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Robert William Pickton is, without question, the lowest, vilest form on life in Canada. He deserves to die a torturous death a thousand times over and yet he lives on, unscathed. True, he is incarcerated, but considering the nature of his crimes — the torture and murder of dozens and dozens and dozens of women (49 by his count), he cannot be punished sufficiently within the Canadian justice system.

Lynn Ellingsen

But Robert William Pickton did not act alone. He did not live and kill in a vacuum. He had help, and inconceivably, unforgivably, outrageously that “help” has yet to face any justice at all. She will never, ever be put on trial for the incalculable harm she allowed to be perpetuated by one of Canada’s worst serial killers.

Lynn Ellingsen is a cocaine addict and an alcoholic. She had to give up custody of her son because of her addictions. She prostituted herself to pay for her cocaine. She committed welfare fraud. She stole, lied, cheated, whatever it took to pay for her cocaine.

Lynn Ellingsen met Robert Pickton through a mutual friend, Gina Houston. Pickton generously offered this cocaine-riddled whore a job on his Port Coquitlam pig farm, cleaning up his trailer and such. He was unquestionably a slob. He also offered her the use of a room in his trailer. She was grateful. She lived there for several months.

While cleaning his trailer she would find $50 and $100 bills lying around. Pickton had piles of money – he was a rich serial killer (and that just totally galls me!). Lynn Ellingsen said she would show Pickton the money she found and he would just let her keep it. Pickton told others she was stealing from him. I believe him. I just can’t imagine a cocaine addict offering to hand over loose money she found. Regardless, she used this found money to buy drugs.

On March 20, 1999 Pickton was feeling “frisky” and took Lynn Ellingsen along with him to Vancouver to pick up a girl. OK, a prostitute. This is weird — how many men would take a woman along to pick up a prostitute?

Maybe Pickton wanted to make his future victim feel safe, less vulnerable as he drove her out of town. Maybe Lynn Ellingsen was there to reassure the girl that he was a good guy, that they were going to party. Prostitutes were becoming wary of creepy looking dudes at the time, what with the disappearances. Pickton was definitely creepy looking.

Lynn Ellingsen and Pickton drove to Downtown Eastside, Vancouver where the pickings were good. It was also where 13 prostitutes were last seen alive in the months and years preceding.

Pickton chose a pretty aboriginal girl with long black hair and bangs and high cheekbones. Her name was Georgina Papin, but neither Pickton or Lynn Ellingsen bothered to ask.

“She was a very pretty girl,” Lynn Ellingsen testified.

They returned to the pig farm and Lynn Ellingsen trotted off to her room to smoke crack cocaine. Pickton was left alone with his “date.”

Lynn Ellingsen

Lynn Ellingsen testified that she heard a noise that was strange enough to bring her out of her room. She didn’t say what the noise was, but obviously it didn’t sound like the grunts and groans of a man and woman having sex.

Once out of her room, she spotted a light in the barn which was next to the trailer. This was the barn where Pickton slaughtered pigs. Lynn Ellingsen headed out to the barn and encountered an odour most foul. Curiosity made her open the door.

Lynn Ellingsen saw Pickton. She saw the women they’d brought back with them. Only the woman wasn’t standing up. She wasn’t lying down. She was hanging from a chain. By the neck. She was dead. And she was being skinned.

“I saw this body. It was hanging,” she told the court. “Willy pulled me inside, behind the door. Walked me over to the table. Made me look. Told me if I was to say anything, I’d be right beside her.”

Lynn Ellingsen continued, “This woman that we had picked up — at my eye level was where her feet, like her legs were, I seen red toenail polish. On this big shiny table, I don’t know what it was, but it was lots of blood and uh, hair, black hair.”

Asked if Pickton was doing anything to the woman she replied, “He was cutting something. There was blood everywhere. I just remember staring at her feet.”

“How was she hanging?” asked the Crown prosecutor.

“The same way he hung his pigs. There was a chain right there. That’s where she was, where he does his pigs.”

She further testified, “There were knives with blood on them. He was full of blood himself. He was cutting something that was on the table. I don’t know what it was.”

I can’t imagine the absolute horror of it — the blood, the gore, the strips of flesh, the hanging body, and a maniacal killer standing right there with knives in his blood soaked hands. OMFG.

Lynn Ellingsen gave many different versions to police as to how she got out of the barn, and whichever version was the truth, she managed to extract herself alive and unharmed.

The version she told the court was he later sent her off in a taxi to go buy some drugs. She wound up at her friend Val’s house.

Now I readily admit I know nothing about how the drug-addled brains of cocaine addicts work. I do not understand for the life of me how Lynn Ellingsen’s brain works.

If I had seen the absolute horror of a killer skinning a freshly murdered woman and lived to tell about it, I WOULD TELL ABOUT IT! I would march my carcass into the nearest police station, or I would grab the nearest phone and call 911. Because HOLY FRIGGIN HELL I saw a man slaughtering a woman in a barn!

I would tell even if I promised the killer I wouldn’t and that’s the reason he let me live. Even if I had crossed my heart, I would tell. Even if I pinky swore, I would still tell. Because Jeezus H. Christ there was a murder!

Now maybe Lynn Ellingsen didn’t trust the police not to arrest her. Maybe she thought going in to the police station all coked up would be bad. She could have told the taxi driver to call 911. She could have told her friend to call 911. The very next time she found herself sober she could have called police. She could have left an anonymous tip, for pity’s sake. But she didn’t.

Maybe Lynn Ellingsen imagined she’d been hallucinating on cocaine. Maybe she thought it wasn’t real. It was, after all, like a scene out of a horror flick. I don’t know — does cocaine cause hallucinations? But Lynn Ellingsen testified in court that she does not hallucinate on cocaine, and that she bloody well knew that the horrors she saw were real.

The RCMP’s Forensic Lab Toxicology Section is of the opinion that cocaine is not a hallucinogenic drug, and at worst would cause paranoia/psychosis. I choose to believe them. So she knew it was all sickeningly real.

Now maybe Lynn Ellingsen really was threatened by Pickton. Maybe he did actually promise to kill her if she told anyone, and it was fear that made her silent.

Fear didn’t keep Lynn Ellingsen away from the pig farm. She returned a couple of times to retrieve her belongings. Imagine, she was willing to go back to the scene of a gruesome murder to get her stuff! With a killer on the property!

And fear didn’t keep her silent. She wasn’t silent. She told her friend Thomas all about it. And Thomas went to the police in July 1999 and told them all about this Lynn Ellingsen who had seen Robert William Pickton hang a woman by the neck in his barn, cut strips of flesh off her legs and murder her.

Thomas further told the police that Lynn Ellingsen assisted in bringing sex trade workers (plural) back to Pickton’s property, and she had also reported seeing personal property belonging to sex trade workers (plural) in his trailer.

So on August 4th, 1999 Lynn Ellingsen was interviewed by the Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit. And what did she do? She denied saying any such thing to Thomas. And she walked away.

But Lynn Ellingsen had told another friend called Wood all about it. Wood went to the Burnaby RCMP on August 7th, 1999. Wood told them about the gruesome slaughter scene in the barn.

Wood further told them that Lynn Ellingsen had confided that she thought Pickton was responsible for other murders, and that Pickton had kept women’s legs in his freezer. (The police eventually did find body parts in Pickton’s freezer, so this is not beyond belief.)

On August 10th, 1999 the Burnaby RCMP interviewed her. And she denied it all. She said it was a pig she saw being slaughtered, and it had made her throw up.

At the end of August, 1999 she was re-interviewed by the Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit and again she denied seeing any murder. She did agree to take a polygraph but backed out. Big surprise.

So Lynn Ellingsen was willing to blab all about Robert William Pickton’s murderous ways to her friends, but not to the investigators. If it were actual fear of Pickton’s wrath, she wouldn’t have told anybody at all.

Nope, it wasn’t fear that stopped Lynn Ellingsen from reporting the murder. I could understand fear. Fear can override a lot of decent impulses. Fear can narrow your scope of action down to basic self-preservation. But it wasn’t fear driving Lynn Ellingsen’s bald-faced lies to police.

It all came down to greed.

See, Lynn Ellingsen saw not just a woman’s murdered corpse hanging in that barn. She saw an opportunity. Pickton had money (ka-ching!) and she had a habit.

Does cocaine decimate every atom of decency in a human being? Does it destroy every natural human feeling? Because Lynn Ellingsen had none left when she began to blackmail Robert William Pickton.

That’s what Georgina Papin’s gruesome death and dismemberment meant to Lynn Ellingsen — money. In $500 increments.

Lynn Ellingsen

And what happened because of Lynn Ellingsen’s non-cooperation with investigators? This is what happened:

*Andrea Borhaven, last seen May 1999

*Julie Young, last seen July 1999

*Wendy Crawford, last seen November 1999

*Jennifer Furminger, last seen December 1999

*Yvonne Boen, last seen March 2001

*Patricia Johnson, last seen March 2001

*Heather Chinnock, last seen April 2001

*Heather Bottomley, last seen April 2001

*Angela Joesbury, last seen June 2001

*Dianne Rock, last seen October 2001

*Mona Wilson, last seen November 2001

She has their blood on her hands. And she doesn’t care.

Lynn Ellingsen sat on her horror story until February 24, 2002 – two days after Pickton’s arrest. THEN she cooperated with the police. But ONLY if they signed an agreement granting her immunity from prosecution.

Lynn Ellingsen not only extracted an immunity agreement, she also extracted $16,000 from the RCMP. They paid for her rent, her living expenses, her drug rehabilitation treatment (which didn’t work), new clothes, and a new front tooth.

I am sickened that this soulless twisted shit stain is allowed to roam free. I am horrified that this piece of inhuman trash will never face justice in this life. I wish her a speedy voyage to the warmer climes of hell. And Pickton can join her too.

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14 Responses to Lynn Ellingsen

  1. Budgiegirl says:

    Ain’t it sickening? See, our Canadian legal system is so close to what passes for justice in Europe that it bloody well drives my blood pressure through the roof.

    If there is anything to karma, this bitch will die at the hands of someone worse than Pickton.

    • Tina says:

      I read everything on that bitch. Every document & interrogation report that exist. On some site there’s people calling her a hero! And some say that they would let her stay with them. Well they can stick they’re compassion up they’re asses cause she has the blood of SEVERAL women on her hands & the families of these girls that died a horrible death want her dead cause if she would of went straight to the police, they would of caught him in the act & she could of saved at least 12 more lives, but it all came down to another toack of crack! She’s a crack head & a sociopath! They should put her in jail right along picktons side for all those other murders that were committed in the name of crack cocaine! Believe it or not, I’ve had a great joy to meet her cause the bitch is my next door neighbor!!!!! Want to know what she’s up to after she was given this great second chance at life with this community deal, she’s still smoking crack on the dayle & she’s assaulting her neighbors!!!! She assaulted me & broke my nose cause with her crack induced paranoia, she thought that I was hitting on her new boyfriend, which lives in the back of my house, and lived there for over a year before she moved next door & even then I never spoke a single word to him. She gets drunk & smashes his windows, she thinks everybody’s stealing from her. She certainly deserved to be out here with us descent folks. Be careful people, she would kill your mother or run over your child in an instant, if that meant that she could get to that crack hoot faster…

  2. annie says:

    It’s the “no snitch” thing. I’ve seen documentaries and read about her, she adamantly refuses to snitch on him.

    But the good news is that guys like these assure us that rich serial killers are too doofy to put together any Batman-like ingenuity. One less thing, eh?


    • Spike says:

      Yes to the “‘no snitch” thing'” thing. When yer down to just a moral or two that sh*t carries weight.
      annie, your comment regarding rich doofiness being retarded from reaching Batman like status is hilarious
      I fear the world shove gotten another comedian and we didn’t. But I’m hoping y’are!

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Your definately right cleo, she said fuckall because she had a flow of cash/Cocaine coming from pickton. Its bad enough the sentence that he got, but i’d bet my life she was a co-Murderer, because she went out and helped him pick up street workers, the fucking horrible bitch she is. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing women were being murdered and i never said anything. Those women that died because she said nothing, she should be charged at least with manslaughter, fucking druggie bitch.

  4. Tracy Pennington says:

    I’m sure this thing (can’t call her a she) has accomplished many more disgusting acts in its sorry life , Karma , I believe in it ! !

    • Tina says:

      Yes she’s a sick fuck & she should of went to jail right by his side, for all the other murders that she facilitated. She was given a chance at freedom, even tho she has the blood of SEVERAL women on her hands and you want to know what she doing with that freedom? She’s still smoking crack & drinking on the dayle & assulting her neighbors over her psychotic do I know you say, cause the cunt is my next door neighbor!!! And I’ll keep posting & telling her story on every site & to who ever wants to hear!!!!

  5. Tina says:

    That disgusting sorry ass excure of a human is my next door neighbor. How lucky am I. She’s been given a chance at freedom with this immunity deal & what does she do with it…she’s still smoking crack & drinking on the dayle, oh & did I mention that she’s assaulting her neighbors cause of her paranoia , sociopathic drug induced pea brain.

  6. Tina says:

    She’ll have her judgement day! If reincarnation exists, she’ll come back as a cocroch!!!!

  7. Annette says:

    I can’t imagine having that low life piece of trash as my next door neighbor. UGH….. I am watching ID right now about what had happened to those poor women. I’m getting madder by the minute. Everyone of those lowlife pieces of trash that turned a blind eye to what that monster was doing should all be strung up and left there to rot like the trash they truly are!!! They could of stopped him from murdering most of those women had they turned him in as most human beings would have. I hope they rot in hell. Those poor families and the kids of each victim have had to suffer unnecessarily.

  8. Ally says:

    Working for Bc road safe flagging company
    I quit the company.

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