Mark Chudley

Mark Chudley
Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, False Imprisonment

Mark Chudley, 39, of Mount Pleasant Road, Brixham, UK, is where he belongs — in prison. He’ll be sitting in his cosy cell for quite a while because he’s been sentenced to 20 years. I only wish he could have been imprisoned for life.

Mark Chudley was a nurse in Torbay. He was a volunteer at a youth club in South Devon. He was also a predatory pedophile who attacked and raped very young girls.

Children at the youth club had given Mark Chudley the nickname “perv” because of how he used to touch the girls. Sadly, because they were children they didn’t know to report his behaviour to police.

Mark Chudley didn’t just “touch” the girls. He lured some of them into the computer room, locked the door and wouldn’t let them out unless and until they did what he wanted. He sexually assaulted those girls, and then used threats to keep them quiet.

One girl was only 3 years old when Mark Chudley began to rape her. Three years old! The abuse didn’t stop until she was 6. The other victims were aged 5 to 11.

The sick baby-raping bastard threatened one victim that he would kidnap her if she told anybody, and she’d never see her family again. How utterly terrifying and nightmarish that must have been for that poor child.

The threats Mark Chudley used to silence his victims were extremely effective. They ensured he could continue to prey on the girls at the youth club for years and years and years. It wasn’t until the earlier victims had matured that they felt safe enough to report the child-raping bastard to authorities.

In April 2013, Mark Chudley’s happy life as an active pedophile came to an abrupt end. He was arrested and charged with 16 counts of raping and sexually assaulting 7 girls.

When Mark Chudley went to trial in Exeter Crown Court December 2013, he tried to convince the court that all of the allegations were false or stemmed from the victims’ misinterpretation of his completely innocent actions. He insisted that the girls had gotten together to frame him. Riiiight.

Mark Chudley was convicted of 2 counts of rape, 3 counts of false imprisonment, gross indecency against a child, and 9 counts of indecent assault.

On January 23, 2014, Mark Chudley appeared before Judge Erik Salomonsen for sentencing. I don’t think the judge was much impressed by the pedophile’s continuing claims of innocence. I know he wasn’t impressed by the fact the victims had to relive their ordeals and defend themselves against accusations of a frame-up.

Judge Salomonsen said to Mark Chudley, “These offences were intentional. You planned them and deliberately targeted a vulnerable victim in abuse of your position of trust. There were multiple victims.

“The victim of your rapes has written a moving account of the consequences of your criminal conduct. She has panic attacks, feels run down and believes her life has been ruined.

“She feels as if she lost most of her childhood and has never been able to get over this.”

Judge Salomonsen then sentenced Mark Chudley to 20 years in prison. In September 2014 the Nursing and Midwifery Council struck him off their register. The vile pedophile is a nurse no more.

I applaud those 7 victims who came forward and exposed this POS pedophile’s crimes to authorities, and who testified in court against him. It no doubt took a great deal of courage to do that. I hope the convictions and the sentence will give the victims peace of mind now, and a sense of security and control in their lives.

I wish upon Mark Chudley many, many years of misery. I guess it’s too much to hope that his genitals wither and drop off before he is released back into the world. He’ll still be relatively young when he’s released — young enough to do more damage to more victims. Still, we can console ourselves that it’ll be a few years before the British public has to worry about him again.

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8 Responses to Mark Chudley

  1. PJ says:

    What no child porn? I am surprised. I am not surprised that this pudgy pedophile blamed the victims. There are probably lots more victims out there who haven’t come forward. My question is were there no other volunteers at that youth centre to notice this bastard was taking little girls behind locked doors? Were there no other volunteers to notice that this bastard was called a perv by the kids?

  2. moodymagic says:

    Chudley burn in hell. I hope everyday is pain and suffering in prison.

  3. 2cute says:

    I admire those girls for speaking out and I wish them the best.

  4. Geist says:

    God, I hate these pieces of shit who hurt kids! I hope that his life in prison is a fucking misery!

  5. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I swear, I looked at his photo and instantly, without reading a word, knew he was a pedo. I can’t explain it in words; it just seems intuitive somehow. Long may he rot.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I agree flyingleadchange. He has that harmless “who me?” expression on his face – the one that makes parents and patients trust him. He has that out of shape flabby look so people would understand why he’s still single. He doesn’t look like a thug or a rapist. He looks like a nice guy who probably evoked sympathy in those who knew him. “Poor Mark can’t find himself a girl.” “And he’s so good with kids too, it’s such a shame.” “He’s a caring type, that’s why he’s a nurse.”

  6. Stacey says:

    I pray his crimes get out when he’s in prison

  7. lorraine says:

    The UK prisoners will rip him a new one. They despise pedophiles.

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