Maria Ann Huffman, Richard James “RJ” Huffman & Michael Wopat

Victim of slit throat
Crime: Animal Abuse

Some hellbeasts just don’t learn. They go through life repeating the same disgusting crimes over and over and over. I’m pretty sure that if the sentences they face aren’t severe enough, the monsters just don’t see any need to change their ways. Case in point: Maria Ann Huffman, 45, and her son Richard James “RJ”Huffman, 27, of Ferndale, Washington.

Back in 2008 Maria Ann Huffman and RJ Huffman hit the news when they were convicted of animal cruelty. On October 8, 2008, officials had discovered 57 malnourished and abused animals at their home.

Fifty-seven suffering animals! Officials were only made aware of the situation after the Northwest Clean Air agency responded to a complaint about a really bad smell coming from the residence. The property was in deplorable, filthy condition with trash heaped everywhere. The stench was beyond belief.

The animals, which included cats, dogs, chickens, ducks and assorted other birds, were handed over to the care of the Whatcom Humane Society on October 9, 2008.

One poor dog had its collar embedded in the flesh of his neck. The Huffman assholes had put that blasted collar on him when he was just a pup and never took it off.

Horrifically, officials discovered that after all those animals were seized the hellbeasts got their hands on 4 more young dogs.

Those poor puppies suffered — and I do mean suffered — from slit throats– only one of them managed to survive and recover. The others died slow, agonizing deaths.

Unhappily, prosecutors were unable to prove who had slit the throats of those poor pups. Really? Really?!?

Maria Ann Huffman and RJ Huffman were arrested on October 27, 2008. They were convicted in Whatcom County Court of starving 2 pitbulls only. WTF? What about the dozens of other starving animals? It doesn’t sound like the prosecution tried very hard.

The penalty that the horrible hellbeasts received for their cruelty was 90 days in prison, $1600 in restitution and a ban from owning animals for 5 years. Ooooh, harsh!

At the time, Michael S. Wopat, the husband of the hellbitch Maria Ann Huffman, was also found guilty of animal cruelty and received the same “harsh” sentence.

Now why, you ask, did these sadistic bastards get off so lightly? Maybe it was because the prosecutor Eric Richey himself recommended the 90-day jail sentence and 5-year ban from owning animals. That’s right, the prosecutor suggested the sentence!

I’m guessing that Eric Richey isn’t a pet owner. How he felt that piddly-ass sentence was sufficient I don’t understand. I myself would have locked them up for a significant period of time and banned them FOR LIFE from owning animals.

So fast forward 4 years — guess what the Huffman hellbeasts were up to again! If you guessed animal hoarding and abuse you’re right!

On January 2, 2013, these two beasts were found in criminal contempt of court for owning cats, dogs, fish and birds.

See? I told you some hellbeasts never learn.

Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Steven Mura found Maria Ann Huffman and RJ Huffman in contempt for simply owning the animals.

And what penalty did that get them? Well, not much. They both were given a suspended jail sentence of one single solitary month. Ouch! That’ll teach them to flaunt court orders!

Oh wait, there’s more! The POS sadistic monster Maria Ann Huffman was ordered to serve 2 whole days behind bars!

I am relieved to report that that’s not the end of the Huffmans’ judicial ordeal. There are brand spanking new abuse charges stemming from a separate ongoing court case.

In the summer of 2012, animal control officers removed 43 suffering and starving animals from the Huffmans’ home on Tall Cedars Lane.

One tiny kitten was found near death — it was thin, anemic, infested with fleas, and dehydrated.

If it hadn’t gotten medical treatment it “would have died in less than a week,” wrote Deputy Prosecutor Eric Richey. Yeah, him again. Can you tell how thrilled I am that he’s on the case?

The mistreated kitten survived (yay!) but several other kittens were found to be in the same distressed state. One of them died despite the vet’s efforts to save it.

Two parrots were found in cages coated with an inch of dried crap. A cockatiel was starved almost to death, its breastbone protruding significantly since it had no meat on its bones.

The Whatcom Humane Society also discovered and reported that shithead hellbitch Maria Ann Huffman “allegedly” kept 2 horses at a farm on Olson Road.

Surviving victim of Huffmans

Puppy whose throat was slit

One of the horses, Freckles, had a wound “swollen to the size of two tennis balls” on his leg! Poor Freckles had been hit by a car 3 months earlier and although a vet cleaned and bandaged the leg, Maria Huffman “allegedly” didn’t bother to follow up with the prescribed treatment. The horse’s wound festered as a result.

The Huffmans have a court hearing scheduled for February 20, 2013. I do not wish them luck unless it’s bad luck. In fact, I wish they would rot in hell.

And please, Deputy Prosecutor Richey, please ask for a more appropriate and much harsher sentence than the pathetic one you asked for last time. Somebody or something has to stop the Huffmans now from abusing and killing more animals!

Sadly I cannot find photos of Maria Ann Huffman and her POS son RJ. The picture I did find was of the puppy who survived the slashed throat. Poor little beastie.

I truly hope the citizens of Ferndale are alert and refuse to sell or give so much as a worm to these sadistic animal abusers.

I shall report the sentencing when it happens. Keep fingers crossed these monsters are put away for years!

Bellingham Herald article
Seattle Times article

22 Responses to Maria Ann Huffman, Richard James “RJ” Huffman & Michael Wopat

  1. bulldoggy says:

    OK, it’s official. I hate these people. To cut the throats of 4 puppies is inhuman and sick. To starve helpless animals, over 100 of them, is warped and twisted. And how many animals did die but were tossed in the trash and never found? Countless I am sure. I hope hope hope the courts will finally take their crimes seriously and lock them up where they can’t hurt anything or anyone.

  2. moodymagic says:

    These 2 deserve everything horrible in life. I hate them and so why can’t the punishment match the crime. I also do not think much of Eric Richey what kind of disgusting sentence was this and now involved again. These poor animals.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    Fucking bastards, why o why, don.t they lock these cunts up and throw away the key. Believe me and i kid you not, if i was one of the animal welfare officers that found all those poor animals, i would have kicked the shit out of those bastards. Fuck losing the job it would be worth it just to beat fuck out of these pieces of shit. If they keep giving twat’s like this silly pathetic sentences, then they will keep hurting animals. And why would you cut a puppies throat. Evil bastards. And those poor Kitties. I need to go and hug my tyke, because im upset now.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, why would anybody want to cut a puppies throat? When i see that puppy, i see a cute bundle of fur, and it wouldn’t even enter my head to hurt an animal.. Maybe if the slack arse judge dished out a proper sentence in the first place and a lifetime ban on owning any animals, then i wouldn’t have to be upsetting myself by seeing a picture of a cute puppy with a cut throat who never hurt anyone. I hope those bastards the huffmans and that wanker wopat, die a horrible fucking death. i’ve got tyke in bed with me stroking him until he’s nearly bald. my god, i feel bad if he doesn’t have any food in his bowl. no wonder he’s a fat cat. but i love him.

    • pj says:

      Only super sadistic bastards would even think of cutting a puppy’s or a kitten’s throat. Those poor helpless little animals didn’t stand a chance against these evil c*nts. I hope and pray they lose everything – their jobs, their friends, their home – because of the atrocities they have committed.

      • Reality says:

        Amen! But I hope they live for a v-e-e-e-e-r-r-r-y long time. Gives us more time to find them. >:)

        I’ve said this time and time again: people who do these things to animals are only one impulse away from doing it to people ~ LOTS of people. Take them out of the pond NOW and put their asses in Federal-pound-them-in-the-ass-prison. Not only will you be saving future human victims tomorrow, you’d be saving sweet, innocent animal victims TODAY.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, i hope the next post isn.t about animals being ill treated, cos my stress levels can.t take it. When i saw the picture of that cute puppy it really upset me and made my blood boil. Its a good job i don.t live in the states. Mind you we’ve got our fair share of the scumbag’s in the uk. I don.t understand how someone can be so evil to do that to a little defenceless puppy. Evil bastards.

  6. 2cute says:

    I wish a lifetime of misery on the Huffmans. Just because their victims aren’t people they get away with unbelievable cruelty. Too bad their faces can’t be plastered all over the internet so everyone will recognize them and teach them a lesson about cruelty.

  7. malcolm88 says:

    The whole judicial system needs to be overhauled in washington if those sentences are the best they can come up with for animal killers and abusers. and not just in washington.

  8. str8m8 says:

    I am hoping but not hopeful that those sick [email protected] will get some real justice. At the very least there should be a lifetime ban from owning any form of life. You can bet your life they didn’t pay for those animals. Too many people give their pets away without checking out who gets them.

    • Reality says:

      I have NEVER understood that shit. Would you ditch your kid on Craigslist if it got too pricey to feed them? No, you wouldn’t. You have NO idea how furious I get whenever I see those fucking ads on CL. Especially when, here, we have an amazing foster program that will find a good family (we’re talking background checks) for your Fifi or Fido.

      And I never understood that “Well, we just don’t have time for Bowser” bullshit, either. If he needed lots of attention, or needed a big backyard to run in, why the FUCK did they get him? Those ass-wipes never think about how it’s not just about THEM ~ that pet sees them as FAMILY now, and they’re just dumping them off. Again, would they do that to their kids? Well, maybe they would. >:(

      • bengalpuss says:

        Reality, craig’s list is diabolical full stop. If my memory serves me correctly, hasn’t there been a few murders of people answering to craig’s list advertisements. They met someone who has turned out to be jack the ripper in disguise, after going to meet them, having only chatted to them a few times. Mind you there are thousands of sites and columns looking for new love. Wouldn’t catch me on one of those, i’d like to stay alive for as long as possible lol.

  9. Reality says:

    This story reminded me of our dog, Pooge, a much beloved member of our family on our farm in WVA (we never did that disgusting bullshit of having “farm pets” that were little more than feral animals living on our property).

    We found him one day, when he was about 2 years old (according to our vet’s best guess) ~ he was emaciated, suffering from mange and had a dog collar literally embedded in his neck (he had to have surgery to have it removed or he would have died). Both vets (the one who examined him and the one who performed the surgery) guessed that it had been put on him when he was about 6 months old. Now, he was a HUGE dog (never was sure of his breed(s)), his head coming up at about hip high on a grown man (my dad, who was about 6 feet tall). The collar was about the size that you’d put on a full grown cocker spaniel!

    My parents were REALLY worried that after the kind of abuse he’d suffered (lots of previous broken bones and scars from being slashed), he’d be too … traumatized to be a good pet for a family with a small child. But Pooge (named because for the first three weeks, I wasn’t allowed to give him a “real name” in case we couldn’t keep him ~ it sounds cruel, but my parents were just genuinely worried about my getting hurt) was the most AMAZING dog. He’d docilely follow us kids (me and my cousins), and more than one time, he’d chase bullies off (did I mention he was HUGE?!). And one time, he even chased off a few feral dogs! Younger kids would be able to pet him, hold his tail (not in a grabby-grabby way ~ more like you’re petting his tail … ’cause it was pretty and fluffy), and one time, one of the littler kids got the notion that he could get on him like a horse (again, he was HUGE). We got him off Pooge before Pooge could get hurt or even really feel the weight on him, but I’d doubt any dog who’d been tortured like he was would have put up with that like he did.

    All in all, he lived with us for about 15 more years before finally traveling to the Rainbow Bridge, dying in his sleep. He’s buried on our family farm (still in the family) under his favorite tree where he used to chase squirrels. I still love him and still think about him all the time. In fact, I’m crying as I type this. :/

    For YEARS we tried to track the fuckstick that mistreated him so horribly. But I have to say that I’m glad we never did ~ I don’t think we’d ever have gotten out of jail if we had have. Most likely, we’d have gotten the death penalty.

    Those fucking waste of air shit-bags should be stuck in a sack, zapped with a fucking taser for hours on end, then tortured with car cigarette lighters until they begged for death. Anyone that hurts an animal (or a child) doesn’t deserve to be on the same fucking planet as IT’S victims. I wouldn’t even consider it murder ~ it’d be euthanasia for society’s sake.

    I apologize if I offended anyone, I just have SERIOUS issues with anyone who could do what those shit-bags did. They just don’t deserve to use our air. >:(

    • 2cute says:

      The animals that are abused have more humanity in them than the beasts that abused them. Animal killers deserve nothing but pain and suffering and total societal rejection for their entire lives.

    • bengalpuss says:

      You haven.t offended anyone, most of us who comment on this site feel the same way as you. I totally agree, cunts like this don.t deserve to breath the same air.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, i wish there was a law made that said “Anyone that abuses animals, and are caught, the punishment is the same as what they did to that poor animal” Bet you the rate of animal abuse would plummet. Instead they fuck about giving out pathetic sentence’s. No wonder animal cruelty statistic’s are thru the roof.

  11. monkey says:

    some info for the people stating michaels name and how he was married to Maria Huffman and raised her son Richard james. I have known them all for quite some time. the one that gave up after trying to get her to get rid of animals was Michael.he tried for several months and years to get rid of them, however after him working 12-16 hrs aday between work and a farm were he had animals. she kept him in a very hard to work situation as she would not do anything without him so while he worked at his job, she sat at home and did nothing and said her health would not let her do anything with the animals because she is alergic to them. Michael would actually after working and going shoping sometime he would be home long enough to sleep and shower and get only about 2-3 hrs of sleep a night and go to work. this abuse that he plead guilty for was because he found out through his attorney that they were going against him in jail saying he was the one that slit throats of the puppy’ has taken me this long to actually speak out on his behalf but i really don’t think he is the beast you say he is, he as long as i have known him loved and cared for animals he is guilty by association as far as I am concerned. he has and never will be married to Maria Huffman. I know for a fact that he left her imediatleey after getting out of jail left from his relatioship with her and his words were that she will get caught owning animals and she had planed on owning the again within the five years.she also used mike as a slave for her conveniance and had him to the point of breaking down when ever we talked and he had said he can’t keep going this way. he said get rid of the animals or what ever happens with the animals willbe your fault and if we all end up in jail because your not taking care of them, that will be the way it is and we will all face the charges. he had no choice but to face the alternate because she refused to get rid of animals. her son is a lazy asshole as well, when he is with his mom. he does everything she tells him and he does have mental disorders and follows people in the wrong direction at times. I have no doubt that RJ was the one that did the horrific crimes. with his personality you would not think he could ever hurt a living thing in his life. I know for a fact Michael when an animal dies loses it because I had to have him burry an animal and his eyes teared up and he does lose it at funnerals. he says all people are part of his family.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Monkey, i don.t buy that shit, and i’ll explain why, all the others only had to make a phone call to animal welfare. Your saying that they gave her an option to get rid of the animals or they would all end up in jail. I wouldn’t even give her an ultimatum, i would be on the phone to have those poor animals rescued. Yet they did nothing, until they were caught, so my sympathy is with those poor animals that died and the ones that were rescued. Fuck those animal abusing cunts to hell and back.

  12. I hate animal abuse says:

    They have face books now you can see who they are.

  13. Denice Baggett says:

    The only good that came out of this for me, is that I now have had Freckles for 4 years. While at first she trembled at every touch, she has become one of the sweetest, trusting mares I have ever owned. Treatments on her old injuries have and still are costing us plenty. But she is worth every dime. I know what the butchers look like…..they better never ever come near my Freckles, who I now just call Woo.

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