Linda Clappison

Hellbeast Linda Clappison
Crime: Child Abuse

Lately politicians have been jumping on the “being a mother is the hardest job” bandwagon, and I do agree that being a mom is awfully tough at times. But there’s one mother who has made being a child even more difficult. I am talking about Linda Clappison of Keyingham, East Yorkshire. She had, in fact, turned her children’s childhood into a hell complete with forced labor, torture and deprivation.

Linda Clappison, 46, mother of 4, terrorized her two youngest for 5 endless years. It all started when her boy was 10 and her girl was just 6. Her son Andrew, now 18, and her daughter, now 13, were subjected to nothing short of torture.

This hellbitch mother routinely locked her children in a darkened room with no bedding, no lightbulbs, no toys and no heat. She nearly starved them on a diet of chocolate-spread sandwiches. Just to be clear here, there were heat and food and electricity in the house but Linda Clappison chose to deprive her two youngest of those luxuries.

Andrew ClappisonThese poor children actually got frostbite on their feet due to the lack of heat. When Andrew was discovered huddling under a mattress for warmth in that ice-cold room, his bitch mother took the mattress away and made him sleep in only his underpants.

Andrew’s frostbite on his toes needed hospital treatment, and while the hellbeast Linda Clappison didn’t deny him medical care, she did force him to tell the doctor he’d been playing outside in the cold.

Linda Clappison’s cruelty didn’t end there. If she wished to punish her children, she would starve them, strangle them or use the cold bath torture.

Her son Andrew said, “We were treated like dogs. She would starve us if we were any trouble. I wished I was dead…. The cold bath was the worst. It used to be so terrifying for us. She knew it was.”

Andrew continued, “She was an evil person. She used to push her nails into my veins (of his wrists when he tried to grab the taps for support) and push my head down into the water to try and drown me…. She was not a mum at all. She is just horrible.”

Yup, Andrew got it right. Linda Clappison is an evil person. She is a hellbeast.

“Sometimes I felt like committing suicide,” said Andrew. “I was too scared to say anything to anyone because they might have gone away and left me there.” The poor kid! What he and his sister went through!

And worse, there’s more.

Linda Clappison shaved her daughter’s head 5 times to humiliate the girl at school, and forced her to tell her teachers and school chums she’d done it herself so she’d look like Britney Spears. Can you imagine how that little girl felt and the teasing she must have been subjected to?

The sadistic bitch Linda Clappison meted out lots of physical abuse for Andrew. She punched, slapped and kicked the boy, and used a leather belt on his bottom. She once banged his head against the wall. But none of this was as terrifying as the cold baths.

“I was scared of her,” said Andrew. I don’t blame him one little bit.

Apparently Linda Clappison had been an OK sort of mother until her husband left her and the family. She became infatuated and began an affair with gypsy fortune teller Liz Smith.

Linda the lovelorn she-beast began spending all her time with the gypsy and within weeks she got the brilliant idea of how her children should spend their time. Instead of sending her kids off to school for a decent education, this hellbitch mother actually sent them to work for the gypsies at market stalls up to 12 hours a day.

Gypsy market stallsAndrew’s school record showed he was attending only 43% of the time. Both kids fell behind in their schoolwork, naturally. Linda Clappison refused to meet with Education Welfare Officers and didn’t attend parents’ evenings at the school. She refused to let the children go on school trips. Heaven forbid they should have something pleasant in their lives!

When social workers visited the Clappison home the bitch put on a real show of “happy families”. She unlocked and opened doors and brought out the children’s disused toys. She had, of course, threatened the children into lying and pretending everything was just fine.

I have an issue about how the social workers swallowed her crap — the children were becoming much, much too thin and there were no good excuses for the amount of schooling they were missing. That should have raised alarm bells with authorities.

And so should the black eye the little girl had been sporting.

Her daughter said: “She has made our lives miserable. We were all happy until she met the gypsies… She would hit me across the head and pull my hair and said if I told anyone she would kill me.” No doubt the girl believed the threat was real.

And believing that her mother would kill her, still that little girl told. She had had enough. She went to school one fine day and told her teachers she didn’t want to go back home to her mother. It was the beginning of the end of the children’s hell.

Humberside Police have praised both children’s bravery for giving evidence that helped convict their mother.

At her trial Linda Clappison defiantly told the court, “I don’t know why they are making all these lies up. I have loved my children and done everything for them. I want nothing to do with them now because of the lies.”

That was her defense — accusing the children of lying. It wasn’t much of a defense.

On April 12, 2012 the jury found hellbeast Linda Clappison guilty of 2 charges of cruelty.

Judge Michael Mettyear noted that the bitch had shown no remorse for her actions. He told her, ‘There is something wrong. Why you cannot see you have lovely children that most people would be proud of I do not know. You have put yourself and others in front of their needs I do not think you will co-operate with the probation service. You will tell the same lies that you have told the jury.”

The judge added, “You seem devoid of any compassion for these children or remorse for what you have done. This was long-term cruelty. It seems to me a custodial sentence is inevitable.”

Yay! Jail time for the evil bitch! But will she have heat and food and electricity while she’s locked up? Yes she will. That’s more than she let her children have.

The hellbeast Linda Clappison faces between 3 and 4 years in prison. The judge will hand down the sentence in May, 2012.

Detective Sergeant Peter Thorp said: “We have heard a story of prolonged neglect, severe ill-treatment and assault by Linda Clappison towards her children.

“Linda Clappison has failed her children in every sense of the word. She subjected them to significant and persistent ill-treatment over a long period of time… I am pleased the children are safe and in a loving, nurturing environment and I hope their young age helps them in moving on quickly from their dreadful experiences.”

Amen to that, DS Thorp. I too hope they shall recover quickly and well enough to live happy, comfortable lives.

And for Linda Clappison, she’d better get busy earning brownie points to soften her punishment in hell.


So Linda Clappison the hellbitch mother learned her fate, and it is nowhere as harsh as it should have been. The monster mother was sentenced to 18 months. Eighteen friggin months! How is that justice? Her children were sentenced by her to far worse! Makes me want to vomit.

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12 Responses to Linda Clappison

  1. Trace says:

    Oh hell, the children’s father should be punished too for abandoning them to the mercies of that merciless bitch mother. I hope she’s sent away for longer than 3 or 4 years.

  2. dogwalker says:

    She deserves the same treatment done to her as she dished out to her kids! Bless those children, I hope they have happy futures with their mom permanently kicked out of their lives. Sounds like their dad must’ve been useless anyway so I hope they have somebody to be their new family. I wonder what happened to their older siblings. It must have been a totally dysfunctional family.

  3. 2cute says:

    How the hell can anyone do that to their own kids! She must’ve been taking her anger at her ex out on the children. She’s one psycho loon bitch and too bad she won’t be put away for decades.

  4. scrappy says:

    Good point about the Dad. How do you not see your kids for five years?

    I’m sorry, but when you tell me a kid is only at school 43% of the time I’m gonna tell you that kid should be taken into custody. If you can’t document persistent and severe medical problems then you are committing educational neglect.

    Our school system sends me letters telling me my son has been tardy 5 times! I was like, “Damn, make me feel guilty…the school year is half over. I’m late to work like 4 out of 5 days…this is major success in my household.” (Not that I’m proud of my lack of punctuality, just a serious personal problem…)

    It’s a tragically sad thing when a parent makes a child feel like being dead would be better than living another day with them. I hope those poor children are able to heal and live happy lives where they are rewarded with love and the esteem of people who see them for the wonderful beings they truly are.

  5. moodymagic says:

    I am so proud of the little girl speaking up “what courage” I wish all the best things in life for her and her brother.

  6. Eve says:

    I hope this monstrous mother lives the rest of her life alone. She doesn’t deserve family or love. If she can treat her own flesh and blood like that, imagine how she could treat people she never cared about.

  7. Mandy of Oz says:

    This is horrid! As a mother of two…I just can’t imagine why. Demons can even describe this woman.

  8. Minx says:

    At least the children have each other, a shared experience is supposed to be half the weight to bare. That thing doesnt deserve the title of “mother” It makes me think of alll the beautiful people out there that can not have kids of their own, so sad.

  9. Bart says:

    Hellbitch and monstrous mother are understandable epithets to use about this woman. She certainly treated her children abominably.
    But they were a happy family once, and before she changed she was described as being overprotective, so I would suggest that while we all feel anger and horror at how the children were treated it is hard to believe that the mother is not mentally ill and needing treatment more than imprisonment.

  10. Nemesis says:

    The UK justice system is totally ridiculous as far as the sentences go, it’s atrocious, plus the inmates have cosy treatment, so much so that many inmates consider the stint in prison as a vacation, what with all the pampering they get there! It’s disgusting.

  11. Nemesis says:

    By “ridiculous” I mean the culprits are sentenced to extreeeeeeeeeeeemely short time! Unless it’s a crime against a bank, then the culprit will get longer sentences than if he hurts a person or animal. For the system, banks are worth so much more than human life and animal life in general.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    I live in yorkshire and this incident happened 40 miles from where i live, and i can gladly report to everyone that this fucking bitch has already had a welcome from her new prison friends, (hurrah) In female prison they don.t take too kindly to people hurting children or the elderly. Its just a shame that she’s only got 18 months with her new jail friends. But im sure they’ll make her stay as comfortable as possible.

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