Man-ling Tsang Williams

Murderous Hellbeast Man-ling Tsang Williams
Crime: Murder

There are no excuses for Man-ling Tsang Williams’ actions. There are no good reasons either. Man-ling Tsang Williams defies understanding and logic. Unless of course one considers Man-ling Tsang Williams as a heartless, soulless and inhuman hellbeast. That is the only explanation I can come up with for the story I’m about to tell.

There once was a darling little family in Rowland Heights, California. The loving father was Neal Willliams, a sweet guy who met and fell in love with his Subway coworker Man-ling Tsang in 1999. He thought she was beautiful. On July 26, 2000 Neal and Man-ling’s baby boy Devon was born.

In 2001 Neal and Man-ling got married and the happy trio moved into a condo in Rowland Heights. In 2003 their second son Ian was born. And the family was now complete.

Williams familyDevon and Ian were a delight to their grandmother, Jan Williams. She described Devon as silly, sociable and tolerant. He was going to study monkeys when he grew up.

Ian was the typical younger brother, pestering Devon and getting into mischief. “He threw himself into life with great abandon, and lived totally in the moment,” said grandma Jan.

Jan Williams said of her son Neal, “He was a great father who treated every child he met as though it was one of his own boys.” She continued, “Devon and Ian were his treasure, and he had no need of fancy cars or a big house. I am proud of that. Neal was a man of heart and integrity, and that means more to me than if he had become the world’s youngest millionaire.”

And as for Man-ling Tsang Williams, the wife and mother, well… everyone thought she was a good woman but for a few months in 2007 she’d begun to act “differently”.

What nobody knew, not Neal, not his mom, was that Man-ling had gotten back together with an old boyfriend — a fellow she’d had the hots for since high school. They had reconnected through the Internet (big surprise). Man-ling Tsang Williams, married mother of two, began an illicit affair with this man.

I guess she was thinking happily ever after, but the boyfriend was thinking not with a husband and kids hanging about. He wanted her to get a divorce. Fair enough. He probably urged Man-ling to leave the boys, then 7 and 3, with their daddy so he could have her all to himself.

So did Man-ling do the decent thing? Any decent thing? Like split up with her boyfriend and return to being a good wife and mom? Or asking Neal for a divorce? Hell no! Those things would be rational, logical, human.

Man-ling Tsang Williams chose instead the most evil course of action. Murder. Why? Because she’s a selfish, soulless, heartless hellbeast I guess.

In June 2007 Man-ling began to tell friends she had nightmares of Neal suffocating her sons and then killing himself. Why would she do that? She was planting the seeds.

Devon WilliamsOn August 7, 2007, this bitch from the depths of hell put her two boys to bed. Ian was in the bottom bunk with the teddy bear blanket and Devon was on the top with the SpongeBob blanket. They were tucked up for the night, all snug as a bug in a rug.

When the boys were asleep, Man-ling the monster mom donned a pair of latex gloves and crept into the bedroom. She quietly took a pillow and held it over little Ian’s face. Did the poor little guy thrash about? Did he put up a fight? Only Man-ling knows.

Apparently, Ian hadn’t made sufficient noise in his death throes to awaken his brother. When the 3-year-old was finally suffocated to death, monster mom obviously felt no remorse, no grief. Instead, as planned, she stood on the rungs of the bunk bed ladder and coldly and calculatingly did the exact same thing to Devon.

Why? Why, why why? What was this evil bitch thinking that made her kill those precious boys? If she wanted her boyfriend she did not have to murder them!

And of course Man-ling wasn’t done. With the boys dead in their beds, she checked out her boyfriend’s profile page on MySpace. And then Man-ling the monstrous POS left the house to have fun with some friends.

It takes a beast with a heart of stone to have a celebratory evening out after having murdered her babies. That is so cold.

Ian and Neal WilliamsAnd then Man-ling returned home. Neal, being a good dad, had probably been checking periodically on the boys and thought they were sound asleep. Neal himself was asleep in bed.

Man-ling decided to use the katana (samurai) sword Neal’s mother gave him as a gift. It was long and heavy and damned sharp. It was one hell of a weapon.

But hey! Wait a minute! Wasn’t the scenario supposed to be Neal killed the boys and then himself? Who the hell uses a sword to kill themselves, aside from samurai presumably? But hey, Man-ling had it all figured out I guess.

I don’t know if Neal woke up as she approached but what transpired was horrific. Man-ling Tsang Williams survived it and Neal alas did not.

katana swordThe evil bitch managed to stab and slash her loving husband 97 times. Neal did not die in bed — he made it as far as the top of the stairs in his bid to escape this frenzied fatal attack. Ninety-seven wounds. That’s a lot of hate.

Neal begged for his life to no avail. The hellbeast had no mercy. Neal’s hands were mangled as he tried to fend off the blows. There was a huge X slashed on his torso. His blood saturated the carpet.

Monster Man-ling, now that the worst was over, got busy covering her tracks. She typed up a “suicide” note indicating Neal killed the boys and then himself. She posted the note on MySpace.

Williams familyWTF? She still went with the murder-suicide crap? How the hell does somebody inflict 97 wounds upon their person when trying to commit suicide? There is absolutely no way that that could happen! After, say, the 14th jab a suicidal person would likely give up, acknowledge defeat. But no, Man-ling had her plan and so what if it went a little awry?

The bloody beast then cleaned herself up, gathered up the bloody clothing and left the house to dispose of it.

At 7:30 in the morning, August 8, 2007, Man-ling Tsang Williams ran outside her condominium screaming hysterically for help. Her neighbours could not help but notice. They came out to investigate the commotion.

Man-ling had her story ready. She told neighbour Francine Cerda she couldn’t sleep, she took a drive to “cool off her head”, she came home and everybody was dead!

Williams crime sceneThe Los Angeles county sheriffs arrived soon after the neighbours called 9-1-1 and headed into the house of horrors. It was filthy btw. There were clothes and trash strewn about the living room, and unwashed dishes and more trash on the kitchen counters. I guess Man-ling had abandoned cleanliness along with faithfulness, compassion and love.

And there, at the top of the stairs, lay Neal Williams. And then the sheriffs found the boys. It must’ve ripped their hearts out.

Man-ling agreed to accompany the sheriffs to the police station. By the time she got there her story had changed a bit. She told the detectives that she’d been out doing some grocery shopping. She asked them, “Does anyone know if my husband is OK? … I want my babies. Please let them be OK.”

That fake show of concern was a mistake. She’d supposedly come screaming out of her house after finding Neal sliced and diced and she’s asking if he was OK?

But Man-ling carried on for hours feigning grief, sadness, bewilderment for the deputies’ benefit. They didn’t buy it.

See, telling a different story to the detectives than she told to the neighbour was proving to be a big honking mistake.

“She provided some statements that proved incriminating,” said Sgt. Bill Marsh, lead homicide detective in the case for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The investigators had also found something very interesting — a bloody cigarette box in her car. Betcha $10,000 that was Neal’s blood. And if she found the bodies after she’d been driving around/grocery shopping, why was anything bloody in her car?

The homicide detectives confronted Man-ling the monster with their discovery, and at that point she broke down and confessed.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s Detective Donald Walls said the killer was arrogant during her confession and even joked about being on CSI, the TV show. He said for the most part she was relaxed as if they were friends and having a lunch date.

Like I said, she was heartless.

Man-ling Hellbeast Tsang Williams was arrested and charged with three counts of 1st-degree murder. All well and good.

Man-ling Tsang WilliamsShe went to trail in November 2010 with Pomona Superior Court Judge Robert M. Martinez presiding.

The prosecutor Deputy District Attorney, Stacy Okun-Wiese and Deputy District Attorney, Pak Kouch successfully argued that the murder of the boys and the husband was a ploy for Man-ling Tsang Williams to get back together with her former boyfriend.

The jury deliberated for 8 hours before coming back and finding her guilty on all three counts of murder in the 1st. The jury also found her guilty of the special circumstances of lying in wait and multiple murders.

Lying in wait is a new one for me, but upon reflection it certainly suited the crime. She waited until the boys and her husband were asleep and totally vulnerable before she killed them.

The jury, however, was hung regarding the death penalty versus life imprisonment. They were split 8-4 with more in favor of the death penalty.

Man-ling Tsang Williams had to go back to court on April 18, 2011 for a second penalty phase jury. Her defense attorneys Haydeh Takasugi and Tom Althaus did their very best to portray their client as worthy of being spared the death penalty.

Althaus told the court that the murders were not calculated executions, but a “sudden mistake.” *snort*

“There’s no basis for the prosecution’s contention that these murders were planned,” Althaus said. He went on to portray Man-ling Tsang Williams as being in a state of “extreme mental and emotional disturbance” when she killed her husband and sons.

“There’s no good explanation why it happened,” Althaus said. That is true. But then he continued to say that prior to the killings, Man-ling Tsang Williams was “a kind, generous, troubled woman who loved her husband and children.

Man-ling Tsang WilliamsI am sorry, but I simply cannot believe that a creature that smothered her boys to death and slashed her husband to death was kind, generous and loving. Can you? I can believe she acted kind, generous and loving, but it was all fake, just like her crocodile tears during her initial police interview.

The defense had called on friends and family to portray the murderer’s upbringing as full of “pain, heartache, and diminished dreams.” Man-ling’s father Kai Tai Tsang took the stand and heroically took the blame and apologized to Jan Williams.

“I feel really sorry. Please forgive me. As a father, I didn’t do good. That is why it happened. I am sorry,” he said, and then bowed with respect to Neal’s grieving mother.

Man-ling’s sister Shunling Tsang testified though that her memories of her own childhood included no mistreatment from her parents. She also stated that Man-ling had changed in the months prior to the murders, and she would call in the middle of the night just to talk.

The prosecutor scorned the defense’s strategy of using a bad childhood as an excuse. Okum-Wiese said, “When did it become OK in our society to commit three heinous crimes, kill your children and your husband and to blame it on your mom?”

Okun-Wiese added, “This case screams for the maximum punishment.”

The second penalty phase jury recommended that Man-ling Tsang Williams be put to death. Judge Robert Martinez concurred.

“It is the order of this court that you should suffer the penalty of death,” he told the monstrous killer.

Judge Martinez further said in court, “The evidence is compelling that the defendant, for selfish reasons, murdered her own two children.”

Her motivation, Judge Martinez said, was a “narcissistic, selfish and adolescent,” desire to start a new life with another man, free from the hindrances of family life.

The judge rightly pointed out that Man-ling Williams had plenty of willing family members who would have taken in the children had she decided to abandon them.

“It is not for me to forgive, because the ones in the position to forgive are not with us,” Martinez told Man-ling Tsang the POS hellbitch Williams. “I hope your families find peace.”

And I hope they find peace too. Jan Williams lost her whole family. And for the Tsang family’s grief, Shunling Tsang summed it up so well. “When (the boys) died, it was like the joy left the world,” she said. “Those kids meant the world to a lot of people.”

Man-ling the monster can whine all she wants about her “diminished dreams”. Those innocent boys’ dreams were snuffed out when she decided her potential life with her lover had more value than her boys’ lives. And poor Neal, a good man going about his life with real kindness, real generosity, real love — he and the boys deserved so much better.

So now Man-ling Tsang Williams is awaiting death. She and her lawyers will be fighting it, no doubt. But meantime she has lots of time to think, and I wish I could ask her, “Where’s the boyfriend now, bitch?”

Selfish, soulless, heartless creatures like this make me sick. She was blessed with the greatest of blessings but she wanted something else. And wanting it made it OK for her to kill to get it.

So die soon, Man-ling, and rot in hell.

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48 Responses to Man-ling Tsang Williams


    “narcissistic, selfish and adolescent”. THATS IT???. How can someone be this stupid!. she really didn’t think things thru. did she? When the media potrays psychopaths as real slick and sophisticated. and then u see this….SMH!

    I’m Not going to get into a whole death penalty debate. but she should suffer life. deaths too easy. although it seems like she doesnt want it. so thats good… and ive read that the lethal injection isnt painless after all. so thats comforting.

    • cleo says:

      I know, right? The whole thing was so needlessly cruel, needlessly twisted, and just plain needless. All this sick stupid bitch had to do was ask for a divorce and she could have had a life with loverboy! And I agree she should suffer.

    • Les Garten says:

      1) Lethal injection is painless… when done correctly.
      How do I know, I was an Anesthetist, put em to sleep everyday, but I did wake them back up…

      2) Only problem with Lethal injection is that the Dr’s who participate in it aren’t “the cream of the crop”, ya feel me? That’s where you may have a Goat Rope start up

      3) It’s California, she will never be executed. They couldn’t kill Manson of the Hillside strangler for God’s sake.

      4) One good thing though that comes from the death penalty imposition, Death Row. That is 23 hours a day in Solitary, and that’s a good thing for these evil souls. An extra level of punishment for especially heinous crimes of which this is one.

  2. Nicole says:

    A sudden mistake?! I have a 7 year old son and, although I’m not going to test this theory, I would bet my life that he would fight like hell if I tried to smother him with a pillow. There is no way that murdering her older child was simple. He would have fought like hell too and she would have had to fight back hard. There is no way something like that could just be a “mistake” or happen so spontaneously that she lost track of what she was doing. What a crazy, crazy bitch.

  3. moodymagic says:

    What a disgusting BITCH! Those poor poor boys and Neal. She needs to suffer and suffer bad. The death penalty is not sufficient. Maybe a 100 slashes and stabs with a samurai sword would suffice. She needs to suffer.

  4. Trace says:

    “narcissistic, selfish and adolescent”? Harsh words from the judge! That’s the best he could come up with? That applies to every teenager, not a baby killer. I would’ve said, “fucken psycho, fucken stupid and pure fucken evil” just to start. Death penalty is the right verdict for her — fucken psycho bitch needs to die.

  5. Kimber says:

    The whole “suicide” story was so retarded they should check her for some preexisting mental defect. A ten year old stealing candy from 7-11 is a more successful criminal mastermind, for Christ’s sake.

  6. Eve says:

    I’m thinking she might be a few beers shy of a six pack. A few bricks short of a load. Not playing with a full deck. As thick as 2 planks. What she did is certainly not what an intelligent or rational person would do.

  7. idonotlikeit says:

    kill her.

    this hongkongese women is horrible!
    cut her 97 times.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well thats a first, someone killing themselves with a Sword slashing and stabbing themselves 97 times. Christ did she think she was gonna be believed the stupid fucker. She could have just said to neil “Im leaving you and the kids i’ve had enough” But she was a selfish cunt. Those poor children what did they ever do wrong, and neil. Im glad she got the death penalty im all for it, for crimes like this. Plus she’ll have a good number of years to think about what she’s done while going through the waste of time appeals process. People that commit heinous crimes forfeit the right to live alongside other human beings. An eye for an eye. Once you cross that boundary and murder you leave people with no choice but to eventually remove you from this earth. If i had my way when somebody is guilty without a shadow of a doubt, should be executed within the first year of sentencing, because they are draining resources costing the tax payer remember commit heinous crimes be prepared to suffer the consequences.

  9. Mawcoke says:

    What a horrible person (bitch) she is. She definately needs to suffer, and suffer BAD!!! so glad she got God be with the family’s that are left without their loved one’s. I for one am glad she got the death sentence!!!

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    So am i. The only problem now is the long and ridiculous length of time for them to carry out the penalty. I’ll put money on it that she’ll be sat on death row for about 15 years costing god knows how much. Then because of all the time that has lapsed, people will have grown soft or forgotten how heinous the crime was and she’ll end up getting her death sentence commuted to life without parole. Thats the system for you. Now if they executed them within a year, then it wouldn’t be costing us thousands to keep her arse alive. This appeal process is a load of bollocks. The victim’s didn.t get a chance to appeal, or spending another 15 years on this planet, so why the fuck should this murdering bastard be given that privilege. Those poor little boys they never did any thing to deserve what happened to them. Imagine them waking being smothered by their own mom, poor little tyke’s.

  11. LaReina says:

    I will never forget that day! The shock of hearing the story from the neighbors to have Jan come with them. The shock of finding out her family was dead. “That stuff only happens on TV”, I thought.
    Cannot believe 5 years have come and gone.

  12. STEELWOLVES says:

    Saw this on television. Beyond sad.

  13. bengalpuss says:

    She could have turned her back and walked away from the marriage and children and said she wanted out, but no she had to her family just so she could be with other guy. Because now no one wins she’s in jail and the family is dead. If she walked they’d still be alive an she could have been with lover boy, but she’s a selfish cunt, plain and simple.

  14. lory says:

    sickk bitch !!! perra malnasida pk no se divorcio y se largo !! perraaa

  15. mbr says:

    I just saw her story on Deadly Women. What a sick bitch! Bengallpuss29 kina has a point. This soulless, heartless, selfish, self centered, lying, piece of shit bitch will sit on death row for years then people will have sympathy & grow soft for her! Screw that! She killed her own babies & husband, all for what? So she could keep whoring around? Even if she is put to death lethal injection is a soft way of killing her compared to the way she took out her family. I hope that she is put into general population in prison, the other prisoners know what she did & the sodomize her then shank her ass slowly!

  16. bengalpuss says:

    I wouldn’t mind, but the guy who she murdered her kids to be with must be pretty desperate, because she is one ugly mother fucker. One eye is going to the store and the other is coming back with the change. They say that the people that work on death row, the ones that have to deliver the drugs, can get psychologically damaged by the process, now i wouldn’t give a fuck and would be quite happy to pump sodium pentathol/thiopental, through this bitch’s veins, and while i was doing it i would be singing like freddie mercury from queen, “another one bites the dust” I don.t give a shit about this cunt, what i give a shit about is those babies that she callously murdered just so she could be with another penis, the fucking ugly whore. I only hope now that this cunt won.t be costing the american taxpayers to fund her appeals process and that she’s euthanized asap. People just remember this cunt killed her children so she could get layed, selfish twat.

    • Reb says:

      I couldn’t of said it better😉. As a officer of the court, this case is the worst I’ve seen in California. I also think that the STATE should have a lottery to allow citizens to witness the execution of all murderers.

  17. Pahbradley says:

    I personally think she SHOULD DIE and never sit and Waste tax payers money to live and play the games in prison for years and years! I think if they take that many lives and that horrible of a crime anyone should be disposed of quickly and not waste our time with years of appeals. May she be judge and spend her life after this in hell

    • bengalpuss says:

      Pahbradley, That also fucks me off as well, all those appeals that they go through. Neil and those small boys didn’t get a chance to appeal for their lives, so why the fuck should she. She was found guilty and admitted to murdering them, eventually, so whats the point in appealing. Some of the excuses they come up with to appeal is laughable. Mentally impaired, cruel and unusual punishment, its a fucking execution, how do they want them to be executed, by tickling them to death. Theres an execution coming up in feb, and the guy weighs over 400lb and he’s fighting his execution by saying that, he’s too fat and the Gurney Wouldn’t be able to take his weight, and with him being that fat, they will have problems trying to get an i’v in his arm, and would be subjected to pain trying to get an i’v in. When i read it i was Gobsmacked, i thought to myself “Jesus is there nothing that they will stop at, to try and save their own arse’s” Anyway hope this murdering bitch doesn’t manage to dodge her execution ugly cow.

  18. r traina says:

    She is a devil and should die slowly

  19. r traina says:

    She should die slowly devil bitch

  20. Deliscia says:

    How could she kill her children? Her own flesh and blood. That I just don’t get. She deserves nothing less then the death penalty. And yes, I think its completely horrible that she killed her husband too.

  21. bengalpuss says:

    She’s obviously thick as two short plank’s pam, who in their right mind would think that they would be believed, after slashing someone 97 times and then claiming it was suicide. Now if i was one of those police officers that responded to that condo, and witnessed the sight of what she left and then being told that it was a suicide, i would have been gobsmacked at the fact she must have thought we were all thick as pig shit. You would’ve thought an intruder story might have carried a bit more believablity, but not one ounce of remorse from this ugly wench, she deserves everything she gets and more. And all for the sake of her latest penis. She could have walked away from her family, but narcissistic bitch wanted to be free of all responsibility and if that meant killing her own babies then so be it. Evil bastard she is, i hope she rot’s in hell.

  22. ju5tme says:

    I went to high school with this horrible woman. I swear to you that when I met her, I got a chill down my spine. I don’t usually judge people as soon as I meet them, but she just gave me a bad feeling. I just did NOT like her and never wanted to be around her. So when our mutual friends wanted to be in her vicinity, I always strayed and hung around other people. I’m not claiming to be pshychic or anything, but when I saw this in the news I told my husband, “I KNEW IT! I had a HORRIBLE feeling about this woman.” I just didn’t know that she would be THAT bad. My God, how can anyone murder a child.. let alone their OWN child. And her husband, come on… she should just have abandoned them. Now can someone tell me why it takes SO long to put someone to death? They’re wasting more of OUR money by keeping them alive for so many years. There’s hard evidence, do it asap. If there isn’t, fine, let them live longer until there is. When it comes to rapists, I say cut off their dicks and break their hands. There should be a law that says that we lose ALL human rights when we don’t respect others’ human rights.

  23. Stephanie says:

    How could she do that to the boys? Stabbed her husband 97 times. :O WOW. This is overkill.

  24. Stephanie says:


  25. Dingo says:

    I knew her she always needed to be the center of attention but I didn’t think she’d do anything as crazy as this i’m glad I never asked her out R.I.P Neil and kids.

  26. Absurdist says:

    Not to defend her, but more to present things more accurately:

    Manling did ask for a divorce before she started cheating; her husband talked her out of it. The boyfriend pushed the divorce issue later, and THEN the bad stuff happened.

    She’s still pretty horrible, though.

  27. jamie parker-stewart says:

    I do and don’t believe in the death penalty.Why should she live the rest of her life ,even though she will be in prison.Even if anyone even wanted to see that bitch,why should she be able to see her family and talk to anybody for that matter and her children and husband are dead and nobody will be able to speak to or see them ever again. I think they should make her watch videos of them and hang there crime scene photos up in her cell and make her see everyday what she has done. and since she was such a party girl,she should be in solitary confinement so she cant see anyone and that would be the best kind of punishment for someone like her.

  28. Angie says:

    I just saw this story on deadly sins and I cannot believe how someone could do something like that…so disturbing and heartbreaking that people like that exist in our world. Honestly even lethal injection is too easy for this bitch. She should be burned alive…that seems more suitable. I really do hope there is judgement after this life because even in death the murderers are still walking away compared the the horrible crimes in which they have committed. Most killers show no remorse for what they have done…it’s really sad!

  29. J says:

    I actually worked with this girl in ’02 and to tell you the truth she came off as a sweet person at first, but every once in awhile she would snap. There was something seriously off about her the more I got to know her, it came to the point where other servers would stop hanging out with her and eventually stopped conversing with her. I did meet Neil and Devon, Neil was a great guy and Devon was simply an awesome kid. It was so sad when I heard what had happened, but the real sad thing was although I was shocked, I wasn’t surprised…

  30. pinkbrain says:

    Wow. There’s so much so much hatred for something people barely understand. She’s obviously crazy and mentally retarded. There is much more the story than you people know.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Crazy awful horrific cunt killed her kids and a decent father. All I need to know. May she rot in a special hell for baby killers.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Angrylittlemexican, i couldn’t of said it better myself love. She wasn’t that crazy considering the planning she went to, that to me isn’t an idiot or crazy, that person to me is an evil spiteful cunt. Thats why i spew hatred.

      • VCBanshee says:

        pinkbrain, it’s you who doesn’t understand. I knew her before she met Neil. Friends of mine introduced her to Neil, and they are forever scarred by it. They blame themselves, which is horrible because they are good people.

        She was not mentally retarded or crazy. She is perfectly sane, she’s just really, really stupid, selfish, arrogant, entitled and a total waste of human flesh. She knew exactly what she did, and she deserves every bit of hatred that has been and will be heaped upon her. She was always kind of off, but lots of people are. She is exactly where she needs to be, and I hope that they kick her off of this planet sooner rather than later.

  31. goatgirl says:

    Jesus,what a dumbshit.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      When god. Was giving out brains, she thought he said drains and answered fill mine full of shit!!!

  32. Jonboy says:

    She is nothing but an evil, selfish, greedy, heartless, monster POS!!! Now us taxpayers will pay for this POS to enjoy life while she sits on death row and attends numerous therapy and psychologist sessions for 20 years? And we wonder why our country is trillions of dollars in debt? Our politicians, lawyers and judges need to Wake the Fuck Up and fix our extremely broken judicial system. This is one more blatant example of just how broken our judicial system is. This evil, heartless, POS should suffer a slow painful death, and nothing less, for what she did to those two precious, defenseless boys and her kind, loyal and devoted husband.

    She should be be put in a ring, secured with handcuffs. Then Neil’s mother should be given a Samurai sword and 60 minutes to use the sword on her as she pleases. It should be televised on pay per view for all who want to watch this evil POS suffer her painful death. The money earned from the pay per view show, can then be put into a fund named after those two beautiful boys and husband Neil, to help pay for services to help abused children and husbands. Unfortunately, this won’t bring back those two precious boys or Neil, but it’s certainly a far better form of justice, than the death penalty; A form of real justice that I would think most good, sane, law abiding taxpayers would support.

  33. lita says:

    maaan, this monster needs the electric chair. all she had to do was ask for a divorce and give him custody so she can be with her man who didn’t want a woman with kids!! im glad she got the death penalty. how could you smothered you own babies tho? she’s beyond evil.

  34. goatguy says:

    jesus, what a dumbshit

    • Sandy says:

      I just saw this story on American Monster and as a mother of 3 and grandmother of 5, I can not fathom how anyone could do such a beyond horrible, heinous act on their own precious children. I’ve seen a lot of these stories but this one has upset me more than the others. That “woman”..and I use the term loosely, is not human…she is the spawn of Satan.

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