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luc tieman

Crimes: Murder.

On August 25, 2016, Valerie Tieman of Skowhegan, Maine, USA, disappeared from the face of the earth. Now why would a beautiful, married, 34-year-old woman vanish? She was deeply religious, friendly and very talented. She wrote poetry and acted in a local Shakespeare company. In fact, she was looking forward to acting in an upcoming production of Titus Andronicus. So why would a beautiful, artistic, married woman like that disappear?

Actually, there’s a much more important question to ask. Why would the husband, Luc Tieman, not notify anyone that his wife was missing?

The man didn’t say a peep to anyone about his wife’s being gone. Over the next few weeks he posted photos of sunsets and political memes on his Facebook page, and wrote about his workouts at the gym. He never mentioned his wife, not one word. Maybe he was hoping everyone would forget about her altogether.

Valerie Tieman wasn’t forgotten. She had a family that loved her very much. She had spoken to her mother, Sarajean Harmon, on the phone on August 10, 2016. That was the last conversation they had. On August 25, 2016, Sarajean Harmon tried to talk to her again to see if she’d called her brother on his birthday. Valerie Tieman never answered. Instead, Luc Tieman sent his mother-in-law a text message that said they were “good”, and that they loved her so much. You’d think that that would have been a good time to mention to his in-laws their daughter was gone.

Valerie Tieman’s parents held themselves in patience until September 9, 2016, when they finally phoned police in Maine to do a welfare check on their daughter.

I’m positive they wouldn’t have waited so long had they known that on August 24, 2016, their son-in-law had sex in a park with a woman he moved in with 2 days later.

When Valerie Tieman’s parents contacted police, officers headed to her home to do the welfare check. She wasn’t there!

In his initial interviews with investigators, Luc Tieman told an interesting bullshit story. He said that he and Valerie Tieman had gone to Walmart on August 30, 2016. He went inside, leaving his wife in the truck. When he returned, she was gone. No sign of her. Period. He further explained to the police that his wife had left him, and anyway she was a drug addict.

I think it very likely that police knew they were dealing with a dead wife rather than a runaway wife. On September 20, 2016, they took a search dog with them to Luc Tieman’s parents’ property in Fairfield, Maine. That is where Luc and Valerie Tieman had lived together.

Valerie TiemanIt took the dog all of 5 minutes to discover a body in the woods, 250 yards behind the house, buried in a shallow grave. It was, alas, the body of Valerie Tieman, wrapped in a black, white and orange blanket.

There were a few objects of interest in the grave besides the poor woman’s remains. There was a box of SweeTarts candy, a mason jar filled with flower stems, a man’s wedding band identical to the one Luc Tieman no longer wore, and a handwritten note that said, “To my one and only Joy-Joy”.

Guess who called Valerie Tieman “Joy-Joy”. If you guessed Luc Tieman, you’d be extremely correct. The note was also signed “Luc-e Bear” — guess whose nickname that was.

Interestingly, when the woman was removed from the grave, investigators also found a bottle of fragrance called “Guilty”. Hmmmm. Now why would that be there?

Investigators were really interested in the story Luc Tieman had to tell now. Wisely they didn’t mention to him right off that they’d recovered his wife’s body.

Sure enough, Luc Tieman had a new story. He said that his wife had died from a heroin overdose.

“I watched her put the needle in her arm,” he said. “She had some heroin, started to shake, and laid down. I carried her, tried to give her a proper burial. I don’t remember a whole lot.”

There you go! His cheating wife had run off with a man to do drugs, but returned home only to overdose on heroin and die. He buried her, but hadn’t killed her.

So why hadn’t he said so in the first place? To spare Valerie Tieman’s parents the worry, of course.

So that was that, except it wasn’t. See, since Luc Tieman didn’t know his wife’s body had been found, he could tell whatever bullshit story he wanted. And this was indeed a bullshit story.

Valerie Tieman did not have heroin in her body. And how on earth did the poor woman wind up with 2 bullets in the head and neck? And what are the odds that the bullets exactly matched the rifling and grooves from Luc Tieman’s 45-caliber pistol?

It should come as no shock that on September 21, 2016, Luc TIeman was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder. In November 2016, he entered a not guilty plea. “God bless our families,” he told the media when he left the courthouse, “God bless Donald Trump.”

Could somebody explain to me how an accused killer can just walk free to await his trial in Maine? It doesn’t seem right to me.

In April 2018, the hellbeast Luc Tieman went to trial. The prosecution argued that the killer wanted his wife gone so he could play the field, and had, in fact, already been unfaithful to her.

The defense argued that the true killer was Luc Tieman’s brother, Sam. Never mind that Sam Tieman had a rock solid alibi. He was working a 90-minute drive away from the Tieman home in Fairfield, and had been driven to work by his boss. He worked the entire week in a place called Sugarloaf without once returning to Fairfield.

Luc Tieman arrogantly took the stand in his own defense. His lawyers didn’t want that but they couldn’t stop him. Naturally he maintained his innocence. The beast also delivered his own closing remarks.

“The state is accusing me of murdering my beautiful wife, Valerie Tieman, which I didn’t do,” he said. “It would have helped if they could show a motive.”

What would he call all those infidelities he committed?

On April 9, 2018 it took the jury 50 whole minutes to find the evil turdbrain guilty. His case is expected to go to sentencing in May 2018 where he faces 25 years to life in prison.

Valerie Tieman was so beautiful, so talented, so loved, and being murdered by her own husband and dumped in a shallow grave was a fate she completely did not deserve. Why the hell didn’t Luc Tieman ask for a divorce instead of shooting her? How the hell could he put his need for extramarital sex ahead of the life of such a lovely woman? The evil beast had to have been supremely greedy, selfish, narcissistic, heartless and soulless to choose to kill the woman who loved him.

RIP, Valerie Tieman. I extend my condolences to all her family and friends who mourn her loss. The world is less without her.

And long may Luc Tieman rot in prison, festering away and losing all his hair. I wish I could wish upon him much pain and heartache. He deserves it totally.

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7 Responses to Luc Tieman

  1. Epi says:

    Wow! The arrogance of that man is beyond understanding! I have no clue why they would let him out to enjoy freedom until his trial. Thank goodness at least they have common sense to convict the hellbeast!!

    RIP Valerie ~ Heaven has gained a angel.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    Well I think his sex life will get way more interesting now. Minus the women. Burn in hell monster. My heart goes out to all of Valerie’s friends and family. She deserved so much better.

  3. Tom Daly says:

    My heart goes out to Valerie’s family and friends. She had so much to give and that sick monster took it all away. I hope that she haunts him for every single second that he is stewing in prison. That is a promise.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I don’t understand why, when the evidence is so compelling, they don’t just execute scumbags like this. I think people like this should get an expedited march to the gallows and once there a slow and tortured hanging. Not a quick snap the neck and then speedily for them it’s over.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    So this creep would rather kill than divorce. And he hopes God blesses Trump. He needs to go to hell immediately.

  6. Bekah says:

    I just read a statement from a family member and it appears that Luc received 55 years in prison. I haven’t looked for a news article, but the statement from Allen shows more class and decorum than I could ever imagine holding in this situation. He stated his sympathy for the family of the killer in losing their son’s freedom, and how there ” is no joy in that,” despite justice being served. what an amazing family.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    So not only does he murder her, he then trashes her by declaring that she’s a heroin addict. The heroin I’ve read about doesn’t fire bullets at you. And he’s that narcissistic he basically only thinks about himself when he speaks at court, going on about sympathy for the killers family, HELLO, what about the victim and her family? This guy is evil and never should be released because he’s dangerous to women.

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