Lee Khair AKA Lee Michael

Lee Khair/Michael

Crimes: Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, Manslaughter

Make no mistake, Lee Michael, formerly Lee Khair, is a cruel and sadistic hellbeast. If you read no farther just know he’s responsible for inflicting horrible injuries to a dog, and causing the deaths of a pet cat and his own 2-year-old son. He has a wicked temper and vents it upon the small, weak and vulnerable. The trouble is people don’t learn about it until it’s too late.

May 29, 2002 was the day that little Ryan Franklin-Khair was killed by his father. The toddler’s mother had gone away for a holiday with a girl friend, and it was the first time she’d left her beloved boy. She arranged for her parents to care for Ryan for half the time she was gone, and Lee Khair offered to care for him for the other half.

At the time, Lee Khair of Sheffield was a soldier stationed in Hereford, UK. He was 20 when he’d met Cathy Franklin, 24, and, after a brief relationship, she’d become pregnant. Upon learning he was a father, Lee Khair decided to be involved in his son’s life.

Lee Khair and sonFor a while it seemed to be a happy situation. Little Ryan Franklin-Khair adored his father. Cathy Franklin was grateful that Lee Khair honoured his child-maintenance obligations and spent time with their child. I’m sure she considered herself lucky. So many men just walk away from the entanglements of unplanned offspring.

Because Lee Khair seemed to be so good with little Ryan, Cathy Franklin had no issue with leaving her son in his care. The first day of her holiday she phoned home and learned everything was OK. The second day she phoned home again and everything was not OK. She was told that Ryan had fallen down the stairs, injured his head and was unconscious in the hospital.

Cathy Franklin caught the next flight home, of course. At hospital, little Ryan was on life support. She, the doctors and the police knew then that what had happened was no simple fall down the stairs.

Lee Khair, no surprise, maintained that he had found Ryan lying at the bottom of the stairs at 5:30 in the morning, and that he’d tried to revive him.

After a few days in Southampton General Hospital, Ryan Franklin-Khair passed away from his brain injury. RIP, baby boy.

At the post-mortem, it was discovered that the poor little guy had 40 bruises all over his body including finger marks down his sides. Instead of a fall down stairs, it was far more likely that the toddler had been gripped, shaken and thrown across a room onto a hard surface.

Horrifically, Cathy Franklin and her family were unable to bury their little angel for 18 months. Lee Khair objected to the body being released until the end of his trial. I cannot imagine what the bereaved mother went through, knowing her baby was being kept in a refrigerator in a morgue because his killer insisted on it.

Lee Khair was convicted of manslaughter in 2003 and was sentenced to 7 years. He never admitted his guilt nor explained why he’d thrown his son to his death.

The judge, Mr. Justice David Steel said to the murderous monster, “The truth is that only you know what happened that fatal night and I must proceed on the basis that you have chosen to remain silent. Anything I can say cannot bring comfort to Ryan’s mother. I am driven to the conclusion that maybe tired, Ryan managed somehow to cause you to lose your temper and self-control.”

When Lee Khair was released from prison after only 3 years, he changed his name to Lee Michael and began a career in fitness. It sounds like the hellbeast was managing to carry on with his life anonymously, without the stigma of being a child killer. His anonymity didn’t last, however, because he hadn’t changed. His next victims, however, were animals instead of children.

Babs the dogBabs, a black and tan female pug puppy, survived her abuse with a broken jaw. Lee Khair aka Lee Michael claimed he’d swiped the puppy off his bed in his sleep. Riiiight. The vet’s report said the injuries were far more serious than would be caused by a fall from a bed.

I believe that Babs has been rehomed. I hope she’s in a safe, loving home now.

The other victim, Lary the cat, did not survive his abuse. According to the abusive, sadistic bastard who killed him, all he’d done was pull the cat by its tail out from its hiding place behind the fridge. (Why the hell was the cat hiding behind the fridge?) Anyway, poor Lary apparently soiled himself so Lee Khair/Lee Michael washed him in the shower. For some reason Lary died 2 days later.

Hands up all those who think Lary died of a shower. Or of having his tail pulled.

Anyway, the animal-abusing child-killer pled guilty to 5 charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Then he skipped bail!

Fortunately Wirral Magistrates’ Court doesn’t let these things slide. Lee Khair/Lee Michael, 34, was traced to London and brought back for sentencing.

The bullshit the hellbeast told the court makes me roll my eyes. This is what he said:

“It’s taken me over 30 years to realize my faults in life and due to these things I know I am reckless and I shouldn’t be responsible for anything that requires extra care and focus.”

So is he saying that Ryan and Lary died and Babs was hurt because he’s “reckless”? IMO, sadistic is closer to the truth.

Lee Khair/Lee Michael also issued an all-round apology. “I apologise for all the negativity I’ve caused in my life,” he said. Negativity? That’s what he calls causing death and injury? That’s what he calls denying a grieving mother her boy’s body to bury?

On September 29, 2015 Lee Khair/Lee Michael was handed a lifetime ban from keeping animals. Good. He was ordered to pay £2,424 costs. Good. He was sentenced to 24 weeks behind bars — the strictest sentence the judge was allowed to impose. He will be on probation for a year after his release from prison.

Judge Abelson said to the animal- and child-killer, “I think you’re an extremely dangerous man. In the context of this case you’re one of the most dangerous men in relation to animals I’ve ever come across.”

I don’t know about the people of Britain, but I don’t want Lee Khair/Lee Michael to slip into an anonymous life again. It’s important that he be recognized for what he is — a murderous animal abuser and child abuser. It’s important that he’s not ever allowed the chance to be around vulnerable people and creatures. When he loses his temper, someone or something may die.

Lee Khair/Lee Michael might change his name again, and move to a new city. Be on the lookout, please, and do not invite this man into your life.

I’m going to end this article by commending Cathy Franklin for turning her ordeal into something positive. Because she’d been left to wait 18 months for the return of her son’s body, she became determined that no other family in Britain should have to go through that. Through her efforts, and those of supporters, Ryan’s Law came into effect. It’s a law that limits the length of time a body can be held to 40 days. Most commendable, and this law has no doubt prevented other grieving families from having the bodies of their loved ones held hostage in the justice system.

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20 Responses to Lee Khair AKA Lee Michael

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    Lee khair, you kitty killing bastard, and you murdered a beautiful little boy who brought joy to everybody who knew him and you snuffed that sweet little boys life out, you horrible child killing cunt. I always thought that the army taught you to deal with the shit houses of this world not the most vulnerable members of this planet, yeah your a really tough guy killing a small little boy and a small kitty and beating a little puppy? You sure are a pathetic cowardly cunt and i hope that the majority of the uk know you for what a pussy you really are, not a heroic member of our armed forces but a child killing animal killing cowardly bastard and now i know what you look like and if i ever see you i can shoutat the top of my british voice “steer clear of the child and animal killer” and serving 3 fucking years for murdering that boy is an absolute travesty and a joke, disgusting it is, the british courts need to pull their fingers out of their arse’s and dish out real punishments not a slapped wrist. Rip beautiful baby boy, and i send my condolences to his mum all who loved him.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed British Justice is a Sick Joke

    With Real Justice by Statute Child Abuse and Animal Abuse
    resulting in Serious Injury / Murder would be Capital Offences

    Sick Degenerate Do Gooder Social Liberalism Wrecks Society

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    This bastard walked out of prison after only 3 years for taking a baby’s life? British justice is injustice. Obviously he didn’t learn from it. Who will he kill/hurt next? A senior citizen? A handicapped person? I wouldn’t trust him to keep a plant alive. And is he driving? He’s obviously too ‘reckless’ to be allowed to drive because that requires extra care and focus. It’s criminal he’s going to be free to go about his worthless life.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I can’t believe the system lets child murderers walk after only three years in prison, even if he’d have served the whole seven that would not have been nearly enough. After reading about this case I looked into American laws and here apparently for voluntary manslaughter the sentencing can be anywhere from 3 – 11 years. As little as 3 years! So I guess I should consider it fortunate the law being what it is he at least got towards the higher end of the sentencing guideline when clearly at the judge’s discretion apparently so many cold blooded child abusers get so much less. Shameful and disgusting our legal system is, that someone can kill a child and get less time in prison than someone who sells a few pounds of marijuana to another consenting adult or steals a car. Not that those things are good or shouldn’t go unpunished but unless weapons are involved I just don’t see how for a non-violent drug or automobile offense, that doesn’t involve minors, a person can wind up getting more time than someone who horrifically violates the rights of a child to the point that, that child winds up dead – unflipping believable! It’s so hard to understand and even harder to respect, a system such as ours. These laws desperately need revision.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Your right rhonda, a drug dealer would get a longer sentence than some pig who was charged with manslaughter, its absolutely mind boggling how they can do this? Not so long ago a guy was sent to prison for stealing food from a supermarket because he was hungry and a nonce was given a suspended sentence, you have to shake your head at their logic at comin to that conclusion.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The State of Britain Stinks because there are too many Murderers
    Muggers Thugs and Scum in General and Out of Touch Cloud Cuckooland

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The State of Britain Stinks

    Out of Touch Cloud Cuckooland Liberals to Blame

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    School Bullying is a Serious Matter .

    Sadly Children have been Driven to Suicide by it

    The Scum Responsible Need to be Held to Account like a Prison

    Instilling Decency into People Needs to Start Early so Britain
    Canada USA and Australia are Not Swarming with Hellbeasts as they

  8. BINXYCAT says:

    How can someone only get 7 years for killing a baby, I hate living here in England sometimes :(

  9. moodymagic says:

    My Heart goes out to baby Ryan and his mother. Cathy you are one amazing mother. I wish her all the best.

  10. kamoosey says:

    That’s what a pussy looks like, anyone who hurts children and animals is not a real man / woman

  11. Bengalpuss says:

    Yeah you kitty killing cunt, and baby killing turdface, ppl of the uk remember this cock suckers face!! He’s a kitty killer, animal abuser and baby killer, and his own son at that. “EVIL FUCKER HE IS”

    • brexitforward says:

      search jenniferguson pilates sheffield on facebook..videos of this guy working there and pictures. recently…

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Violating the Innocence of Childhood is Never a Trivial Matter
    despite the Tendency of the Evil to do so.

    Child Abusers Deserve Capital Punishment and the Age of Consent in the
    UK Needs to be Raised to 18 Years of Age with No Discount for ” Celebrities “

  13. Bruce says:

    I will track this cunt down and make him want to end it all like this sick egotistical psychopath did to the venerable.

    People need to share this in the fitness industry where he hides.

    Torture this coward like he likes torturing the helpless

  14. lanthanide-highway says:

    he did 3 years for causing the death of a toddler through violence… is the justice system in britain on crack? pathetic.

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It certainly is Cracked Up over the Matter of Child Abuse and Animal Abuse

  16. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Bestiality is Evil

    The UK must Not Allow there to be a Bestiality Civil Rights Movement
    the State of the Country is Worse than Degenerate and Evil as it is

    Bestiality Warrants the Death Penalty

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