Li Hao

Hellbeast Li Hao
Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder, Rape, Torture, Slavery

Li Hao of Luoyang City in China’s Henan Province was one helluva busy hellbeast. He was ambitious and industrious, which would have been good if only his ambitions and efforts were not reserved for truly sick and evil purposes. Li Hao is going to die soon because China crunches down heavily upon hellbeasts once they’re discovered. Amazingly and tragically Li Hao’s true evil nature had remained hidden long enough for him to inflict pain, despair and death upon his powerless victims.

Li Hao somehow managed to live 2 completely separate lives. Publicly people knew him to work in Luoyang City’s Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. He was a former firefighter. He was married with a baby and lived in an apartment complex. In other words, he looked and acted like a normal guy.

Li Hao apartment buildingWhat nobody knew is that he decided as far back as 2008 to do something extremely abnormal. He acquired space in the basement of his apartment complex for storage purposes, except he wasn’t planning to put furniture or extra supplies or normal stuff like that in storage. He was planning to put women in storage.

In August 2009 Li Hao began to dig. He dug at night and hauled the dirt away in nylon bags before the sun came up. He told his wife that he’d got a second job as a janitor or a night watchman so she wouldn’t suspect anything.

And so Li Hao began to carve out his subterranean dungeon. He was ambitious and industrious, and it took him a year to not only dig a tunnel with a staircase but also to excavate a 2-room, 30-square-meter underground prison. He also brought in electricity and lighting.

Li Hao furnished the rooms with beds, chairs, a toilet and a hot plate for warming up food.

Check out the diagram (courtesy of Daily Mail) and the photos to see just how busy he’d been.

DungeonKnowing that his dungeon was going to have unwilling occupants, Li Hao installed several iron doors to prevent their escape.

DungeonOnce Li Hao’s finished his project, he next turned his efforts to populating his dungeon. He scouted around karaoke bars, hair salons and a massage shop to select his victims, and kidnapped a total of 6 women over a period of a couple of years. The youngest victim was 16 and the oldest was 24.

The primary purpose for acquiring captive women was to have his own harem of sex slaves. While his wife thought he was working at his night job, he was actually raping and torturing his victims.

DungeonTo keep the women in a weakened, compliant state, Li Hao only fed the women once every 2 or 3 days. He taught them to call him “Big Brother”. And being such a benevolent master, he even supplied his victims with a desktop computer so they could play games and watch videos to kill time.

Li Hao had another purpose for keeping sex slaves — to make money. From March to April 2011 the evil hellbeast forced the women to perform in pornographic videos he uploaded onto the Internet. Viewers paid him a fee to watch.

In August 2011, Li Hao got the brilliant idea to make money by prostituting his sex slaves. The only times he let any of the women leave was for them to provide sexual services for other men. This ultimately led to his discovery and arrest.

A 23-year-old woman who had been held captive for 3 months escaped his clutches in September 2011. Instead of entertaining a john, she managed to run away to a relative’s house. The police were called and were subsequently led to the hidden chamber of horrors.

Li Hao suspected something was up when the woman didn’t return with the money. Realizing she’d escaped, he borrowed money from his sister and tried to flee from the police. He was caught before he got out of the city.

Police were astounded by the discovery of the dungeon. They rescued 4 women from those crowded, dank and smelly underground rooms. One had been kidnapped 2 months before. One woman had been held captive 21 months.

And where were the other 2 victims? Dead and buried in the dungeon.

So who murdered those unfortunate women? Lia Hao and three of the surviving women, as it turns out. Li Hao coerced his slaves to help him beat one of the women to death — she was too uncooperative and disobedient for his liking. The murder certainly instilled fear and discipline in his harem. The poor victim was buried and life carried on for another year when a second woman was murdered and buried.

Li Hao, 35, was arrested and charged with murder, rape, organized prostitution, illegal detention and distributing pornography for profit. The 3 women who participated in the killing were also arrested and charged with murder.

Li Hao was convicted by the Luoyang Intermediate People’s Court in Henan Province. He was sentenced to death on November 3, 2012.

The 3 women were convicted of murder, but the court gave them leniency because of the extenuating circumstances. One woman was sentenced to 3 years in prison (she’d participated in both murders), and the other 2 were put on probation.

PrisonAmazingly, the police chief of Luoyang apologized to the citizens of the city for failing to detect the crime earlier. Four police officers were suspended for their “ineffectiveness”. Wow, that is an impressive display of taking responsibility.

Li Hao, the evil sadistic hellbeast, will be executed by hanging or by firing squad. We don’t have to wait for years for him to die because China usually shows great promptitude in delivering death sentences.

I hope the surviving victims can recover and overcome their ordeal and live safe and happy lives. I hope his wife and child can continue life free of his stain. And I hope Li Hao rots in pieces forevermore.

I had to enlist my Chinese friend to confirm the fate of Li Hao. The monster was executed within weeks of his sentencing.

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17 Responses to Li Hao

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Bengalpuss needs to study this guy’s excavation technique so she can get her own basement ready. He’d have had to figure out ventilation and how to dispose of the contents of the toilet. He’d have to keep the temperature comfortable too. I wonder how he got the electricity in without anyone noticing. And where’d he put the dirt? There had to have been a whole shitload of dirt out of there!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Have to admit bulldoggy, im impressed with that staircase, that must have taken him fucking ages. Like china’s punishments, bit like how stalin used to be, he’s idea of a second chance was “Can you out run this bullet” Don.t think its fair to punish those women, they really didn.t have much of a choice did they really, comply or you die, i’d comply and most other people would. Wonder If the basement is for hire bulldoggy, i could lease it and torture the hell beastly bastards.

    • bengalpuss says:

      How the fuck didn.t anyone Hear Him digging away i’ll never know, and he did it at night as well bulldoggy, he was one determined fella wasn.t he, obviously not gifted in the brain department though, never mind his brain will have a lump of metal in it soon called a bullet lol.

      • pj says:

        Bengalpuss, if people can ignore the sound of a chainsaw in an apartment building, and the sounds of babies screaming endlessly next door, then they can certainly ignore the faint sound of digging in the basement in the night. Looking at the diagram it seems the bastard went down pretty deep — too deep to hear the women’s yells and screams.

  2. pj says:

    This vile creature deserves the death penalty for sure but a bullet in the head is far too fast. Those victims were beaten to death, why does he deserve better than that?

    • bengalpuss says:

      I Agree the bastard should be tortured, but then you’d get some arseole screaming about his human rights. I fucking hate the human rights Protesters, they should think about the victims human rights.

    • Lillith says:

      I completely agree that this c*ckbite should’ve been made to suffer more, like being beat to death, but this is why China doesn’t seem to have a jail overcrowding issue like the US & other countries.If more countries would just take the trash out back & put a $0.05 bullet in the back of their head taxes would be lower & there’d be less jail over crowding!

  3. moodymagic says:

    I guess the only good thing is that none of the poor victims ended up pregnant. I like the justice system but I agree with PJ it would be better if he was also beaten to death.

  4. MsM says:

    There’s something that strikes me as odd with this story…might mean nothing…but, like somebody said, this guy had to do A LOT of digging, never mind construction, to develop this chamber of horrors. This is China – there is nothing that goes on in that country that the police don’t know about. In all the time that guy was ‘taking dirt out in nylon bags at night’ not one person saw him?? Ever? Hunan Province isn’t some lost in time location, they have surveillance on their people. I wonder how long before it’s discovered that one of the local police personages knew about this guy and did nothing in exchange for sex. But then, who knows? Maybe this guy is the Chinese Gary Ridgeway…so banal and milquetoast that nobody suspected him of farting in public, let alone rape and murder.

    • 2cute says:

      MsM, considering the police chief apologized and suspended 4 of his officers, I’m guessing a lot of people in the area suspected some policemen knew and chose to turn a blind eye. This guy had to operate in perfect conditions to get this done — nobody seeing him carting away bags of dirt every night, finding a perfect spot to drop the dirt undetected, nobody around to see him nab the women or haul them into the basement, nobody checking on the stolen electricity, a totally trusting wife, etc. He only got caught because he trusted that woman to come back with the money. She must have really bamboozled him into believing she WANTED to stay in that prison. I applaud her for getting away and leading the police to the dungeon. The other women probably owe her their lives.

      • MsM says:

        I completely agree. China is a society where women are still expected to be subservient to men even when they’re being held hostage – it took a lot of guts for this woman to escape and then take the police back there knowing that it could backfire on her.

        • bengalpuss says:

          It took a lot of guts i agree, but it also took a brain dead man to think she’d actually come back, thank god this guy was stupid. Just a shame that two women had to lose their lives before this shitbag was caught. I still can’t get understand why no one heard him digging away, and lets be right about this, he must have used power tools to excavate that dungeon, look at the size of it, he couldn’t have dug that out in a year just by normal digging alone, something very odd indeed why no one heard.

          • MSM says:

            I agree Bengal – that staircase looks very well done. It’s unlikely he dug using a spoon and vinyl bags for removal. That staircase looks almost professionally done…
            At the same time – it’s not surprising that he thought she’d come back. These guys are control freaks of the highest order on top of being major pervs. And sometimes the girls DO go back. Colleen Stan went back. It took the guy’s wife to free her a year or so later.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Coleen stan, was with cameron hooker for seven years, and its believed he killed marie spanniky, janice hooker was as bad as her husband, she only told coleen stan, that there wasn.t a group called the company, because she started to become jealous. Either way she should of also gone to jail, but got a plea deal. The company was a group he told her that was watching all the time, so if she escaped they’d kill her family, it was all a lie.

  6. KXG says:

    see? THIS is how you deal with dangerous perverts and violent killers. not endless appeals and TV spots and human interest stories about their possible innocence and how cruel and unusual prison is and blah blah blah. you shoot them in the goddamn head and shove them into the ground after making them sweat for a couple of weeks. a lot of things about china are blatantly idiotic, but their stance on dangerous freaks is something most of the USA, europe and the UK could stand to take a lesson from.

  7. Me says:

    Kinda messed up that the women got released from this guys prison, just so they could then get thrown into another prison. Yeah, they were compelled to assist in two murders… but how exactly can one be expected to deny something of the person who controls your only access to food, and can easily kill you next? Those women were victims, and they got sentenced to prison…

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