Malcolm Alan Francis

Malcolm Francis
Crimes: Malicious Wounding, Murder

Malcolm Alan Francis, 64, was denied parole but he’s still getting out next year. The New Zealand man is considered too great a risk to the community to be let out now, but in March 2014 he’ll have served his entire sentence and will be freed. And he’ll likely be as much a risk to the community then as he is now.

In May 2013 the New Zealand Parole Board determined that Malcolm Alan Francis remained a “rather angry man” who held a “somewhat pedantic view of the world”. That’s a quaint and understated description of a vicious woman killer.

The angry and pedantic Malcolm Alan Francis has been extremely unlucky in love. Or rather, I should say, his women have been the unlucky ones.

In 1975, his first wife Francoise wound up stabbed in the throat. Mercifully the woman lived through her ordeal, but I doubt she’d trust anyone with a pair of scissors near her again.

Malcolm Alan Francis was convicted of malicious wounding for his attack on Francoise.

Wife number two wasn’t as lucky as wife number one. Eight years later, on October 14, 1983, Malcolm Alan Francis beat Janet Montgomery Francis to death in the kitchen of their Walton Way, Flaxmere home. He had used a frozen dog roll to inflict horrific injuries. Janet died from major internal damage, bleeding and shock.

Being an abusive coward, Malcolm Alan Francis wasn’t about to admit right away what he’d done to the poor woman. He first told the authorities she’d fallen off her bike and been bitten by a dog. Upon further questioning he finally owned up to hitting her as hard as he could because she wouldn’t get out of his way.

Get that? She wouldn’t get out of his way, so he beat her to death.

After killing Janet Francis, Malcolm Alan Francis was jailed for 4 years for manslaughter. Four years only. For bashing and bashing and bashing the woman as hard as he could until she suffered fatal injuries.

Wathanak Tea

Wathanak Tea

Apparently the 4 years in prison didn’t teach Malcolm Alan Francis anything. He eventually got himself a new lady friend, Wathanak Tea. Presumably nobody had thought to warn the lovely Cambodian woman about her boyfriend. What a shame.

After just 4 months of being in the relationship, Wathanak Tea disappeared. She was reported missing in January 2002, but it is believed she met her demise right after Christmas Day, 2001. She was only 32 years old.

Wathanak Tea’s body has never been found, but police did find her blood in almost every single room of her Johnsonville home.

I’m thinking Malcolm Alan Francis used something sharper than a frozen dog roll this time. And he probably chased the poor woman through her apartment as she tried to escape his vicious and murderous assault.

Wathanak Tea house

Wathanak Tea's House

Malcolm Alan Francis carelessly/thoughtfully left his palm print in his victim’s blood so it didn’t take much for police to figure out who was responsible for Wathanak Tea’s disappearance/death.

The abusive, cowardly bastard has maintained his innocence, but regardless he was convicted of manslaughter again. This time he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Twelve years only. For his third vicious assault and his second killing.

What does it take to put murderous monsters away for life in New Zealand?

Because he insists he didn’t kill her, Malcolm Alan Francis refuses to reveal where the poor woman’s body was hidden. Her family would dearly love closure and to finally lay their beloved Wathanak to rest, but the hellbeast refuses to cooperate.

At this last parole hearing, murdering Malcolm was asked what he considers to be the biggest risk for him in the community. His answer was alcohol.

Yup, Malcolm Alan Francis blames booze for his troubles. But he did concede that he has a temper too.

“Probably shortness of temper has quite a bit to do with it too. Alcohol seems to take away some inhibitions and I can flare up as a result.”

The trouble is that when Malcolm Alan Francis flares up, somebody dies.

Malcolm FrancisThe New Zealand Parole Board stated, “Effectively, Mr Francis remains an untreated, violent offender and because he has not engaged in any rehabilitative programme, he has not at any point been on a pathway towards meaningful re-integration.”

And this is the murderous monster that is due to be released next year. Ready or not, here he comes. Malcolm Alan Francis will be 65 by then. He’s none too healthy, apparently, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be harmless. He’s still a “rather angry man”.

So please, women of New Zealand, please don’t allow Malcolm Alan Francis near you. Don’t be his next victim. Just because he’ll have done his time doesn’t mean he did enough time to change him.

RIP, Wathanak Tea, may your body be found and laid to rest.

RIP, Janet Francis who died much too violently and much too young at only 39.

And may Malcolm Alan Francis, the lady killer, rot in hell very soon.

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10 Responses to Malcolm Alan Francis

  1. bulldoggy says:

    New Zealand justice is pretty crappy if this asshole gets to kill twice and still be released before he’s 192 years old. At least the parole board knows he’s too evil to be freed. I hope he’s watched closely and hauled in to court for every single minor infraction, from spitting on the sidewalk to jaywalking, just so he’s off the street.

  2. 2cute says:

    What an asshole. He served his time and nobody believes he’s innocent anyway so why doesn’t he just give up the location of the body? Because he’s a mean, sadistic bastard who likes to see women suffer. He probably gets thrills from watching her mother cry and beg for information. Evil bastard should have been locked up under the prison and never see the light of day again.

  3. pj says:

    Scary thing is he looks like a gormless old man who collects stamps. I sure hope there’s a big hoopla in New Zealand when he’s released so he doesn’t fool any women into dating him. He should be euthanized humanely with a spear gun or acid bath before he hurts/kills someone else.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    So this bastard tried to kill one wife, and killed two other women and he still gets out? NZ justice sucks ass! Those women deserved so much better, and putting him away for life would have been the right thing to do.

  5. moodymagic says:

    This prick should be beaten to death as brutally as he did to his 2nd wife just letting him suffer real pain for as long as possible. Burn in hell Francis.

  6. wickedgran says:

    You know when he gets out he’ll head straight for the bar and when he’s drunk the plastered bastard will be searching for vulnerable females to bash. Hope he gets bashed good and for all instead.

  7. MsM says:

    Here’s hoping the news gets out so women will stay away from this fucktard!

  8. jibberjabber says:

    Anybody know if there will be conditions on this guy’s release? Will police be watching him? I think he’s a danger to the community, especially since he looks like a harmless accountant type.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    This cunt should only be granted parole when he divulges the place where his last victims body is. It should be made to stay in jail until that happens.

  10. Tammy says:

    You know, I think I’ll stay put right here in the states. This puddle of putrid maggot slime would have gotten a whole lot more time here than he has there. Too many bleeding hearts in other countries for my taste.

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