Marcia Dooley and Edward “Tony” Dooley

Tony and Marcia DooleyCrimes: Murder, Child Abuse, Torture
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Fairy tales, books, movies and history are full of wicked and malevolent stepmothers, women who forced untold hardships upon the children of their husbands. Even going way back, 2400 years or so, the Greek Euripides was quoted as saying, “Better a serpent than a stepmother!” And he hadn’t even met Marcia Dooley!

Marcia Dooley, in fact, outdid most wicked stepmothers of literature and history in the sheer pure unadulterated evil she exhibited to her stepchildren. And she had the good fortune to be married to Edward (Tony) Dooley who couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass how his kids were treated. And Randal Dooley had the worst fortune to be one of those kids.

I’m sure the coroner must have thought at first he was looking at the body of a 7-year-old who’d been hit by a bus. On the surface Randal’s emaciated 40 pound body was covered with innumerable welts, bruises and scratches, new and old, which spoke of, pardon me, screamed of physical long-term abuse.

Below the surface, the story got much, much worse. Randal’s liver was lacerated, 13 ribs were broken, and his head had suffered four (FOUR!) separate brain injuries. That’s not all. He also had a crushed adrenal gland and a cracked vertebra. And in his tummy the coroner found a tooth.

Tony and Marcia Dooley

Little Randal was quite content for the first six years of his life. He lived in his native Jamaica with his aunt, his grandma, and a bunch of other relatives who treated Randal and his older brother Teego with loving kindness. Just ten months before Randal’s murder his mother Raquel Burth sent her two boys to Ontario, Canada for a better life with their father Tony and his newly pregnant wife Marcia.

Now Tony hadn’t seen his boys since Teego was two and Randal was one year old. I don’t know how welcome Tony made the boys feel upon their arrival, but Marcia was not exuding much in the way of loving kindness. And almost immediately Tony headed for the U.S., leaving the boys at the mercy of their stepmother.

Marcia had no mercy. But she did leave behind a witness. Teego, the surviving older brother, testified that Marcia beat Randal frequently with a belt. She even broke his elbow while trying to force his arm into a jacket sleeve. She soon moved on from the belt to a broomstick and her fists. She would knock him down and as Randal lay on the floor, she’d jump on his prone body. I’m thinking the cracked vertebra and broken ribs stemmed from this particular form of punishment.

In April of 1998, the Dooleys celebrated the birth of their son Tyreek, and in May Tony moved back to Toronto to rejoin his family. That summer they moved to a new home in Scarborough, and at the start of the school year Teego was registered as a student. Randal wasn’t because Tony had flogged the boy with a belt and was afraid that Children’s Aid would find out. If only they had.

About this time, Marcia began complaining that Randal was urinating and defecating in his clothes. I think maybe his lacerated liver had something to do with that, or maybe the brain injuries, but she wasn’t allowing for any excuses. And the poor boy, afraid of her wrath, tried hiding the evidence in his closet only to incur more punishment at her hands. Of course there were no trips to the doctor.

Randal began vomiting, and like the hell beast she was, Marcia forced it back down his throat. On September 24th, the last full day he was alive, he vomited five times, once in his hands and once in his closet, and he messed his trousers again. Marcia made him clean up his messes and change into pull-up diapers.

Teego, who was eight years old, came home for lunch and made Chef Boy-ar-dee for himself and Randal. He reported to Marcia that Randall was sleeping and vomiting in his sleep. Randal came down for supper, but peed his pants again. Marcia decided to administer cod liver oil to the boys. Teego spat it out, and consequently had to drink the whole bottle. When the boys brushed their teeth and went to their room, Marcia followed and began beating Randal yet again on his back and butt.

“He ended up on the ladder (of the bunk bed) and she told him to come down. He slipped and fell… he hit his head on the floor,” Teego testified. And being the concerned hell beast that she is, Marcia picked Randal up, carried him to the bathtub, filled it full with cold water and plopped him in, pyjamas and all. She sent Teego downstairs for ice and a spoon, and, gently I’m sure, pushed the ice into Randal’s mouth. Maybe that’s when the tooth wound up in her victim’s stomach.

Tony, ever the loving father, came upstairs and took away the ice and spoon. Big fat help, that. Marcia ran into her bedroom, and Tony shut out the bathroom light and went downstairs, leaving the boys in the dark, and Randal still in the freezing water.

Teego, the then eight-year-old boy, is a hero in my books. He lifted his unconscious brother out of the tub, which couldn’t have been easy, put him over his shoulder and carried him to their room. He changed Randal’s wet pajamas and put him to bed. He lay beside him all night to warm him up. In the morning he went down to the kitchen to make breakfast and that’s when his father came downstairs to tell him Randal was dead.

And then Tony called 911 to report that his seven-year-old son had committed suicide. When the police questioned them, both Tony and Marcia told them that Randal had been perfectly normal the night before. One look at the boy’s battered body must have told the police the whole story.

Ontario Superior Justice Eugene Ewaschuk called it perhaps the worst case of a battered child in Canadian penal history. The judge labeled Marcia a “cruel, vengeful and evil stepmother,” and determined she was the primary abuser. The judge described Tony as a “coward” for “ignoring Randal’s plight as Marcia’s whipping boy.”

In April 2002, a jury convicted Marcia and Edward “Tony” Dooley of second-degree murder. Marcia, 32, was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 18 years. Tony was sentenced to serve at least 13 years before being eligible for parole.

Marcia and Tony both appealed their sentences, trying to convince the courts that Justice Ewaschuk erred by using inflammatory language, such as calling the victim “poor pitiful Randal.” As well, their lawyers argued, the judge ought not to have permitted the repugnant evidence of prior abuse which served to arouse the jury’s emotions. Their appeals were denied.

Teego moved back to rejoin his loving relations in Jamaica. Hopefully he’s been able to put the horror of his time with Marcia and Tony behind him and gone on to have a happy life.

And hopefully Marcia and Tony will rot, rot, rot for eternity.

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13 Responses to Marcia Dooley and Edward “Tony” Dooley

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    That little boy randall, what a miserable life they gave him. I think he kept peeing and Defecating himself was because he was petrified of that bitch, every waking moment that poor little boys existence, because thats what it was he just existed, must have been thinking “When am i getting beaten next” why am i gonna be beaten next. And the pair of bastards were actually serious when they rang emergency and said my son has killed himself. How did he kill himself load himself into a washing machine on the spin cycle. I cannot imagine the pain little randall was in. I hope that in jail she’ll get a good beating. Even if she got beat a quarter of what randall went through she’d be in absolute agony, which suits me just fine. And the cheek to appeal, crazy bitch. The father should have got the same sentence.

  2. 2cute says:

    Wicked, evil bastards! That poor little guy deserved the best and the monsters deserve to suffer torture and die.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Sad this story. I hope the wicked cunts never get out, but unfortunately we all know that one day they will. Randal won’t get another chance, so why should those two murdering cunts.

  4. Jonknee says:

    I have no words. His brother was heroic. Death is too kind a punishment for the stepmom and the unbelievably neglectful, complicit father. I’m pretty undecided about the afterlife but it’s in stories like this that I hope and pray that Randal finds peace and love and dignity and beauty and play and his stolen childhood somewhere in the great beyond. Fuck his killers. They are not human. No way. His father could have rescued him a thousand times. No parole ever.

  5. Anita2B says:

    I am familiar with this story thru having served a sentence in the same prison as Marcia Dooley. This woman has NO remorse for what she has done and continues to be nothing more than a bully!! Even in prison she inflicts her opinion and will on others. She picks on the “weaker” inmates and walks around like she is better than everyone else!

    Most other inmates just avoid her whenever possible, I don’t think that she will ever change or truly be sorry for what she did to poor, little Randal but I’m sure that she’s sorry that she got caught!!!

    She doesn’t deserve one ounce of sympathy!!

    • Sarebear88 says:

      I served time at gvi too! You’re bang on about Marcia she is not pleasant at all people hated living in the same house as her…

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Well she bitch won’t get it here thats for sure.

  7. K says:

    No parole for them ever. For them to get parole means they should have never been convicted in the first place.

  8. Very sad to read this……..I hope the wicked cunts never get out

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Evil Indeed what Happened

    Of Course Murder and Child Abuse Warrants the Death Penalty

    They would of probably of Got Half the ” Sentence ” in Liberal Dominated UK The Murderers Paradise

  10. Out of GVI says:

    I too served time with Marcia at Grand Valley Institution. She is a bully, throws her weight around and looks down her nose at others. I too do not believe she shows any remorse for what she did. Truly an evil woman.

  11. Sarebear88 says:

    I was at Grand Valley institution in Ontario with Marcia and she is one cold nasty bitch you can see the evil in her. Unfortunately she doesn’t have it hard in jail she lives in a house with her own bedroom and big screen tv in the house plus a tv in the bedroom. She gets fresh groceries every week and can go outside and walk around freely. It’s a joke really it isn’t the way you picture jails like living in a cell and what not.

  12. Lollipop says:

    I read a lot of crime stories but this one is so sickening.
    I will never understand how anyone could do this to a child, totally disgusting. Kids should feel loved and safe in their parents care.
    Sad sad sad

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