Mark Bedford

Hellbeast Mark Bedford
Crimes: Pedophilia, Extortion, Death Threats, Child Porn

An Internet sex predator who is considered one of the most prolific ever caught in Canada was released from prison in March, 2011. Mark Bedford, 25, is a pedophile who not only refuses to voluntarily change his ways but seems to be unable to comprehend the error of his ways. He is an unrepentant, remorseless, unsalvageable pervert who served his entire prison sentence before he was released. No early release for Marky boy, and for good reason.

“With what he’s done in the past, there’s a high probability that he might reoffend,” Det. Staff Sgt. Frank Goldschmidt said of Mark Bedford.

And what had he done in the past? Let’s start with those crimes he pled guilty to: inciting a child to commit bestiality with a dog, extortion, possessing and distributing child porn, and luring over the Internet. His victims: girls aged 9 to 15 from 5 different countries. For a grand total of 10 charges Mark Bedford spent a total of 3 years in prison. Not nearly enough IMHO.

Although Mark Bedford pled guilty to a paltry 10 crimes in a plea bargain, it is likely he is guilty of hundreds more, all via the Internet.

Mark Bedford is a cunning, computer savvy pedophile. On social networks like Facebook he would hack into the friends lists of his prey: young girls. How did he do that? Mark Bedford took on the persona of Samantha, a 15-year-old girl who listed her interests as singing, dancing, my b/f and girly stuff like that. As Samantha he would chat with young girls and ask seemingly harmless questions like what was their favourite colour, what bands did they like, what pets do they have.

By eliciting answers to these questions, Mark Bedford was gathering clues to the girls’ passwords. He would then hijack the accounts, change the passwords and pose as the victims to their circle of friends. Once he gained the trust of these friends, he would begin conversing with them in an increasingly sexual manner. Ultimately he would convince the friends to expose their breasts using a webcam. Since the girls thought they were dealing with a known friend they felt safe enough to lift their shirts. They were far from safe.

Once Mark Bedford got the girls to expose themselves he had blackmail material which he then used to force the girls into performing more and more explicit sexual acts. He would keep taking more photos and gather even more blackmail material. The girls were terrified of what he would do with the photos — send them to all their friends, to their parents, or to other pedophiles. They were also terrified of his threats to kill them or their family members. It was an absolute nightmare for these young girls.

And so Mark Bedford managed to force a 12-year-old girl into simulated sex acts with her dog. He forced sisters aged 11 and 13 to perform oral sex on each other. He forced other girls to insert items such as combs and pencils into their vaginas. And Mark of course was recording it all via webcam. And jerking off to it too, as pedophiles are wont to do.

Mark Bedford victimized more than 40 girls in England alone. He also had victims in Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico and France. The true number of girls he traumatized may never be known. It is at least 63. And he did it all from his parents’ home in Kingston, Ontario. If only they’d known what Marky boy was up to on his computer. They might have wondered since he spent 7 to 9 hours a day on it.

Mark Bedford at 16 had begun looking at photographs of young girls on the Internet. He got photos from older online pornographers. At 19 he began his criminal career of forcing young girls to perform sex acts for him. He did it, he said, “for control” and “for my own excitement.”

Most of the crimes took place in the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006. At that time he was a computer sciences student at St. Lawrence College.

Mark Bedford’s crime spree was exposed when investigators from England, Ontario, Alberta and BC joined forces and shared information at the RCMP’s National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre. He was charged in July 2006 and kept under house arrest at his parents’ home until he was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

At Mark Bedford’s sentencing, he apologized, “I want to say I’m sorry to the victims and families and I hope they can move on now.” A lot of them, of course, cannot. One young woman attempted suicide several times and began mutilating herself after Bedford traumatized and victimized her.

“My life is filled with fear — I do not trust anyone,” this poor woman said.

Ontario investigators believe he is one of the most prolific online sex predators they’ve encountered so far. The National Parole Board had deemed him too dangerous to give him early release from prison. Experts who assessed and “treated” him in prison concluded he is a high risk to reoffend even after treatment. These experts testified at his parole hearing that he showed little understanding of his crimes and minimized the damage done to the girls. Mark Bedford was only sorry that his parents were put in the glare of public scrutiny after he was arrested.

Mark Bedford admitted trying to trick sex offender experts who were assessing him. He didn’t want treatment when he was in prison and was twice warned he could be kicked out of the high intensity sex offender treatment program.

“I didn’t think I needed it,” Bedford admitted. “I didn’t think I was that damaged.” Oh, he’s damaged all right. And unhappily all those hundreds of girls he manipulated and terrorized are damaged too.

So now pedophile Mark Bedford is footloose and fancy free but he is on a leash. Bedford is barred from possessing or using “any computer system, digital storage media or any device with ability to access the Internet.” And the police can show up at any time, without any warning, and scrutinize any computers he is able to access.

Bedford is also barred from engaging in “any activity” that involves contact with anyone under age 16.

I have strong doubts that such an unrepentant online predator can stay offline. I rather hope he will get caught accessing the Internet and is hauled back to prison for a while longer.

Det. Sgt. Frank Goldschmidt, the provincial co-ordinator for strategy concerning illegal Internet activities, frequently talks to students about Internet safety.

“If there are things you would feel uncomfortable doing in your school hallway, why would you do it on the Internet?” he asks them. “Especially when you don’t know because you can’t normally see who you’re talking to.” Good question.

“It just totally amazes me when kids are on Facebook and those social gathering networks, how much personal information and photographs they post on these sites of themselves,” he said.

It amazes me too.

“I often ask kids, why do you do that? They say, ‘You know, it’s for my friends.’ My response is, ‘If they are your friends, they already know what you look like, they know where you live, they know how old you are.’

“You’re really just putting seeds out there for people who are preying to find you. As easy as you can put it out there, they can take it down and use it for purposes you wouldn’t want them to use it for.”

Det. Sgt. Frank Goldschmidt also warns parents not to use the computer as “an electronic babysitter” until they get home from work. He believes it’s unwise to allow teenagers to have computers in their bedroom.

“It amazes me how many people let kids have video cameras and phones and computers in their bedroom away from everybody else. How can you possibly see what they’re doing? People are leery about letting their kids go to the movie theatres. They need to be just as cautious with their kids going on the Internet.”

Amen to that, Det. Sgt. Frank Goldschmidt. I hope that parents out there will use the horrid example of hellbeast Mark Bedford to keep their children safe.

And Mark Bedford, rot you bastard. We know you for the pedophile you are. Own up, man up, and do the world a favour by departing as soon as possible.

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10 Responses to Mark Bedford

  1. Kimber says:

    Damn, I’m glad I was always too poor to get my kids cell phones and that the only computer we had was in the living room. Of course, that didn’t stop my son from cruising the internet porn sites while I was at work, but at least my girls had no way to take pictures.

    I really don’t know why we weren’t subjected to the attentions of any online pedophiles while they were growing up. We weren’t a very tech-savvy family. All my kids, however, were very cynical and requests for much of anything were met with derision from my teenagers. Hell, they weren’t even up for doing their homework, much less sending out a topless picture of themselves. I think that might have involved too much effort on their part.

  2. Trace says:

    There is no frickin way I am going to let my baby girl have a web cam or a facebook account, not until she is an adult. How the hell can 9 year olds have a facebook account! Parents have to be really aware what their kids are up to on the internet. I used to think the worst thing was for kids to see porn on the internet but now we have to worry about them making porn! What a disgusting world!

  3. 2cute says:

    Its disgusting monsters like this that never really get the type of punishment that they deserve..Oh wait he’s in Canada which is very soft and liberal when it comes to criminals. No wonder his sentence is so light.

  4. mohamed says:

    so my teacher mr. green told about this disgusting guy, why would anyone his age even look at girls there age, wallhie maskeeen… tehy don’t deserve this

  5. Lalalala says:

    Disgusting world. What a pervert. Bastard. Nasty ass.

  6. cleo says:

    Gracias por su visita.

  7. prisontaxi says:

    Reincarnation of Elagabus….I tried to charge his older brother….whole family is like the Bernardo family.

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