Louis Ray Perez, Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino & Jessica Lynn Lopez

Perez, Maraglino and Lopez

Photos: Louis Ray Perez –Ken Seals/VN file photo

Crimes: Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Torture, Sexual Battery, Murder

All Brittany Killgore of Fallbrook, California wanted to do in April 2012 was move out of her apartment. She’d just filed for divorce from her husband who was deployed to Afghanistan and she wanted to move back to Pennsylvania. All she needed was some help, but what that beautiful young woman got was hell.

Moving involves heavy lifting, so Brittany Killgore wasn’t about to impose on her girl friends.

But as fortune would have it, on April 13 a Camp Pendleton Marine sergeant she kinda knew had shown up at her door to invite her to dinner. This man, Sgt. Louis Perez, was someone she’d met in 2011. She and her friend, Elizabeth Hernandez, had gone to his home to buy an item his girlfriend had posted online.

Brittany Killgore turned down his invitation to dinner, but then she got to thinking. Louis Perez might know of somebody who would be willing to help her move. And so Brittany Killgore fatefully sent him a text message.

Louis Perez responded in a fairly creepy manner. “Party with me tonight & you’ll have five guys there in the morning,” he texted her.

Brittany Killgore, that poor woman, should have run for the hills then and there, but she didn’t know she was dealing with a hellbeast — multiple hellbeasts, in fact.

What Brittany Killgore did know was that Elizabeth Hernandez had become best buds with Louis Perez’s girlfriend, Dorothy Maraglino. She also knew that Louis Perez and Dorothy Maraglino were into the BDSM lifestyle. Yuck! She’d once turned down their offer to participate.

On April 13, 2012 Brittany Killgore wisely declined Louis Perez’s offer to “party”. But the man didn’t give up. He said he had tickets for a Hornblower dinner cruise in San Diego and invited her again and again to join him.

Brittany Killgore

Brittany Killgore

Brittany Killgore kept on refusing his invitation until she got a call from Dorothy Maraglino.

The woman told her that she was pregnant and wasn’t feeling well, so those cruise tickets would be wasted if she didn’t go.

That call from Dorothy Maraglino made Brittany Killgore feel comfortable enough to finally accept going to supper with Louis Perez. The guy had a pregnant girlfriend, he was a Marine, and he was friends with Elizabeth Hernandez, so what would be the harm? Plus he’d promised five helpers for the move. She reluctantly agreed to go out to dinner with the Marine sergeant.

It was the worst decision of the poor woman’s life, because dinner was not on the menu. She was.

See, there was a whole back story leading up to the fateful dinner invitation.

Brittany Killgore had begun dating Elizabeth Hernandez’s brother. Elizabeth Hernandez strongly disapproved and had been complaining about her to Dorothy Maraglino and Louis Perez. Those two had taken the complaints very seriously, and planned to do something about it — something brutal, sadistic and fatal. Why? Because they are hellbeastly creatures without hearts, souls or consciences.

Louis Perez, Dorothy Maraglino and another hellbitch, Jessica Lopez, had created their own sadistic sex sect. The three sickos were totally into BDSM. We’re talking whipping, beating, cutting, spanking, bondage and asphyxiation. They had created a “sex dungeon” in their home for their nasty games. It was outfitted with ropes and pulleys, sex toys, whips, restraints, zip ties, a machete, swords, a taser, a nightstick, spiked gloves and a knife labeled “The Black Defender”.

Louis Perez was, of course, the master. He called himself Ivan. Dorothy Maraglino, his slave, went by the name Ms. Dee. Jessica Lopez, a more lowly slave, was called Roselyn. She got her jollies wearing a dog collar and eating from a dog bowl.

Unfortunately, the master and slave role-playing games were not sufficient thrills for the sick trio any more. They now wanted to include an “unwilling participant” in their sadistic sex activities.

The demented, depraved threesome had shared their sick fantasies with the BDSM community. They spoke of kidnapping a woman off the street, “playing” with her, beating her and raping her.

Since Elizabeth Hernandez was angry with Brittany Killgore, that made Brittany Killgore an excellent choice of “unwilling participant” for the deranged fuckturds. (The fact she was beautiful I’m sure made their choice easier.) No more playing consensual, safe, sex games for them. The trio was moving into serious, deadly territory where the “unwilling participant” was not going to survive.

I should say that Elizabeth Hernandez had no clue that Dorothy Maraglino, Louis Perez and Jessica Lopez were going to do her a “favour” and destroy Brittany Killgore. She was just venting when she complained to them.

The evil trio got all excited at the prospect of doing their worst to a fellow human being. They conspired to abduct Brittany Killgore, torture her and ultimately murder her in a most sadistic fashion. Not one of them could dredge up the remnants of a conscience to save a life.

Brittany Killgore got herself all dressed up for the dinner cruise. She borrowed a purple evening gown for the occasion. I’m sure she looked very beautiful. Thankfully she told at least one friend about going out with Louis Perez.

The hellbeast showed up at her apartment building in his truck around 7:30 p.m. Within minutes Brittany Killgore was texting “help” to a friend.

The friend texted back a few minutes later, “Brit, are you OK? I’m freaking out.”

After a brief delay she got a text back, “Yes, I love this party!” That didn’t sound like Brittany Killgore, especially coming on the heels of her asking for help. The concerned friend texted back, and insisted on speaking with her. The response she got was, “(call) in a few … hot guys”.

Bless her heart, the friend wasn’t giving up. She asked around looking for Louis Perez’s phone number. When she called him, the evil bastard told her that he’d dropped Brittany Killgore off at a club and saw her go off with a couple of guys.

Louis Perez

Photo: Nelvin C. Cepeda / U-T SAN DIEGO

Louis Perez, of course, hadn’t dropped her off anywhere.

The monster had driven her to his home and taken her into his dungeon. At 8:11 p.m. he summoned his dumpy, frumpy slaves. All three set out to fulfill their darkest dreams.

The next morning Brittany Killgore’s friends reported her missing. By then the beautiful 22-year-old woman was dead.

The police headed straight for Louis Perez’s home since he was the last person to see the missing woman. They searched his Ford Explorer and found a plastic bag with a taser, latex gloves and what turned out to be the victim’s blood.

On April 15, 2012, Louis Perez was arrested for stealing an AR-15 assault rifle. Police executed a search warrant of his house and found the sex dungeon. They seized bondage and torture instruments which later proved to have the victim’s hair and blood on them.

On April 17, Brittany Killgore’s naked and tortured body was discovered dumped near Lake Skinner in Riverside County. She’d been strangled to death, and an effort had been made to dismember her body.

Uh oh, Louis Perez was in big trouble! How could he get out of it? Well, that’s what slaves are for.

Jessica Lopez, the lowliest slave, was chosen to make the big sacrifice. Police found her at a San Diego hotel with self-inflicted cuts and a 7-page suicide note that proclaimed her to be responsible for the murder.

Jessica Lopez, the stupid hellbitch, claimed she’d killed Brittany Killgore out of fear she was going to steal her master’s affections. Riiight.

“I knew what I had to do,” she wrote. “I grabbed her ankle slamming her into the stairs, duct-taping her ankles wrists and mouth. … I dropped that useless waste of space off some little hill by Lake Skinner, I don’t know where exactly,”

She continued, “I want the world to know how you tried to pin this on an innocent Marine, who would give his life to protect us from our enemies. Maybe now I can protect him from you.”

Fortunately the police didn’t buy into that bullshit. They arrested Louis Ray Perez, 49, Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino, 40, and Jessica Lynn Lopez, 28, and charged them with murder, kidnapping, torture, conspiracy and sexual battery.

There was plenty of evidence against the hellbeasts. Investigators had uncovered cell phone records, text messages, video surveillance footage from a variety of locations, and of course the items in the truck and the dungeon. The fact they were very sloppy and stupid killers helped enormously.

Dorothy Maraglino

Photo: Nelvin C. Cepeda / U-T SAN DIEGO

The prosecutor chose not to seek the death penalty. Maybe it was because Dorothy Maraglino gave birth to her master’s baby in August 2012. The evil threesome faced life in prison without the possibility of parole.

On October 21, 2015, in the San Diego County Superior Court in Vista, all three depraved monsters were convicted of 1st-degree murder. Sentencing will take place in November. I shall endeavour to keep readers posted — reminders are welcome.

I, for one, hope that none of them see freedom ever again. I would hope they are made to suffer as they made Brittany Killgore suffer, but I suspect they’d enjoy that. It’s hard to punish masochists.

RIP, Brittany Killgore. She was beautiful, young and full of life. She had many around her who loved her very much. Unfortunately she encountered those 3 hellbeasts who killed her for their sexual and sadistic pleasure.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to Brittany Killgore’s family and friends. Her loss, I’m sure, has left a horrible void in many lives.

I hope and pray that the child of killers Louis Perez and Dorothy Maraglino is living and thriving in a loving, safe, nurturing home. If there is any mercy in this life, nobody will ever reveal to that child the truth about its parents.

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21 Responses to Louis Ray Perez, Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino & Jessica Lynn Lopez

  1. MoodyMagic says:

    These sick bastards need to be locked up forever. Glad the were sloppy and stupid. My heart goes out to Brittany and her family. This poor woman did not deserve this. Gosh It’s sick look at how homely the 2 slaves are.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Having Read about what has Happened Disgusting is Not Strong Enough a Word and it Convinces me that the World is Not only Far
    from Perfect but Utterly Evil

    Hear of another Murder in the UK Today and I Feel Sorry for the
    Victim and Not the Villains unlike the Way some Liberal Elements
    would have One Feel

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Terrible Indeed what Happened

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Such a beautiful girl who’s life was snuffed out because three sick fuck’s wanted to get their jolly’s. Its a shame they didn’t seek the death penalty for these 3 sick bastards, they don’t deserve to be alive sharing the air that we breath.

  5. Jeni C says:

    It is so unfair that hellbeasts like this are able to reproduce and keep having children. Children that other, more deserving parents should be allowed to have. Thank God this child will not be raised by, or around, these pieces of sh*t parents! I just hope this precious child isn’t with any of the family members of these wastes of space. Hopefully, the child is far away from anyone associated with this crime.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree the Death Penalty should Exist for Murder in the UK as Well
    as the USA as well as in Canada

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Wtf is that red splodge under that dorothy hellbeasts nose? I’m thinking birthmark, anybody else think the same? We call them port wine stains in the uk.

    • lorraine says:

      No it isn’t a birthmark as it’s not on the other photo of her. Probably some sort of herpes or something disgusting

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Herpes simplex d? Wouldn’t suprise me being the dirty nasty hellbeasts they are. God knows where that mouth has been!!

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I would Not like to Say

  9. Cleo's friend says:

    Cleo is out of commission for the next few days. She wants me to tell everyone she will be back to writing next week, and to apologize for her absence.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Cleo’s friend, i hope she’s ok and please give her my best wishe’s and we miss her and her articles. Hope she hasn’t got the dreaded flu that i’m just getting over? Boy that was horrible to say the least.

  10. wildchild says:

    Please get well, Cleo. Your avid reader, wildchild

  11. wildchild says:

    No apologies necessary, C. Hope you are up to par real soon, old girl. Peace, wildchild

  12. Rhonda says:

    Well it turns out prisoners in the USA are allowed to keep online journals these days. This link is to Dorothy Maraglino’s online prison diary page where she discusses her experiences in prison (part 1). To me, the fact that she even has internet access, tells me despite her complaints she has very little to bitch about because no matter what she feels she’s currently being deprived of (good food, privacy and so on – blah, blah, blah, whine snivel, whine snivel, whatever, who cares) she still has a hell of a lot more freedom, options and choices, than that poor dead woman she so cruelly, viciously – barbarically and inhumanly helped to slaughter.


    • Bengalpuss says:

      Notice she doesn’t mention the victim just her ugly arse self! And i thought going to jail was to be punishment? Instead they get to go online play computer games, no wonder crime is at an all time high.

    • Bekah says:

      Not defending her in any way, but those aren’t published by her. Dorothy hand writes them and then an editor uploads them. I looked around the website a bit and found her handwritten note, and on another post an editor explains that she/he can pass on notes to the prisoner, or if the prisoner wishes, their direct mailing address is listed. Thankfully, at least in this case, she does not have access to internet. (http://www.prisonwriters.com/dorothy-maraglino/)If you go to the bottom it has the letter scanned in. Although, there was an article recently about GED classes now being offered online in prisons. The article focused on how its harder for inmates to pass the tests online vs. traditional paper exams. It didn’t get into the internet access piece, but I wondered the same thing.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Here in the uk they let the prisoners go online while in education classes which i find appalling. I know that they are in prison and should have access to visits from relatives and friends, but online access is ridiculous, god knows what info they could be posting online. If i had my way i’d bring the chain gang back and have them breaking rocks up lol.

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Murder is an Evil Thing and Makes my Blood Boil wherever it Happens
    such as in the USA UK Canada Australia or in Odessa May 2nd 2014 where Evil Nazis went on the Rampage and People Trapped inside the
    Trades Union Building in Odessa were Burned Alive

    Thugs Muggers Rapists Nazi Thugs Murderers Child Molesters are all
    Scum to Me and that is why I Believe Passionately in a Nice World to
    Live In

  14. RainbowPower says:

    First time posting, follow this website religiously!

    There was a murder like this in Canada, January, 1st, 2012. Teacher was the victim of a couple who met on a fetish website. Her name name was Noelle Paquette. Happened in Sarnia, Ontario. Attached a link for news articles. Horrible story.


  15. Leelah says:

    This case was just on the ID channel. Murder Among Friends…..of course they got attractive actors to play these hideous killers.

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