Mark Borel

Mark Borel
Crime: Attempted Murder

Cindy Campbell, a married mother of 2 teenagers, made a horrible mistake. She had an affair with Mark Borel, a married Ontario government worker. He was definitely, positively the wrong man to get involved with.

Both Cindy Campbell and Mark Borel are from St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. She was a professional organizer who helped clients declutter their homes. He was an IT guy who answered questions from government employees about their computer problems. They met in 2010 and by September of that year they were having an affair.

“He was a really nice guy. Charming. Funny. I really liked him,” Cindy Campbell said.

The illicit relationship began to sour when Cindy Campbell’s husband and kids found out about it around Christmas 2010. That holiday season must’ve sucked. Still Cindy Campbell continued to be involved with Mark Borel, but she began drinking to deal with the stress.

The relationship was becoming frightening. It wasn’t just the arguments that left bruises on Cindy Campbell. There were also Mark Borel’s insane jealousy and controlling behaviours. Not good.

“I cared for him, but also I was scared of leaving,” said Cindy Campbell. “Because I knew there would be consequences.” Hell, yes, there would be consequences!

In spring 2011 Cindy Campbell became pregnant with Mark Borel’s child. They decided to abort, and Mark Borel took her to the appointment.

About a month later Cindy Campbell tried to end the relationship. Her lover wasn’t about to make it easy for her. He became filled with hate and rage and wanted to teach her a lesson for trying to dump him.

Mark Borel began sending Cindy Campbell frightening emails, calling her a baby killer and telling her to watch her back. The threatening messages were so alarming that she forwarded them to a friend just in case anything happened to her. Wise move.

Mark Borel actually stooped to texting Cindy Campbell that he was in the hospital and dying! How pathetic is that! The ploy didn’t succeed in stoking her sympathy or making her pay attention to him. Well, he’d soon enough force her to pay attention to him.

On July 23, 2011, Mark Borel arranged to meet Cindy Campbell at 6 p.m. at the Rockway Community Centre in Lincoln. I don’t know how he convinced her to meet with him, but tragically she’d shown up.

Cindy Campbell wasn’t to know then the extent to which Mark Borel hated her. She wasn’t to know that he was waiting for her with matches and a jerrycan full of gasoline.

When Cindy Campbell parked and started to get out of her car Mark Borel told her he had a present for her. He then threw the gas at her and then lit a match, saying, “F*ck you, bitch. You messed with the wrong people’s feelings.”

Mark Borel then stood back to watch the show.

The poor woman was on fire. Her clothes were on fire and her skin was turning black.

“I was on fire and I remember it was really, really hot,” Cindy Campbell said. She reminded her attacker, “You have kids, I have kids.” That had no impact. Mark Borel the heartless hellbeast told her, “You’ll pay. You’ll pay.”

“I remember looking at my hands and they were black,” Cindy Campbell said. “The skin was peeling off and there was blood everywhere. I thought, ‘Oh sh*t, this is not good.’” That was an understatement if ever there was one.

She began to crawl toward the road, praying she’d see her kids again. She rolled in the grass trying to put the flames out, all the time hoping somebody would rescue her. Mercifully there was a car approaching.

“Dear God, please don’t let there be kids in the car,” Cindy Campbell remembers thinking at the time. “I didn’t want them to see the state I was in.” And then she lost consciousness.

When Cindy Campbell woke up it was September 14, 2011. She’d been placed in a medically induced coma for 2 months. At least she’d been spared the agonies of those 2 months — there were many more months of agony ahead of her.

What Cindy Campbell didn’t know was that, with witnesses around and helping his victim, Mark Borel had dialed 911. He told the operator a woman he didn’t know had been attacked. He didn’t mention the fire until later in the call.

When police arrived, Mark Borel first told them he knew the victim but she’d already been attacked before he got there. She had told him “somebody did this”, he said.

In a later interview Mark Borel told Detective Jamie Munro that he and the victim had met and he told her they should split up. He then noticed she had booze at the bottom of her purse so he reached for the bottle to toss it away. She struggled with him for the bottle, he said, so he told her he was going to report her to the cops for drinking and driving. He got in his car, he said, and started to drive away but stopped because he heard her screaming.

“I looked back and saw her on fire,” Mark Borel told the detective. And then being such a hero he helped her roll to put the flames out.

What a load of bullshit! Don’t worry — there was more where that came from.

Mark Borel then told Detective Munro that he saw matches and a lighter next to the victim and he right away thought somebody had set her on fire — likely her husband — and wanted to do it to him too. That’s why he grabbed the matches and the lighter that he later handed over to police.

When Detective Munro challenged that bullshit story, Mark Borel changed it. He now said that when he broke up with the victim she told him, “if you leave you’re not going to like what’s going to happen.”

I guess he was saying Cindy Campbell had set herself on fire.

Mark Borel was charged with attempted murder. It came frighteningly close to being murder. The victim had burns to 60% of her body — on her arms, legs, chest, torso and back. She had inhaled enough hot air to damage her airway. She required assisted breathing for 7 weeks while she was kept in a coma.

When Cindy Campbell woke up in McMaster Medical Centre on September 14, 2011, she couldn’t speak. She was wrapped like a mummy and hooked up with tubes. The poor woman had much to endure. She had developed heterotopic ossification — extra bone growth in her elbows, knees and shoulders. She couldn’t bend her arms and legs as a result, and required surgery to improve that condition.

Cindy Campbell, I understand, has had 14 surgeries on her skin and joints so far and will require more. She was in hospital for 4 1/2 months after the attack and was housebound for months after that.

“I had to learn how to speak, eat, walk and breathe all over again,” said Cindy Campbell.

When Cindy Campbell said she knew there would be consequences for dumping Mark Borel, she was so very right.

Mark Borel went to trial on April 28, 2014. He pled not guilty to attempted murder. Defense lawyer Kim Edward argued that the victim had set herself on fire by accident. Riiiight. She suggested that the victim’s husband had thrown gas at her before she left home that evening and when she later lit up a cigarette she went up in flames.

Cindy Campbell does not smoke so there goes that theory. BTW, what person would be stupid enough to be drenched with gasoline and light up a cigarette?

And what a horrible thing to say about her husband who had to deal with marital problems, his wife’s affair, and then the aftermath of the attack. He took care of the kids and helped his wife during her recuperation. He did not deserve to be accused like that — especially when Cindy Campbell identified her attacker.

Lawyer Kim Edward also tried to convince the jury that those threatening emails were fake. All her arguments didn’t work. After hearing from almost 40 witnesses the jury convicted Mark Borel, 50, of attempted murder.

At sentencing, a religious Mark Borel spoke to the court. He said, “I want to maintain a positive attitude going forward … we all are humans … and we make mistakes.”

We all make mistakes? Yeah, but HE set a woman on fire! On purpose! That’s a helluva lot more serious than buying Cornflakes instead of Rice Krispies.

“I pray for Cindy and her family all the time,” he said. “I pray for the rehabilitation and restoration of herself and her family.” How very religious of him. And prayers cost him nothing.

“I pray for her to be the best she can be,” he continued. Why does everything he says about her sound like he thinks she’s morally deficient? Why does it sound like he’s passing judgment on her? Maybe I’m reading into it, but his wording is wrong. He doesn’t say he’s praying for her injuries to heal. He doesn’t say he asks for her and god’s forgiveness. He doesn’t say it’s his fault.

When handing out the sentence, Judge Linda Walters rightly said that the victim “has suffered incredible pain and suffering as a result of the burns she received at the hands of Mr. Borel. The circumstances of the offense are horrific and unimaginable … This is an act of incomprehensible cruelty.”

Judge Walters decided that the “sentence must be at the higher-end of the range for sentences for attempted murder.” Good!

But then the judge added in the mitigating factors which included the fact Mark Borel was a first-time offender and had behaved himself while in pre-trial detention. The judge also considered that the abusive bastard was gainfully employed and was an active coach. He had a good relationship with his family members, his sons, and his friends. He also received many letters of support.

Know what? If a friend of mine — a close friend even — had set fire to a person or an animal, I would NOT be sending letters of support. I cannot understand people who stand up for people who are capable of such vicious cruelty.

THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT, PEOPLE! He brought a jerrycan full of gas to throw onto his girlfriend, he threw the gas onto her and then he set her on fire! What part of that is acceptable behavior? And how does having a job and being a coach make any of that better?

Judge Walters wound up sentencing the murderous hellbeast Mark Borel to 19 1/2 years in prison. The judge gave the would-be killer time-and-a-half credit for his 3 years in pre-trial detention which leaves him 15 years left to serve. He could be eligible for day parole in 5 years.

Judge Walters also ordered Mark Borel to submit a DNA sample. He is also banned from owning weapons.

“I’m happy,” Cindy Campbell said after the sentencing. “Now my life can start again, because this part of it’s done.”

I wish Cindy Campbell a full recovery and a happy, safe and contented life. I also wish her success with her nursing career — yes, she’s studying to become a nurse! Good for her!

To Mark Borel I wish daily suffering. Likely nothing he will ever endure can compare with the agonies of the fire, the burns and the surgeries that his victim has had to face. What he did to her was no mere “mistake” but a horrific, heartless attempt to kill her in one of the worst ways imaginable. And all because she dumped him. All because she hurt his feelings.

Hopefully by the time Mark Borel gets out his supporters will have realized that the good friend, the good coach, the good co-worker they knew was a hellbeast in disguise. There is nothing redeeming about a man who would try to kill a woman he professed to love by fire.

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14 Responses to Mark Borel

  1. bengalpuss says:

    What a vindictive spiteful bastard, i think he should of been given a longer sentence 15years is nothing compared to what he did. I hope he has a miserable time in jail, evil piece of shit he is.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Its a Canadian Prison(what a joke) I too wish Cindy all the best. Burn in hell Borel.

  3. PJ says:

    The fact he set somebody on fire means he was faking being a decent guy. People are stupid to support him after that.

  4. Bulldoggy says:

    Obviously he wasn’t thinking about his sons when he tried to kill Cindy. If she hadn’t lived he would still have been caught. He’d sent her threats. He stuck around to watch her die instead of fleeing. I for one am glad he’s a stupid would be killer.

  5. 2cute says:

    I am so glad nobody has posted comments saying Cindy deserved what happened because she had an affair with the bastard. Too often the victims get blamed. I hope she’s doing OK now and doesn’t need more surgery. Good for her for carrying on with her life and starting a new career.

    • Scrappy says:

      I just feel really bad for Cindy and her family that a time of bad judgement turned into a lifetime of painful punishment.

      He might even have wanted her to live through this ordeal. Her suffering is far greater than if she had died at the scene.

      Most people, if they are able to recover their marriage and family happiness after an affair can look back on the the incident with regret . If they are lucky, they can confine it to the dustbin of “wish that it had never been…what was I thinking?, etc.” Now she will suffer the remainder of her life and her family will have constant reminders of the azzhole.

  6. casper says:

    I did time in Jail in Niagara Detention center, F Dorm, wit him…

  7. Art says:

    I wish no ill on the victim however I sill support Mark, he is a friend and as much as this one sided article paints this picture, there is still another side that nobody has wrote a blog about. This was a horrible tragedy and should never have happened.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Maybe there was, but she was the one who suffered immensely not that vindictive cunt. I mean who does that? Throws gasoline on a person and sets them on fire? That bastard is where he belongs.

  8. Art says:

    Mark is and will be a friend. Nobody knows 100% what happened for sure. To dis him would be to believe her. I don’t 100% believe either of them.

    • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

      He SET SOMEONE ON FIRE, for fuck’s sake! Nothing she did short of killing his kids justifies that. Man, people are dense!

  9. wildchild says:

    I really hope when your “FRIEND” gets out, Art, that you are very careful not to make your “FRIEND” angry, or make him feel betrayed. I really hope one day, you or people like you, wake up and realize friends don’t set each other on fire, because feelings are hurt. Its about believing the facts, your friend Mark, set this woman up, knowing full well what he was going to do with those matches and gas, when she got there. Sick people in this world, especially one’s that would still support these hellbeasts, and their atrocities.

  10. wildchild says:

    Another thing, Art, I don’t think that you could wish any more ill will on a person, than the suffering that this hellbeasts’ victim, and her family, has gone through. And as far as writing another article, telling the other side of the story, I do not ever recall Mark being the one that was burned alive.

  11. alex says:

    I met this guy while visiting a friend at NDC. He seemed like a normal guy. I guess you never know

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