Marc Partridge

Marc Partridge

Crimes: Assault, Rape

Look closely at this face, ladies. It belongs to Marc Partridge of Accrington, UK. He is a convicted rapist. He is not a fellow you want to get close to.

Marc Partridge won’t be showing his face around Accrington for a few years because he’s incarcerated right now. He is where he belongs, IMO, and in the opinion of those women who had been attacked.

Marc Partridge, 28, wants to be a PE teacher! Right, like any school would hire a convicted sex offender to teach their young people! I think the rapist will find it difficult to achieve his career goal. He’d better stick to scaffolding.

The first woman who was raped by Marc Partridge had told him no but he wouldn’t listen. He grabbed her by the throat and threatened her with a knife.

“[If] you don’t take your knickers off I’m going to rip them off,” the evil bastard told her. “If you want me to show you that I’m a man I will show you,” he said and then he threatened to kill her.

After the attack, the POS rapist bombarded his victim with 1500 texts in one month! He actually sent 160 in one day. I’m sure she lived in terror that he’d strike again.

Marc Partridge was arrested for that 2012 rape, but disgustingly he was released on bail in 2013. British justice *gag*.

The bastard made the most of his opportunities while out on bail and *shock* attacked another woman. This woman he had befriended and she’d grown to trust him. He managed to lure her into his home and then he locked her inside so she couldn’t escape the impending rape.

The second victim told him no, but once again Marc Partridge didn’t listen. He was going to do what he was going to do, without mercy.

Marc Patridge held the woman down, forced her legs apart, and told her to take the pain. And there was pain, have no doubt. The raping bastard covered his victim’s mouth in an effort to silence her screams. Neighbours still heard her muffled cries, and described them as sounds “of an animal in pain, like something being thrashed about”.

When Marc Partridge was done, he acted like nothing had happened. He told his victim she should be thankful that he cared about her and wanted her to stay — in his locked apartment. She wasn’t grateful, of course, and the hellbeast became enraged. He smashed a glass and told her it was her fault. He grabbed a knife and threatened her with it.

The poor woman tried her best to flee. She grabbed his keys and opened the door. She managed to get outside but unfortunately she was caught by the nasty POS rapist. A neighbour witnessed her being picked up physically and carried back into the house, screaming for help.

Back inside the house Marc Partridge boasted to his victim that he’d raped before. “How does it feel being locked in a house with a rapist?” he asked her. He then made her go upstairs with him, forced her to take her clothes off, and ordered her to “cuddle and kiss”. He then taught her a lesson by slapping her.

Thankfully the police had been called. They arrived and found the disgusting, cowardly rapist hiding under a pile of boxes.

A few months later, still not behind bars, Marc Partridge attacked a third woman he’d become obsessed with. This time it wasn’t rape. Instead he slapped her face, threw her over a table and poured a cup of boiling tea over her body, scalding her. It was part of his campaign of harassment against the poor victim.

All three women were terrified of this raping asshole. He knew all about them — where they lived and worked. Still they bravely testified against him at his January 2015 trial in Preston Crown Court.

Marc Partridge pled guilty to 2 charges of rape and 1 charge of harassment. That’s about the only decent thing he’d done for probably years.

Defense counsel Brendan O’Leary said his client “has been a hard working young man and prior to this he had enrolled on a university course to teach physical education.”

Mr. O’Leary also said, “He comes from a law abiding and supporting family. He accepts there are anger management issues he accepts he will have to deal with in a custodial environment.”

The prosecutor, Sarah Johnson, said Marc Partridge used “volatile, bullying and intimidating behaviour” to terrify his victims. She said that all 3 had described their attacker as “dishonest, childish and violent”.

The first two words are rather mild adjectives, if you ask me. They are accurate, I’m sure, but they downplay the seriousness of the attacks — especially childish. Does childish really describe a knife-wielding rapist threatening death and using brutal force?

I would have chosen words like abusive, threatening, terrorizing, vicious, obsessed and sadistic. I’m sure all 3 victims would agree to those descriptors.

I am making a point of this because, by downplaying the sadism of the attacker to the level of childishness and dishonesty, the prosecutor may have inadvertently downplayed the seriousness of the crimes.

Judge Andrew Woolman undoubtedly downplayed the seriousness of the crimes. The judge told Marc Partridge, “In some senses your conduct shows that you may be a dangerous individual but although you are a risk of causing harm you are not at risk of causing serious harm and I trust that after a period in prison those risks will be reduced.”

Yes, the judge actually said this vicious bastard is not at risk of causing serious harm! Despite the fact he attacked and raped 2 women, and attacked and burned a third woman! He used knives and brute force! He threatened murder!

The judge went on to say to the rapist, “You clearly have a real problem in dealing with relationships with women. It may be that you need psychiatric help.”

What? Is the judge actually implying that Marc Partridge raped women because he was no good at dating?

“The victim personal statements from each of the girls show they were terrified as a result of what you did and are left shaken. It may be that the effect on them does not go,” said Judge Woolman. Well, I agree with that completely, but if the judge believed that I don’t understand his sentencing.

Marc Partridge could have been handed up to 19 years in prison. Judge Woolman handed him only 9 years! And being British justice, the rapist will serve a lot less than that.

“It’s a joke,” said one of the victims. “I do not understand how the judge does not see him as a danger to the public. I think it’s a very light sentence compared to what this man has done. The judge has been extremely lenient.”

Marc Partridge thought the sentence was a joke too. He was laughing and smirking as he was led from the dock. Disgusting hellbeast.

Marc Partridge was issued restraining orders banning him from ever having contact with any of the victims. I’m sure that’s very comforting to the women.

I don’t know if prison will transform Marc Partridge and resolve his “anger management issues”, but I truly hope it does — for the sake of potential victims. He’ll only be in his 30’s when he’s released — still young enough to do a lot of damage.

Take care, women of Accrington, and memorize this cowardly rapist’s face. This is definitely a creature you don’t want to associate with when he’s released.

I commend the victims for their bravery in coming forward and testifying. As frightened as they were, they did what had to be done and likely spared many other women from enduring what they had gone through. I wish them all the best, and a safe, happy, satisfying future free from fear.

I, for one, hope Marc Partridge will learn the seriousness of his crimes when he’s locked up, and will think twice before harming anyone ever again. And if he doesn’t, I hope he never gets out.

I also hope Judge Andrew Woolman undergoes enlightenment and finally realizes that hellbeasts who rape multiple times do not deserve leniency, and do pose a real danger to the public. By treating Marc Partridge lightly, IMO, the judge has demeaned and diminished British justice.

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7 Responses to Marc Partridge

  1. Katie says:

    He’s a hop, skip and a jump away from killing someone. That judge is a fool.

  2. 2cute says:

    Hey, why wasn’t he charged with unlawful confinement or kidnapping? He picked up the second victim, carried her into the house kicking and screaming and locked the door on her so she couldn’t get out. That qualifies! The more charges that are thrown at assholes like this the better because they deserve longer sentences. And what about assault causing bodily harm? He scalded the third victim. That qualifies! This bastard got off way too easy.

  3. moodymagic says:

    What the hell is wrong with the judge. This bastard should be locked away forever with the key thrown away.

  4. Awesomeblossom says:

    Judge should be forced to have this asshole living next door when he gets out. He shouldn’t mind because he’s not a risk for doing serious harm. Stupid judge.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Nasty piece of shit. They should tattoo his forehead with “RAPIST” so his innocuous looks won’t fool any more women. Why can’t they do that? If the authorities could mark these beasts then the risk they pose to the public would be greatly reduced.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Welcome to british justice ladies and gentlemen, its a fucking joke, i’ve moaned before about it and the muppets running the country.

  7. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Unfuckingbelievable!!! What a waste of space that stupid fucking judge is. I will NEVER move to, or possibly even visit, anywhere under British rule. Such a shame as I am half Scottish and would love to visit my families castle and attend the family get together. Those poor women. What an awful way to have your bravery rewarded.😥

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