Mariano Antonio Castro

Mariano Castro
Crime: Pedophile

I don’t know the young woman’s name but I want to tell her she is to be admired for speaking up and helping to put away a hellbeast pedophile. I do not know her mother’s name but I want to tell that woman she is to be reviled for covering up for that hellbeast pedophile. Good news though, I do know the hellbeast pedophile’s name — Mariano Antonio Castro of Santa Ana, and I want the world to know him for the monstrous child raper that he is.

Mariano Antonio Castro moved in with the girl’s family, becoming the stepfather to the young children. Only he didn’t act like a stepfather. When the girl was 7 years old, he began hugging and kissing her in a non-stepfatherly fashion. When the girl was 8 Mariano Antonio Castro began sexually assaulting her. Soon he was molesting the child daily. The rapes continued for years.

As if it wasn’t enough to pin down the young child and rape her every night, Mariano Antonio Castro threatened the girl too. I can’t determine if he threatened to kill her, her sibling or her mother, or if he threatened her with physical punishment, but he certainly succeeded in frightening the girl into silence.

When the girl was only 11 years old, she became pregnant with Mariano Antonio Castro’s baby. She gave birth to a girl in December 2004, at the ripe age of 12.

The pregnancy was something the mother could not overlook. The young girl confided in her mother about the sexual abuse and Mariano Antonio Castro was kicked out of the home … for a while.

Un-freaking-believably, the mother soon enough allowed her “man”, her husband, the monster who raped and impregnated her little girl, back into the home. She did not call the police on him. She did not report him to anybody. She didn’t even have the decency to keep her children safe from him after her daughter became pregnant.

This woman should be named and shamed for the repellant immoral creature that she is. She chose to protect and harbor that pedo pig instead of her own helpless and vulnerable child. Alas we shall never know this disgusting woman’s name.

Social workers learned of the baby’s birth — the mother was extremely young after all and that raised a few flags. They naturally questioned the girl about who the father was.

The threats made by Mariano Antonio Castro were frightening enough to cause the girl to lie. I’m guessing here but I’ll bet that the mother issued some threats of her own too. She obviously didn’t want to lose her “man”.

The girl told the social workers that a boy she knew was responsible for getting her pregnant. She was believed and life carried on as before, except there was a brand new baby girl in the household.

Naturally, the sexual abuse continued even after the baby was born. Why would Mariano Antonio Castro stop? The victim’s mother had no problem with what he was doing, and by that time I doubt that the young girl even struggled any more. After all, by that point she’d been raped daily for 4 years, molested for 5.

The sexual abuse continued until the girl was 17 years old. Maybe it was the fact her own daughter was 5 years old and a potential victim of the pedo hellbeast. Somehow the girl found the strength to speak up and break her silence. She chose to confide the sexual abuse to a pastor at a new church. The pastor rightly advised her to make a report to the Santa Ana Police Department. And so, on April 19, 2011, Mariano Antonio Castro’s life was forever changed.

A DNA test was performed on the little girl and the identity of her father was established.

Mariano Antonio Castro was charged with 3 felony counts of lewd acts on a child, 3 felony counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child, and 1 felony count of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Mariano Antonio Castro, 58, really had no defense against the DNA results. He went to trial on February 6, 2013 and was found guilty of all charges on February 13, 2013. The jury additionally found that allegations of substantial sexual conduct with a child and inflicting great bodily injury were true.

Mariano Antonio Castro will be sentenced on April 26, 2013. He faces a maximum sentence of 78 years to life in state prison. I am keeping fingers crossed.

I can find nowhere that the monstrous mother was charged with failing to report the abuse. I certainly hope that there will be some justice raining down on that bitch’s head.

By choosing to do nothing to help her own daughter, the monster mother in effect chose to condone and facilitate the raping and molesting of a vulnerable child. I hate the idea that the hellbitch is going to remain unnamed and unpunished.

I wish nothing but the best for the victim. She is a hero in my book, and she has saved not only herself from continued abuse but probably her own daughter and other children. Pedophiles don’t stop and they don’t change.

And I wish nothing but suffering for Mariano Antonio Castro, the baby-raping bastard. I hope all his prison buddies know him for what he is, and teach him a lesson he should have learned long ago.

Mariana Antonio Castro was sentenced to 61 years to life in state prison.

LA Times article
OC Weekly article

15 Responses to Mariano Antonio Castro

  1. Antonia464 says:

    His wife’s name is [redacted].

    • cleo says:

      I appreciate your supplying the name of Castro’s wife, but I believe that it was kept out of the press to protect the identity of the victim. It’s only for the victim’s that I will not publish her monstrous mother’s name.

      • Antonia464 says:

        Ooo sorry.

        • cleo says:

          Don’t be sorry — I really appreciate your input. I wish I could expose the mother to public censure especially since it looks like she won’t be facing charges. Do you know the family perhaps?

          • Antonia464 says:

            I don’t know the family, but I did some digging. That is how I found her name.

            I find it abhorrent that she is not being charged in some way.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    How the hell can the mother live with herself after she basically offered her little girl up on a platter for this pervert’s sick and twisted pleasures? It couldn’t have been for love of his “meat and 2 veg” as bengalpuss calls it, because they were busy violating the little girl. It must have been for his paycheck. He probably paid the bills and that’s why she rewarded him with that poor little girl. He should’ve been rewarded with a bullet between the ears.

    • bengalpuss says:

      The mother should be jailed for doing nothing, she basically facilitated in the continual rape of her daughter. And i hope that this bastards arse gets some overtime done on it in jail, so he understand’s what its like to have things done to you, what you don.t like. Poor girl probably knew that her daughter was getting to the age of when she started getting abused and decided to say something. Maybe her mother should take a leaf out of her daughters book, on how to be a mother, evil pair of bastards.

    • 2cute says:

      I agree bulldoggy that the mom stuck by her man for the almighty $$$. What female in her right mind would want to be hooked up with a baby raper? I bet he hardly ever touched her for the decade he was raping the daughter. I hope the poor girl — now a young woman — can have a safe, successful life with her little girl. I can’t imagine having a baby that young! I bet her stepfather thought he was safe for a couple more years before she hit puberty and that’s why he didn’t use protection.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Bengalpuss you’re the guru and I wholeheartedly concur with what you said above.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Thankyou moodymagic, i just don.t understand how a mother, who knows about her partner raping her daughter, 1)Did nothing 2)Said nothing 3)Took him back into her home 4)stood by while he impregnated her daughter. Im so glad that Dna was discovered, or no doubt this pig would have denied that the baby girl was his. But i just can.t rap my head around the fact that the victims mother “And i use that term loosely” Isn.t also looking on going to jail. Lets face it she basically did fuckall to protect her child. Only conclusion i can come to on this one is, the mother must have been so ugly that she thought she was lucky to have this shit head in her life, and was willing to put up with him raping her daughter day in day out, just for her own little bit of penis, i even doubt that this beast had a job, lets face it, he is a useless piece of shite.

    • MsM says:

      Did you see Precious Bengal?? I will grant the case in the movie was rather extreme but it’s a good example of that type of scenario. The “mothers” need to maintain control over the molested child in order to keep the man – there’s obviously something wrong with the parent mentally. It IS rather odd that no charges were filed against the mother – that usually happens in the event the entire situation was an abuse situation and the mother was afraid for her life as well as the child’s and there are a hundred reasons or more a battered woman stays in a relationship. (I know because I did for way too long with the first marriage.) I wouldn’t judge the mother TOO harshly until we have more information. If it turns out that the mother was just standing around letting this freak molest her daughter then yes, let’s burn her in effigy. But, if for some bizarre reason the woman was too afraid to leave (although I doubt that given she DID kick the man out of the house at one point)then let’s not bury her in your basement just yet. ;o) (Sorry, it’s a social worker thing…)

      • bengalpuss says:

        No msm, never seen precious, obviously it must about a scenario like this? Still at the end of the day msm, she knew what this turd had done to her daughter, hence kicking him out in the first place. I just can.t grasp why she took him back in, i really can.t, cos if that was my child, this cunt would be looking like Andrew Borden, with an axe buried in his skull. I get what you mean by circumstances, we don.t know the circumstances of why this woman let him back into the home, but in my mind that bastards feet wouldn’t touch as soon as i learned he’d done that to my child. I most certainly wouldn’t be letting him come back, and as soon as i found out, the police would be notified, only a selfish twat wouldn’t do those things.

        • MsM says:

          It was a scenario exactly like this – only the mother was more openly insane than the molester was. We had to watch it and then analyze it for a class. It’s not a movie I’d recommend if anybody has trigger issues. It’s extremely hard to watch. I can’t grasp why women do shit like this either and given my job I’m required to look at all of the information before I’m allowed to make a judgement call – but I agree, no matter how much abuse a woman takes from the man she is with there should NEVER be an excuse for her to allow him to molest her children, yet it happens all the time. There has to be some sort of disconnect in the brain where the women disassociate themselves from their child in order to maintain the relationship. I can’t think of another possible way for a mother to allow that shit to go on right under her nose. She SHOULD have called the police as soon as she kicked his ass out but she didn’t…which leads me to question her sanity. They can’t ALL be insane like Precious’ mother (who was an unmedicated bipolar with narcissistic personality disorder). There has to be some part of them that KNOWS this is wrong but is overridden by some other part of their brain to allow it to happen. Not that it justifies any of it, far from it…I’m just trying to comprehend WHY the DA didn’t charge her.

  5. Muchacha says:

    Hmm, I could think of a few choice forms of punishment instead of wasting tax payers money in a jail.

    I don’t advocate for violence (only breeds more). But these sadists do not deserve a “convenient lifestyle in jail”.

    Cut the very thing they used. Too much? Try saying that to the victims…Sicko – pure evil!

  6. LawyerChick says:

    It’s astonishing that the mother wasn’t charged with endangering a child. I’m assuming that the victim wouldn’t fess up that her mom knew in order to protect her. This case is sad. I see cases like this in my practice. :(

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