bastard who deliberately inflicted horrific burns on 40% of her body.

Except, of course, Mark Hutt is an evil bastard, and Donna Jones is dead because of his sadistic brutality.

Mark Hutt called 911 on December 6, 2009 in a panic because his wife wasn’t breathing.

Ottawa police Detective Tara Anderson and paramedic Logan Martin responded to the call. They were shocked at what they found at the Bayshore area home.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” said Det. Anderson. She found Donna Jones in the basement on a mattress made of couch pillows. Not even in her own bed.

Det. Anderson saw horrific burns on Donna Jones’ arms, stomach and down her sides. The poor woman also had blackened eyes. Her legs had scrapes and holes. Holes!

Det. Anderson said that Donna Jones “looked like she had been dragged behind a car on a gravel road.”

The paramedic, Logan Martin, tried to check Donna Jones’ pupils but couldn’t open her eyes due to the swelling. He lifted the victim’s t-shirt to check her burns and found the material was sticking to her wounds.

Donna JonesMark Hutt was blathering on and on with all kinds of excuses why his wife was so terribly injured. He told Det. Anderson that Donna Jones was drunk at a friend’s party when she fell into a fire. She subsequently refused to go to the hospital, he’d said. Mark Hutt also maintained that he was treating her burns at home.

Wait a minute — what about the boiling spaghetti water story? Well, that came later after he had time to think of it. Initially it was the fall in the fire while drunk story.

Mark Hutt also told Det. Anderson that when he carried Donna Jones to the bathroom she fell and a “large chunk of her hair fell out”. Wow, how clumsy of her!

And not only that, Donna Jones had hit her head on a bedpost and a bathroom wall!

OMG, how did she live to be 33 years old? It’s amazing she survived that long considering how clumsy she was!

I am, if you can’t guess, being a bit sarcastic. In case you haven’t gathered by now, I don’t believe a single word that comes out of the hellbeast Mark Hutt’s mouth.

Donna Jones was not clumsy, and not constantly injuring herself, but she was too devoted for her own good. She was a lovely woman who only wanted a “loving, caring family”. She convinced herself she’d get that with Mark Hutt.

Donna Jones bestowed expensive gifts on Mark Hutt, including a snowmobile, a snowboard, an ATV and a truck. She had been so generous with the man she was on the brink of filing for bankruptcy.

Generous and loving Donna Jones was determined to stand by her man, even though her man was a cruel and sadistic monster.

When Donna appeared in public with injuries, she blamed herself — she slipped on rocks or bumped into things. She was not about to reveal to anyone that Mark Hutt was solely responsible for her broken wrist and assorted other injuries.

Jones-Hutt weddingEven before her wedding in September 2007, Donna Jones’ family and friends did their best to dissuade her from committing herself to Mark Hutt. They were worried and almost certain that he was already abusing her. They tried to hold an intervention and, when that didn’t work, her bridesmaids refused to participate in the wedding.

Being blindly devoted to Mark Hutt, Donna Jones ignored everyone’s concerns and went ahead with the wedding. She even had to bring in a new bunch of bridesmaids.

Tragically, Donna Jones’ love and blind devotion cost her her life on December 5, 2009. The object of her love and devotion didn’t call 911 until 9:15 a.m. on December 6, 2009. She’d already been dead 12 hours.

When police hauled Mark Hutt’s pasty white ass in for an interview, the tall tale he’d told Det. Anderson morphed into something quite different. Even though he’d shown no reaction when first told his wife was dead, in the police interview he was sobbing and sobbing. Poor pitiful Mark Hutt.

But there were no tears, according to Sgt. Michael Hudson.

“Mr. Hutt was making the sounds of crying,” Sgt. Hudson said, “but at the time I was noticing that there were no tears.”

police interview with Mark Hutt“I just can’t believe she’s gone,” the hellbeast Hutt blubbered during the interview. He then told the detectives that he’d accidentally “drenched” Donna with a pot of boiling water. Accidentally. Eleven days before she finally died.

Mark Hutt really, truly wanted to take her to get medical help but Donna adamantly refused, he said. He told the detectives how he begged and pleaded with her to let him take her but she fought him. Even when he threatened suicide if she didn’t get help Donna still refused and even kicked and screamed at him.

Riiiight. The woman was severely burned over more than a third of her body so of course she’d be kicking and screaming NOT to get medical help.

According to Mark Hutt, Donna had earlier pledged never to return to hospital. She apparently made that pledge back when she needed surgical repair to the wrist she’d broken when she “slipped on the rocks”. Riiiight.

Mark Hutt then told the detectives how he had so lovingly made repeated trips to the pharmacy to buy burn cream and bandages. He even stayed up night after night making sure she was okay. He even went without eating for 5 days! He even pawned stuff to pay for the bandages! What a hero!

Mark Hutt went on to tell the detectives how he and Donna had even been talking and laughing about Christmas presents at 6 a.m. on December 6. Amazing, considering she’d been dead for 9 hours by then.

The hellbeast did admit to Sgt. Hudson that he had a rage issue. “I have an issue with anger, obviously, and I take it out on the people I love most,” Mark Hutt said.

He also admitted to harming Donna Jones after she’d been scalded. “I think I got angry and elbowed her in the face … And I hit her in the nose. That week. And I apologized my ass off.”

Oh, he apologized. That makes it all right then. NOT!

The autopsy showed the extent of the suffering Donna Jones had been subjected to at the hands of the man she protected and loved.

The extensive burns on Donna Jones covered 40% of her body. Most were third- and fourth-degree burns and they were infected. There were some bandages on her fingers and her left forearm, but the deepest burns remained undressed.

Donna Jones’ body had many more injuries. She had 9 fractured ribs, a broken finger, a fractured wrist, a broken nose and a forearm injury. Horrifically the poor woman also had 29 air gun pellets embedded inside her body. Some had been inside her for so long she was starting to suffer from lead poisoning.

At least two of the pellets had been shot into Donna Jones after she’d been scalded.

Donna Jones had died of septic shock after the extensive burns had become infected. That poor, poor woman.

Tragically, as badly burned as Donna Jones was, she had a virtually 100% chance of survival if she’d only gotten medical treatment.

The autopsy could not, naturally, disclose how much emotional abuse and financial abuse she’d been subjected to during the course of her 4-year relationship with Mark Hutt. It could not show why she dropped 51 pounds in 2 years. It could not show why she lost contact with worried friends and family. It could not show why her performance at work was declining.

Investigators checked out the Hutt home and found a whole pile of notes and letters from him to her, apologizing, groveling and professing his love.

“Donna, I once again must apologize for my actions last night. You’re right, I must have something chemically wrong with me,” one letter said. “I love you with all my heart, regardless to what you think. YOU ARE MY ANGEL.”

It’s my guess Donna lived on those letters, and convinced herself her husband meant what he said: that he was sorry and he’d never, ever hurt her again. I’m sure she forgave him every time because she believed his excuses and apologies. And I’m sure every time he hurt her she tried to hide her bruises, burns, cuts and broken bones so the evil bastard wouldn’t get into trouble.

Investigators also found something interesting in the home — a receipt from the store dated 2 days before Donna Jones died. Was it for burn cream and bandages? Not exactly. It was for cold medication, Alphagettis and cookies.

I guess Mark Hutt’s wife wasn’t able to cook his meals any more and he was getting hungry.

Mark the sadistic POS Hutt was arrested and charged with 1st-degree murder. He tried to plead guilty to the lesser charge of criminal negligence causing death but the Crown rejected his plea.

Mark the rancid meatstick Hutt pled not guilty to 1st-degree murder.

At his May 2013 trial, Mark Hutt’s defense lawyer Lorne Goldstein argued that even though his client abused Donna Jones, he couldn’t know that the burns would lead to the septic shock that killed her. After all, he’d burned her arms previously a few months before she died and she survived that.

Lorne Goldstein argued his client wanted Donna Jones to live because he was dependent on her emotionally and financially.

Crown attorney Vikki Bair argued that since Donna Jones was about to file for bankruptcy, she wasn’t of any use to the evil sniveling hellbeast any more. And letting her die would ensure she’d never tell anyone about the abuse she endured.

Except the autopsy told her story for her.

On June 6, 2013, the Ottawa jury found Mark Hutt guilty of 1st-degree murder. Yay!

“Pay the piper now, you prick,” an unknown man in the courtroom shouted at Mark Hutt.

“An evil man was put to jail for evil crimes done to my sister — and he will pay for the rest of his life,” Donna Jones’ brother Derek said after the verdict. “The justice system prevailed and the dear lord will take care of him in the afterlife.”

Crown attorney Vikki Bair said, “We had an opportunity to have an expert speak to the jury about what the dynamic of a horribly abusive relationship is and it’s great that people have been informed to the extent where we may not see as much victim blaming in the future.”

I certainly hope that’s true.

The murderous beast Mark Hutt will be sentenced on June 25, 2013. He will be getting an automatic life sentence, but the sentencing will give Donna Jones’ family and friends the opportunity to deliver their victim impact statements.

RIP Donna Jones. You deserved better. It’s such a shame you didn’t believe it.

And rot in hell, Mark Hutt. You didn’t deserve the love and devotion your wife honoured you with. You surely deserve to fester and rot in your prison cell for the rest of your life.

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21 Responses to Mark Hutt

  1. 2cute says:

    This just makes me cry. She died in the basement on sofa cushions, not even in her own bed. She suffered horribly from those infected burns and then that bastard had to make her suffer more by shooting more pellets into her flesh. Did he kick her in the face too to break her nose and blacken her eyes? Did he kick her in the ribs too to make her bones crack and breathing more painful? Did he STARVE her too? The monster should get the death penalty. Canada should have the death penalty for monstrosities like this.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      2Cute, what he would have been doing is, beating her senseless, and every now and again he’d have written her those little letters saying he’s sorry, thats what they do in army training, they treat them like shit, and when the cadet has had about enough, they are given a treat to sucker them back in. This is what this evil cunt did. He’s obviously thick as pig shit, to think that the doctors and the cops are gonna believe his fantastical story. Basically the money had gone so he had no use for her anymore, he basically treat her like a piece of crap, in a basement, on sofa cushions, black and blue, and burnt. I hope this bastard gets whats coming to him. His snow mobile, and ATV are no use to him now, are they.

      • awesomeblossom says:

        Hey bengalpuss, will you have room in your basement for this arsehole? You’ll have to treat him special because he’s probably “clumsy” like his wife was. He might fall and break bones, or fall and burn himself, or fall and shoot himself with pellets.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Awesomeblossom, i’d give this arseole his own little corner in my basement. I’d even install tea and coffee making facilities down there, but i’d have to an extremely carefull, my clumsy hands know no bounds. And forget shotgun pellets, i’d fix a dart board onto the wall, but my eyesight isn’t that great, i could miss occasionally. Oh and if my blood sugar goes high, im likely to punch out, sometimes wackin this turd and blackening his eyes. And if he falls, i’d only had his hair to grasp onto, thats why theres bald patches. Do you think the authorities would believe me awesome?

          • momof3canada says:

            You need a island for all these assholes… and some of the lawyers and cps workers….esp the ones who took the stick away from the abusers but not the children.. eye roll

  2. pj says:

    This abusive asshole is too stupid to live. She fell on a fire at a party? She fell when he was carrying her? She fell on rocks and broke her wrist? He’s a ridiculous liar. How could that poor woman believe anything he said. I wish her intervention had worked, but likely it failed because she was desperate to be in a relationship. She had a lot of love to give, and it should have gone to a good decent man and her children. Instead it was sucked up by this evil parasite along with all her money. I hope he dies soon. I wish we could vote him off the planet.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell you rotten Prick I wish to God Hutt you would be abused and tortured as badly as you did to your own loving wife. Prison is not enough for a murdering prick like you.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Awww moodymagic, must be really angry, she called this loser a prick, moody, i couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I wish girls and boys were taught very young that people should be judged by their actions. Anyone can say they love you, because those are just words. Hitting is not love, burning is not love, hurting is not love, shooting someone with a pellet gun is definitely not love. So many people put up with so much torture and pain because their abusers say they love them and they believe it. They should believe the punches and the kicks and the stomps instead — those tell the truth, and the truth is their abusers hate them, devalue them, and consider them worthless and beneath contempt.

  5. Lillith says:

    I say we boil him like a fucking lobster & then proceed to stomp his ass until he resembles ground hamburger! Assholes like this piss me off, because I have seen way too many cases of this. They’re “man” enough to beat and abuse animals, small children, women-basically any creature too weak to defend itself- but when it comes to facing up against someone thier own size they always back down. And the excuses always get me. The victim blaming, the “accidents”-because every victim is oh so clumsy ya know-, and what appals me the most is how these monsters break down their victims. They break their self-esteem, their will, their spirt. They methodically use mental abuse to make them so dependent that they actually believe they can’t live without the person, that no one would ever want them. That’s when the victims start covering for these sacks of shit. People like this are the worst forms of “humanity”, and should be as physically broken & damaged as thier victims.
    No one, except maybe cockbites like Mark Hutt, deserve a horrible death like this. Her only crime was that she thought she was in love with the wrong person.
    R.I.P. Donna Jones. The world has lost one beautiful soul too soon.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I agree 100% with you Lillith. I like the boiling idea and the stomping idea. You forgot using him for target practice though, and not with piddly ass pellets. I think in Canada first degree murder gets them life with chance of parole after 25 years. He’d better not be getting parole. Unless Donna’s brother and friends are waiting on the outside to “greet” the bastard.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Bulldoggy, the bastard must have had the poor woman cowering while he used her for target practice. I too agree with lilith, he should be boiled like a Fucking lobster, and would shit himself if someone bigger than him wanted to square upto him, Fucking pussy. Lets hope theres a well endowed bubba, in need of a new bitch in jail, lol.

        • Lillith says:

          I’d pay for him to get Big Gay Bubba as a cellmate. Someone really needs to teach this guy that “fist” can also be a verb.
          Anyone care to add to the care package I’m sending him? All I’ve got so far is a big baggie of red M&Ms (for lipstick) and a sharpie marker so his cellmate can draw bitch tits on his back….

  6. Jlark says:

    I’m from Ottawa, where this crime occured. Just to add a little more information from the trial, Donna Jones also spoke to her mother and a co-worker while laying in the basement with the burns Hutt inflicted having already happened. She told her mother she had a cold when questioned about why she didn’t sound very well and also mentioned to her that her loving husband, Hutt, was taking great care of her. She told the co-worker that she was sick and would be back to work as soon as possible. She had such caring friends in her co-workers that they were preparing another intervention for her to try to convince her to leave Hutt and to help her get the help she needed such as a place in a shelter, transportation to wherever necessary, etc. Her co-workers never had the opportunity to help her as she died before returning to work. I have watched and read about almost this entire trial. It is hard to fathom just how sick of a man Hutt was and just how terrified Donna Jones must have been not to reveal the agony she was in to either her mom or her co-worker. I sincerely hope that Hutt gets whats coming to him in the prison system and once he dies, I hope he is on the super express bus to HELL!!!

    • cleo says:

      Jlark, thanks so much for the additional information. If only she had told the truth about the pain and terrible situation she was in she would have been saved. How tragic.

    • eburr says:

      I’ve read about this, too, that she spoke to her mother several times following the scalding. According to the burn expert, she would have been in absolute immense pain following the initial attack (not even taking into account the proceeding beatings to her face and body, and at least 4 close-range pellet gun attacks to her legs). The “cold” would have sounded legit following the broken nose, but the pain to rest of her body? Was she in such physical pain for much of her 4-year marriage that she developed coping mechanisms like distraction and avoidance to mask her true pain level? Has she been in prior abusive relationships that helped develop this “skill”? Her coworkers and friends saw enough to organize two (or more?) interventions – one with the aid of law enforcement. What did her family do to protect her? My own mother can see right through me, and I know I would sacrifice my life and freedom to protect my own daughters.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        eburr, when i was in an abusive relationship, it was 2nd nature to me to lie and defend the prick. Also fear was a contributing factor, that if i did say something i would be beat even more. Eventually you get that worn down 29 them, that you don’t have the energy or will to do anything, plus you have it drilled into you that everything is your fault and your lucky that you’ve got him. If that happened to me now, i’d put a pick axe through his skull, but it goes to show how its very easy to cover up for your abuser. My mother knew me like the back of her hand, but she didn’t have a clue what was going on. This poor woman had a miserable existence, i hope this bastard has one for the rest of his life.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Just to let people know, this prick got life with no chance of parole for 25yrs, lets hope he has bubba, as his cell mate, and bubba has shaky hands while holding hot drinks.

  8. scrappy says:

    She is such a beautiful girl…it is so sad that she didn’t realize that there was a good man somewhere who would’ve treated her like gold.

    Even baring that, being alone and lonely with your cats and your job (been there, done that) is not such a terrible life and almost never leads to septic shock.

    I hate violence. Makes me physically ill. Even so, people who hurt the innocent and vulnerable deserve to have some serious inhumane violence committed on their sorry carcasses.

  9. Queenspoooky says:

    I had tried to keep up with all the articles on the trial but somehow I did not see this one. I thank you for this. Donna was one of my best friends and I hope to God people learn from this horrible tragedy. Mark Hutt is indeed a beast and I am thankful he is in jail for a very long time.

  10. Astro says:

    Good article, but it forgot Hutt’s mealy-mouthed “apology”/ sympathy ploy at sentencing, claiming: ” Since my incarceration, I am not the monster I once was.”

    Yeah, he didn’t actually torture his wife to death, but now that he’s cooled his heels in prison for a while, he’s completely reformed and is no longer the monster who did those things he never did.

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