Marcus Delon Wesson

Hellbeast Marcus Wesson
Crimes: Pedophile, Incest, Murder

On March 12, 2004, police officers were summoned to a domestic disturbance at 761 W. Hammond Avenue, Fresno, California. They thought they were dealing with a nasty child custody issue, but it quickly and horribly morphed into a horrific and bloody tragedy.

Fresno police arrived at the small blue house to find two women and their supporters loudly demanding custody of their children. The female occupants of the house were refusing to hand over the children. There was a lot of screaming, a lot of insults, a lot of chaos.

In the midst of all this chaos stood a big guy (300 lbs or so) with a pug nose and an insane mane of gray dreadlocks. Bizarre looking though he was, he was calm, cool, collected, and police thought he was the only sane one in this insane situation.

When the women’s screaming and insults escalated into physical blows, the big guy quickly darted into the house and slammed the door. The police were soon to learn that far from being sane, the big guy was the craziest, scariest loon of all.

The dreadlock demon was Marcus Delon Wesson, the spawn of alcoholic, abusive, sexual pervert father Benjamin Wesson and ultra religious fanatic mother Carrie Wesson. Benjamin and Carrie had been the perfect combination to spawn and raise a certifiable, murderous, religion-spouting sexual pervert, and that’s just what they did.

A high school dropout, Marcus Wesson joined the army. When he returned to the US after he left the army he hooked up with married lady-friend Rose Solorio of San Jose. Rose Solorio had 8 children already, but still split with her hubby and moved Marcus Wesson in. Lord knows what she was thinking. I forgot, vaginas don’t think. She was 13 years older than her new man.

So Marcus was not the ideal choice as the new head of the family for oh so many reasons. One was that he was chronically unemployed so that they had to live off of welfare and move from ramshackle house to tent to boat to shed to wherever they could find.

In 1971 Marcus and Rose demonstrated their mutual fecundity by having a baby boy. The family had begun to grow, but not in a normal, healthy way. It was becoming a freak show. Now I don’t know what mystical, mysterious, magical powers Marcus Wesson was using over Rosemary, but he actually began wooing Rose’s daughter Elizabeth. That’s right, he was WOOing her. He was grooming Elizabeth to be his woman.

Elizabeth was just a little girl.

Me, I would have dropkicked that POS perv to the curb right then and there, flailing madly at his groin with my cane. That’s precisely what I would have done the instant I learned he was making moves on any little girl. That’s because I am a normal human being.

But what did Rose Solorio do? Instead of doing the right thing, the decent thing, the moral thing, Rose let Marcus Wesson stay as head of the family AND continue his disgusting courtship of the little girl.

Marcus Wesson somehow managed to convince Rose and Elizabeth that God Himself had decreed that the little girl should be the future Mrs. Wesson.

Little girls believe in the tooth fairy and Santa so that was no big accomplishment convincing Elizabeth. But where was the adult Rose’s brain? Dormant? Absent? Damaged? Dead?

Rose Solorio didn’t seem to have an issue with this “romance” maybe because it didn’t involve sex … yet. It was all “religious” doncha know. Ordained by God, according to His good buddy Marcus.

In 1974, when Elizabeth was all of 8-years-old, 27-year-old Marcus Wesson “married” her in a do-it-yourself/homemade wedding ceremony. I’m not sure if he waited for puberty to hit before he consummated this “marriage” (I seriously doubt it) but I do know that Elizabeth was pregnant at age 15. That’s when Marcus Wesson legally married her.

And Rose Solorio was fine with it all, with the cheating on her, with the raping her daughter, with impregnating her daughter. She even gave written permission for the wedding to take place. Why? Maybe because Marcus Wesson had decided that HE was Jesus Christ and as such he demanded complete, unquestioning obedience.

The evil bastard even wrote his own version of the “bible” to thump into his family’s heads. In his version, Jesus Christ, aka himself, was also a vampire. Creepy, very creepy. And downright batshit crazy.

I guess Rose Solorio bought it all, hook, line and sinker. Her man was Jesus Christ, and if sex with little girls was OK with Jesus it was OK with her too. Stupid bitch!

So Rose gave Lord Marcus complete obedience, and helped ensure all her children did too. Stupid f*cking bitch!

Elizabeth WessonAnd so Elizabeth, the official Mrs. Marcus Wesson, was made to embark on her life of subservient baby maker for her lord and savior. This was a role she carried out supremely well. In all Elizabeth gave birth to 11 babies with one dying as an infant and one dying at birth. Five boys and 4 girls were the products of this now-legal marriage.

The strain of a growing family apparently didn’t inspire the monster Marcus Wesson to look for work. Oh no, welfare was adequate enough to feed his own fat self. And the kids? They were sent out to forage through dumpsters and garbage cans for food. Master Marcus of course was denied nothing, and he without a single twinge of conscience heavily indulged in his favourites — burgers and fast food.

In 1989 Elizabeth’s sister Rosemary had found herself incapable of caring for her 7 children due to her drug addiction. Guess where these unfortunate kids wound up. Yup, in Marcus Wesson’s hands. Why, in heaven’s name would that woman abandon those helpless children to this unemployable, sick, perverted pedophile? Did the drugs totally kill her brain, her heart, her soul?

So now Marcus and Elizabeth had 16 children to care for — let me rephrase that. Now Marcus had Elizabeth and 16 children to care for him.

Wesson girlsAnd care for him they did. At least the girls did. They washed his dreadlocks, they scratched his belly and armpits — they did whatever he wanted. And you know and I know what he really wanted.

When the girls reached the ripe age of 8 Marcus POS pedophile Wesson started molesting them. I am talking about his nieces, yes, AND his own daughters. He began with fondling their baby breasts and genitals and then taught them to give oral sex. His lessons of “love” of course would culminate in copulation.

Marcus the useless, worthless piece of shit hellbeast instructed the girls that these rapes were “a father’s way to show affection for his daughter.”

The boys were segregated from the girls because Marcus Wesson suspected they would develop sexual feelings for each other. And he only wanted the girls to want him! Disgusting pervert!

The boys were kept separately from the rest of the family and were forbidden to even speak to the girls. If there was any disobedience he would hit them with a stick wrapped in duct tape or a small baseball bat.

None of the children were allowed to have friends, to speak to strangers. They were “home schooled” and force fed Marcus Wesson’s bizarre worldview and religion. According to him, the world was filled with evildoers and sinister plots, and people like David Koresh had it right. In fact, he greatly admired and emulated David Koresh and began to prepare the family for the inevitable war on “God’s people”.

The girls, of course, were not ever allowed to date. The only sperm donor they were allowed to associate with was their hellbeast pedophile father/uncle.

The monster Marcus justified the incest and child molestation by pointing out the Bible passages referring to multiple wives. “God wants a man to have more than one wife,” he’d preach to his family. And since Elizabeth had become incapable of having any more children, the girls were made to consider themselves surrogates.

And so he went forth and multiplied like a good godly man. This pedophile fathered 18 children with 7 females (including daughters and nieces). With 2 daughters and 2 nieces he performed his special DIY wedding ceremony.

With all those child brides and babies I guess he was far too busy procreating to find work. Hell, he was too batshit crazy to find work.

And all those years the family moved around and scrounged around. They lived in vacated houses. They’d squatted in the Santa Cruz Mountains living in an army tent, and they’d even lived on a sailboat moored in the Santa Cruz marina. The kids had to scrounge for bottles and cans and use public restrooms to bathe. They lived on a tugboat in Tomales Bay, north of San Francisco (again no bathroom) and the girls/slaves had to row their father around in a dinghy.

The girls, pregnant or not, also worked real jobs but had to hand over all their earnings to their Lord and Master Marcus. They did without, but he never did, the f*cking tub of lard.

In the fall of 2003 authorities evicted the family from the rotting tugboat because it was totally unsuitable for habitation, so the family moved to Fresno and moved into a converted office building. They parked a yellow school bus in the driveway.

Disturbingly, they also moved in 12 mahogany coffins. What the hell were they doing with coffins?!? Possibly it had to do with Master Marcus’ obsession with vampires. Possibly.

Marcus POS Wesson was also seriously serious about following David Koresh’s footsteps. For those who don’t remember, David Koresh and 75 of his family/followers died of suicide/murder at the conclusion of their standoff with the FBI. Wesson’s fascination with and adoration of David Koresh was damned scary.

The “home schooling” lessons in the Wesson household had begun to include details of the Second Coming of Christ (wait, I thought HE was Jesus) and “going to the Lord” i.e. a mass suicide plan in the event that the evil Government tried to split up their happy family. Possibly the 12 coffins were in anticipation of that special event.

In 2004 Fresno city officials informed Marcus Wesson that he couldn’t keep the school bus in the driveway and the office building wasn’t suitable for residential housing anyway. They gave him the deadline of March 12, 2004 to resolve the zoning issues.

So the happy family had some issues. The zoning issues were small potatoes compared to the familial ones. Some of the girls were rebelling.

Ruby Sanchez, one of the nieces he’d “married”, discovered there was a whole world out there beyond the confines of the Wesson household — a world without beatings, without slavery, without sex with a fat disgusting bastard named Marcus. Ruby ran away 3 times but returned each time because she had nobody and nowhere to go to. She also was upset about leaving her child behind.

When Ruby Sanchez turned 22, she got up the courage to embark upon a new life. She left the family and got married. She was forced to leave her child with POS pedophile Marcus Wesson. I have no doubt it tore her apart.

Ruby’s sister Sofina Solorio also left the family. She too was not allowed to take her son with her.

Now free, Ruby and Sofina finally, finally had a taste of normality. What a shock it must have been to realize that all the paranoid religious, political, amoral crap that Lord Marcus had spewed over the year, all the sexual and physical abuse he had inflicted upon them, were the result of his sick, twisted, disgusting thoughts and desires.

Ruby and Sofina, free as they were, could not bear to think of their children helpless in the abusive home of POS Marcus Wesson. They discovered that their sisters and their cousins were continuing to bear incestuous fruit and they became determined to rescue their own children from that house of horrors.

Wesson chaosAnd so we come to that fateful day, March 12, 2004. At 2 p.m. Ruby and Sofina arrived with reinforcements at 761 W. Hammond Avenue, Fresno. Sofina rushed into the house, found her 7-year-old son Jonathan and almost got him to safety. Unhappily for all, her sister Rosa Solorio grabbed him away and herded Jonathan and the other children into a back bedroom.

Sofina was shoved outside and big old tub-o-lard Wesson blocked the doorway. Sofina’s 25-year-old sister Sebhrenah Wesson told Ruby to “bow down to her master” before rushing inside the house to join the children.

The police arrived and tried to understand the scope of the situation, but truth be told there was no way they could comprehend the bizarre, unholy scene that was unfolding.

Marcus Wesson, when he slammed the door on Ruby and Sofina, their supporters and the police, he closed off any hope of escape for the children trapped inside.

“He’s going to hurt the kids!” yelled Ruby and Sofina. The police called for the SWAT team, dispersed the crowd and took cover. Then there were gunshots and cries of “Not my babies! Not my babies!”

By the time the SWAT team arrived, all was deathly quiet inside the little blue house. Hellbeast Marcus Wesson suddenly flung the door open and presented his big, fat, belligerent self covered in blood.

The police officers ran inside, desperately looking for survivors. There were none. In the back bedroom where minutes before huddled frightened little children there was a pile of bodies, every one of them shot in the eye. On the top of the pile was the newly deceased Sebhrenah with a pistol tucked under her arm.

Wesson childrenThe dead were 1-year-old Jeva St. Vladensvspry, 1 ½-year-old Sedona Vadra, 1 ½-year-old Marshey St. Christopher, 4-year-old Ethan St. Laurent, 7-year-old Jonathon St. Charles, 7-year-old Aviv Dominique, 8-year-old Illabelle Carrie, 17-year-old Elizabeth Breani Kina, and 25-year-old Sebhrenah April.

Each and every one of the dead was the biological offspring of the monstrous, incestuous pedophile, Marcus Wesson. He was immediately arrested and charged with 9 counts of murder. When the DNA tests came in he was charged with 14 counts of sexual abuse.

Marcus the monster Wesson had the unmitigated gall to plead not guilty. His legal wife Elizabeth, his daughter Kiani and his niece Rosa Solorio (yes, the one who stopped Jonathon’s escape) were unstinting in their support of this “wonderful husband and father”. His own mother, Carrie Wesson, not so much.

“If Marcus is guilty, I would really feel disappointed in my country if it didn’t make him face the penalty,” his mom told the Los Angeles Times. “But I’m a biblical person too, and I don’t believe in capital punishment … What I would like for Marcus to do is sit in prison and think about what he’s done and read the Bible.”

I think she meant the real bible and not his own bizarre and perverted version.

The actual trial took 3 months with 50 witnesses. His defense attorneys pinned the entire blame of the massacre on Sebhrenah. Weird how her fingerprints weren’t on the gun. Neither were the defendant’s. Did Sebhrenah wipe the gun after she shot herself in the head? And if she did all the killing, why would anyone wipe the gun afterward?

The prosecution argued that Marcus Wesson was ultimately responsible for the massacre because he’d spent years readying his children to kill and be killed.

“In this family, he was Christ himself, the ultimate authority figure who determined life and death,” prosecutor Lisa Gamoian said. “But for his suicide pact, for his teachings, none of this would have happened.” Very true.

Lisa Gamoian described Marcus Wesson as a master manipulator who had brainwashed his daughters and nieces into believing it was normal for him to have sex with them. He had severely curtailed their access to education and the outside world. He had complete financial, physical and emotional control over their lives, the prosecutor said, and had convinced them that death was preferable to police interference with the family.

Elizabeth, the official Mrs. Marcus Wesson, testified that she knew NOTHING about her husband having sex with her daughters and nieces.

“How can I protect them if they didn’t tell me? They never told me anything,” she testified.

Puh-Leez! Now I am giving Elizabeth a whole lot of leeway considering she’d known nothing but Marcus Wesson’s perverted reality, but she damn well HAD to know he was molesting those girls!

Elizabeth Wesson claimed she didn’t ask the girls who was impregnating them because that would be “mean and rude.” Riiiight.

Apparently the prosecutor Lisa Gamoian made Elizabeth cry on the stand. Well, with nonsensical answers like that, I am not surprised.

Rosa Solorio, 23, whose children Ethan and Sedona were murdered in that back bedroom, testified on Marcus Wesson’s behalf. She proudly wore her wedding ring, and stated that she still loved him and considered herself his wife. She testified that those mahogany coffins had been bought for a renovation project and/or as extra beds. Riiight. Me, if I had to come up with alternate uses for coffins I would have gone with coffee tables and extra storage.

Kiani WessonKiani Wesson defended her father and blamed her cousins for the massacre. If they hadn’t tried to retrieve the children and break up the family, it wouldn’t have happened, was her reasoning.

“I am proud of all my family, of the way we were raised,” Kiani Wesson told the court.

Marcus Wesson Jr., 22, testified as well. He had been told that his sisters and cousins were pregnant through artificial insemination. He was not pleased to learn that his father was the father of all those babies. “That’s not right. I don’t want that happening,” he told the court.

Adrian Wesson, 29, testified that he had been suspicious. He thought the babies had his father’s features, especially the pug nose.

Dorian Wesson, 30, told the court his father was highly intelligent but insane, especially since he thought he was Jesus Christ and believed in vampires.

The jury found Marcus POS pedophile Wesson guilty, guilty, guilty. That was 9 counts of 1st-degree murder, 14 counts of raping and molesting his nieces and daughters.

The jury recommended the death penalty. Fresno County Superior Court Judge R.L. Putnam accepted this recommendation. He also sentenced Wesson to 102 years in prison for sexually abusing the girls. I guess that fat f*cker ain’t never getting out!

It’ll probably be years before Marcus the murdering molester Wesson will die, so I hope those years will be misery for him. No fast food, no children to rape, no baby brides to scratch his disgusting carcass and wash his freaky hair. His kingdom has been reduced to a cell and he is lord and master of nothing and nobody.

I wish the hottest depths of hell on Marcus Wesson. And I wish hell upon Elizabeth’s mother Rose Solorio who had enthroned that pedophile monster as the head of her family all those years ago. If she had done the right and decent thing none of this — the molesting, the incest, the enslavement, the murders — would have happened. (Rose Solorio seems to have dropped out of the family after Elizabeth’s wedding and I cannot find out why or what happened to her.)

And for the surviving Wesson brood I wish sanity and a normal life. For the bereaved mothers Ruby and Sofina I extend my deepest sympathies and wish them all the best.

So rot away in your cell, Marcus Wesson, and die painfully. You know you deserve it.

For VERY interesting reading check out Elizabeth Wesson’s story, written after 5 years of therapy.

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10 Responses to Marcus Delon Wesson

  1. scrappy says:

    This has to be one of the saddest crazy cult leader stories you can read. It’s so painful to see the faces of all those beautiful children smiling and so trusting in their photos. It hurts to think of how their desperate living was completely uneccessary and mind-bogglingly abusive and yet they were completely unaware of the simplest freedoms and pleasures they had been denied.

    I hope the survivors find peace, joy, and love in this hard, cold world as they go through their lives trying to repair the almost unimaginable damage this single individual wreaked in so many innocent lives.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This is the most upsetting and digusting story I have read. Marcus needs to suffer long and hard for all the pain and suffering he inflicted on so many innocent young victims. Hell is even to good for the likes of Marcus Wesson. Suffer long and forever.

  3. 2cute says:

    Wow, there is no way that Marcus the disgusting pig can suffer enough for all the evil he did. There had better be a hell because nasty bastards like this deserve nothing less. And he deserves the worst of hells for eternity.

  4. Eve says:

    Dis-gus-ting. I hope they fry his ass and then feed him to the sharks. Srsly. The only good thing that could come out of this disgusting fat ugly bastard would be if he were either turned into fertilizer or fed to some hungry sharks.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Those poor babies. Death is too good for marcus wesson, i sincerely hope that when he’s strapped to that gurney, and the needle is inserted that instead of drugs they pump hydrochloric acid thru that bastards vein’s its the least he deserves he shot all those babies and then cleaned the gun and stuffed it under that girls arm, spineless fucker he is. I hope the women who lost their children manage to get some sort of comfort when he’s executed, and the other ones who still think he’s great will one day wake up and realize what a piece of shit he really is and move on to a normal life, although they will all be probably badly scarred with living with that piece of shit all those years. But there’s always hope.

  6. carlos says:

    i lived next door to this family over 8 years ago.
    In this story & the news and media never metioned and try to hide the surving child that survived in womb of gypsy wesson , she gave birth to a healthy baby girl(alysia wesson) alive & well.
    gypsy wesson was infact pregnant with her fathers child when the murder happend and the baby is from her father and looks jsut like the 8 year old girl that was killed…. identical.

    • bengalpuss says:

      My god, i hope that gypsy and the baby live a normal life, not twisted and visiting this fat fucker in jail. If i was gypsy, i’d take my baby and fuckoff as far as i could, and never look back, thats the best thing that she could do. As for the original mrs wesson, elizabeth’s mother, she should have all those children’s deaths on her conscience. If she wouldn’t have let this fat bastard, rape and impregnante her children in the first place, and fucked him off, when he started mentioning that he wanted to marry her daughters, then all this would have never happened. She should have been sent to jail, for allowing this fat cunt to rape her children, because it was rape, a child can.t consent to sex. I don.t buy that bollocks about she didn.t know who the fathers of her grandchildren were, and im suprised that the prosecution didn.t lay charges on her arse, because she knew, the fucking bitch.

      • kailani says:

        Same thing I say. Why is she going unscathed? She’s not innocent in this! Never asked who your daughters and niece were impregnated by because its “mean and rude”, bitch please! U knew,she knew everything. She’s just as sick as him

    • mary says:

      @carlos, are u fucking serious? You don’t know shit. Gypsy Wesson ran away from home in July 2003 and never saw her dad again read the ducking book and get your facts straight. Her daughter is not the spawn of that evil monster how dare you. Fucking idiot.

      • linda says:

        It’s very true Gypsy Wesson the now Evelyn Evans after name change was with my brothers friends roommate they all lived togeather and she would come over all the time to have sex in his garage she was really weird she never bathe and had a odor when you see her you want to be nice because you naturally feel horrible about what happened to them and at the same time you can feel there evil presence its a bad feeling and there bad people all the way around she still lives in fresno and from what the guy says is she talks to demons and there’s no one there and dosent have custody of her daughter because she drinks and parties all night and is a bad mother throwing her daughter there to the different guys she goes with during her visitating days they still continue to live there life style of encess and demonic worship and there family is really big it was not metioned in court and the books changed dates and some other stuff because there is stuff there not willing to say to expose the rest of there family and secrets but there is lots more young wifes and children all fathered from marcus all living in santacruz , ca and now his sons the circle continues and it will keep going they were happy with there lives before as we all seen them around town the mom and kids always smiling and there still smiling now nothing has changed they like it but didn’t want to get in trouble with the law…. the whole town knows them as infamous the sad thing is there children yet to come and hopefully they don’t go postal like there dad that sad day.

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