Lisa Biron

Hellbeast Lisa Biron

Crime: Child Pornography, Pedophile

Some people should never be allowed to be parents. They might be too sadistic, too perverted, too narcissistic, or just plain too evil. Lisa Biron, 43, of Manchester, New Hampshire, should never have been allowed to be a parent.

My conclusion has nothing to do with Lisa Biron being a lawyer — some perfectly nice people are lawyers. And my conclusion doesn’t even have anything to do with her being a lawyer for an anti-gay, anti-choice “Christian” group, as repulsive as that may be to me. No, I came to the conclusion that Lisa Biron has no business being a parent because she’s a hellbeast who forced her 14-year-old daughter into child porn!

The only good thing I can think of to say about Lisa f*ckwit Biron is she didn’t have her daughter raped when she was a baby or a toddler.

What the hellbitch did was take her 14-year-old daughter up to a hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in May 2012. She plied the girl with alcohol and marijuana and made her have sex with a man they had conversed with through Skype. The man was 19-year-old Kevin Watson.

I do not know if Kevin Watson was aware of the girl’s age, but he’d been told she was a virgin and that Lisa Biron wanted them to make a porno. He had no problems with that.

Lisa POS turdpile Biron callously recorded her daughter’s ordeal on video.

The girl struggled for her “first time”, so her mother consoled her by telling her that sex “takes practice, baby. It’s not so easy.”

Lisa Biron belatedly realized her mistake in talking: “Oh my God. That’s the first time my voice has been heard on tape. I’m an idiot.”

Yeah, apparently to her she was an idiot for recording her voice and not for recording her underage daughter having sex. And certainly not for doping up her underage daughter with marijuana and booze so the girl would be somewhat cooperative.

I have to wonder, though. Lisa Biron had said, “That’s the first time my voice has been heard on tape.” What’s with the “first time” crap? What else and who else had Lisa Biron recorded? I personally think there’s more that she’s guilty of besides using her daughter for child pornography, but that’s just my opinion.

The monster mother Lisa Biron spent the weekend demonstrating her own proficiency at sex by doing it with Kevin Watson too. She also recorded her own sexual activity with her daughter. This included performing oral sex on the girl. Ewwww.

The evil woman went on to record 2 more videos of her young daughter and Kevin Watson having sex at her Manchester home between July and September 2012.

The horny hellbitch Lisa Biron wasn’t content to share only one man with her young daughter. Oh no, the evil bitch went online to find more through Craigslist. Her ad read, “2 girls looking to party – 18 and 33.” Her daughter was still 4 years short of 18. She herself was in her 40’s.

Brandon Ore, 18, of Lebanon, New Hampshire responded to the ad.

The young man had sex with Lisa Biron the very first time he went to her house in July 2012. The hellbitch asked him to bring a friend next time because her “roommate” would be there.

Brandon Ore did indeed bring a friend the next time. In fact, he brought friends the next 5 or 6 times. Brandon Ore himself had sex with the girl, and his friends had sex with the fugly bitch Lisa Biron.

The hellbitch recorded numerous sexual encounters with her cell phone.

In July 2012 Brandon Ore moved into the Birons’ Manchester residence. Good times for the young man! Well, he didn’t like his parents’ rules at home so he was happy to move out.

A number of weeks later Brandon Ore discovered not only that the 2 females he’d been having sex with were mother and daughter, but that the daughter was only 14.

In September 2012 Brandon Ore moved out. And why did he move out? Because the girl was underage maybe? Ummm, no.

“The partying was out of control, the sex was out of control and she was charging high rent,” Brandon Ore said. Yeah, high rent. Plus the fact that the hellbitch had moved another man into the house.

At least the young fellow had some sense of decency. He actually turned himself in to the local police. He told them what he’d done and he told them what Lisa Biron had done. Awesome!

When Brandon Ore told the hellbitch what he’d done, she actually drove him to the police station and demanded he tell police he’d filed a false report. He didn’t do that. Instead he asked police if he could report her lying.

Brandon Ore’s report to police started an investigation by Manchester Police that led to Lisa Biron’s arrest on child pornography charges in October 2012.

That was just the start. The FBI took over the investigation.

See, transporting the girl across state lines and up to Canada wasn’t such a good idea, and recording the sex was a worse one. You’d think a lawyer would know better!

When Lisa Biron showed up for her court hearing in November on the initial charges the police arrested her again on the federal felony charges.

The FBI indicted f*cktard pervert Lisa Biron on charges of transportation of a minor across state lines with intent to commit criminal sexual activity, sexual exploitation of children and possession of child pornography.

The daughter was placed into foster care. And Lisa Biron the pervert was headed for a date with justice in U.S. District Court.

At her trial that began on January 9, 2013, prosecutors called both Brandon Ore and Kevin Watson to testify. They also called an FBI agent whose specialty is computer forensics. The agent testified that he retrieved pornographic images from Lisa Biron’s computer. He also said a confiscated iPhone had a sexually explicit video involving the young girl.

The prosecutors called the victim’s father to identify the voices of his daughter and Lisa Biron. The distraught man was not made to watch the videos, but cried as he listened to the tape.

The prosecutors also introduced phone calls Lisa Biron had made while she was in prison. One was to her father, and the hellbitch was heard to say that her daughter “had a part in this.”

Nice, blaming the victim.

BTW, how pathetic a lawyer was she that she didn’t know her phone calls were being recorded?

The defense team called no witnesses.

On January 13, 2013 Lisa the waste of skin Biron was found guilty of all 8 charges. The jury had taken less than an hour to deliberate.

Sentencing will take place in April. The minimum sentence she could receive is 25 years. Yay!

The transportation charge carries a minimum of 10 years, the exploitation charges carries a minimum of 15 years each, and the possession of child porn charge carries a maximum of 10 years.

I approve of sentences like that — long sentences that give pedo perverts like Lisa Biron the opportunity to contemplate their sins.

Long may the monster mother Lisa Biron sit and rot in prison. May she never see the light of day again.

And I wish all the best to her daughter, and hope she’ll have a productive, happy life after this.


Lisa Biron was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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17 Responses to Lisa Biron

  1. moodymagic says:

    This disgusting bitch calls her self a mother. May you rot in hell suffer each and everyday. Bitch you have destroyed your poor daughters life. I only wish her daughter much strength and happiness. It does make me really happy and giddy knowing the real jail time Biron will be facing.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    I don.t think brandon ore, has done anything wrong. When he answered the ad on craig’s list, it specifically said “Two women 18 and 33 wanting to have some fun” He did what any single bloke would do seeing an ad like that, and as soon as he found out about the daughters age, he informed the police, so thanks to him scumbag lisa biron, was caught. I think she is one sick bitch, who the fuck performs oral sex on their own daughter, and one who’s 14yrs old. Guess that young girl’s mind is seriously screwed up now. I hope she can get all the help she needs to get through this trauma that her cunt of a mother, (and i use the term mother loosely) Has put her through, poor girl, 14 and being taken to a hotel, given drugs and booze, just so her mother could get a kick out of it, fucking lowlife cunt she is. I truly hope that she is given a big sentence, then she can lick carpet in jail all she wants, even when she doesn’t want to as well. And what about the 1st guy who had sex with the girl, anyone know?

  3. bengalpuss says:

    What i’d like to know cleo, is did kevin watson get into any trouble for having sex with the daughter? I know he said he wanted sex with a virgin, but isn.t that statutory rape in america? I know that fourteen year olds nowadays look a lot older, but thats no excuse. Brandon ore, was told that the girl was 18yrs old, so he was misled, but didn.t kevin watson ask for this girls age? Surely it must have been discussed while they were talking thru skype. I think that he must have known she was very young.

    • awesomeblossom says:

      Kevin Watson had sex with her in Canada. The age of consent there is 16 unless it’s exploitative which this was. They were out to make porn, so the age of consent for that is 18. Maybe Kevin Watson will face charges if the Ontario police find out about his testimony at Biron’s trial.

      I know he had sex with her in Manchester too but I imagine he was given immunity so he would testify.

    • anon says:

      Kevin Watson was not charged, because of the fact he testified against the mother.

  4. 2cute says:

    I don’t know if that girl can lead a normal life after this. For how many years did her mother convince her that that lifestyle was the best? That having sex with strangers, getting drunk and smoking marijuana were the best ways to be happy? That having sex with her mother and being videotaped for porn were just fine? How does a teenaged girl unlearn that her body is a commodity? That men use women and women, if they’re smart, get what they can out of it?

    And just how is that girl supposed to learn about normal relationships in the foster system?

    That horny Biron bitch needs to be deprived of human contact for decades to teach her a lesson. Putting her with other prisoners would probably lead to sex and she should not be allowed any such enjoyment for the entirety of her sentence.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Sick bitch! To bring her daughter up as a sex toy! To exploit the girl for her own twisted kinks! I’m glad the FBI took the reins of the investigation. 25 years + sounds good to me! Trouble is, is the damage she’s done to her daughter fixable? I hope that girl gets counselling to learn she’s more than a sex object, and that there’s more to life than making porn and getting drunk and high.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Sad thing is bulldoggy, is that children learn from their parents and believe what their parents are doing is right. This poor girl will probably think having sex, taking drugs and basically sleeping around is normal. Lisa biron has a fucking lot to answer to, maybe she will get a big sentence, but that doesn’t equate to the damage that she has inflicted on her daughter, and this cunt was a lawyer. I dread to think what else she would have put her daughter through had she not been caught. Mind you could she put that poor girl through any more trauma than what she’d already been exposed to. Lisa biron, i hope you suffer long and hard you horrible sick fuck.

  6. pj says:

    Why wasn’t this sick bitch charged with incest too?

    • bengalpuss says:

      Pj, this bitch should’ve been charged with every sexual offence that applied to this crime, incest, rape, paedaphilia and procuring prostitution of her own daughter, no doubt for financial reasons or just being a plain old sick fuck. I have never been as disgusted in my life, until i read she performed oral sex on her 14yr old daughter, what sort of sick evil bastard does a thing like that? lisa biron sicko extrordinaire does. I hope she gets whats coming to her in jail, she can commit oral sex all she wants now, but i hope its to women who stink and don.t get regular washes.

  7. Tammy says:

    I pray to God that this child NEVER has to look at that fugly, fat faced slag EVER again and that she somehow manages to have a happy life. Please God.

  8. anon says:

    Kevin Watson never had any sexual intercourse in New Hampshire. It was all in Canada

  9. Bengalpussy the nonce haters basement dungeon says:

    Cleo, what sentence did sick fuck lisa biron get, for Fucking screwing her daughters mind up? Because i can guarantee that poor young girls head will be in bits, all courtesy of her sick twisted mother. Poor kid, my heart aches for this girl. I just hope she can get the councillin she needs to get her back to some normality.

    • cleo says:

      Thanks for the reminder. She got 40 years in prison.

      • Chuck D. says:

        The judge originally considered imposing the maximum sentence of 100 years, but after hearing Biron’s daughter plead for leniency, it was reduced…40 is still acceptable, IMO, since Biron will be in her eighties by the time she’s released, not to mention she was disbarred from practicing law in both NH and MA.

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