Mahad Ahmed

Crime: Child Abuse, Manslaughter

I don’t have a picture of the killer. I don’t have a picture of the victim. So why the picture of milk? You’re soon to learn.

Mahad Ahmed, 43, of Streatham, South London, was found not guilty of murder at the conclusion of his trial, but he was found guilty of manslaughter. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison by Judge Mr Justice Jay. In my opinion the murdering bastard got off way too easy.

Mahad Ahmed’s victim was his own 3-year-old son, Mohammed. Mohammed’s crime? Being lactose intolerant.

I am fricking serious. On March 11, 2013, Mahad Ahmed fed his little boy milk and *shock* Mohammed vomited all over his bedding, pillow and T-shirt.

Mohammed had already vomited at least twice that day. Three days previous doctors had advised the Ahmeds that the boy should not be given dairy products. Apparently Mahad Ahmed wasn’t about to listen to medical advice. I guess the asshole didn’t believe in lactose intolerance. He believed instead in punishment.

Mahad Ahmed’s response to his boy’s final bout of vomiting was nothing less than what Judge Mr Justice Jay called a “volcanic explosion of rage”. Instead of cleaning the boy up and trying to make him feel better, he violently and fatally attacked his 3-year-old boy.

Mahad Ahmed repeatedly punched Mohammed in the chest and in the stomach — hard enough to fracture ribs and lacerate his liver. He then stomped him when he was on the floor, causing bleeding on the brain.

Mahad Ahmed had punched and kicked and stomped his son to death for being lactose intolerant.

That’s what kind of “parent” Mahad Ahmed is. That’s what kind of “human being” Mahad Ahmed is.

The Ahmed family had been living in one room of a house on Donnybrook Road and they shared the kitchen and bathroom with another family in the house.

On the day Mohammed was murdered, his mother was not home. Neighbours heard banging and the little boy crying that day. They also saw Mahad Ahmed cleaning up vomit in the kitchen.

I gather that after Mahad Ahmed’s violent rage dissipated and he saw his broken child in extreme distress, he called for help.

When paramedics arrived at 8:40 pm, little Mohammed was lying naked on the bedroom floor, lifeless. He was in cardiac and respiratory arrest. He was already beyond saving.

The little boy was rushed to St George’s Hospital, Tooting, where he was declared dead.

Mahad Ahmed went into full bullshit mode then. His story to authorities was he went to get his son a potty and when he returned he found Mohammed lying on the floor, unconscious. The boy must have fallen and hurt himself!

Did this asshole actually think nobody would notice the broken bones, bruises and bleeding brain? Well, they noticed.

Pathologists who examined the little guy’s body determined his injuries were more like those seen in car crash victims. They also found 50ml of milk in Mohammed’s tummy.

On March 15, 2013, Mahad Ahmed was arrested and charged with murder. On January 24, 2014 he was cleared of murder by a jury but convicted of manslaughter. And on February 21, 2014 he was handed that piddly 10-year sentence.

Judge Mr Justice Jay said to the evil bastard, “Your intention that evening was to punish your son and inflict on him a degree of physical harm for the wrong you believed he had done. It was an intention which did not fall a long way short of the intention necessary for the offence of murder.”

The judge said that Mahad Ahmed had not expressed “any genuine remorse” and didn’t accept responsibility for killing his child.

So if he isn’t remorseful, why did he only get 10 years in prison, Judge Jay? Why? Because we all know with British justice he won’t be in prison for 10 years.

The judge had said, “This was extreme, sudden and short-lived loss of self-control whose terrible consequences will be suffered by you and the rest of your family indefinitely.”

What consequences will Mahad Ahmed bear indefinitely? He apparently isn’t plagued by remorse and self-recrimination. Will he be kicked out of Britain and sent back to Somalia?

Mahad Ahmed’s defense attorney, Robert Girling, said, “This is a man who has lost almost everything as a result of what happened. He has already paid a high price.”

I hope Mahad Ahmed continues to pay a high price. After all, little Mohammed paid the ultimate price. That poor boy is going to be dead a long time.

RIP Mohammed Ahmed. And many condolences to your grieving mother. article
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8 Responses to Mahad Ahmed

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    Glad you’re back cleo. I can’t believe this guy giving his kid something he KNOWS will make him sick and then get violent when the kid gets sick. I doubt this was the first time this bastard beat somebody up, just the first time somebody died. He likely beat his wife regularly.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This is one evil bastard who definitely is not getting everything he deserves a shiv stuck thru his so called heart. Burn in hell or stabbed to death in prison Mahad you make me sick.

  3. Lichelle says:

    Holy. Shit. Seriously? Is this for real? Why do people become parents if they do things like this??? I’m stumped. I honestly, sincerely hope that this “man” gets the shit kicked out of him, repeatedly. He deserves nothing less. What a piece of crap. Poor baby boy :(

  4. pj says:

    Poor kid. Probably lived in fear of his daddy’s temper his whole life. I just hope he lost consciousness right away so he didn’t feel every stomp and kick. RIP little guy.

  5. CarmenStownick says:

    Wow.. I’m lactose intolerant too, so I can imagine how sick that poor little boy must have felt; but to be beaten by your father after getting sick is just horrifying. Where was the mother during all of this?

  6. BENGALPUSS says:

    you think that sentence is bad, look at the thug that killed an autistic man with one punch sentenced earlier this week, he was given four years, that means he will serve less than 2years, his mother made a comment about the uproar that has culminated from the sentence by saying “i don’t know what all the fuss is about” is there any wonder that britain is fucked. A romanian immigrant gets caught stealing 52 bottles of whiskey after only being in the country 10days, and says to the judge “its my first mistake” the judge lets him go, and he doesn’t get community service because he wouldn’t be able to understand the commands, because he can’t speak english, but i bet he can say “i want to claim your benefits” it makes me fucking sick. I will stop my rant now.

  7. Scrappy says:

    Since it’s too late to help the baby I’m going to hope that his mother uses the time that Mahad Amed is on jail to divorce him so that she never has to allow another child to suffer senselessly with this narcissistic a$$hole for a parent. Maybe she can rebuild her life…

    Very tragic story.

  8. Aletheia says:

    The judge really thought this was an attempt to punish the child? I can see a parent getting frustrated and slapping a child, maybe. But stomping a kid to death is a little beyond the realm of discipline getting carried away.

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