Laura Jean Shoulders

Laura Jean Shoulders
Crimes: Pedophile, Child Pornography

Geez, it seems like there’s been a real infestation of pedophiles on this planet lately. Jeanie (Laura Jean) Shoulders of Burns Flat, Oklahoma isn’t a particularly clever sort of pedophile — which is good news. She went on Craigslist (of course) and began corresponding with a Burlington, Oklahoma pedophile in 2012.

Little did Jeanie Shoulders know her correspondence got the attention of the Oklahoma Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, the Washita County Sheriff’s Office, the Burns Flat Police Department, the Dewey County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Secret Service.

Blithely unaware of her audience, Jeanie Shoulders got to texting away with her pedo pal in Burlington. The texts got increasingly explicit and increasingly centred around child porn. Gradually the nasty duo were comfortable enough to start sending each other explicit photos.

And then Jeanie Shoulders got really brazen and really, really evil. Turns out that the nasty broad was a babysitter — *shock*. I am so totally not surprised. Pedos make their own opportunities to gain access to children.

Jeanie Shoulders had access to her friend’s 1-year-old little girl. One year old! I gotta say, it makes me nauseous when helpless babies are victimized.

Oh, hell. You know what’s coming. Jeanie Shoulders had the baby girl and she had her iPhone. And being a revolting pedophile she made use of both.

It seems we now live in a world where all babysitters should be considered suspect. Jeanie Shoulders’ friend trusted her with her precious baby and I’m sure she never thought that in a thousand years that her darling little girl would be molested. I’m sure she never thought her frumpy, dumpy friend was a sick, twisted twat.

I guess the lesson for parents is trust but verify. Do background checks. Set up nanny cams in every room. Drop by unexpectedly. Question every bump and bruise. Watch your baby’s reaction to the babysitter.

In April 2013, Jeanie Shoulders made videos of herself performing sex acts on the little girl. She sent 3 videos to her pedo pal who, not surprisingly, shared them online with other pedophiles.

Happily for us all, the Oklahoma Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Washita County Sheriff’s Office, Burns Flat Police Department, Dewey County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Secret Service were on the case.

Laura Jean Shoulders, 46, was arrested in December 2013. It seems that several law enforcement agencies showed up to do the honors. She was subsequently charged with 3 counts of producing child pornography.

The maximum penalty Jeanie Shoulders faced was 30 years in prison on each count. By my math, that makes 90 years. I bet the bitch was sweating bullets.

On February 26, 2014, Jeanie Shoulders pled guilty to producing child pornography. Well hell, how could she do otherwise? She’d made the evidence herself, and that was the crime.

On May 21, 2014 the hellbitch was sentenced by a federal judge to 27 years in prison with no chance of parole. And once Jeanie Shoulders gets out, she’ll be a 73-year-old registered sex offender.

I haven’t learned if Jeanie Shoulders’ pedo pal was arrested and tried. I can’t seem to find out his identity. But with all those law enforcement agencies on the case, I’m sure he’ll have been caught.

The disgusting thing is that those damn videos of that baby being molested are “out there” being watched and traded by pedophiles around the world. And even more disgusting, if Laura Jean Shoulders hadn’t sought out fellow pedos online, and hadn’t generously shared her child porn videos, she likely would never have been caught.

I wish the victim the happiest life. Hopefully she will have no clue that she’d been sexually assaulted.

I truly hope that there are not more victims out there but I doubt it. Pedophiles don’t normally wait until they’re 45 to start molesting.

I wish years of hardship on frumpy, dumpy Jeanie Shoulders. Hopefully when she gets out in 27 years she’ll finally have learned to keep her filthy paws off of children.

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12 Responses to Laura Jean Shoulders

  1. 2cute says:

    A pedophile babysitter who posts on Craigslist. How unoriginal! I wish all the pedophiles were as obvious. Kudos to the agencies who investigated and caught her.

  2. pj says:

    So the bitch is going to be 73 when she finally gets out, if she gets out, just in time to live off of the state. They should just keep her in prison, at least that way they won’t have to worry about her babysitting again.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    Sick creature! There are way too many of them roaming our streets. Too bad we can’t round them up like lepers and ship them off to an island with no way out. But first we’d have to neuter them so they don’t breed more victims.

    • ANGRY DAD says:

      Great idea Awesomeblossom! And great point here Cleo:

      Do background checks. Set up nanny cams in every room. Drop by unexpectedly. Question every bump and bruise. Watch your baby’s reaction to the babysitter.

      Too bad some parents are so irresponsible or too trust worthy of their acquaintance that they neglect to do the above.

  4. MoodyMagic says:

    I am glad this sicko pedo has been put away for sometime. One more pedo taken out of society the sad thing is there are so many more. burn in hell Jeanie.

  5. BENGALPUSS says:

    NONCES I hate them, anyone that hurts children, should have a rocket tied to their arse and send them to the moon.

  6. Jessice11 says:

    Thank god she’s a stupid disgusting rat that got caught. Some

  7. bulldoggy says:

    She sure doesn’t look happy in her mug shot. Sorta like my dog Tully when I leave her at home. Good. Hope she’s unhappy for 27 years plus.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Bulldoggy, don’t insult tully, she’s done nothing wrong for that kind of insult, she would out look this arsehole on a bad day. I hope she can’t see what your typing, lol.

  8. Dan says:

    Figured I’d help you curious minds out there know a little more about this ordeal. First off, here’s the sicko she sent the video to…
    Unfortunately he’s only serving 15 years. What’s really messed up is she wasn’t the only one sending “material” to this guy. Found out that my wife (now ex) was doing the same thing with my kids. She hasn’t been even charged yet so not sure the hold-up. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

    • Bono says:

      Thanks for the update.

      She does have 2 kids. One is a nurse for the US Army. This sick woman lived in our town. Don’t know how she got down this path because she was married. Seemed to be happily married.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Abhorrent.

    Paedophiles are Disgusting

    Disgusting that Western Society Treats the Homeless like Dirt whilst
    upholding ” Human Rights ” for such Despicables

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