Loren Marita Fothergill & Nicholas James Murdoch

Loren Fothergill and Nicholas Murdoch

Crimes: Child Pornography, Pedophiles

In October 2008, Loren Marita Fothergill and Nicholas James Murdoch of Brisbane, Australia became a couple. They had a lot in common, apparently. Both came from broken, dysfunctional homes. And both are pedophiles.

I’m starting to think there must be a dating site out there for perverts, maybe pervhookup.com, or connectingpedos.com. It’s just appalling to me how many pedophiles I research manage to find themselves a partner.

Anyway, back to this hellbeastly pair. Nicholas Murdoch was a qualified electrician and Loren Fothergill helped him establish his own business. Very respectable. And then Loren Fothergill became a child minder which, I’m sure, added to the family income. It also gave the couple a source of young victims.

Nicholas Murdoch and Loren Fothergill might have gotten away with their bad behavior for much longer had they not come to the attention of Australian Federal Police. For 5 years the pair of pedos had been gathering a sh*tload of child porn, a pile of it unimaginably vile, and that had caught the attention of authorities.

Kudos to those police officers and departments who keep track of this horrific material. I can’t sing their praises high enough.

Police tracked a large quantity of serious child porn images and videos being accessed online by Nicholas Murdoch. As a result of their investigation, they seized the evil couple’s computers.

Lo and behold, police found 6921 child porn images and 713 videos. A large number of the images ranked in categories 4 and 5 (the worst of the worst). The movies depicted sexual contact between children and adults.

Just to show how depraved Loren Fothergill and Nicholas Murdoch are, I’ll tell you that in the movies the youngest children were 3 months old. The movies showed young girls being forced to engage in sex acts with dogs, as well as adult men pissing and defecating on young children.

As unspeakably horrible as all that is, the police uncovered more. Loren Fothergill and Nicholas Murdoch had been making their own child porn material with a 2- to 3-year-old girl — a child who was babysat by Loren Fothergill.

Between April 2011 and March 2013 the pedo pair had been taking disgusting photos of themselves with this little girl. Some pictures were of Loren Fothergill opening the child’s genitalia with her fingers. Other pictures showed Nicholas Murdoch’s erect penis being held by the little girl. Her private parts were displayed by the poses they put her in.

I cannot imagine the horror the victim’s parents felt when they learned that the person the trusted with the care of their precious child was a pedophile. I truly hope the little girl has no concept of what had happened to her.

The press, when the story broke, dubbed the pair the “babysitters from hell”. Very appropriate, IMO.

On May 9, 2014, Nicholas James Murdoch, 27, and Loren Marita Fothergill, 28, pled guilty in Brisbane District Court to 10 counts of indecent treatment of a child, making child exploitation material and for possessing child exploitation material.

Judge Brian Harrison sentenced Nicholas James Murdoch to 3-and-a-half years in prison and set his parole eligibility for July 8, 2015.

Loren Marita Fothergill was sentenced to 3 years in prison with a parole eligibility set for May 8, 2015.

In less than a year these nasty pedophiles may be released. I truly, truly hope that authorities will keep a very close eye on their activities. I also hope that there will be conditions attached to their parole banning them from being anywhere near children. IMO there should be a lifetime ban.

I have no doubt that had the police not caught them Loren Fothergill and Nicholas Murdoch would have escalated the sexual abuse to rape. His erect penis in the grip of a little girl’s hand is proof enough for me that Nicholas Murdoch is strongly sexually attracted to female toddlers. It wouldn’t take much for him to violate a child — it’s not like a toddler can put up much of a fight. Probably the only thing to stop him would be his inability to gain access to a child.

So parents of Brisbane, please be aware of who is caring for your children. Trust but verify. Do background checks. Question every injury. Drop by unexpectedly. If possible, use nanny cams. Please make the world as safe as possible for your children.

BTW, if anyone can tell me where to find the photos of Loren Fothergill and Nicholas Murdoch, I’d greatly appreciate it. Since they’ll be out of prison within months, I think it’s a public service to post their pictures.

News.com.au article
Courier Mail news article

25 Responses to Loren Marita Fothergill & Nicholas James Murdoch

  1. EB says:

    Perhaps this Facebook group can help you with a photo. Truly distraught over some of these true stories on this website. Prayers for the children.

    Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia [F.A.C.A.A]

  2. moodymagic says:

    It really sucks you cant find these hellbeasts photos because they will be out soon from the measely sentences they served. My wish is these shit stains find no peace and suffer lots of pain for the rest of their lives. burn in hell monsters

  3. 2cute says:

    I wonder if that little girl was their only victim. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d done more but hadn’t taken pictures of it. Evil bastards, hope they are forever ostracized. They don’t belong in civilization.

  4. BENGALPUSS says:

    Now had these crimes been committed in america, their arses would of been locked away for a very long time. The sentences that they were given were an absolute joke.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Pretty damn sure we’ll be hearing about these two in the future and it won’t be for winning awards. Too bad you can’t find their photos Cleo. Maybe when they’re released into the community their photos will be available.

  6. Karen says:

    It make me sick when they blame their broken and unstable families, I know lots of people that have had broken and unstable families but they never commit sickening crimes like this. These arseholes are just scum and 3 years jail is a joke. The sentences in Australia are bloody pathetic.

  7. Nifty Lynn says:

    I can’t believe they got three years (less) so disgusting! Why aren’t these crimes taken more seriously!?

    • Agrippina The Elder says:

      You said exactly what I was thinking! It’s very obvious that this pair of sickos would have escalated their abuse of their young female victim into full blown rape. They were grooming her to be raped, but they just happened to get caught before they could do the deed. Yet, they will be back out on the streets soon. I would not be surprised at all to learn that they had moved back in together and that they will just resume their prior activities until they get caught again. Sex offenders and rapists can not be rehabilitated! These two bastards will end up back in the headlines with a whole group of victims left behind them and society could have prevented it if we had just kept their sick asses locked up indefinitely. Very sad to know!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Thats british and australian sentences for you. VOTE UKIP

  8. Jessice11 says:

    Those sentences are absolute bullshit! How can people feel safe if they know once criminals are brought to trial they’ll receive garbage sentences like that?! These hellbeasts deserve to be locked up in a cell with all those other disgusting adults and subjected to what all those thousands of children in their videos/pictures have to endure and worse.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    cleo, someone must have pictures of these two cunts? i’m off to find some pictures of these shitheads on google.

  10. K says:

    I knew of these people personally… am absolutely horrified and disgusted by this. I do have photos and am happy to share

    • Mrs M says:

      K – did one 9 the pair attend school outside of Brisbane? I have a sick feeling this person was around my children.

    • D. says:

      I also knew him personally. I am so fkn disgusted. I hope he gets what he deserves in jail. What a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  11. Peter Murphy says:

    Australian child abusers Named and shamed on Facebook published their photo. They always seem on the ball this group.

  12. Tim says:

    Google there names and u will find pictures. They are from red life according to myspace. I felt sick when I read this

  13. Shifty says:

    Nicholas Murdoch went to meringandan state primary school. He then went to toowoomba state high school wilsonton campus until year 10 then went to mt lofty campus for years 11 & 12.

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Evil Abhorrent and Shocking

  15. B says:

    She is out and seen walking around Morayfield shops

  16. LawyerChick says:

    These sentences are absurdly low. What on earth??

  17. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Three years… Three fucking years. Unbelievable.

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