Lisa Brooks & Tomas Rhys Lewis

Sadistic pair Lisa Brooks and Tomas Lewis
Crimes: Child Abuse, Neglect

Being a dieter there have been times when I’ve been peckish and times I’ve been very hungry. That said, there has never been a time in my whole entire life that I have been so hungry as to consider eating my hair.

Unhappily for a 3-year-old boy in Pontypool, South Wales, ripping out and eating his hair was the only option he had been left with if he wanted anything in his tiny little belly.

The monstrous mother and his hellbeast stepfather locked this helpless little tyke in a small, bare room without lights or heating. In the winter! Not only locked in the room but tied to the bed!

Can you imagine? All alone in a dark, cold, empty room with nobody and nothing to comfort him! And this little boy pulling out and eating his hair because he was starving!

Bet you $10,000 the adults had lights and heating in the rest of the house! Bet you $100,000 the adults weren’t going without food and water! Bet you anything the only one suffering in that household was that tiny, helpless little boy.

This pair of sadistic beasts must have found their victim’s suffering amusing because these hellish creatures actually took footage of him with their camera phone.

Why the hell would or could anyone treat a helpless little boy like that? You’d have to be a heartless, soulless beast to neglect and abuse a child almost to death, and that’s what these two monsters are.

It’s just too bad the same abuse they inflicted upon the boy can’t be inflicted upon them. That would be justice.

Lisa Brooks and Tomas Lewis houseSocial workers thankfully had received an anonymous tip that this little guy was being tortured and neglected, and the police took it from there. Three weeks before Christmas, 2010, they descended upon the little house of horrors.

PC James Periam, who rescued the boy, said in court, “I found the boy locked in a bare cell-like room. There was no lighting, the radiator was turned off and it was snowing outside.” That poor little blighter!

“All there was in the room was a potty, a bowl and a fork,” PC Periam continued, “The child and walls were covered in feces and when I held the boy he was flopping on my shoulder… His eyes rolled to back of his head with his breathing shallow, he was ice cold and lifeless.”

PC Periam was so upset describing this horror that he was understandably moved to tears.

The filthy little boy had injuries all over his body as well as 2 black eyes.

The tiny victim was immediately rushed to nearby Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, South Wales and there he received emergency treatment. He was literally hours from death. If he hadn’t been rescued when he was, he’d have quickly died of the cold, starvation and dehydration.

On March 2, 2012, the mother Lisa Brooks, aged 25, and the stepfather Tomas Rhys Lewis, aged 22, of Trevethin, Pontypool, faced justice at Cardiff Crown Court in Wales.

Doctor Paul Davies attested, “He was eating food like he’d never eaten before… He had ripped out and eaten his own hair. He was extremely hungry and dehydrated.”

Ward manager Ann Beard of Nevill Hall Hospital testified, “If he was not brought in when he was, he would have died in hours – the weather was so cold outside.”

Faced with the evidence and testimony, Lisa POS sadist Brooks and Tomas shitstain abuser Lewis pleaded guilty to wilful neglect of a child. They were incredibly lucky they weren’t being charged with attempted murder or murder. Another few hours of their “loving care” and the little boy wouldn’t have survived.

The 3-year-old has been adopted by a foster family and miraculously shows no signs of psychological damage. I hope and pray he shall live a long, healthy, happy life.

Whoever anonymously tipped off social workers about the horrors being inflicted upon the boy is a hero. They truly saved a life.

Judge John Curran sentenced the monstrous mother Lisa Brooks to a whopping 3 years in prison. Tomas Lewis, a total waste of skin, was sentenced to 3 1/2 years. With the British justice system (much like the Canadian justice system) Lewis could be out in under 2 years and Brooks could be out within 18 months. Not nearly enough punishment, IMHO. Is it too much to hope they’ll be kept in bare cells with no heat or lights?

Judge Curran told the hellish pair, “All children are entitled to a secure and happy childhood. Depriving them of this is very serious and this is what you have done with your abusive and sadistic behavior.”

I wish the judge could have sentenced the pair to be sterilized because both will still be young enough to procreate when they get out of prison. I shudder at the thought of them creating more victims. They are undoubtedly sadistic and evil enough to inflict untold cruelty on helpless babies and toddlers, and we can’t count on tipsters always saving their victims’ lives.

So Lisa Brooks and Tomas Lewis, do us all a favor and die young and go straight to hell!


Lisa Brooks and Tomas Lewis just after the birth of their baby which is now in care.

I hope and pray that baby will be kept out of this rotten pair’s nasty clutches.

Thanks to reader Jill for finding this photo on Lisa Brooks’ Facebook account.

South Wales Argus News article
USEC Magazine article

26 Responses to Lisa Brooks & Tomas Rhys Lewis

  1. Nick says:

    i just read about this today in a Norwegian newspaper,
    from what i have heard about the prison life,
    is that rapist and child abusers will get a TOUGH time in jail..!? after reading this I really hope they will…!!
    they should get the same treatment as they put the small boy through -without the resque..!
    ( there is absolutely no point of wasting tax payers money on “shrink’s” to try and “fix” them. -nor keeping them alive..)

    • amy says:

      Sadly the British prisons are like a good holiday camp! I’ve known people who have been in prison and they actually like it! They would have had 4 healthy nutritional meals a day and the best medical treatment! They would have slept in a comfortable warm cell decorated with their own things a TV and a choice of bedding! It’s a absolute joke! I say would have as they have now been released!

  2. Trace says:

    There should be a welcoming committee waiting for this precious pair when they get out waiting with open arms and baseball bats. Somebody has to teach these shits how to treat their children right and I hope they’ll get some lessons in prison.

  3. 2cute says:

    I hope there’ll be pictures of them posted on the Internet before they get out so they can be recognized by potential employers and neighbours and people on the street. If they can hide away from the public eye they could involve unwitting people in their lives and maybe have children by them that they’ll abuse.

  4. Dee says:

    my main concern is that people like this are premitted the possibility of having yet more children …. I say to hell with their ‘human rights’ they should both be rendered sterile

  5. moodymagic says:

    These 2 make me sick. I agree with Cleo sterilization of these 2 would be a good start.

  6. charlotte says:

    he’s my cousin. and in fact, my brother ex girlfriend has been friends with him and they have been bothering a lot with each other. he had texts saying it was all her fault. So before you start labelling my family, know the facts. he is NOT a child abuser, the mother, Lisa, has had all her children taken off her. Tom is a great dad, and really doesn’t deserve all this crap being said about him.

    • scrappy says:

      Anyone you might label a “great dad” or even “adequate dad” would not let a child sit in an ice cold room near death, without food, and apparently none of the normal things children should be provided. A few toys? Freedom to move? Light? Heat?

      Get real loser cousin of a big time loser. In the US we would call his failure to aid a helpless toddler in this condition wanton and depraved indifference to the well-being of a child. What do YOU call it cause “great dad” just isn’t cutting it.

    • Sik fuks says:

      If he was such a great dad he would have done something about it he would ov taken that poor child away from that abuse he would have contacted the police or social services he would have done SOMETHING but he never he’s just as guilty hence y the fukin faggot got 3 n a half years in prison. Dirty pair ov fukin bastards if I ever see him or her i will b handing out some justice of my own lets c how the GREAT DAD likes being abused the cunts gna pay so make the most ov ur time with him cz he got so e punishment owed to him and that fukin skank ov his.

    • christina bennettii says:

      charlott he was liveing with her if he wasnt a child abuser he wouldnt have left that little boy suffer he just has bad has her . i like to see what a bad dad is if he a frigging good one . and they are out of prison she was seen in cwmbran

    • Julie lemon says:

      A great dad???? You’ve got to be sitting me! NO ONE would allow that to go on. A great Dad would have removed the child from danger and reported her to the police. He allowed that to happen so that makes him a Sket like her! I hope that someone takes a fancy to him in prison and makes him their Bitch….and I hope she gets a kicking every single day of her incarceration

  7. charlotte says:

    YOU people make me sick! My cousin is innocent! SHE is a terrible mother! they aren’t even together, so why would he have anything to do with her children?! they have one child together! and he loves his baby girl more than anything! if you don’t know the actual facts, then don’t comment!

    • Cleo says:

      Did you overlook the fact that your cousin pleaded guilty? So not only does the evidence say he’s guilty, and the court says he’s guilty, HE says he is guilty. So go back to your room and play with your blocks. And grow up.

    • scrappy says:

      So let me get this straight, your cousin is a greeaaat guy, but he chose to procreate (do the nasty, resulting in the birth of another human being) with a woman that is such a terrible mother that she cannot retain custody of her children.

      Apparently being stupid and short-sighted are just a few more of his winning qualities.

    • Kimber says:

      Charlotte, thank God your cousin doesn’t live in the U.S., where his guilty ass would be slammed in prison for a whole lot longer.

    • nic says:

      are you kidding me????? guilty plea. says otherwise, you know what people like those two should be slowly starved themselves, you can stick up for your cousin all you want. you are disgusting too. this is a little boy of 3 years of age. they had him and they were supposed to love and protect him yet they did one of the cruelest things imaginable i pray you dont have kids if you think that they are good parents!!

    • kirsty says:

      His sentance was LONGER than hers good old “cousin” that speaks volumes vile humans and your no better

    • cath says:

      are you for real your cousin is innocent ? whey did he sit back and watch the sick bitch mistreat there child get a grip you idiot

  8. katie says:

    Diddnt know innocent people could be sent to prison for 3 and half years, based on the facts ur cousin is a child abuser, so what if he loves his little girl, what relavence does that have to the poor little boy? Im a parent, i love my daughter, and let me tell you something, i would not stand by and knowingly let a child suffer abuse, he nearly died. Are you honestly telling us he’s innocent because he said so in some txts? Thats the stupidist thing iv heard, its obvious he was involved or he wouldnt be in prison would he? If he wernt with her and had nothing to do with it, he wouldnt be in prison, ur not convinceing anyone, i just hope he gets what’s comeing to him, because 3 years is nothing. Same goes for the mother.

  9. Eve says:

    Disgusting. Sterilise the cunt and her penis pal. They dont’ deserve kids.

  10. Minx says:

    OMG!! He also has a daughter……..

    I sincerely hope someone loving (not Charlotte) is looking out for her well being and that he never sees her again!

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    So charlotte what your saying is, its ok to strap a 3 year old boy to a bed in the freezing cold as long as its not your child. He loves his daughter and because she’s his flesh and blood she won.t get neglect and tortured. But fuck any other child thats not his. He was in that house he knew what that little boy was going through. Anybody with a conscience would of given that bitch of a mother a slap unstrapped the child and called the police he did fuck all and let it happen. And you say it was her fault she’s the nasty one, well he went on to breed with the nasty one after all this happened. I hope to god they get the fuck knocked out of both of them pieces of shit. And you, your just as bad as them for sticking up for them. If that was a family member of mine, all i’d say is they’d better stay away from me, for fear of what i might do to them. That little boy was 3 years old a toddler and them fuck’s did that to him, and took videos of him on their phones the depraved cunt’s. Karma will happen.

  12. deb says:

    I only live 15 miles from pontypool yet did not know about this poor little boy until now. I hope the bastards get their comeuppance. They abused that child for 3 years starving him kept him in cold room no exercise no tv no toilet and the judge sentenced them to 3 years in prison.where they get 3 square meals a day a nice warm cell with a toilet tv and exercise twice a day. Wheres the justice in that.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Deb, i’m too far away in yorkshire to be exposing these two piece’s of shit’s pictures to make a difference, but you should upload this pair of bastard’s picture on social media and remind everybody what they did to that poor little tyke. I want people to walk past them and recognise them and make their live’s absolute misery, like that poor little boy’s life was made. If i walked past these two twisted bastard’s i’d spit in their face’s and shout at the top of my voice what they did so that everyone around me could hear what they did and they could spit in their face’s because what they did was evil. The pissy sentence they were given was also an absolute joke, an everytime i read this article it reduces me to tears. Deb let people know what these two pigs did to that little boy.

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